5 Misconceptions About Outsourcing to the Philippines

5 Misconceptions About Outsourcing to the Philippines
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I’m going to talk about the most common misconceptions about outsourcing to the Philippines.

Oh you might have heard this and that about Filipino workers. But, the only way to know how Filipinos deliver is to actually work with them.

You might even be surprised on how they can do a lot of things better. Here you’ll see what I think are common misconceptions about outsourcing that you will find rather amusing.

Misconception # 1 - No such thing as signature accent

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Many times stand up comedians with Filipino blood would perform sketches mocking how a Filipino talks. They would draw comic ammunitions by exaggeration like mispronouncing some vowels here and there. It is amazing how they can draw laughter from the crowd with these popular routines.

While there are still natives endowed with the thick accent, there are many locals who manage to learn keep a versatile tongue. Filipino call center agents, for instance, can mimic several English native accents as good as these comedians without overdoing the act. They would even sound natural like a native speaker.

They say practice makes perfect. And Filipinos will not stop practicing until they have perfected the art of imitation. What is astonishing is that they can flawlessly execute lines with the right pronunciation, tone and inflection. Thanks to the natural gift of versatility coupled with persistence.

How was all this possible? Filipinos are exposed to the English language and even the entire Western culture. They love watching blockbuster international films from their favorite American or European actors. In the same way, they would also read up popular literature such as Harry Potter, Twilight, and the most recent, Game of Thrones.

Misconception # 2 - Filipinism is all history by now

How to Hire and Use Real Estate ISA from the Philippines Telecom

Have you seen weird automatic Google translations of languages to English? One of the common misconceptions about outsourcing to the Philippines is the term “Filipinism”, which is applied to mistranslated sentences into the universal language. It might had been a serious issue before but now wound up as local humor.

Perhaps you have seen the booming of translation jobs in the outsourcing sector. Many Filipinos have enlisted as translators working not only on two languages but other Western ones as well. And, they fare way better than Google, which is why, they are getting hired as professionals doing translation services.

Familiar with different languages, a Filipino translator can do almost all the work for you. That means you need not hire another employee in case another language pops up on the list. Chances are, you can rely on one translator to deal with French, Italian or German translation to English, and vice versa.

Filipinos understand that getting hired as translators requires far more than trust. It is for this reason that they have certificates of completion from technical schools offering courses on foreign languages. With free government-funded language classes, there is no need to resort to YouTube tutorials.

Misconception # 3 - "The Filipino Time" just got cancelled

It might have started in the serious delay brought about by heavy traffic in Manila. The delay in the commencement of events somehow introduced the phrase “Filipino Time.” It was like telling your visitors to come at 8:00 a.m. while expecting the party to begin at 10:00 a.m. After all, they wouldn’t arrive early in the first place, and this is one of the popular misconceptions about outsourcing to the Philippines.

Outsourced jobs, more often than not, are immune to the popular Filipino timing. How is that so? The peculiar thing about outsourced jobs is that most of them are carried out online free from typical barriers. As long as you got Internet connection, you will definitely go places.

Filipino Web developers, for one, are engaged in multiple projects. They can complete several tasks more than average workers from other places in the globe. Since they are getting paid per project, they are motivated to complete the current one to be able to get to the next one. In turn, clients can also move on quickly with the output being turned over earlier than expected.

With this in mind, you do not have to think twice in awarding projects to locals in the Philippines. They can work day and night obsessing over the tasks in front of them. As a result, they can deliver ahead of time.

Misconception # 4 - No more close supervision day by day

In the typical office setup, you might have experienced the one-on-one briefing with the new guy. It would take a day or two before you can readily let him work on his own. Oh well, that is a productivity loss that the office can forego.

When you work with experienced Filipino transcriptionists, you need not waste your time telling them what to do. They can readily start on the job given the materials the need to transcribe. The next thing you know, they are done with the assigned work, and now prepared for the next set.

The good thing about outsourcing jobs to Filipinos is that you do not have to closely supervise them. They are independent workers that can deliver without even getting to the details of project requirements. Most likely, they can read between the lines, too.

In the Philippines, the outsourcing sector has been established a decade ago. You can expect veteran workers who have been doing the same job for several years. You can ask the working mom who prefers to take online projects than apply for a desk job that would curtail her time with the kids.

Misconception # 5 - Quick pace with technology at the least

This unimaginable scenario has been the regular episodes of telecommuting at work.

Filipinos are not laid back people when it comes to the cyberworld. The spread of the “I Love You Virus” online would certainly disagree. Local computer programmers in the Philippines can be as competent as their counterparts around the globe.

Information technology solutions can be handled by Filipino IT specialists very well. And they will not charge you as much as the American or European guy who can also do the job. You can expect reasonable prices for a decent work.

More than the job, Filipino employees bring more on the table. They believe in keeping harmonious relationship with their employer. Do not be surprised if you get asked to be the godparent of one of their kids.

All it takes is getting to know them. You can easily dispel all misconceptions about outsourcing with the Filipino workers once you get to know them. Start with one worker and you will find yourself looking for ten more.

5 Misconceptions About Outsourcing to the Philippines
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