15 Fantastic Work from Home Jobs with Amazon

work from home with amazon
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Have you ever considered a work from home with Amazon opportunity? Do you even think it’s possible to earn a living working from home? To many people, this might seem like a dream. Previously, only a few people knew they could work from the comfort of their homes. Still, people have begun to embrace the idea, and it’s proving to be successful. 

So, if you have been considering working from home, don’t shy away. There are massive opportunities scattered everywhere, including the most successful online trade platform, Amazon. But before we look into what Amazon offers, why would you want to work from home?

What Are the Benefits of Working from Home?

  • You Don’t Have to Commute

Commuting to and from work is stressful. Imagine waking up early to catch a bus that will get stuck in traffic. Then, you get to the office late and face your reprimanding boss, and after work, you still have to spend hours in traffic and get home exhausted as hell. 

When you work from home with Amazon, all that is gone. All you have to do is wake up, prepare for the day and get to work. Isn’t that convenient?

  • More Savings

When you work from home with Amazon, you save more,create considering that you don’t spend any money on fuel or transport to and from work. You are not required to purchase new suits. You can even put on your jammies and get to work, as long as you don’t have any virtue meetings to attend. You prepare your meals at home. You don’t have to spend money eating out unless you want to treat yourself. 

  • You Live Where You Want

While working in an office, you have to live within proximity to make it to the office in time. However, when you work from home, you can live anywhere you prefer. All you need is a way of submitting your assignments.

  • A Customized Office 

Do you remember the first time you reported to work, and you were invited to an old-fashioned office whose chairs had torn upholstery and dusty files on the cabinets? Well, working from home allows you to have your own customized office. How good is that?

  • A Happier Life

Simple as it sounds, you have more time to enjoy your hobbies. You have more time for your loved ones. There is nobody following you around and looking for faults in you. You work on your schedule. What more would anyone ask?

The list goes on and on, not to mention, people who work from home tend to be more productive because they are more satisfied with their way of life. As a result, more companies have embraced the work-from-home culture, including Amazon.

Amazon is a multinational company that is focused on e-commerce. Amazon has recently been listed on Forbes’s top 25 companies. That tells you it is an excellent company to join. 

So, let’s look at the top 15 work from home jobs you can do with Amazon.

#1. Customer service jobs at Amazon

You can be a customer service representative or an Amazon web service provider. A customer service representative listens to the customer’s needs and offers them concrete solutions. 

Amazon web service providers, on the other hand, help customers access and navigate the cloud. Generally, working as a customer service provider on Amazon entails listening to customers, preventing and solving their issues while shopping. 

While working at home, you act as a virtue call center. So, you need to have an active phone line, reliable internet connection, and organized functional space. Other requirements include prior experience as a customer service provider; however, Amazon offers its customer service employees training.

The qualities you need for this type of work from the home job are; being an empathic listener, excellent communication skills, being open to training, discipline, and willingness to help people.

View remote opportunities on Amazon jobs and filter through the available options if you would like this type of job.

#2. Amazon Mechanical Turk; Work From Home With Amazon

Though you are not likely to make a lot of money on m-Turk, it is also a great way to spend your time and make extra cash in the comfort of your home. M-Turk is a crowdsourcing platform where buyers post human intelligence tasks commonly known as HITs that you can complete and earn some money. Such duties include surveys, data entry, content moderation, research, and transcription.

They are short tasks that you can complete within a short period. The average earnings on m-Turk are $2 per hour, which might also be challenging to hit as a beginner. The secret to making more money lies in consistency in completing tasks. Workers who have hit 100, 500, and over 1000 complete human intelligence tasks can land better-paying jobs.

Once you register as a turker, it takes about 48 hours to get approved. The good thing is you don’t need prior experience, and the requirements are minimal.

If you want to make good money Turking, here are some helpful hacks you can employ;

Join forums like them-Turk crowd and turkey view. On these forums, you will interact with other workers who give insights into the best HITs available.

Go for the highest paying HITs. If your goal is to make more, you want to maximize your earnings per hour. So always go for better-paying tasks.

Maintain high success rates. The only way for buyers to trust you with requests is to have evidence of previously completed tasks. That tells you also need to submit high-quality work consistently.

Know the best turking time. The ideal time to find higher-paying tasks is during weekdays. However, Mondays to Wednesdays are the best days because businesses submit tasks during working hours.

#3. Amazon Flex

Amazon flex allows you to spend your free time delivering clients’ purchases with your car. To qualify, you must be above 21years old with a valid driving license. In addition, you need a four-door sedan, a truck, or a van in good working condition.

Background checks will run on you from the previous seven years. If you are clean, the process is complete in 2 to 5 days. The best thing is that Amazon provides you with a free commercial auto insurance policy and no limitation on the number of years you must have had your license.

#4. Affiliate Marketing

You can be an affiliate marketer and earn money from Amazon if you have a blog or a social media account like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. 

Affiliate marketers use links on their sites to drive traffic to other sites. In this case, you can link to products on Amazon from your blog. With Amazon, if a client purchases an item 24 hours after following your link, you can earn a certain specified percentage of the sale. 

The good thing is, if the said client adds more items to the cart during that purchase, you can make more money from each particular item. You can become an Amazon affiliate marketer by signing up on their website for free. Once you get an account, start creating links that you can use to drive traffic to Amazon.

#5. Amazon Seller

You can also make money by selling products on Amazon. In addition to having a website and an online shop, you can be a third-party seller on Amazon. The advantage is that there are ready storefronts and traffic. 

To become a successful Amazon seller, you need to up your marketing game. Use links from your blog to drive traffic to your shop, add links from your social media accounts, and embrace email marketing.

Amazon sellers can sign up for an individual plan where you pay $1.00 for every sale you make or have a professional program where you pay $29.95 per month plus an additional selling fee. I find this reasonable, but you can go for whatever works for you. 

The average least earning as an Amazon seller is $1000 per month. However, if you are an entrepreneur willing to work from home, this is one type of business you should consider.

#6. Content Writing for Amazon; Work From Home With Amazon

Amazon also offers a wide range of writing jobs for freelance writers. If you are good at writing compelling articles, you can apply for Amazon writing jobs. The other form of good writing you could do on Amazon is product descriptions.

With over a million products listed on Amazon’s catalog, sellers must write product descriptions now and then. In addition, you could be writing content for affiliate markers. 

To become a good content writer, you must learn to create engaging and exciting content for the readers and understand the search engine algorithms to make sure your content ranks well. That way, you can inform your clients about your product and beat the competition. Is that what’s called killing two birds with one stone? 

#7. Influencer Marketing; Work From Home With Amazon 

Just like affiliate marketing, it’s all about traffic. Most influential people and celebrities have a huge online following. So they can advertise on their social media accounts by recommending products to their fans. 

Owing to the immense trust they have created in their fans, influencer markers can significantly increase sales of the products they promote. If you want to do influencer marketing for Amazon, you need to focus on creating a huge following.

Once you have a broad fan base, you can apply for the Amazon influencer program and start monetizing your content. 

#8. Amazon Healthcare Jobs

Amazon runs a virtual health service where people can access medical professionals through conferences. As such, there is a need for medical professionals, and you might have an opportunity to become Amazon’s virtue healthcare professional.

However, these jobs are not only restricted to healthcare professionals. There are also healthcare executive jobs, including associate director of clinical education and training, program managers, senior account executives in healthcare, strategy and healthcare cloud strategy and data analytics managers, and many more that you will find here.

Healthcare jobs are diverse on Amazon, but you need experience and academic qualifications. Feel free to scan through the requirements, and if you find a good fit, go ahead and apply.

#9. Solutions Architect; Work From Home With Amazon

A solutions architect on Amazon is expected to develop architectural solutions that address problems and encourage new business ways. In simple terms, they help customers implement cloud technologies successfully. 

Once you join Amazon as a solutions architect, you must undergo training and mentorship to add to your broad knowledge base and work on your schedule. For this job, you require a technical degree in computer science and experience in infrastructure architecture, technology/software sales, and the ability to adopt recent technology. 

Some of the available jobs in solutions architect include technical consultants, principal solutions architect, senior solutions architect, and senior specialty solutions architect.

#10. Amazon Jobs in HR

Another work-from-home job if you have experience in human resources. Amazon is seeking individuals with an eye for detail, good character judgment, and excellent communication skills for this position. 

You could become an Amazon recruiter; how cool is that? 

Some of the jobs available include HR assistants, immigration specialists, technical recruiter, employee relations manager, workers’ compensation manager, senior full life cycle recruiter, and community together engagement specialists. 

If you have a passion for bringing people together, Amazon HR jobs are for you to grab. These jobs require prior experience in HR and a bachelor’s degree from accredited universities. However, Amazon recruiters prefer holders of master’s degrees or MBAs in human resource management for senior positions, so it’s an added advantage if you have one.

#11. Advertising Positions on Amazon

Considering that business on Amazon is highly dependent on the internet, advertising plays a crucial role in drawing in traffic and creating awareness. Amazon offers diverse opportunities in advertising if you are the type of person who is result-oriented and obsessed with sales. 

They are looking for advertising sales managers, Ad sales managers, account executives, media sales managers, senior advertising sales account executives, campaign and creative managers, senior marketing and advertising sales managers. The list is endless. 

Your work supports the sales marketing team through event programs, content, and marketing strategies that stimulate a reaction from prospects.

#12. Amazon Jobs in Public Relations

Amazon has a PR division that focuses on safeguarding its reputation and creating awareness of the diverse innovations and services. This team develops campaigns to reach audiences across the globe to counter misleading information and misconceptions people may have about Amazon.

As such, they require employees in PR to facilitate this critical responsibility. Jobs that you might come across in PR include:

  • Communication specialists.
  • Public relations managers.
  • Customer public relations managers.
  • Senior PR managers.
  • Directors of internal communication. 

To qualify for these positions, you need strong communication skills, prior experience in PR, digital fluency, and a college degree, preferably in social sciences or humanities.

#13. Amazon Jobs in Research Science

Amazon is focused on improving lives and the way of doing business. So they keep experimenting with old technologies and finding ways to upgrade them or come up with new ones. 

They, therefore, need to keep researching to find out if the latest technologies are going to work. They need research scientists, speech scientists, machine learning scientists, research engineers, and audio scientists for these roles. 

Some of the positions listed on Amazon virtue include; principal research scientist, senior applied scientist (on product knowledge, spoken language, and understanding), operations research scientist, forecasting research scientist, used scientists in robotic manipulation and motion planning.

#14. Amazon Software Developers; Work From Home With Amazon

Suppose you have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and experience in software engineering and building automation frameworks. In that case, there are jobs available on Amazon for you. 

You need prior experience in software development and modern computer languages like java, c++, or c# for these jobs. You don’t have to be an expert, but you must be enthusiastic and willing to learn because guess what… Amazon will train you. 

If you qualify for these positions, you can be given on-call responsibilities to handle at home and make your clean money. For example, the average earnings for a software developer on Amazon are $121,931 per year. Imagine making all that at the comfort of your home, and it’s fantastic, right?

#15. Audio, Video, and Photography Production Jobs on Amazon

Amazon requires creative minds to take captivating product pictures, entertaining corporate videos, and audiobooks. Opportunities in studio engineering, video editing, studio operations, photography, audiobook editing, cast management, and styling are, therefore, in plenty. 

All these are jobs that you can do remotely for Amazon and earn money. You only need consistency in providing high-quality content. Most of these creative jobs do not ask for much in terms of academic qualifications; you only need proof of previous quality work. 

You can find these jobs on Amazon’s website, virtue locations section. Filter through them and find your best fit.

How Hard Is It to Get Hired at Amazon?

Applying for a job at Amazon is pretty much like applying for a job with another company. You have to prepare yourself adequately. Holidays are the peak seasons for business on Amazon so, it’s advisable to apply before the holidays.

After application, the recruitment process takes about a month. After application, make sure you reach out to the recruiter in the department you intend to join on social media, for example, LinkedIn, to familiarize yourself with them. 

For most of the positions, Amazon recruiters will subject you to a drug test. If you are clean, you have a high chance of getting hired. But, again, make sure your CV is well crafted with no typos. 

For those in technology, for example, software developers, you might be required to take a coding test. If you have typos in your CV, it might send the message that even your coding might have errors which is a disqualifying factor.

If you are into styling, photography, and the arts, make sure you have prepared your best work and samples as evidence of what you can deliver. 

Supposing you want to get into delivery for Amazon flex. First, you need a car in good condition. Two-door sedans and closed trucks are not accepted as they do not have sufficient space for cargo. Instead, go for four-door sedans and open tracks.

In addition, if the position you intend to apply for requires academic qualifications, make sure you are well equipped with your academic papers.

The Hiring Process; Work From Home With Amazon

After you have carefully scanned through thousands of opportunities available on the Amazon virtue website and chosen the position you want, go ahead and fill the application form

After applying, it has to undergo a review by the management team you used to. After that, Amazon takes 2 to 3 days after application to get to you and schedule a phone interview. 

Before the phone interview, make sure you have researched enough about the company and especially the leadership principles.

If you manage to pass this stage, they might schedule a virtue interview. The recruiters require you to download Amazon chime and test it before the interview to make sure it’s functioning well. 

Ensure you are in a well-lit room free from distractions. In addition, you have a strong internet connection, preferably cable-connected. 

Ensure you are dressed comfortably and have your illustrations and drawings ready to show them to the recruiters during the interview.

Most of the questions are behavioral-based but don’t worry, here is a guide on answering the questions you might be asked.

If you are in the tech field, you need to be familiar with syntax languages, algorithms, coding, operating systems, databases, and object-oriented designs. Here is a more detailed list.

Congratulations, you got hired!

Now that you have the job, the one thing you need to ask yourself…

What do you need to start working from home?

Think about transforming your home into an appropriate office where you can do your work comfortably. Let’s go through this,

1. An Office Space

You need to have a place in your home set aside to act as your office, away from disturbance. Remember you will be handling quite similar tasks to the ones you take in your office only that the location has changed. In addition, you don’t want to be holding virtue meetings in your bedroom. That’s inappropriate, right?

2. Stable Internet Connection is a Must to Work From Home With Amazon

You will be conducting a lot of research, holding virtual meetings, and submitting your work through the internet. The last thing you want is to be behind schedule due to poor connections. So, it only makes sense to have a stable internet connection.

3. A Comfortable Chair and Desk

Most of the time, you will be sitting behind your desk, coming up with ideas, solutions and completing tasks you have been assigned. Make sure you get yourself a comfortable desk and chair that won’t hurt your back.

4. Reliable Laptop or Desktop is Necessary to Work From Home With Amazon

Some laptops or desktops are just not suitable to run your business. The exemplary computer should have high processing speeds, large storage memory, and ease of upgrading. Ensure you liaise with knowledgeable dealers to get a good computer for your work from home with Amazon business. Laptops are generally good because they are portable. You can work from wherever you are comfortable, for example, in a coffee shop.

5. Video Conferencing Tools

While working remotely, video conferencing is just inevitable. You have to be well equipped with conferencing software. Some of the best include zoom, teams, and Google Hangouts. For Amazon, get the Amazon chime.

6. Cloud Storage Service

Onedrive, Google drive, and dropbox are some of the best storage services available. You don’t want to risk losing your data due to power failure or when your computer crashes. Once you have your data secure, you can access it from wherever you are with different devices; this means you also don’t have to move with loads of files while traveling. Some of these things are unforeseen and can cause significant harm to your business.

7. Antivirus and VPN

Antivirus software is one of the best investments you can have for your work-from-home business. But, currently, there is so much malicious software that could corrupt your data in a second. To prevent such occurrences, make sure you set up a virtuous private network for your business.

8. Working Schedule

While working from home, remember there is no one following you around to make sure you deliver your work on time. Without proper planning, you might find yourself wasting time on unproductive activities only to compromise your output. The best thing to do is to have a work schedule that you follow strictly.

9. A Dedicated Phone Line

Have a phone line dedicated to your work only. This way, anyone who wants to get to you can reach out, and you can switch it off when you are not working so that you can have your time in peace.

If you want to spice up your home office, you can have it painted in your preferred colors. Having a plant has been shown to improve productivity and concentration. You can also have two monitors to enhance visibility as you work, a projector, and a whiteboard for your illustrations. 

Do whatever you want to do so long as it makes you feel comfortable.

Bottom-line; Work From Home With Amazon

There is a possibility you could work from home and make a decent living. There are many opportunities on Amazon to enable you to do that.

Working from home comes with a load of advantages. First, you can save more money and avoid the hustle of commuting to work every day.

While working from home, you can live where you want, have a customized office, and lead a happier life because you have more time to yourself and nobody to control you.

Some of the best jobs you can do remotely for Amazon are customer service and mechanical turking. However, M-Turk gigs may not be a reliable source of income because the tasks pay low.

If you have a two-door sedan, you can join Amazon Flex and be part of the team that delivers packages to clients on Amazon.

There are opportunities for affiliate marketers on Amazon. You can also be an influencer marketing if you have a large following on your social accounts.

If you are a good writer, you can get hired to write product descriptions on Amazon or create content for affiliate marketers. You have to hone your skills to produce engaging content that will lead to conversion and rank well for search engines.

If you have the entrepreneurial spirit, you can also become an Amazon seller. All you have to do is be good in marketing to beat the competition and ensure you make good sales. You may be charged $1 per sale or pay $29.95 to have a professional plan.

Other remote jobs on Amazon include healthcare jobs, advertising, human resource, public relations, research, software development.

Suppose you are good at photography, styling, audio, and video production. In that case, you can get a remote job on Amazon, provided you produce quality work.

The recruitment process takes about a month, and it’s advisable to apply before the holidays. Make sure you prepare adequately for the interviews. Go over the Amazon leadership qualities to make sure you have a high chance of passing the interviews.

To work from home with Amazon efficiently, you need to have a designated area for your office work away from distractors. Invest in reliable, high-quality internet and comfortable furniture. Have reliable computer and conferencing tools.

Consider having cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive or avoiding losing your information and antivirus software to secure your work.

A work schedule will help you avoid time wastage and submit your work on time. However, nobody is monitoring your activities, so you need to work with a solid plan.

You may customize your office however you want to make your working environment comfortable. For example, you can have it painted in your favorite colors or add extra equipment so long as they make your work easier.

If you consider working from home, consider these recommendations and apply for these 15 work-from-home jobs you can do on Amazon, and you will be successful.

15 Fantastic Work from Home Jobs with Amazon
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