A Guide to Using a Real Estate Virtual Assistant to Grow Your Business

real estate virtual assistant
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Managing a real estate business need not be overwhelming and frustrating. Even if you have property spread across global cities, you can find remote services to help you with some of your tedious tasks. The Philippines is an ideal place to find real estate virtual assistants.

Besides being cost-effective, the virtual assistance industry in the Philippines has received international recognition for providing quality service. More so, the industry offers you an immense pool of talent to outsource.

Virtual assistants from the Philippines are trained and have years of experience in real estate telemarketing. 

This blog will help you understand everything you need to know about hiring real estate virtual assistants to grow your business.

Blog Contents

  1. What real estate tasks can you delegate?
  • Data entry
  • Property profiling
  • Cold calling
  • Lead generation
  • Administrative tasks
  • Bookkeeping
  • Video editing
  • Web maintenance
  • Inside sales
  • Content creation
  1. Do virtual assistants work from home?
  2. Who can use real estate VAs from the Philippines?
  • Real estate agents
  • Real estate brokers
  • Real estate investors
  • Real estate developers
  1. Cost of hiring a Filipino virtual assistant for real estate.
  2. What to consider;
  • Tracking software
  • Legit Business Processing companies
  • Time Zone
  • Local Knowledge
  1. Advantages of hiring VAs.
  • High literacy level
  • Culture
  • Competitive and efficient
  • Self-improvement
  • Seamless communication
  • Cost-effective
  • Improves sales
  • Minimal training costs
  1. What are the Drawbacks of outsourcing VA service from the Philippines?
  • Infrastructure
  • Ghosting
  • Social isolation
  1. Where to find real estate virtual assistants for hire.
  • OnlineJobs.ph
  • Virtual Staff Finder
  • Fiver
  • MyOutDesk, LLC
  • Virtual Coworker
  • VirtualStaff.ph
  1. How to select real estate virtual assistants from the Philippines
  • Full time or task-based
  • Should you employ a real estate expert?
  • Legalities
  1. Should You Employ a Real Estate Agent
  • Excellent negotiating skills
  • Privacy and fiduciary duty
  1. What are the Legal Considerations Involved in Hiring VAs from the Philippines?
  • Contractor regulations
  • Philippine freelancer tax compliance
  1. How Can You Avoid Legal Issues with Filipino Virtual Assistants?
  2. What are Your Responsibilities to the IRS?
  3. How to Hire a Filipino Virtual Assistant – Step-by-step
  • Research
  • Create customer account
  • Advertise your job
  • Sourcing
  • Testing
  • Interviewing
  • Hire
  • Accept the job and release final payments
  1. What Are Some of the Misconceptions About Hiring Virtual Assistants?
  • Telework doesn’t compare with in-house participation
  • Filipino virtual assistants are problematic
  • VAs have limited skills
  • Language barrier
  • Not possible to build trust
  1. How Can You Avoid Problems with Filipino Virtual Assistants?
  • Clarity
  • Timely Payment
  • Open dialogue
  • Set realistic expectations
  1. 3 Ways to Successfully Work with a Virtual Assistant
  • Video face-time
  • Asynchronous messaging
  • Monitor performance
  1. When not to Worry


  • What Real Estate Tasks Can You Delegate to Virtual Assistants from the Philippines?

Virtual assistants for real estate offer various solutions to help grow your business. These services are purely remote, which enables you to further save on operational costs.

Real estate agents, investors, brokers, and developers can expect to find help with matters concerning issues such as:

Data entry management

Real estate virtual assistants enter data from numerous sources into your company’s shared computerized resource for processing. Teleworkers in the real estate industry deal with a lot of data that is often confidential and sensitive.

A virtual assistant can also help you with data entry tasks that include listing updates, property and comps research, and lead updating.

Finding information about a property

Virtual assistants for real estate provide property descriptions for property details such as dimensions, locations, listings on a website, and photographs.

Cold calling

Virtual workers can make calls to individuals who have not expressed interest in your property in an attempt to sell or create an awareness of the land and buildings business.

Lead generation

Your real estate virtual assistant will help you convert prospects into potential buyers through various telemarketing techniques such as live chats, calls, and emails. You can also use online workers to nature your quality clients over several months until they are ready to buy or sell.


VAs for property and real estate can help you receive calls from your website visitors. These remote workers provide 24/7 assistance to prospects’ inquiries about your property details. By responding to your clients using a personalized reply, you show that you value the individuals you do business with.

Furthermore, remote assistants help you organize your appointments and handle other repetitive jobs such as unclogging your inbox.


Outsourcing professional bookkeeping helps you to monitor the progress of your business. An outsourced virtual assistant from the Philippines can manage a system that keeps track of your cash flow, profits, and losses to help you measure your growth. 

A real estate remote hire can also manage your regular expenses, bills, and taxes, giving you time to accomplish more complex financial tasks. You can delegate other tasks like mileage tracking and payroll to a qualified VA from the Philippines at about $4 -$10 an hour.

Video Editing

Statistics show that 50% of real estate agents experienced a rise in ROI from video and a growth rate of 49% faster than those who don’t use this technique. Videos have gained popularity in the real estate space because they are easy to consume and share.

Filipino virtual assistants offer cost-effective video editing services that showcase professionalism and promote your brand’s credibility. A well-edited video shows your expertise and knowledge in the industry.

Video editors can charge between $5-$15 per hour. However, you can negotiate with your real estate virtual worker from the Philippines to edit your work for a fixed amount.

Web Maintenance

Sometimes catching up with web activity can be exhausting, and you may miss out on potential clients. An interactive website not only drives traffic to your platform but also generates quality leads. Moreover, it also promotes your brand. 

Real estate virtual assistants with expertise in web design and development can create captivating property images, videos, and SEO-compliant content to help raise your ratings on Google, which is good for your business growth. 

Inside Sales

Your busy schedule may not allow you to monitor and respond to your website visitors and even those that call your office. The real estate industry is completive. Your potential leads can seek similar services from your competitor for lack of attention.  Over time, this action may cause you to experience losses in your business.

However, hiring a virtual assistant can help maintain healthy relationships with your clients and eventually convert your quality leads into sales. A remote worker will take care of the sales conversion aspect of your business when you are not available. It means that you can attend to your clients 24/7, holidays included.

Furthermore, a virtual assistant has got all the time it takes to meet clients, which in most cases can take up to a year before converting to sales.

Content writing and SEO

There are various reasons why real estate managers use quality blog posts. One is that it generates leads much faster than other campaign tools. Therefore, most agents in the property industry who aspire to remain on top of the competition invest in content writing services provided by virtual assistants.

Besides driving traffic to your site and generating leads, quality content can get your brand noticed on Google. You can achieve all of that and more by hiring virtual assistants from the Philippines to provide relevant SEO content. 

More so, Filipino remote hires are experienced virtual assistants and also more affordable when compared to their European counterparts. While a Filipino VA can cost as low as $4 per hour, a similar service in the U.S or the U.K can charge up to 20 times more per hour.

  • Do Real Estate Virtual Assistant Work from Home?

The short answer is yes. However, Virtual assistants can choose to work from any location as it seems best for the individual. 

Some telemarketing companies that hire virtual assistants have designated office areas where remote employees work. However, a majority of Philippine virtual assistants work from home. 

  • Who Can Use Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services from The Philippines?

The use of advanced computers and other wireless technologies has given rise to virtual assistant services. Individuals and cooperates can now outsource various administrative and logistics tasks. 

Real estate Agents

Today, commercial and residential real estate agents and brokers can use 3D models to show clients digital images of what to expect of the actual property. You can outsource this service from Filipino job sites like Virtualstaff.ph. Here, you can find telemarketers who specialize in video editing, web design, and content creation.

Real estate brokers

Virtual assistants can help beginner brokers who lack the financial resources to hire in-office real estate agents with lead generation, cold calling, and customer support. A better place to start would be hiring experienced real estate remote workers from OnlineJobs.ph.

Real estate investors 

Investors in the real estate industry from the U.S, Canada, Australia, UK, and other parts of the globe can hire affordable VA service from the Philippines. Teleworkers can help find information about properties or land for sale.

Real estate developers

Building real estate property may not be a complicated task for developers because developing is what they do best. However, finding leasing agents and buyers for completed projects can be an uphill task for any real estate developer. 

The good news is that help is a few clicks away. Developers can now hire qualified real estate virtual assistants from the Philippines to help in creating sales campaign tools like blogs, videos, and lead generation.

  • What Is the Cost of Hiring a Filipino Virtual Assistant for Real Estate?

A professional Filipino real estate virtual assistant who performs complex tasks charges between $10-$20 per hour. This cost may apply to VAs that you hire to compute your accounts, design and manage websites, edit videos and create high-quality blog content.

However, remote workers with lesser job assignments charge between $5-10 per hour. Such an employee performs simple jobs like data entry, live chat services, and customer care. 

Even so, these charges can vary between per task and full-time services. A full-time Filipino professional virtual assistant monthly charges start from $400.

  • What to Consider When Employing Real Estate Remote Workers

Tracking software

Investing in reliable tools for remote worker tracking is essential before you go out to hire virtual helpers for your property management. These tools help you monitor efficiency, screenshot tracking, and the activity levels of your virtual workforce are actively working on your project.

Hubstaff is one of the best tracking applications you can use to help you manage your virtual assistant.

Hubstaff provides you with tracking software to help you monitor the progress of your virtual assistants. This software allows you to track transparency, control, and insightful data. This Smart, time-tracking software enables you to focus more on completing projects than monitoring your remote worker.

Advantages of Using Hubstaff 

Detailed Timesheets 

The application also generates detailed timesheets and sends them to you. The Hubstaff feature-rich dashboard allows you to sort and view individual remote worker’s hours by the client. The app records the time your real estate virtual assistant spends on your project.

Time Tracking

Hubstaff’s GPS and geofence time tracking apps enable you to see when your virtual assistants are on the clock and their exact location. You can also send your remote worker reminders when they log into a job site to ensure that you receive accurate timesheets.

Activity Tracking

Screenshots and URL recap tools in Hubstaff help you locate inefficiencies and hindrances in your virtual assistant’s assignments. However, you can turn these features on and off anytime you need to. Activity tracking tool promotes transparency and also helps you gain access to your team’s data activities.

Easy to Use

Furthermore, Hubstaff is an easy-to-use team management tool that integrates across web, desktop, and mobile platforms. The android version for iPhones enables you to monitor and interact with your virtual assistants while on the go.

Legit Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) companies

It is also to your advantage to choose professional BPO companies whose job-seekers have training and experience. Identifying credible job sites to find the best candidates can be a rigorous task. 

However, we have made it simple for you in this blog by suggesting some of the best places where you can find real estate virtual assistants in the Philippines.

Time Zone Considerations

It is worth considering the differences in time between your customers and virtual assistants. More so, if you need help with customer support, such as giving directions and answering calls, you may require an agent to work within specific hours.

However, a majority of remote workers in the Philippines can adapt to your preferred times of operation. Virtual assistants for real estate can either work when you are asleep or adjust to working when you are up.

Local Knowledge

To have local knowledge is sometimes necessary for real estate virtual assistants. However, you may find that hiring resident remote workers is costly and strenuous on your budget. 

If you find yourself in this scenario, you need to realize that there are plenty of solutions to help you deal with your situation. One of your best options to move forward is hiring a talented virtual assistant from the Philippines.

All you need to sacrifice is one or two hours to enlighten your Filipino virtual assistant about your culture and local knowledge in the industry. With the perfect virtual hire, you can rest assured that you will get results that match your expectations.

  • Advantages Of Hiring Filipino Real Estate Virtual Assistants

Even though the official language of the Philippines is Tagalog, a majority of Filipinos speak English. And it is also regarded as the primary medium of giving direction. The region’s English level is similar to that of countries like Norway, Serbia, Estonia, and Slovenia. Philippine English proficiency is among the best in Asia.

Every real estate task your hired remote worker accomplishes helps to grow your business. In this blog, we have highlighted some of the benefits of employing a virtual assistant from the Philippines. They include the following:

High literacy rate

The literacy rate in the Philippines stands at 97%. It is one of the highest in the region and also globally. It means that you are highly likely to hire a learned Pilipino anytime your source for a remote worker.


The Philippines was under the colony of the Dutch, United States, Spain, and Japan. This background resulted in an integration of social norms and values passed down from one generation to another. 

Filipinos have conformed to various cultures from different countries and can also speak and write English at international standards. Besides being hard workers, Filipino remote assistants are trusted to show commitment and professionalism in delivering virtual services.

Competitive and efficient

Real estate VAs in the Philippines are commonly degree holders who know how to boost your business by improving work efficiency. Besides offering top-notch real estate services, the remote workers’ charges per hour are low-priced.

Promotes self-improvement

While you may want to handle everything about your business by yourself to maximize returns, it may not be possible. You may end up with burnout which can cause you to work less and compromise on quality.

Hiring a real estate virtual assistant frees up your time so that you can focus on improving your skills. More so, you are bound to be more productive when you are relaxed than stressed out. Real estate is continually changing, and you also need to do the same. You must keep up to date with the latest trends in the industry. 

Seamless communication

Real estate virtual assistants from the Philippines and other places can manage time effectively because the agents do not need to commute to work. It also means that the resources used for these tasks are mobile, and you can access your work from any location.

Furthermore, virtual real estate assistants are easy to contact even within different time zones. You can reach your VA through various means such as call, chat, webinar, email, and other social media means.

It is easy to schedule a 24/7 customer support service with real estate virtual assistants from the Philippines.


You can hire real estate virtual workers any time you have a need. Best of all, you pay only for the service provided. You also reduce operational costs, infrastructure, and miscellaneous expenses a full-time hire is likely to incur.

Most virtual assistants charge only for the number of hours they work for you, and you only pay for the work done. More so, you save up on internet, electricity and other office utility expenses. VAs work from home and take responsibility for their work expenses.

The “pay as you go” concept enables you to schedule your tasks at the convenience of your budget. 

More so, you can save costs further by assigning tasks that do not require face-to-face interactions to real estate VAs in countries with lower wage rates. For example, realtors based in Europe, Canada, or the U.S can hire teleworkers from countries such as the Philippines to help save costs.

Improves Sales

Employing a virtual assistant for real estate enables you to focus on more complex tasks such as productivity and sales. 

While a remote assistant can complete your routine jobs, you can take the opportunity to strategize and plan for the future of your business. A virtual assistant helps you free up time so that you can pursue potential leads and close deals quickly.

Minimal Training Costs

Real estate teleworkers are already trained and require little or no training to complete their tasks. All that you need to do is to select an ideal VA who fits your job description and delegate a task. 

You do not need to train your virtual assistants if you allocate them specific tasks based on their areas of expertise. However, you must be clear in giving instructions. It may include directions on writing styles, targets, video quality, deadlines, and more. 

  • What Are the Drawbacks of Outsourcing VA Services from the Philippines?

Hiring real estate VAs from the Philippines has numerous benefits that can help boost the growth of your business. Even so, it is worth noting that there can be few issues to look out for when you decide to plunge into virtual services.

However, the following drawbacks can happen to any virtual assistant service provider and are NOT solid reasons to avoid hiring Filipino VAs.


A majority of the developing countries, including the Philippines, experience inadequate power supply from time to time. The lack of diversity in energy sources, tropical storms, and maintenance issues can expose virtual assistants to hours of a power outage.

More so, the wireless and cable network connectivity is bound to be affected by similar circumstances. 


You can encounter a culturally shy and passive virtual assistant who would rather “disappear” than face a difficult situation. However, this is a rare situation.

This ghosting issue among Philippine remote workers can be frustrating for westerners who are more proactive and outgoing. Unlike Filipino VAs, their U.S or European counterparts will not shy from asking questions and expressing why a project is likely to delay. 

Social Isolation

It is common for teleworkers to feel lonely, which can lead to the social isolation of other team members. Unlike office employees who enjoy the benefit of chatting about unrelated work issues, virtual assistants do not have this luxury. 

This experience can cause your real estate virtual hire to feel detached from team members, which can hamper the flow of communication.

  • Where Do You Find Real Estate VA’s for Hire in the Philippines? 

The virtual assistant industry in the Philippines is one of the largest in Asia. There are thousands of job sites with potential candidates ready to commence tasks as soon as hired. 

These platforms offer 24-hour real estate virtual assistant services 365 days a year.

We have listed some of the trusted job sites you can source for real estate virtual assistants. These sites have VAs from the Philippines willing to work with clients from any region of the globe. 


OnlineJobs.ph is a public Filipino outsourcing company that dates back to 2008. This job site specializes in outsourcing Filipino virtual assistants, graphic designers, software developers, web developers, and real estate remote workers.

There are numerous reasons why hiring real estate virtual assistants from OnlineJobs.ph is profitable for you and your business.

Advantages of OnlineJobs.ph

Free option

OnlineJobs.ph has a free trial offer to employers with up to a maximum of 3 job posts. More so, this service is timeless, and it takes about 2days for your job post to be approved.

This free trial allows entrepreneurs and small businesses to experience life with Filipino virtual assistant services at no cost. OnlineJobs.ph free trial is a good place for newbie employers seeking to venture into VA services.

No Middlemen

Although OnlineJobs.ph Pro and Premium charges employers a monthly fee, all other transactions with your virtual workers happen outside the platform.

The company provides you a virtual marketplace where you can source and hire your ideal real estate virtual assistant. After hiring, you communicate, delegate, and pay your VA outside OnlineJobs.ph.

Once you enter into a contract with your real estate Filipino VAs, your staff work for you directly and not for OnlineJobs.ph. 

Flexible working times

Virtual assistants for real estate work on your terms. You can hire part-time workers to complete tasks whenever they are available. Remote employees from the Philippines are also very flexible and can work on an hourly basis. This arrangement allows you to hire virtual helpers during your busy hours when you are unavailable to attend to your customers and prospects.

Wide range of talent to choose from

OnlineJobs.ph has a vast database of talented Filipino real estate virtual workers. You can find expert developers, video editors, social media managers, data entry workers, and real estate cold callers.

You can hire VAs to help manage some of your work 24/7, holidays included. Your global and local customers do not have to miss your services because you have closed for the day, holidays, or due to pandemic restrictions. 

With around-the-clock virtual assistant customer support reps and lead generation assistants, you will likely be ahead of the competition in the industry.

Availability of virtual assistants

This job site does not run out of human resources. Over 1,000,000 profiles and 33.421 remote workers join the job board every month.

OnlineJobs.ph is home to real estate virtual specialists. Whether you are a real estate agent, broker, investor, or developer, VAs on this site can help you with the administrative=related tasks of your business. More so, there is a variety of talent to select from on this platform.

Easy to hire – Recruiting Service

It is easy to hire on OnlineJobs.ph. You simply post a job and let the remote workers find you. Thousands of Filipino virtual assistants on this job board seek to find work 24hours a day, all year-round.  

The moment you post your project, you will start to receive job applicants. If you have subscribed to OnlineJobs.ph, virtual assistant services, you can hire within minutes of advertising your job.

Alternatively, you can reach out to the recruiting service on this site to help you find your perfect VA. However, this process requires that you deposit a recruitment fee of $500 and complete the virtual staff request form.

The recruiting experts find the talent, screen for expertise, and locate virtual assistants with the perfect culture fit. Finally, the recruiting service introduces you to your VA, and you can start delegating immediately.

This option is ideal for employers who are new to virtual assistant services or individuals with busy schedules and have limited time to go through numerous job applications.

More so, if you experience a work-related issue with your VA,  the company offers you the option of requesting a replacement within the first month.

Save on overhead expenses.

A majority of virtual assistant platforms have an overhead charge for the duration you work with VAs. For example, Fiver charges 5%, with a minimum fee of at least 2%. With Upwork, you pay 3%,  and your VA is charged 5-20% commission from the total salary paid.

At OnlineJobs.ph, you pay a flat monthly fee. However, charges do not apply to transactions between you and your virtual hire that occur outside the platform.

Affordable VA services

The most affordable rates in the virtual assistant industry are on OnlineJobs.ph. Filipino remote workers charge lower than most of their Asian counterparts. You can hire a real estate virtual assistant for as low as $400 a month.

Furthermore, you can also hire VAs per task and spend on only what you need doing. Per task, hires are often flexible, and you can negotiate on the payment per task.

If you are looking to further save on costs, hiring Filipino VAs is one way to minimize your operational expenses. Virtual workers provide their own devices and take care of network expenses. Your teleworkers also ensure that their work environment is safe and conducive to boost maximum productivity.

High literacy levels

Over 95% percent of Filipinos are highly educated, and their proficiency in the English language makes this group ideal for remote work. You can be sure that a Filipino VA will understand your instructions.  And that your customers will receive top-notch customer care.

Filipino real estate telemarketers can communicate with your English-speaking global clients with ease and fluency.

No predetermined salaries

OnlineJobs.ph does not markup salaries. The job site provides you a platform where you reach out to quality human resources.  and hire experts according to your budget.

Employers can state their predefined budget per task and allow VAs who feel comfortable with the stated amount to apply for the job.


Are you looking for a long-term employee relationship? Filipino virtual assistants are known for their loyalty and commitment. A majority of VAs on OnlineJobs.ph seek to find long-term jobs.

More so, Filipinos are excellent communicators and know how to form working relationships with their employers. You are highly likely to hire your teleworker for more than one task because of your experience.

Easy to Use Features

OnlineJobs.ph job site has a good user interface. It offers you simple features that are easy to navigate. 

The filter option is one of the most useful features on OnlineJobs.ph. Employers can utilize the filter option to find the best applicant for your project. This feature allows you to search for virtual assistants based on criteria such as: –

  • Monthly or hourly salary
  • Skills
  • Employment type such as part-time, full-time, or contract
  • ID proof score
  • Recent active time


This job site offers you an option called EasyPay. You can choose between paying your real estate virtual assistant through their system or use the OnlineJobs.ph free payment system. 

A majority of Filipino virtual workers prefer payment in Pesos. Channeling payments through this platform not only provides security for your cash but also provides easy and favorable conversion rates.  EasyPay makes it simple for you to pay your VA and for your assistant to receive payment.

Plan Ahead

Do you have that task that you want to do overnight? A virtual assistant in the U.S can complete the job but may already be tired from working all day. 

However, you can take advantage of the time zone difference to get your work done from the Philippines while you sleep. A Filipino VA can help you stay ahead of the competition by completing your tasks before set deadlines.

Free training for employers

OnlineJobs.ph takes care of employers who don’t have prior knowledge about using virtual assistant services. This company offers training through informational blogs and other virtual learning tools such as those found in resources with virtual assistants.

Newbie employers can find all the relevant tips needed to hire and manage virtual workers.


Some of the disadvantages of using OnlineJobs.ph to hire virtual assistants include the following:

Lack of diversity

This job board is exclusively for Filipino virtual assistants. Employers looking for native English speakers may not find the idea VAs on this platform.

No mediation

Because OnlineJobs.ph doesn’t take commissions from your freelancer, the company is not obliged to offer mediation between you and the virtual assistant.

Time difference

From the U.S to the Philippines, the time differs by 13 hours from Eastern Time (plus or minus). Not being in the same time zone limits the window of connectivity with your workers in real-time.

Own screening 

The task of candidate screening lies squarely on your shoulders. However, there are advanced ID proof tools that employers can use to help with background checks.

Different time zone

There are times (on rare occasions), you may experience issues with your remote worker that need immediate attention. OnlineJobs.ph job board does not provide the option of dispute resolution. 

Because you hire directly, you are responsible for handling disagreements that arise between you and your virtual assistant.

Virtual Staff Finder

With more than 10years of outsourcing experience, Virtual Staff Finder is one of the best Philippines-based job sites to find remote assistants. The company’s founder, Chris Ducker, is a renowned writer and expert in the virtual assistant industry.

C.Ducker has published a guide on how to pay your virtual assistants in the Philippines that helps you realize the various payment options available.

Advantages of Virtual Staff Finder

More Time

Time is the most treasured commodity in any business. Real estate assistants in the Philippines add value to your time by shouldering routine activities. The remote workers “buy” you more time by proactively working ahead of your schedule to keep your potential clients focused on your property.

More Freedom

Filipino virtual assistants not only get the job done right but also help you free up more time to spend with family and friends. You experience more freedom when you have remote workers taking care of your project while you relax and re-energize.

Company support

This job site offers you excellent customer support from when you post your job to the paying process. The company ensures that your job description meets the desired specification of your project.

More so, virtual Staff Finder helps you to choose and interview qualified candidates. After the qualification process, the company forwards you the top three candidates to pick your perfect real estate virtual assistant.

Fast Hiring Process

A majority of job sites do not help employers to narrow down on the best fit worker. It can be tedious to peruse through tens of job applicants that almost have the same qualifications.

However, Virtual Staff Finder saves you time and speeds up your hiring process by suggesting the best candidates for your project. 

More Productivity

Sometimes, too much work can make you feel trapped in your business. Following up on leads, paperwork, and responding to inquiries can be exhausting. These activities can make you redundant and cause your business to stagnate.

However, engaging the services of a virtual assistant from the Philippines can improve your involvement in the business and lead to growth. The remote worker can help organize your work schedule and give you a fresh start every day.


Unavailability of in-person meetings

Like all other virtual services, speaking through email or telephone can hinder the smooth flow of communication between you and your remote assistant.


As more and more companies look to hire virtual assistants for simple and complex business tasks, freelancing platforms are clearly on the rise. Fiverr is one of the best web platforms to find virtual workers. It is a rich source of remote customer care service, web developers, writers, and real estate virtual assistant services.

Fiverr has a vast database of remote workers from various nations like the U.S, Canada, Australia, the U.K, and the Philippines. Like similar job boards, Fiverr may not offer you the comprehensive all-in-one solution to all your business needs. Still, you can find numerous benefits that can work in your favor.

Advantages of Fiverr

Security for the buyer

Fiverr provides tight money security for buyers to secure you from possible scams similar to those witnessed by other freelancing websites. The procedures at Fiverr require you to pay your VA through the platform. 

You deposit the payment with Fiverr, and the company pays your VA after you confirm that the job is well done. 

Affordable service

You can get real estate virtual services starting from as low as $5. Even though there is a limit to how much a project may cost, Filipino remote workers still offer lower service rates than their Asian counterparts.

It is worth noting that the affordable rates do not compromise the quality of services provided by real estate virtual assistants from the Philippines.

Various Freelancers

Fiverr is not a Filipino-only virtual assistant service platform. Although you can find other VAs from other nations, remote workers from the Philippines are commendable for their hard work and resilience.

Furthermore, more than half of the Filipino telemarketers speak more than one international language, which qualifies them for ideal administrative tasks and lead generation services.

Customer Support

It is common for website users to encounter issues that need sorting out. This situation can be frustrating when it occurs on a freelancing platform. Sometimes you may experience problems such as ghosting, delays, and substandard work.

Fiverr is one of the best freelance virtual assistant platforms that offer support to clients. You can always contact the Fiver technical team when you have a need.

Variety of projects

There is no limit to virtual real estate expertise and skills on Fiverr. Thousands of remote workers on this platform specialize in land and property tasks such as cold calling, telemarketing, landscaping design, patio design, garden design, and interior design.

You can also find website developers, apps, and graphic genes to help you set up and maintain your website.

Therefore, whether you are a real estate agent, broker, or developer, you can find help with what you need to be done from VAs across the globe on Fiverr.

Easy to use interface

The Fiverr interface is easy to navigate. You do not need to be an expert to source your ideal virtual assistant on this platform. You can complete most of your operations with a few clicks.

More so, some of the features are automated and make it easy for you to go through the process of hiring a Filipino VA.

Disadvantages of Fiverr

20% Commission

A majority of freelancers on Fiverr feel that the commission deducted from their earnings is exorbitant. More so, this platform also places a charge on buyers.  For this reason, virtual assistants earning small amounts of $5 often get discouraged quickly.

Low Income

Most of the gigs on Fiverr sell at $5, and after a 20% deduction, the seller remains with only $4. On Fiverr, even the best virtual assistant from the Philippines is likely underpaid. It is one of the few remote workers’ platforms where real estate virtual assistants receive less than they deserve for their skills and talent.

At the mercy of Fiverr

Both buyer and seller are bound to Fiverr. Your project can collapse if Fiverr decides to shut down your virtual assistant’s account. More so, you could lose your deposit if Fiverr shuts down suddenly.

Limited Contact

The Fiverr buyer-seller policy restricts communication outside of this platform. If you decide to leave Fiverr, you cannot move with your hard-working virtual assistant.

MyOutDesk, LLC

MyOutDesk, LLC launched its operations in 2008. It is among the top-rated virtual staffing companies in the U.S. Some industries that seek remote services from MyOutDesk include healthcare, digital marketing, real estate, and mortgage.

The company has over 13 years of experience and has served over 6000 clients.


Better return on investment

Besides saving on operational costs, outsourcing virtual assistant services help you improve your work efficiency. Delegating tasks to experienced real estate remote workers ensures that your project moves forward even when you are busy. 

Virtual assistants help to keep your business on the move and bring in higher returns on your investment.

Better Management

Sometimes, having everything done in-house can lead to incompetence as some routine tasks are likely to be overlooked. Neglecting issues like following up on leads, responding to customer queries, and answering calls can bring losses to your business over time.

However, assigning tasks to a dedicated virtual worker ensures that no call goes unanswered. All your leads and customers receive the support they deserve. Virtual assistants help you to manage your schedule, which in turn promotes the growth of your business.

Improved efficiency

MyOutDesk, LLC is home to thousands of professional real estate virtual assistants from the Philippines. Outsourcing from this platform allows you to get access to experts in your desired area of need.

You can target lead generation and appointment setting experts to help your business produce positive results in your sales department.


Impact on company culture

Your business is likely to benefit if you integrate your virtual assistants with your in-house team.  This move helps to create awareness about how outsourcing boosts the growth of your company. 

However, some companies do not take this initiative to bring together both teams to ensure that the VAs and in-house workers are in sync.

You can severely damage your company’s culture if you fail to sync your virtual workforce with the in-house team.

Communication issues

Lack of clear communication channels can lead to frustration and loss in your business. Distortion in networks and blurry or faulty webcams are some of the factors that can hamper the smooth flow of communication between you and your virtual worker.

However, you can identify other channels of communication that work for you and ensure that you are in constant touch with your remote worker.

Virtual Coworker

Virtual Coworker currently has offices in Australia and the United States of America. This company also maintains dedicated recruiters in the Philippines who ensure the listing of qualified virtual assistants on Virtual Coworker.

Advantages of hiring from Virtual Coworker

Highly educated 

Remote workers from this job site can manage real estate tasks such as lead generation, bookkeeping, and research. More so, Virtual Coworker, online recruits offer a wider talent pool and more hour coverage.

Customer support

The company provides you with full-service payroll assistance, micro billing, and 24/7 customer service.

Cost savings

Filipino real estate virtual workers on this job board cost less than freelancers on other sites like Upwork and Indeed. Hiring remote assistants from the Philippines saves you on infrastructural and other administrative costs. You do not have to pay insurance or provide office space for your virtual workers. 


The Virtual Coworker recruitment team helps you with interviewing selected candidates from the Philippines. The site takes care of the rigorous task of going through thousands of profiles to find you the best fit for your job.


Unlike office workers that may often get distracted by unexpected issues, virtual workers are more focused on the assigned task to meet targets and deadlines. Research has proved that remote workers increase productivity by between 10% -43%, depending on the industry.


You are bound to experience a break in communication once in a while caused by structural development issues in developing nations. Some of the triggers to these hindrances include power outages, storms, or other technical problems.


VirtualStaff.ph is an online platform that links businesses and entrepreneurs with teleworkers and virtual assistants from the Philippines. This company provides the real estate industry with an easy option to hire experienced teleworkers to help in managing tasks like web design, video editing, and other administrative jobs.

More so, you do not need to consult a recruiter or middleman to hire a VA on this job board. All you need to do is post your job and wait for potential candidates to find you or hire your perfect fit directly. Alternatively, you may choose an enterprise solution where your company professionals help you recruit, pay, and manage your workers.

Advantages Of sing VirtualStaff.ph

Payroll Services

VirtualStaff.ph enterprise solution offers to handle all the legalities concerning payments to your virtual assistants. This arrangement makes your remote staff like part of your team. This service makes it easy for you to channel funds to multiple remote workers on VirtualStaff.ph.

Recruitment Service

Going through multiple job applications can be tedious and exhausting. However, the company offers you help with selecting the best virtual assistant that fits your job specifications. Even so, this option is only for employers who opt for the enterprise solution from VirtualSfaff.ph.

Easy To Hire

You can easily find your perfect teleworker if you have some experience in the virtual assistant industry. Employers who have had good experiences with remote workers find no need to spend more money on professional help to hire online employees. 

Account Manager Service

Sometimes, due to work-related issues, employers may find it necessary to replace virtual assistants. What do you do if you find yourself in a similar scenario? 

It is easy to make this change if you have opted for the enterprise solution.  All you need to do is ask your account manager to find you a replacement.

Disadvantages of Using VirtualStaff.ph


You must subscribe to a monthly, yearly, or lifetime plan before you can get access to the Filipino virtual assistant service at VirtualStaff.ph.  However, this contract is only binding within the time you spend on outsourcing. Still, you may cancel it once you have completed hiring.

To Hire Full Time or Per Task – Which Is Better?

If you are a newbie in outsourcing virtual assistant services, it is wise to start by hiring a task-based VA. To test the waters, you may want to assign simple tasks that require no effort on your side. Such jobs would include unclogging your mail or finding details about a specific property.

To help you decide which is better between full-time or per task hire, you need to look at both sides of the coin. It is also important to realize that a freelance real estate VA can have multiple contracts with different employers. Therefore, you may not be a top priority.

Advantages Of Hiring Full-Time VAs

Employing a full-time real estate virtual assistant guarantees that your essential services will proceed as usual even when you are sleeping, busy, or on holiday. Such tasks include sending follow-up emails and managing property databases.

Full-time VAs dedicate to one employer whose work they give priority.

Disadvantages Of Hiring Full Time VAs

A dedicated real estate virtual assistant from the Philippines will expect an agreed-upon amount weekly or monthly regardless of how your business performs.

More so, full-time VAs from the Philippines expect to receive the 13th-month salary. You need to pay a bonus, which is the same as one month’s salary paid to VAs at the end of the year.

Sometimes, even a real estate company with busy schedules may run out of tasks to delegate to virtual assistants for a couple of days. More so, extreme weather conditions can hamper communication. These situations can limit or delay service delivery for long hours.

Advantages Of Hiring Per Task Virtual Assistants

Virtual workers prefer to work on a per-task basis or up to a maximum of 10 hours per week.   However, other job boards may allow freelancers to work for more hours. Hiring a part-time VA costs less as compared to one who works full time.

The good thing about hiring a part-time virtual assistant is that you can adjust the hours when you need more service or if you are happy with the work done. 

Outsourcing part-time virtual assistant services allow you to assign smaller tasks that are easy to delegate and train.

Hiring part-time allows you to minimize the time you spend communicating with your VA.

Hiring a part-time remote worker is best if you are uncertain about the flow of your work. It is better to increase your VA’s hours than hire full-time and have trouble finding assignments to delegate.

Disadvantages Of Hiring Per-task

Hiring virtual assistants from the Philippines is less costly than engaging a conventional employee. However, opting for per task hire may not be economical when the decision is prolonged.

Though it may seem like you save time by outsourcing, the truth is that those hours are taken care of by your virtual assistant at a fee.

  • Should you employ a real estate expert?

Buyers and sellers of homes, lands, and business buildings can benefit in numerous ways from hiring real estate experts such as include:

Excellent negotiating skills

Some of the best negotiators are attorneys, union reps, mediators, and real estate agents. You need the best deal, whether you are looking to buy or sell a home. While a seller seeks the top price, the buyer looks forward to the best lowest price.

Besides being trained negotiators, experienced real estate agents know how things work in the industry. They have techniques that make negotiating to seem so simple yet professional.  

Moreover, virtual realtors do not have any emotional stake in the results of the negotiations that can affect their thinking. Their work is to give you the best value for your money or home.

Privacy and fiduciary duty

Like in-house real estate brokers who have “fiduciary” obligations to their employers, virtual assistants are governed by a code of conduct that requires them to keep all information about your business confidential. 

Expert remote assistants know which information to release to potential clients and which to retain.

  • What Are the Legal Considerations Involved in Hiring VAs from the Philippines?

It is wise for realtors and other employers to consider obtaining legal advice before hiring virtual workers in the Philippines. Some of the Philippines legal factors to look into are: 

Contractor Regulations 

Some of the laws regulating foreign companies seeking to enter into a working contract with Filipino VAs may not apply to your situation. However, it is essential to realize when to reinforce these regulations.

Engaging in a working relationship outside the Philippines’ contracting and labor laws can cause you severe financial and compliance implications. 

Philippines Freelancer Tax Compliance

Though this regulation may not apply to you, the implication to your freelancer can affect your work. Even so, the registration and tax compliance laws do not apply to independent virtual assistants. A teleworker who does not go through an agency to get employed is not bound to this law.

However, it is worth noting that virtual freelancers in the Philippines must enlist with the government-based Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). This measure is to ensure that VAs meet the various tax commitments. And also comply with the annual reporting responsibilities.

Maybe you are wondering why it is essential for your virtual assistant to be registered with BIR and be compliant with tax regulations. One of the reasons why this information is critical to you is: –

  • To notify you that you can abruptly lose a Filipino freelancer due to local legal issues. 

Depending on the severity of your virtual assistant’s legal implications, you may, in turn, experience prolonged project delays or complete loss of work.

  • How Can You Avoid Legal Issues with Filipino Virtual Assistants?

 Suppose you are hiring a virtual assistant who does not operate through an agency. In that case, it is good legal advice to use independent contractor agreements. When VAs sign the contract, you can; – 

  • Obtain intellectual property rights in virtual assistant’s work results through assignment and “work-made-for-hire” arrangements.
  • Set up protections for trade secrets and other sensitive information to be shared with the virtual assistant.
  • Acquire warranties that Filipino VAs comply with the Philippines Bureau of Internal Revenue.
  • Set up clear expectations, guidelines, and targets for VA services in the Philippines.
  • What Are the Obligations to IRS for U.S Based Companies?

Outsourcing a foreign VA does not generate tax or reporting responsibilities to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 

U.S based employers that hire Filipino real estate virtual assistants need to have their teleworkers complete IRS Form W-8BEN. You are allowed to rely on the information VAs make on this form. However, you will not incur tax liabilities for any misrepresentations on Form W-8BEN.

  • How to Hire Virtual Assistants from the Philippines?

You can follow this step-by-step procedure to help you find your ideal Filipino real estate hire.

Step 1 – Research

First, you need to research various platforms to find out what works well for you and your business. For example, suppose you were to find a Filipino real estate virtual assistant. In that case, you may want to focus on job sites in the Philistines such as OnlineJobs.ph rather than the U.S based sites like Glassdoor.

Step 2 – Create your customer account details.

A majority of job boards require you to create an employer account before you advertise your job. After identifying your ideal platform, you can sign up by filling the online form provided by the job site.

You will be required to provide details such as your name, email address, telephone number, and mode of payment.  After you have completed your account details, the company gives you access to log in to your new account.

Step 3 – Advertise Your Job

You can post your job after you log in to your employer account of choice. All you need to do is to describe your task in detail. It is also helpful to add or select skills assessments to pre-vet your applicants. More so, you must state how you want to receive your applications.

However, some job boards do not encourage communication outside of the platform for security and transparency reasons.

Step 4 – Sourcing

You may start to identify or select your best fit virtual assistant after receiving the desired number of job applicants. 

Rather than going through numerous applications, some employers request the company to forward only the top three candidates to help save time. 

Step 5 – Testing

You can request the applicants to submit samples of previous works or ones you define during the testing stage. Employers use this technique to test virtual assistants across the globe.

Step 6 – Interviewing

It is common for employers to engage candidates in an interview session to obtain more information about the needed skills. You can use various platforms like Skype, chat, email, or WhatsApp to interview candidates in a virtual setting. However, some employers prefer to make direct calls or video calls.

Step 7 – Hire

You may hire a VA after the interview or go back to sourcing if you fail to find an ideal candidate. During this stage, you may give further instructions concerning your work. More so, this is the start of continuous communication with your virtual assistant throughout the project.

It is also critical to finalize payment agreements, targets, and timelines and ensure that both parties agree with the terms. Some job sites provide a virtual contract to be signed by both parties before the commencement of the job.

Step 8 – Accept your work and release the final payment 

You are required to pay the final salary or milestones once your virtual assistant submits the completed work. 

Furthermore, it is usually a good idea to submit a review for your virtual assistant so that other potential employers know what to expect from this virtual assistant service provider.

  • What Are Some of the Misconceptions About Hiring Virtual Assistants?

Telework Doesn’t Compare with In-house Collaboration = False

While shared office space offers some benefits, it is also true that not all in-house employees have passion and enthusiasm about work every hour.

However, research has shown that people are more creative and productive outside of an office environment. To enhance and achieve a productive virtual workforce, you can use advanced collaboration tools such as HubSpot and Skype.

Filipino Virtual Assistants Are Problematic = False.

It is common to encounter problems between employer and employee across all sectors. The situation can happen whether it is in-office or virtual hires.

However, hiring real estate virtual assistants from the Philippines does not present more issues that wouldn’t occur if you had in-house staff. 

The biggest problem you may have is dealing with critics who wonder how you manage to hire qualified remote workers. More so, at lower rates than can be found in some employment platforms.

Virtual Workers Have Little Skills = False.

Sometimes employers have high expectations from an individual virtual worker. For example, you may post a job request to hire a virtual assistant with expertise in various fields. 

It is absurd to ask for an individual who is perfect in blogging, web development, video editing, SEO, digital marketing, lead generation, bookkeeping, and graphic design. 

However, it is easy to find an individual who specializes in one or two fields. All you need to do is break down your tasks and distribute each to an expert.

Language Barrier = False.

You do not have to worry about the language barrier when hiring a Filipino real estate virtual assistant because they speak fluent English. Besides speaking Tagalog, English is the official instruction language spoken in schools, institutions, businesses, and all official places. 

It is also the language used in court proceedings, restaurant menus, and all road signs.

Not Possible to Build trust = False

As mentioned before, Filipino virtual assistants, like all other global freelancers, work on a trust basis. When a remote worker accepts a task and spends hours researching and writing or editing your video, it is not because this industry operates on trust, integrity, and honesty.

A majority of online workers complete projects before requesting payments. Therefore, to build trust, you must pay your worker on time and foster an honest work relationship, transparent and with open dialogue. 

  • How Can You Avoid Problems with Filipino Virtual Assistants?


Be specific about the areas you need help. A detailed task description can help your virtual assistant focus on the exact assignment. For example, when you hire a Filipino teleworker for data entry, do not expect lead generation or accounting processes to be part of the result.

Timely Payment

Before you sign a contract with your remote worker, always ensure that you have agreed on the final payment. It is wise also to be clear on how this payment should be released. 

Some tasks demand that you pay per milestone, while some at the end of successful job completion.

Whatever payment options you agree on, you must remember to pay on the exact scheduled date. Virtual assistants work on trust, and when the job is delivered, they expect prompt payment.

Open Dialogue

There are various technologies that you can use to keep open and seamless communication with your virtual team.  These include applications such as WhatsApp, Trello, stack, and skype.

Why do you need to monitor step by step progress of your project?  The answer is so that you can catch and rectify errors as soon as they occur.

Set realistic expectations

In most companies, newly hired in-office workers receive orientation on work procedures. You or other older employees can initiate this process. This reception is not the same as that given to virtual assistants. Telemarketers are often bombarded with a set of instructions and left to their own devices.

Most businesses that recruit virtual assistants preconception that teleworkers are magical beings able to manage additional abilities, which among office workers are considered superior to the ordinary.

It is unrealistic to expect a VA to meet your expectations without providing some background information. You must provide guidelines on what the results should project to enable your VA to stay on course.

Starting a new job can be overwhelming even for local in-office staff. How much more stressful can it be for a VAs working for a company in a foreign country whose manager they scarcely see over video?

Remember that although your hire is proficient in all that you require, your expectations are different from other clients that your VA has previously engaged. 

Your virtual worker’s experience may not be relevant to your current need, and that is why your VA needs to get to know about your business.  More so, how things work, and also about you.

Most of all, you need to realize that you are hiring an assistant and not a full-time employee. A virtual assistant will stay focused on the guidelines and most likely do nothing out of the “box.” 

For example, suppose you need a 10k word content. In that case, a VA will give you exactly that number, and you can consider yourself lucky if you get more without incurring extra charges.

3 Ways to Successfully Work with a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

When you start working with a virtual assistant, it is essential to realize that your VA is thousands of miles apart and cannot read your thoughts. 

You must be ready to communicate on work matters such as deadlines, targets, and way forward.

It is vital to encourage your remote worker to ask project-related questions as work progresses. Once in a while, you need to video-call your assistant to maintain a smooth working relationship. 

You can use one or both of the two primary types of communication. These include video face-time, asynchronous messaging, and monitoring.

Video face-time

Routine video one-on-one calls help to nature a smooth work relationship between you and your virtual assistant. Setting regular call times enables your VA to prepare well on matters that need your attention.

Some of the benefits of one-on-ones include:

  • Harmonious communication – Video face-time improves rapport and enables you to discuss symptoms that signal possible trouble. This avenue of communication is also ideal for clarifying goals and complimenting your VAs for work well done.


  • Psychological safety – Furthermore, you can use this time to be open and susceptible with your VA. The use of psychological safety in teams has been shown to boost productivity because workers feel appreciated.
  • It is free to use – Besides naturing work relationships with your VA, you will not incur any calling costs using video face-time.
  • It is secure – This means of communication is safe for use because your conversation is encrypted. Your information can not be interfered with because it converts into codes that restrict eavesdropping. 
  • Multiple VAs in a face-time call – This application allows you to have up to 32 team members in a single video call. You can coordinate all your teams in a single session on face-time-call.

Asynchronous messaging

It is wise to balance frequent video calls with a communication method that allows either of you to start, pause and resume messaging freely. Some of the benefits of asynchronous messaging include: –

  • More control over your workday – It gives both the employer and the virtual assistant the freedom to engage in conversational messaging whenever necessary rather than immediately or 24/7.
  • Creates a reference document – This method of communication is more beneficial than regular voice chatting.  Messaging is documented and can be availed at later dates when needed. More so, your VA does not feel the pressure of having to be available at a set time for video calling.
  • Fewer interruptions – Unlike telephone calls which are destructive and demand immediate attention, asynchronous messaging runs in the background and is less distractive. More so, your VAs can continue to focus on work and respond later.
  • Collaboration across time zones – The U.S and the Philippines have different time zones, which can hinder smooth communication. However, messaging whenever you are available helps bridge the gaps experienced in video or telephone communication channels.
  • Relieves pressure – Unlike video face-time, which demands that you respond one-on-one, asynchronous messaging allows you to take time to respond. It enables you to provide quality communication rather than an unrealistic reflective response.

Monitor performance

Ensure that you set time to check time records for virtual hourly-paid virtual assistants. It is critical to assess daily productivity levels from your VAs. You can set aside some time during your video face-time to discuss performance.

One of the best ways to monitor your virtual assistant’s performance is to focus on measurable indicators of the desired results. You will do well if you measure only that which is supposed to be measured and avoid unquantifiable measures. Some of the benefits of monitoring are: –

  • Increased productivity – Monitoring performance helps improve your VA’s productivity. For example, suppose a virtual assistant is committed to writing 2000 words a day. In that case, you can call to ask about the status of the target. It is good to congratulate VAs who meet targets while offering tips and help to those who fall behind the schedule.
  • Catch problems early – Sometimes, work may not flow as expected. There are known cases where projects have aborted halfway. However, close monitoring can establish interventions when VAs go off track.

When not to Worry – Signs to look out for as you build trust

  • Your Filipino virtual assistant embraces an attitude of acting in advance to resolve unexpected difficulties and make life easier.
  • Your VA takes responsibility for the work environment and is careful not to record time not spent on work-related issues.
  • You will notice that your VA has its perspective on work-related issues that align with your goals or expectations.
  • Your virtual assistant starts to express insightful questions about how VAs your assistant adopts an attitude of proactively looking for ways to make your life easier or comfortable.
  • Your assistant asks questions about your business that indicate your VAs have developed an interest in your company’s processes.


Is it profitable to hire a virtual assistant from the Philippines? Yes. Besides the profitability and growth of your business, hiring virtual workers helps lower your carbon footprint. Research has proved that employees who commute less contribute to a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions. You can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by choosing to hire Filipino teleworkers.

However, there are numerous merits and demerits of outsourcing which you need to consider before hiring a remote worker. The best way forward is to have a clear picture of your job description.

Therefore, should you consider hiring a remote assistant, you must conduct thorough research across multiple platforms that offer virtual assistant services. Before you finally select your ideal real estate virtual assistant, it is also wise to know the pros and cons of outsourcing teleworkers from the Philippines.

Hiring an ideal VA per task may help you save on costs, but remember that excellent virtual assistants are hardly unoccupied after they complete your work. You may not find the same ones all the time.

In conclusion, you need to be aware that virtual teams are not for every industry, situation, or job.  In certain instances, opting for a non-virtual model is the sensible solution to your need, even though the world is heading towards virtual operations.

A Guide to Using a Real Estate Virtual Assistant to Grow Your Business
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