10 Best Work from Home Companies in 2021

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Did you know that the pandemic has forever reshaped the workplace, making more and more workforce opt to work from home? Even so, the concept is not new, and the trend has been on for years. Workplace research indicates that roughly 3% of US workers were working from home right before the pandemic.

However, a few months into the Corona19 virus, more than half of the country’s workforce had adapted to working from home. The situation continues to unfold, and now even the most prominent brands have begun to see the enormous benefits of their employees working from home. It includes saving on office space, more excellent work-life balance, and flexibility, enabling employees to meet deadlines much better.

Other Work from Home Advantages

If you are like me, the dream to work from home has been building for years. I would trade anything to avoid that morning commute and have time for family, too. The cozy environment, and the comfortable clothing, should I say pajamas, make me more creative. Here are the extra perks of working remotely;

  • It permits you to set your working hours. A strict supervisor will never hover over your shoulder. Neither will you suffer the constant office distractions.
  • A home office allows you to work from anywhere. If you are a globetrotter, a thousand-mile across the pond won’t prevent you from meeting your targets and deadlines.
  • You can also choose to bring your work to that local coffee shop or library. Even the tree shade with the freshest of air can temporarily be your office.
  • Working from home provides the potential to save buckets of dough. It is because no longer will you budget for those expensive lunches and coffees. Instead, you can now shop from your local store and prepare healthy food at home.

The Best Work from Home Companies In 2021

Even though we are in 2021, you might still be clueless about how and where to begin applying for work from home jobs. And even if you found them, you would only want to work with the most genuine and reputable. So, being a vital member of the work from the home battalion, here are some of the best work from home companies I can recommend.

1. Lionbridge

Lionbridge might just be your first point of call if you are looking for a legit and popular work from home company. The company has been at it for the last 20 years, meaning they have tremendous experience in remote jobs.

Being among the top-rated work-from-home companies, Lionbridge has a considerable lineup of jobs to cater to most of us. Some of the jobs here include content creation, technical writing, multicultural marketing, translation, and digital marketing. I also love the super-easy search engine evaluator jobs that pop up from time to time.

But there is still plenty left in there, and all you might have to do is go to the site and check for yourself. Once you join the team, you access many training resources to mold you and help you excel. The training features intense and valuable guidelines which you can use to perfect your work. 

Like any top ten company, Lionbridge also has some of the friendliest and responsive customer support teams ever. First, they will instantly respond and handle all questions. Then, as you keep submitting the work, they provide periodic feedback, enabling you to know how you are doing.

But perhaps what makes the site attractive is the 40 hour per week work guarantee assuring you of a constant income. Besides, the expectations are also clear, such that you know what to achieve. Then again, the supervisory team is perfect, guiding and coaching you along the way.

One of the tips I can provide if you are interviewing at Lionbridge is to take the entrance exam seriously as it determines whether they can accept you. Then, religiously take advantage of the guidelines. They are everything for your ultimate success in assessments and later for your performance in the company.


TTEC has been operating since 1982, when the work from home concept was relatively new. But with the changing trends, they have had to rearrange their work-at-home space for many career fields. It is technically one of those global work-from-home companies that cover lots of countries worldwide.

The company also hires anyone as long you have the qualifications and the tools. By tools, I mean a working knowledge of computers and the internet. An email is also a must for communication purposes.

Currently, TTEC has employees to the tune of 5000, and as you might have guessed, most of them work from home. But, according to Flexjobs ranking, TTEC  is among the very best because they value their customers and employees.

The company comprises two work from home divisions: TTEC Digital and TTEC Engage, which enables more significant customer interaction. It also has a unique approach where its focus and priority involve giving back to the community. It primarily supports education and community development grants, dishing out millions of dollars in philanthropy.

Let us investigate the remote jobs TTEC offers. The last time I checked, we have lots of marketing, consultancy, analytics, and sales remote jobs. So it is essential to keep checking to see if any of the positions for which you qualify. Here is why I would also recommend TTEC.

  • Their work from home tasks is highly flexible.
  • The company supports its programs with essential tools, applications, and back-office functions, making the work easy and enjoyable.
  • They continually engage their employees, unearthing any problems and solving them instantly.
  • The customer support team is superb and will often provide much-needed feedback for improvement. 
  • The company is versatile in terms of job distribution. Anyone can find a job here, from the tech-savvy type of jobs to moderate customer support programs.
  • TTEC also offers training and clear guidelines and expectations for work performance 

Finally, even if the tasks are flexible and remote, you need high discipline levels to make it. However, the training courses, which some people say are tedious, mean well for your overall work performance, so you shouldn’t tire.

To know if your skillset is available on TTEC, you can check on their website. Once you confirm, I would suggest you try it by beginning the application process right away.

3. Citrix

Citrix is no stranger to assigning remote jobs. For years, the software company has been hiring virtually and providing considerable remote work for many career fields. So as most businesses have been shifting to working from home, Citrix already had hundreds of its employers telecommuting.

There isn’t tying its employees to any one location. Neither must you stick to particular networks or devices to accomplish your work. Instead, it is all about flexibility and sticking to deadlines. The most significant advantage to working with Citrix is that they have a good learning culture, collaborative teams, and excellent work-life balance.

So, which work at home jobs can you find at Citrix? There are plenty of jobs, from engineering to sales, marketing, security, administration, to finance. I wouldn’t know your area of interest, though. And so, I suggest you check at the site and fill in the application based on your qualification and skills.

As a remote work key player, Citrix Systems, Inc strictly subscribes to Equal Employee Opportunities. It does not matter your race, religion, gender, or nationality. You will have your opportunity because you qualify.

Finally, the customer support service here is excellent. So, if you experience any hiccups, they are readily available to handle your issue. HR is especially on standby to guide you in completing your application.

4. Working Solutions

If you are keen to work from home, Working Solutions might be the company you need. But it depends on your location, as this Dallas-based company only hires in the US and Canada. Working Solutions has been at it since 1996, and by then, Google and social media were nonexistent. Still, they mooted and put forward the remote work idea, which has picked pace and popularity over the years.

Working Solutions ranks highly among the leading work-from-home companies due to its flexible culture. But what sets it apart from the rest is that it is a stickler for deadlines, so personal discipline should be your second name.

Some of the other advantages of working for Working solutions are that once you get here, you go through various pieces of training. Other than that, you have the chance to set your work hours and pick your clients. I particularly love the picking client idea as you negotiate for greater, even more flexibility and greater earnings.

And while they are unpaid, the learning resources prepare you for accomplishment and excellence in your career. Even though most jobs are for call center and customer support, you can often access other opportunities, including sales. Depending on your qualifications, all you need is to sign up and get help to search for a suitable work-from-home job.

The application process at Working Solutions is straightforward. Here is how it works: 

  • First, you will fill in a short form, which takes less than five minutes.
  • Next, you can take a few assessments, which could last for about 30 minutes. 
  • Finally, you can now access the applicant portal, where you will provide detailed info concerning the job.

Once you get approved, I suggest you go through the available educational resources at the site. Some of them are tips on working at home, and others educate you on avoiding scams on the online platform. It also doesn’t hurt or take much of your time to go through the various tech

hacks. It is all for being more knowledgeable as you prepare for your work from home journey.

5. Kelly Services

Kelly services, also known as Kelly Connect, ranks among the very top work-from-home companies. The company has its headquarters in Troy, Michigan, and specializes in the staffing industry.

So if you are looking for those work-from-home jobs that include staff recruitment, teaching, especially in special education, this is the right place. But even tech-savvy jobs like computer programming call this place home.

When I recently checked, you could apply for some of the remote jobs to include medical device customer service reps and contracts manager jobs. Others are auto technicians and customer reps general. So, you can see the versatility in terms of hiring here. Based on your credentials, you could easily find something that fits what you are searching for.

According to several reviews, it appears the company is quite diverse. The customer support team is well-spoken, as it provides timely help whenever you need it. Then, of course, the pay is quite competitive. So Kelly Services could be the best of those work-from-home companies for such a go-getting feat if you are keen to climb the career ladder. And yes, they also offer the training, sufficient guidelines, and timely feedback to get you to meet your targets.

So how do you get started with this company? The first thing is to understand that Kelly services are a global management consulting company with worldwide coverage. Therefore, it is up to you to pick which location you want to do your remote job. Assuming it is Asia, I would suggest using the filter feature to get the results. Then, use the same filter to pick the job you want and start on the application process.

6. TranscribeMe

Some of the typical remote work jobs over the years have included transcription and copywriting. Fortunately, TranscribeMe, with its headquarters in San Francisco, California, ranks among the leading work-from-home companies that offer these kinds of jobs.

As a leader in the IT industry, most careers are IT inclined. Still, you can also access other jobs, not in the IT industry. I would say even those financial analyst and marketing jobs also are available.

Why does TranscribeMe take the reins when it comes to working from home? For one;

  • It has an excellent and flexible work culture. The teams work in close coordination for good performance and reaching targets.
  • Secondly, TranscribeMe provides clear guidelines and expectations. All you need is to follow them to the letter to achieve the best results.
  • The staff, especially support, is on standby to offer all the help you need. The support will even encourage and take you through the ropes to learn and acclimatize. You will also get timely feedback to know how you are doing.

Like the rest of the work from home companies, you will need to take any training and interviews seriously to excel. However, once you learn at each step, it becomes easy to rank among the best and earn highly from the comfort of your home.

How do you get started with TranscribeMe? The process is simple: first, get to the site, register for an account, and go through various assessments. I suggest you carefully read the guidelines before you can attempt any test.

7. Sutherland Global Services 

If I were to choose among the most responsive work from home companies, Sutherland Global would make a list. Why? Because the company has a supportive management team, that makes you never want to quit. The Pittsford-based company deals primarily in customer service jobs. Hence, if you’re going to work from home chat sales or client rep, this can be your scavenging ground.

Other related jobs you can get here are customer care support and tech support associate. The highly-rated outfit equally partners with a massive lineup of superior brands. From amazon to Toyota, Sony, and Goldman Sachs, the list keeps growing because of the excellent customer support experiences they provide to these brands.

But how do you land a work-from-home job with Sutherland? The company’s primary aim is to match your professional qualifications and skills with the right job opportunities. So, the work you find via this company allows the flexibility to do remote jobs from anywhere. The first step would be to access the site and search for the job for which you qualify. The filter feature on the job search page can help browse your job category.

Here are the stages you can follow to land your dream job.

  • Make an online application by filling in all the details. Remember to use only the official names that appear on your certs, and be truthful regarding your skillset. You will attempt some exams and hands-on duties, so only state the knowledge and practical skills you possess.
  • Next, you may have to go through various assessments depending on the position you made the application for.
  • The next step involves a recruiter interview, and if satisfactory, you will have to undergo a hiring manager interview. 
  • Finally, you will need to undergo medical and the necessary background checks to ascertain that you are the right fit for the position.


8. Dell

Have you ever heard of Dell technologies? It is a family-based business with considerable interests in digital infrastructure. In essence, the company has built a network to transform information technology in numerous organizations. As it does so, it also offers a wide range of remote jobs, making it to the list of the most sought-after work from home companies.

Some of the work-from-home jobs recently advertised include product manager cum consultant, account executive, and senior service delivery engineer. These jobs are not confined to just one career field. If you go to their site, you find hundreds of remote jobs are available at any given time.

But what makes sense is that Dell is also among those work-from-home companies that work on a global spectrum. So even if you are in Australia or Jamaica, you can hover the cursor to the location near you or one that you prefer, choose the job for which you qualify, and proceed with the application.

Over the years, Dell has also invested heavily in customer engagement. I would say it is what keeps it massively afloat. This culture extends right to you as it’s work from a home employee. The customer support and management team offers you all the support you need to meet the company goals and expectations. And from the very moment you come on board, they provide you with the tools, including work guidelines and training to help you excel. 

9. UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group’s mission is to steer the world towards healthier populations by improving health systems. It also creates programs that enable access to quality healthcare. Being a key health industry leader, the company has diverse career fields to meet its overall goals and objectives. But it is also a key advocate and subscriber to remote work.

Some of the telecommuting jobs you can access include data analyst, clinical, administrative coordinator, and incident manager. But the lineup doesn’t stop there. If you have business solutions skills, communication and engagement, and marketing, you could be the right person for some of the remote jobs available here.

According to some of the employee reviews that I had the opportunity to snoop, UnitedHealth Group provides excellent benefits to its range of staff. It also has a beautiful work culture, which is more flexible and team-oriented.

Of course, due to the nature of assignments and tasks, the work can often be overwhelming. But such cannot beat the advantage of meeting the deadlines from the comfort of your home and picking your work hours. Even if you woke up at the odd midnight hour, wouldn’t that be exciting since it is your good time?

To get started with UnitedHealth Group, I suggest you check out their platform and see if they have jobs within your skill area. The customer support is excellent, and you are free to ask any questions even before the hiring process begins.

10. Kaplan

What would the student world do without such work from home companies as Kaplan? Frankly, the world has migrated online, and campuses are not left behind. That is where Kaplan conveniently comes in. The company has been in existence for more than 80 years. But, of course, that is a long time to handle various educational services.

Kaplan’s primary goal is to empower students and with the help of diverse work-from-home roles. Some of the work you can provide on this platform are test preparation and performance training. If it is preparing students for college entrance exams such as the SATs or helping professionals across various industries to pass their licensing test, Kaplan will do.

Various university support services are also available for you to handle. Checking at the company site, you can see they have numerous career fields. From operations/management to customer service professional development, finance, and even data science, you can quickly get something that fits within your career aspirations.

Kaplan’s services are spread across the entire globe, needing employees from all locations, too. So your journey to working from home also starts from right here, by signing up. To get your ideal job, you will have to go through some assessments, and like any other job, interviews.

Once the company absorbs you, you can expect a broader range of benefits, including health & wellness and time-off benefits. Perhaps the employee referral program beats them all since you can recommend others to this employer. Anyway, those are just a few of the numerous perks, but first, you need to make your way in.

Tips to Landing That Well-Paying Work from Home Job

Your search for a work-from-home job should never be in vain. And even when you manage to find one, it should be worth the effort. It should especially be competitive based on the prevailing market rates. So how can you land such a job? Which tactics can you apply to land your dream telecommuting job? Here are some of the never-failing strategies I often use.

Ask Around as You Market Yourself

The online platform is no longer a strange stomping ground for the majority. You will be surprised that most of your networks already have an inkling of the best work from home hirers. So, keep talking, asking questions, and scouring the internet for such jobs.

Besides any recommendations,work-from-home you might get, marketing your skills can also go a long way in getting you just what you want. So, share your talents with others, including the desire to work from home. Do not also wait to post your resume on the job sites you will already have unearthed.

Do an Intensive Research About the Top Rated Companies

If you have the preferred companies in mind, you can start right away to find if they hire your skillset. You also need to know how long they have been telecommuting. The longer it is, the more you are convinced of their experience handling their work from home employees.

Suppose you are starting from zero in your search? I would suggest starting with various job sites such as Flexjobs, Remotive, and RemoteOk. Jobspresso is also another great site to check. From here, you can limit your search to any of the great companies you would have identified.

You can then sign up for some of those sites and see if you meet their hiring requirements. Things to look out for are if they have hired any remote employees of late. Also, investigate the type of support they offer to their work from home employees. Check the benefits and perks of the job, too. 

Highlight Your Work from Home Experience

Since you are specifically looking for remote jobs, I suggest you highlight any previous work-from-home gigs you have handled. The employer is interested to know how successful you have been in meeting deadlines even when you aren’t on a workstation. Things to add are your ability to work under pressure and any accomplishments to show. 

Tailor Your Skills to Match What They Want

I can never stress enough how important it is to thoroughly go through the job description for your eyeing position. Then, knowing what the company wants, you can tailor your skills to match the tasks within that job description. You must be as truthful as you can, though, because you will put your credibility to the test if you indicate skills you cannot handle. 

Update Your Resume Before You Submit 

Even after filling in your application’s details, there is the final place where you have to upload /submit your resume. But this should not just be any resume. Instead, it should be a current well written, and formatted piece of info that highlights your competencies, qualifications, work experiences, and achievements. This document sums up who you are.

Therefore, make it your most important selling point. The same care applies to your cover letter. As brief as it should appear, let it also bring out your strengths and accomplishments.

Steer Clear of Job Scams

As you research the best work from home companies, you need to also stick to only the tried and tested. What I mean is that there are plenty of job scams out there that could eventually steal your data. So, check the credentials of each site, and mainly check out the reviews of the same job sites before you can proceed to apply.


If anything has brought the work from home concept to speed, it is the pandemic. Most brands see the benefits typical remote work can accrue both to the organization and the employer. Other than that, the work mentioned above from home companies already discovered the trick eons ago. They have mastered hiring and fairly compensating their remote workforce, which then reflects in excellent outputs.

If you are keen to join the telecommuting bandwagon, do your research to see if they hire your skill. Then, to make it, religiously follow the requirements and the guidelines they provide. It won’t be long before you land your first gig and are rated a high performer. 

Meanwhile, use only the best strategies to get your remote job. If you have a network of friends, family, and colleagues, ask them if they know the best sites. Also, do not ignore updating your LinkedIn profile. Most potential employers will often search the site to see what credentials you possess.

10 Best Work from Home Companies in 2021
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