20 Best Online Jobs for Teens in 2021

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Besides pursuing academic studies, extracurricular activities, and chores, teenagers can also earn money by working remotely. Here are our top recommendations for the best online jobs for teens.

Today, most teens have basic knowledge about the internet and are comfortable with smartphones and computers. More so, some teenagers have unique skills that they can use to work on virtual jobs.

So what are the best online jobs for teens in 2021? You’re about to find out.

Online work is flexible, and you can find tasks that fit your schedule. In this blog, we have highlighted some of the most popular online jobs for teens. 

Here are some of the top online jobs for teens that you may start right now:

1. Online Surveys

Businesses use structured questionnaires to gather data about their products or services. Survey companies hire virtual workers to help complete these forms on their behalf.

This type of work is always in demand, making it one of the best online jobs for teens.

What Do Online Survey Workers Do?

Anyone, including teenagers, can complete online surveys. However, different types of surveys require unique inputs. 

Marketing and product surveys require you to provide data about the specified brands. Likewise, customer satisfaction surveys may require you to provide information about your experience with a specific service or brand.

Where Can Teen Find Online Survey Jobs?

Survey Junkie

It is one of the legit sites where you can find survey work. However, you need to be consistent and work on several tasks before you can redeem your points. You earn $1 for every 100 points. More so, the app allows you to withdraw to your account a minimum of $5 only.


This site offers numerous paid survey jobs each day. The least you can cash out from Swagbucks is $3, which is the equivalent of 300 Swagbucks. You can earn about 40-100 points by completing a survey that takes a maximum of 10 minutes.

The minimum age to participate in online surveys is 13 years old.

2. Watch Ads

Watching short videos on smartphones is an everyday activity for teenagers. You can turn this habit into an income-generating hobby.

Are you asking yourself if you can get paid to watch advertisements? The short answer is yes. Watching ads is an easy and flexible task. It can be done during your lunch break or even on the bus as you go home. 

What Sites Pay To Watch Ads?


This app rewards you for watching videos from your favorite brands. However, you must first create an account with AdWallet and sign up with your active cell phone number. Further, you have to provide an email you can verify.

AdWallet sends you a notification when the app uploads videos to your account. You earn between $0.50 – $3.00 per video interaction. However, the minimum amount you can withdraw from your AdWallet account is $10.

3. Review Songs

Music is a global product consumed by people of all ages in daily life. You hear it on radio, TV, coffee shops, and other social places. In addition, it is common to find teenagers listening to music on their smartphones and other electronic devices.

Why not get paid to do what you like most? Record companies outsource online platforms to hire music curators to listen to their songs for money. Experienced music curators can earn about $12 per song review.

What Sites Pays Teens to Listen to Music?

Music XRay

This website pays you in cash for listening to music. But first, you must create an account with Music XRay and upload up to five mp3’s of your favorite songs. Your selection helps Music XRay to match you to music. 

How Can You Earn Money from Music Xray?

You receive songs in your inbox, which you have to review within 24 hours, after which the opportunity expires.

Initially, the invites are slow but gradually increase as you rate more songs. Reviewers earn badges that allow you to increase your earnings and the duration it takes before songs expire.


Slicethepie is one of the simplest platforms to review songs for pay. You can select from a list of categories to review. The payment rates vary from one group to another.

How Can You Earn Money from Slicethepie?

As a beginner, you start by earning between 10-15 cents a review. By and by, your rate can increase to about 25 cents. Music curators earn more stars if you write quality reviews. You make more cash if your star rating is high. More so, you can also get a commission from the friends you refer to. The minimum withdrawal amount is $10, which is payable through your PayPal account.

Teenagers under the age of 18 can work online as music curators.

4. Blogger

You can blog about topics that interest you, such as your pet, favorite game, or anything teenagers love to read. The best thing about blogging is that you can choose a niche to specialize in, such as toys, pets, gaming, farming, and more.

What Do Bloggers Do?

As a blogger, you will research and write about potential topics or ideas that interest you. You should ensure that your blog content is helpful and readers can use it in some way. 

Where Can Teenagers Find Blogging Jobs?


Hubpages offers job opportunities to thousands of bloggers globally. It is a free platform where freelance bloggers can submit articles for possible publication. Bloggers earn money for well-written articles that get published. In addition, your blog generates money when readers click on ads.

Hubpages allows writers under 18 years. However, teenagers need to obtain parental consent for online content writing jobs.


BloggingPro is a good platform for teens to start blogging, content writing, editing, and more. In addition, BloggingPro provides tips and solutions to help bloggers improve their writing. To find this site, you must submit your application and wait for a response. However, it takes between 24-48 hours before receiving results, either for your approval or rejection. 

BloggingPro charges $30 for businesses that post jobs on the platform. However, it offers a free service to freelance bloggers and other job seekers.

The minimum age for blogging on a majority of sites is 13 years.

5. Play Games

Teenagers can make money online in various fun ways. Why not earn some cash as you play your favorite online game? Online gaming for money is something that teens should consider when looking for online jobs.

How Can You Earn Cash by Gaming Online?

The first step you need to take is to sign up with a virtual platform that offers online gaming jobs. Signing up is easy and free of cost.

Where Can Teens Find Online Gaming Jobs?


This platform allows you to select from an array of games and play. In addition, InboxDollars connects you to various game companies that need more players. 

How Can You Make Money by Playing Games from InboxDollars?

You earn cash by playing and winning any of the available games. However, you receive $5 to start playing and increase your earnings. Gamers at InboxDollars can earn up to $10 per day or even make more as they progress. Some of the games you can play include poker, wheel of fortune, and more.

Bingo Mania

This website offers different Bingo games every single day. They include video poker, roulette, blackjack, and other enjoyable lottery games. 

Bingo Mania offers newbies a $30 sign-up bonus plus other day-to-day rewards. 

How Can You Make Money by Playing Bingo Mania? 

Teens can take advantage of the free sign-up bonus to play games that pay $1 and increase the rate gradually. However, you need to realize that although you initially get free money for playing, you must continue to play before your money can multiply. Even so, you could also lose the entire amount.

The minimum age limit for online gaming is 18 years. Even so, not all states in the U.S allow teenagers to engage in playing games online for money.

6. Become a Proofreader

Teenagers’ who have above average grammatical skills and also enjoy writing may love to do proofreading. That is an ideal online job for teens who desire to pursue copywriting or editing careers. Proofreading is simple to accomplish on the internet, it can lead to great online jobs for teenagers while also boosting their reading and editing skills.

What Do Proofreaders Do?

Your task as a proofreader will include evaluating the document for mechanical correctness. You will find and correct grammar, spacing, format, punctuation, omitted words, spelling, spacing, and typographical errors.

Where Can Teenagers Find Proofreading Jobs?


It is an online translation service that specializes in proofreading, content writing, and translation. You must sign up and apply to be a member before you can access jobs at Textmaster. Your entry-level at the platform is bronze. When you write more than 10,000 words, you move to higher levels. These include silver, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum.

How Do You Earn from Proofreading Jobs at Textmaster?

You receive proofreading jobs from Textmaster, which pays 3.9 cents per word for beginners. Experienced proofreaders earn between $0.10 -$0.15 per word, while experts in the Platinum category make more. The minimum you can withdraw is $70, which is payable to your PayPal account.

Teens of 18 years can apply for proofreading jobs.

7. Brand Ambassador

Brands that are looking to grow need ambassadors that attract new clients to their site. Teenagers make excellent brand representatives for teen products. 

What Do Brand Ambassadors Do?

Your job is to promote a brand, service, or product in a positive way. Brand ambassadors help businesses to build trust with a specific audience. Their goal is to attract more customers to the brand or website. 

Where Can Teens Find Brand Ambassador Jobs?


Boostapal is an online platform that allows students to sign up for a free account on their site. Parents, guardians, and other adults (also known as boosters) can use your account to shop for everyday items. 

How Do You Make Money Working As A Boostapal Brand Ambassador? 

Before you start earning any cash, you work to enroll adults to join Boostapal to become your Boosters. You earn money when the people you enrolled shop in various stores at the Boostapal mall. The more your Boostapal shop, the more money you make.


Indeed, it is an online job board where freelancers can find all types of work, including brand ambassador jobs. 

At Indeed’s online marketplace, people of all ages can find brand ambassador jobs. The site offers various tasks in this category, and you can select one that you feel comfortable working on

However, before you start working, you need to create an account and share your profile on the website.

The minimum age limit for online brand ambassador jobs Is 17 years.

8. Become an English Tutor

Tutoring jobs are among the best online jobs for teens.

Teenagers who speak English as a native language can tutor foreigners looking for help with English. It is an easy-to-do job that does not require academic qualifications. However, most individuals who look for English tutor services mostly need help with conversational language skills.

Where Can Teens Find English Tutor Jobs?


It is an online platform that connects English language learners with tutors. You only focus on giving instructions related to conversational speaking. Your focus must be on naturally spoken English.

What Do English Coaches Do?

The job involves coaching non-English speakers with their English-speaking skills. You do not require an elaborate plan; instead, you will rely on conversational English. You coach your client using regular topics that you know, such as fashion, entertainment, finance, and more. 

How Do You Earn Money from Coaching on SameSpeak?

You receive training once you sign up on SameSpeak. Subsequently, you get verification to coach students at a fee. SameSpeak offers elementary, intermediate, and advanced lessons that clients can select from.

Coaching lessons have a duration of 30 minutes. Because of limited time, you need a computer with high-speed broadband.

You can make up to $10 per hour for coaching sessions. However, due to interruptions and gaps between the lessons, you may not reach the $10.mark per hour.

You receive payment through your PayPal account every Friday. However, you must have a minimum of $100 before you can withdraw.

The age requirement for English tutor jobs is 16 years or older. 

9. Test Mobile Apps

The rise in consumption of smartphones has given rise to mobile app development. As a result, businesses in the industry develop thousands of apps yearly. More so, developers release these applications into the market after testing.

Mobile app testing is one of the easiest ways teens can make money online. More so, it gives you the freedom to work on the go. That means you can work during your free time at school, at home, or while on vacation.

How Do You Earn Money by Testing Mobile Apps?

The work involves testing apps developed for handheld mobile devices. You test the mobile application software for its functionality, usability, and consistency.  

However, this exercise must conclude within a specified time limit. During this period, you give feedback for the mobile app to help improve the consumer experience.

 Finally, you receive your payment after you complete the test cycle. Your payment rates depend on the terms specified within your test invitation email.

Where Can You Find Mobile App Testing Jobs?

Tester Worker

Signing up is the first step toward gaining access to jobs on this platform. The process also includes registration and completion of a 3 step Quality assurance (QA) assessment. Finally, you will receive invites from Tester Worker to start working on mobile app testing projects.

Further, this company also provides training resources to help you become a better app tester.

10. Customer Service Representative

Online customer care reps work on behalf of a company to provide help to customers. You either work from a designated space provided by your employer or a remote location such as your home.

What does a Virtual customer service representative do?

Your work is to offer assistance to customers with orders, tracking shipments, and billing services. You also respond to questions online about the brand or service your employer offers.

Even so, the responsibilities of a virtual customer representative vary from one employer to another.

Where Can Teens Find Customer Rep Jobs?

U-Haul Rental Company

U-Haul Rental Company is an American-based rental and equipment moving service provider. The company offers trucks, trailers, and storage to customers looking to move or store various appliances.

This company hires virtual customer service reps to help respond to inbound calls at their call center. For example, a client may want to consult about fees or to schedule a moving truck.

The minimum age limit for reps is 16 years.

11. YouTuber

YouTube offers endless opportunities for anyone to make money. As a teen, you can earn cash through affiliate links by reviewing a product and promoting it to your audience. 

How Do You Earn Money on YouTube?

YouTubers get unique affiliate links that show the company the source of sales. You get rewarded for any sale the company makes through your link.

As a teen, you can share beauty tips for science projects on your YouTube channel. First, however, you need to set up a YouTube channel to add your affiliate links. Most importantly is to identify your niche and audience.

You can get affiliate links from reliable websites such as Amazon associates, eBay Partners, Shopify, and more.

Where Can Teens Find YouTuber Jobs?


Freelancer is the world’s largest freelance marketplace website that offers affiliate marketing jobs to freelancers. The possibilities for teens to find YouTuber jobs at Freelancer are endless.

The sign-up procedure is straightforward and free of cost. You can start bidding for jobs once you have signed up, updated, and shared your profile. More so, jobs are updated every second, and you can log in at any time to bid for new jobs.

The age requirement for YouTubers is 13 years or older.

12. Sell Stuff Online

You can make money out of what you already have. How? By selling stuff that you have put away because you don’t use it anymore. For the past year, online marketplaces have replaced garage sales by a large margin. As a result, shoppers have shifted from yard sales to online shopping.

How Do You Make Money by Selling Stuff Online?

Books And Electronics

Textbooks and electronics that you no longer need are a quick source to earn some cash. But, more so, you also provide an opportunity for your friends and other individuals to save on the high cost of buying new books. 

Where Can a Teen Sell Stuff Online?


Craigslist is an American online company that specializes in classified advertisements. You can sell your electronics and other items through this website. 

It is easy for you to find buyers on Craigslist since other shoppers and sellers transact on this platform. More so, most listings for individual sellers’ costs $0 per listing. 

The minimum age to sell stuff online is 13 years.

13. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant job is one of the best online jobs for teens since it allows you to discover best practices by assisting business owners with little tasks.

Businesses with minimal resources to employ in-house assistants often look to hire part-time virtual assistants. 

How Can You Earn Cash from Virtual Assistant (VA) Jobs?

Working as a remote assistant includes performing tasks like making travel arrangements, making phone calls, scheduling appointments, and managing email accounts.

Virtual assistants work from a home office or remote location. If you are a full-time student, you can choose jobs that fit your schedule.

Where Can Teenagers Find VA Jobs?


FlexJobs is an American online platform that offers freelancers the opportunity to find telecommuting jobs. Signing up on this website is straightforward and does not take much time. More so, freelancers from any city, state, or country can apply to find jobs on this platform.

Once you sign up with FlexJobs, you can browse for available VA jobs at any time. The website also sends you notifications for jobs that match your skills.

The minimum age requirement for virtual assistant jobs is 16 years.

14. Voiceover Artist

The film and media industries are some of the largest consumers of voice-over services. These businesses advertise hundreds of voice-over jobs every day on various online job platforms.  

What do you need to be a voice-over artist? You can perfect this skill by training and reading out loud ever so often. However, some teens are naturally voice-over artists and already have experience from participating in performing arts.

How Can You Make Money from Voiceover Work?

You earn cash by providing the voice for animated films, cartoon series, television shows, and documentaries. Voice-over artists also offer voice services to marketers for TV and radio commercials. Additionally, the video game industry is also a consumer of this service.

The voice industry is competitive and well-paying. An experienced voice-over artist earns between $200-S300 per hour of recording. Even so, there are thousands of jobs, and anyone can find a project to complete.

Where Can Teens Find Voice Artist Jobs?

Voice 123 LLC

Voice 123 LLC is an American-based voice-over marketplace. This “pay to play” platform offers lots of voice-over opportunities for freelancers to audition. Besides the high payment rates, Voice 123 allows you to connect directly with your client during an ongoing project.

15. Call Reviewing

Companies hire telephone reviewers to listen to recorded telephone calls. Further, the reviewers also need to judge certain parts of the telephone.

How Can You Earn Cash from Call Reviewing?

You listen to a recorded phone call and respond to simple questions with the click of a button. Although reviewing a single call can take as little as 3 minutes, the pay is little. You need to review about 100 calls per hour to make $1.

You can earn as low as $0.06*$010 per call task. However, higher accuracy can result in a higher pay rate.

Where Can Teens Find Call Reviewing Jobs


Humanatics is an online platform that helps businesses review their calls and provides them with investigative reports. However, the company needs help with reviewing these calls accurately. That is why this platform hires hundreds of freelance call reviewers globally.

The minimum age to work as a call reviewer is 17 years.

16. Data Entry

Data entry is a good place for teens to start working online. However, the rewards are minimal, and the tasks can be tedious. Even so, it is a reliable source for almost any teen to earn some extra money without prior experience. But teens with typing skills and multitasking abilities can comfortably work on data entry jobs.

How Do You Earn Money from Online Data Entry?

You earn money by inputting data into a suitable format for online storage and accessibility. Your client may provide the source of data. Still, sometimes you have to research and compile the bits of information from various internet sources.

The data you input can include numbers, alphabet, symbols, and signs. Freelance data entry clerks capture this information in a spreadsheet or database in a structured or organized manner. Additionally, all the data you input must be accurate or as indicated in the source.

Where Can Teenagers Find Data Entry Jobs?


Upwork offers thousands of online job opportunities daily. Some of these jobs include data entry tasks. Some of the employers on Upwork seek to work with beginners or individuals who offer the lowest rates.

Teenagers can take advantage of offering lower rates to work and gain experience in data entry jobs on the Upwork platform. 

18-year-old teenagers can earn money by working on data entry tasks.

17. Transcriptionist

Teens love to do various fascinating things, either for money or play. Transcription is fun, and it pays well. In addition, teenagers who have good listening skills, patience, and knowledge of punctuation can comfortably transcribe.

Businesses hire thousands of talented transcribers to transcribe video and audio files for research or entertainment purposes. These projects are available online for freelance transcriptionists.

How Do You Earn Money from Transcribing?

As a transcriber, you will make money by listening to recorded audio or short video clips and converting what you hear into a written text. You must remember to type word-for-word and include all the details such as laughter, pause, or crying.  

A majority of companies base their payment rates on the audio hour. The more video hours, the higher your pay. 

Where Can Teens Find Transcriptionist Jobs?


SimplyHired is one of the most trusted online platforms that offer freelance teen transcription jobs. It is also easy to sign up, create a profile and apply for jobs. 

The company offers various job opportunities in many parts of the U.S. You can browse for simple 3–5-minute audio transcription projects and apply to work on them. Once the employer approves your application, you can start working immediately and get paid when the work is complete.

The minimum age for online transcription jobs is 14 years.


18. Search the Web

Did you know that you can earn cash by searching the web? Teens who use the internet to read books, research, and complete school projects can earn points when they browse using search engines that pay.

How Do You Earn Money by Searching the Web?

Routine searches are a passive way teenagers can generate cash. All you need to do is to make the search engine that pays you for using it your default browser. The rest of your surfing activities do not have to change. The good thing is that you won’t feel like it is work because you still do what you do with little or no effort.

What Browsers Pay You for Using Them?


Swagbucks is one of the search engines that pay you for using the browser. However, they do not have a structured reward plan for searchers. Even so, you earn points by using the Swagbucks browser for your routine day internet interaction.  

Brave and Crypto

Besides Swagbucks, Chromium-based web browsers, Brave and Crypto Tab pay you to use them. These browsers allow you to surf naturally and do not require you to browse by any specific conditions.

The minimum age required to earn money by searching the web is 13 years.

19. Design T-Shirts

You can sell your original designs to companies that print and sell T-shirts and other items.

How Do Teens Earn Cash by Designing T-shirts?

Talented artists can earn cash by drawing designs and uploading them to the buying website. The company displays your designs on the various items they have for sale. 

You earn money when clients buy items with your design on them. In addition, you receive a commission on the sale amount through PayPal.

Where Can Teenagers Find Design Jobs? 


It is a global online marketplace that specializes in print-on-demand products. Redbubble offers opportunities to over 700,000 talented artists. In addition, the company accepts designs from independent artists across the globe.

You can create designs for items like phone cases, stickers, T-shirts, and more.


CafePress is an American-based company that sells items with customized designs. CafePress prints and sells T-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, laptop covers, and more.

The company offers opportunities to talented freelancers to create artistic designs for possible printing on their products.   

The minimum age required for this job is 13 years.

20. Offer Services For $5

One of the best ways to earn a few bucks daily as a teenager is by selling your best skills. Fiverr allows you to work at your convenient time. In addition, you can turn your online status on and off.

What Service Can A Teenager Offer Online?

You can teach a client how to play a game you are good at, an instrument, how to dance, art, or some other tricks. However, you need to structure how to offer your services before advertising yourself for hire.

Where Can You Sell Your Services?


Fiver allows you to showcase your skills and let buyers find you. The minimum you can charge per gig is $5.  

Before you start selling on this website, you need to create a Fiver profile that you will use to advertise your services. Fiverr attracts buyers who need help with almost any service found online. Clients who need help in your services contact you to initiate the buying process.

Teenagers from 13 years and above can sell skills on Fiverr.


As a result, these are the best online jobs for teens. Most of these may be completed online, or they rely on the internet to connect you with clients in order for you to make money. Online work is convenient and flexible for a teenager looking to earn some extra cash. However, remember to work on sites that offer you the best rates for your efforts. In addition, some of the tasks are time-consuming yet pay legal fees.

It is also critical to ask your guardian to help you open PayPal and bank accounts where your employers can channel payments.

Further, you must be consistent and patient if you choose to work on sites that pay small amounts. Most importantly, select jobs that you can do well. 

20 Best Online Jobs for Teens in 2021
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