15 Entry-Level Jobs You Can Work from Home in 2021

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In 2021 most businesses and companies are filing low returns as the buying power was affected during the 2020 lockdown. Those companies who couldn’t sustain their employees laid them off. Other’s businesses that couldn’t survive had to close down. 

What happens to you if this is your fate and you’re laid off from work? Do you wallow away in stress and wait for miracles? Thankfully, entry-level jobs can save the situation and allow you to work from the comfort of home. These jobs are also great for just graduated people who are jobless and can’t get employment now. Do you know this type of job? 

Read on and find more about the 15 entry-level jobs you can do at home in 2021. You’ll also know how to get started, what to do and how much you can earn from them. 

1. Work as an online design consultant 

If you love visual aesthetics, the best entry job is this one that doesn’t require any educational background. All you need is a high level of creativity, interest, and ability to be a self-taught designer. But this is a broad spectrum as you can work as a web designer. Such a job isn’t hard to come across as most businesses are now opting for websites to market their ventures. 

As a design consultant, there are various domains you can work with. For example, you can be a web designer as most pages on the internet need UX and design. As a web design consultant, your work analyzes the website’s design and checks on how to improve it. 

You can also be a graphic designer, especially if you’re into photoshop or illustrator tools and a high creativity level. Also, prepare yourself with project management skills. But you don’t have to go to school as there are online tutorials with all this information. 

Interior designing is another entry-level job you can do remotely and make good money. To get a job as an interior design consultant, look for a platform such as Houzz

2. Be A Premium Freelancer

One of the entry-level jobs you can do in the comfort of your sitting room is being a freelancer. This job will prevent you from the daily hustles of going to a job like traffic jams and not having time for family bonding. 

There are things you need to do to enhance your knowledge to be successful in this job. But first, you should sign up for flexjobs to get premium flexible freelancing entry-level jobs you can do from anywhere. The revenue from freelancing is increasing daily, with the data from Upwork showing that 57.3 million people are doing this job and earning about $1.4 trillion yearly. The best thing about this work is that it’s easier to find than the office work. 

Are you wondering how and where there are several freelancers without jobs for months now? The main challenge is that most freelancing sites get various applications with limited hiring capability. So, it’s upon you, especially a beginner, to be creative to be ahead of the game. Send your proposals to different employers and hope for the best. 

To be able to win your first freelancing gig do the following; 

Develop your portfolio

You first need to create a portfolio to showcase your skills and capabilities to get the best freelancing gigs. Ensure your portfolio explains your expertise clearly, has a detailed experience in the particular niche, and has your personality. 

Write better

Another thing you should do is write and write quality content. Doing this will attract high bidders and sell your name. This will also make clients look for you and not the other way round. 

Know how to get the freelancing jobs you can do at home

Also, learn how you can get an employer for your freelancing job. There are several companies like FormStack that have several remote jobs you can make good use of. 

3. Consider Dropshipping

Dropshipping is also another way of making money at home in 2021. It involves selling products but don’t worry about the inventory and meeting the orders. It’s like having an e-commerce store where you market products on behalf of manufacturers. 

The e-commerce platform enables customers to complete orders then forward the customer and their order information to the manufacturer. The manufacturer then ensures the customer gets the products. But this job doesn’t have good profits as the person selling their products since suppliers take a better share of the money. 

There’s also high competition if you’re dealing with commodity products since many people are in the same business. You’ll also have little control of how the products are branded; this can make your brand image suffer. But you can talk with the manufacturers to include customized branded inserts in the products. Since you don’t do the shipping, you’ll not have much control over customer care. 

If you’re new to these entry-level jobs, you can start from professional freelancer sites like Fiverr, allowing you to do anything. You can create your store’s design to set it up and sync your products and advertise the venture. But ensure you work in a market niche you’re conversant with, know your competitors and how they do it. After that, you should choose a reliable dropshipping supplier, sync the inventory and start operation from platforms like Wix, which is easy to use. 

4. Be A Digital Marketer Freelancer

Currently, there are several digital marketing opportunities but few experts to fill the gaps. You can train yourself on how to make money from home for this job. Be creative and earn good money building other brands. 

What’s more, globalization is making companies opt for digital marketing to reach customers in different parts of the sphere. Doing this job doesn’t need going to school as you only need to know freelancing tactics. 

This strategy also helps companies save a lot of money as they don’t need to hire skilled personnel to manage the department. You’ll get good-paying opportunities but ensure you pick on a niche you’re conversant with, like affiliate marketing or SEO. Also, know where you can get the lucrative digital marketing entry-level jobs to earn you good money while working at home. You can look for employment on LinkedIn, indeed.com, or angel. Co. 

5. Be an Online Coach

You can also be an online coach in 2021 and earn good money as most schools encourage eLearning and discouraging gatherings. It’s even better if you like assisting different people to achieve their goals. But ensure you work with a niche you’re comfortable with. 

You can be a life coach, career coach, financial coach, wellness coach, or spiritual coach, depending on your interest. To enable you to do this job with ease, build your experience in this field and then create and sell your online courses. 

You can create your online course platform, such as Thinkific, and have everything ready before shooting your videos. After that, you should edit the footage before uploading and publishing your course. To make your online course sell, give your clients discounts. For example, you can make around $47 every hour as a life coach. 

6. Be A Video or Audio Editor

If you’ve got a background knowledge of video editing tools, you can use it to make money remotely as a video or audio editor. The best thing about this job is that you can do it anywhere, unlike camera crew or lighting experts. Although it’s not challenging to edit simple videos, only an expert can bring out a fantastic video. 

To earn good money from video editing, sell stock videos. You can also sell virtual reality videos, which allow you to interact with the video.          

7. Try Your Luck on Programming and Coding

Most entrepreneurs are looking for the best ways to reduce their expenses by working with freelancers. That gives room for hiring experts in the programming and coding sector. Not only will entrepreneurs work with freelance coders and programmers but also individuals and small businesses. 

These jobs are not much involved but also have high hourly returns. You will realize that these jobs are many but with little work personnel. You can either do data scraping, simple games, or mobile app development. 

To get such jobs, look for a good website and set an alert to increase your chances of getting them. For example, consider GitHub, which gives you the proper exposure that increases your chances of getting more clients. You can also try out standard freelance websites, although it’s a competitive site with clients from all over the world. But also, these coding and programming entry-level jobs from freelancer, Upwork, or Fiverr

8. Online Writer or Editor

If you’ve got a passion for writing, you can make it a full-time job and make good money from home. You’ll realize that most remote entry-level jobs are because of the presence of the right content. Being a beginner freelance writer can be challenging as you don’t know what writing entails. 

But after learning how to write, you can begin cold pitching by sending email or messages to different social media platforms. Don’t choose the company but send your application to any that you feel can give you the chance to grow. 

You should also ensure you pitch to prospects on the job board’s list to get the best jobs which is a safe bet. Alternatively, you can try your luck on other job boards like ProBlogger, blogging pro, or Flexjobs. Finally, don’t forget to follow the job boards twitter handle to help you get the best writing jobs. 

9. Do Online Medical Jobs

You have some interest in the medical field and would like to work remotely? There are several entry-level medical jobs you can do online without going to the hospital, like medical transcriptionist. Such a role involves typing the recorded dictations from doctors. 

You can also be a spokesperson since most companies work with qualified doctors as their spokesperson, especially those with supplement products. If you’re looking for this job, you need to have good communication skills. 

A medical researcher is another online job you can do under this segment. Your work here involves helping companies like a pharmacy-based consultancy to research different topics like the aging population. You can find these entry-level jobs on FlexJobs, Indeed, Glassdoor, or healthcare jobs-remote. Co. If you have vast experience, don’t shy away from multi-tasking and enjoy good returns.

10. Start Blogging

Don’t be jobless at home while you can blog and earn lots of money from it. But don’t expect to earn money on the first few entries as it can take longer to make good money. If you want to make good money from blogging, have a paid domain name and WordPress hosting like Bluehost. However, you should target having a better brand presence online. 

Having a recognized brand can take time but knowing the tone to use will help you attract more people and take the necessary action. Remember, it’s challenging to attract the right audience under the guise of intellectualism. So, ensure you share authentic stories with the world to attract them. Most people will also relate faster with such stories growing your brand more quickly. 

You should also work with a profitable niche and avoid the famous saying that says write what your heart loves, money will come later. Instead, look for the right connections and recognition and make money through your blogs. But ensure you go for a niche depending on the market factors and one you’re conversant with. Then, after winning most of the audience, you can start working on other niches in the same category. 

After becoming a successful influencer, look for ways to earn more money by being a high-end consultancy. If you prioritize high-end B2B consultancy, there’s no need for much traffic to earn good money. Remember your blog will remain inactive until you make it an active or unbalanced force.

11. Be a Virtual Assistant

You can also work from home as a virtual assistant, which requires skills to manage social media, graphic designer, and research. A virtual assistant can also act as an administrator, write, tutor, or edit various things. You can make between $25-$100 every hour on this job, depending on the company you’re working for. 

To get such entry-level jobs, you can search online on different platforms such as freeup, virtual assistant jobs, or onlinejobs.ph

12. Work For Tech Companies Remotely

Upcoming and medium companies now prefer working with remote staff, a thing you should take advantage of and make good money from. Your primary role will be a sales representative, customer care service rep, or business development rep. 

Such entry-level jobs will help the companies reduce their expenditures, get a bigger talent pool and increase productivity. Moreover, as an individual, this kind of job will allow you to get a flexible schedule and reduce your expenses as you don’t have to spend on fare and food at the office. 

You’ll also not waste a lot of time on the road giving you a chance to bond with friends and family. Instead, choose a niche you’re knowledgeable in and work for the company from anywhere in the world. 

13. Work as a Beauty Advisor

Another job you can do remotely is being a beauty advisor whose demand is rising as more people embrace makeup and beauty. Your work as a beauty advisor will advise your followers on skincare and beauty routines to help them grow and boost their confidence level. 

This job can earn you around $5 to $45 per hour, depending on your experience and the type of clients you deal with. To grow your expertise in this field, consult, google for the local and international content, and package them to fit your niche. 

After that, you can look for clients globally and make your money in the comfort of your home. But remember, you’ll have to handle each client personally as their skin or bodies have different requirements. You can also help your clients get the products after identifying which one suits them most. You can look for these entry-level jobs from platforms like BeatyTap and ZipRecruiter

14. Be An Online Recruiter

Although you’re used to a recruiter working from an office setting, the trend is changing, and companies opt for remote recruiters. You can take this job which entails posting vacancies and searching for qualified employees for the positions. 

You may also do the initial interview by phone to help the company get the best candidates for the final interview. In an hour, you can make between $20 and $40. That is a good amount if you’re not spending much on the fare or other expenditures you’d have if working from an office. You can find these entry-level jobs from CareerBuilder, Jooble, or remote.co.

15. Social Media Manager

You can work remotely as a social media manager, which doesn’t require any educational background. All you need to do is identify the social media accounts the given company’s customers like then promote their products. 

You can check how active the customers are on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and then manage them by checking on the comments. Another thing you can do on behalf of the company is to improve their social media selling capabilities and grow the accounts following. 

But you also have to ensure the content has a high level of creativity and the platforms are active by posting shareable videos and funny gifs. In an hour, you can earn between $16 and $50. Look for these entry-level jobs from indeed or PeoplePerHour and work remotely. 

Tips You Can Use to Be Successful When Doing Entry Jobs

If you work remotely doing any of the above entry-level jobs, here are the tips to succeed. 

Take your job seriously

One thing that will help you be successful as a remote worker is taking your job seriously. Some entry-level jobs might have time limits, while others don’t. Would you please not take advantage of the employer who doesn’t give you strict deadlines and fails to deliver or ghost them? 

Also, if you know you’re not capable of meeting the deadline, communicate earlier to avoid inconveniencing your employer. Apart from that, you also have to ensure you deliver as expected to avoid disappointing your employer or clients. Give quality content that will make your work sell and even attract more clients. 

Stick by the rules

If you want to avoid conflicts with your employer, ensure you work by the set rules. If you’re required to work from 8 to six, that’s it. On the other hand, if your employer doesn’t want you to connect to public Wi-Fi and need you to operate using tools, you need to abide by them. 

All the guiding rules your employer should set straight from day one, and if they fail to do so, ask them to be on the safer side. That will reduce your chances of misunderstanding and conflicts, which can affect your performance. 

If you work for yourself, you also need to have some guiding rules not to meet your target. For example, you can identify your start and end times to get time to handle other duties. 

Create your workspace

Another thing that will help you concentrate on your job and meet the targets with ease has a workspace. Again, this should be an area with no distractions but makes you comfortable and increases your performance. 

It should be somewhere secluded from your personal space where your creativity level increases, especially if you’re a content creator. You can try different workspaces within your home to identify the ideal area that will be much more comfortable and appealing. 

Look for the best internet speed

Another thing that will enable you to work remotely with fewer struggles has a speedy internet connection. You can opt for a Wi-Fi router, especially if you’ve other internet users who can make your connection slow. Alternatively, you can look for an ethernet. But some laptops don’t have ethernet sports, so you’ve got to have a cable that can help you connect the computer to the router. 

Avoid distractions

You should also ensure that the time you’re working remotely, the number of distractions is minimal. That is because you may not have peace working and can fail to meet the target. If you have kids, look for someone to take care of them as you work. Or take them to daycare for the period to have undistracted concentration. 

Suppose you’ve got a dog or on-going construction invest in noise-canceling headphones like Apple AirPods Pro. You can even make your workspace soundproof to reduce such distractions. 

Have breaks in between your job

Taking breaks in between work is healthy as it helps your brain reenergize. You can also have the vacation to eat or walk around the estate to help build yourself. Set a reminder on your phone so that when that time reaches you, don’t forget. 

The breaks will also give you time to gain focus after losing concentration or when the job is too involved. For example, you can have a 15 minutes break after every hour, have some coffee and check on your phone. 

Go for social meetings

Working remotely can at times deny you the time to interact with friends and relatives. It can be worse if you stay alone with no close human interactions. To avoid being lonely all the time, set some dates for meeting up with close friends and relatives. You can even get to a party or get together and enjoy the day. 

You can also plan for a lunch date or dinner date just to get your sanity back after spending days all alone in the house. Remember, even introverts can’t overcome the feeling of being alone for longer periods. So, sometimes in the gym or even a video call won’t hurt.

Ensure you’ve got all the necessary tools

You don’t want to experience challenges with the tools you’re using while you’re halfway through the job. So, ensure you have all the right tools like skype if you’re going to do video calls and the other apps that will help you work effectively. 

If you already have these tools, you should check if they’re functional before starting your work to have a smooth day. If you have challenges, fix them before starting your work and enjoy working remotely. 

Challenges You Have to Brace Yourself for While Doing Entry Jobs

Once you choose to work online, either a tutor or a marketer will be ready to experience some challenges. They include;

Time management

If you’re working at home doing any of the above entry-level jobs, you might think you’ll have all the time to do all your things in time and meet your daily expectations. Unfortunately, this can be the opposite, as the number of distractions you might receive can prevent you from completing your targets. 

You’ll need the time to clean the house and compound or attend to kids and spouses or go for some walks. If you’re not keen on time, you might find yourself failing to meet some targets as some work can be involving or enjoyable to stop. 

To help you meet most of your daily targets, plan yourself well. Set time for your client so that they know when to reach you. If your client is in a different time zone, take advantage of that and do your other chores. Also, let them know when they can contact you to avoid working odd hours. 

You’ll not find it easy to stop working

If you’re at home, you’ll find yourself working most of the time and not stopping as you promised. That is because you’ll not want to leave some jobs unattended. Also, you’ll not want to disappoint your boss by being offline when they need you. 

You might also stay late working meeting deadlines. And at times, it’s the comfort of the workspace that will keep you up even at late hours. But this shouldn’t be the case as you’ve got other things you need to take care of. You also need to have a rest to be fresh for the next day. 

To avoid this, you can tell a friend to remind you it’s time to stop working or have your spouse come for you in your workspace. 

Not staying connected to the rest of the world

If you’re a beginner, be ready to have less communication; if not, cut off from your friends and relatives as these entry-level jobs can be involving and draining. You will mostly spend your time on the desk working and meeting deadlines to keep the money flowing. 

You’ll soon realize that not having the time for coffee dates or chats is typical for a freelancer. You will also not have time for getting updates on the things happening around you. To avoid such, spare some time to call and catch up with friends. Go out for dates and make good use of social media for the latest trends. 

Technological hitch

A technical hitch is another big challenge that can give you headaches to handle, especially if you’ve no ICT knowledge. Your internet may be weak or unreliable, and the computer can also have some breakups interfering with your performance. 

Do have the contacts of your ICT guru so that they can sort you in such cases. You should also update your connections and tools to avoid frustrations while working. 


Several entry-level jobs make working remotely gain popularity. That is because most companies are opting to outsource such talents to reduce their operational costs. Some also do this to get the best services cheaply as you only pay for the hours the person has worked for. 

Individuals are also tired of spending much time on the road trying to reach their job places in time. As a remote worker, you don’t have to go to school to learn some of the entry jobs as there is plenty of information online to help you through that. 

However, it would help if you were dedicated to your work and meet your clients’ expectations. Know how to communicate effectively and choose a niche you’re comfortable with. But don’t forget your social life is also essential. So, spare some time to go for breaks, meet friends, and do other chores. 

Also, brace yourself for the challenges of working remotely and look for the best way to overcome them. Remember, these entry-level jobs are well paying, so all you need is to be serious with any of the above 15 and make good money from wherever. 

15 Entry-Level Jobs You Can Work from Home in 2021
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