260 Best Blog Post Ideas for 2021

260 Best Blog Post Ideas for 2021
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Did you know that luck has nothing to do with blog articles going viral? If you doubt this, then write a piece from one of the best blog post ideas in the world and publish it on your site. Let it sit there and see what happens.

Nobody will read it, or maybe one or two will, depending on the number of frequent visitors your website enjoys. There’s definitely a formula to getting your content to go viral, and it all revolves around marketing.

Industry gurus are spending a fortune on marketing. In return, millions of visitors flock to their websites which means more profits. Now you might be wondering, “Well, I have zero budget. How do I constantly come up with content that sells?”

How Do You Consistently Come Up with Blog Post Ideas That Sell?

How Do You Consistently Come Up with Blog Post Ideas That SellThe first step to creating a successful blog in 2021 is to design your website around a niche you’re passionate about.

However, the catch is to choose a blogging niche that actually makes money. The second step is to make your site SEO ready, which is similar to letting Google know that your website is live and ready to be indexed.

You’ll conduct keyword research as part of the process of optimizing your blog site for search engines to determine how these search terms. You can easily rank high within your niche industry.

Here are tools you can use for keyword research:

These and many more tools can effortlessly help you discover the most searched terms in your industry.

The logic is that 100 people search for a specific term a day. If you write about that popular term, those 100 people will visit your blog to find the answer to their queries. That is basically user search intent.

When you write about a popular topic, you’ll enjoy more traffic and boost that number you can do marketing.

Therefore, to consistently come up with blog post ideas that sell, you need to use the tools listed above. To find out which terms are being searched most and what blog topics will attract more readers.

Here are other tactics to ensure a consistent flow of fresh viral content on your blog:

  • Steal the successful ideas your competitors are implementing.
  • Interact with your audience and ask for content suggestions. You’ve probably heard YouTubers ask their followers towards the end of the video what content they want to see next.
  • Follow the trend, but your content has to be personalized to you.  
  • Have a place to write down ideas like note-taking apps.
  • Renew old articles by adding more words and better information. Long-form content is always better because it ranks higher and faster.  

Coming up with successful blog post ideas is challenging, even for professionals. This article will point out viable topics in the most lucrative blogging niches on the internet. Let’s dive in.

260 Best Blog Post Ideas for 2021 in Blogging Niches That Make Money

260 Best Blog Post Ideas for 2021 in Blogging Niches That Make MoneyYou need to understand that multiple bloggers can write about the same blog post ideas. Still, only those with a personal touch get to the ones that attract more people.

For instance, if you’re talking about feeding your toddler, just write your personal experience. That way, the reader will feel empathy for you. When your audience cares about your experiences, it is easy to convert them into long-term paying and loyal customers.

Millions of people write about their blogging success. Still, none of those stories are as inspiring as Jon Morrow’s journey to success. He had to overcome the impossible to build an online business that empowers others.

Your blog post ideas should seek to solve millions of internet surfers’ problems.

Let’s talk about the different topic ideas in each of the most lucrative blogging niches you can get into.

1. Blog Post Ideas for the Mom and Baby Blogging Niche

The parenting blogging space is broad, which means there is enough room for everyone to succeed. To stand out, you need to get into a mom and baby blogging sub-niche that attracts many people.

There are smaller baby blogs that make a lot of money from consistent content alone. Such websites achieve massive success by constantly publishing blog articles that seek to answer the most popular search queries in the baby niche.

Questions like is my baby happy, why does my toddler cry for no reason, among other frequent Google searches.

When you type any of these questions in the search engine, you’ll find millions of blogs with articles trying to answer that particular query. The ones that appear on Google’s first page, also known as the SERP or the first search engine results page, are websites that:

  • Meet all the SEO requirements, including relevant long-tail keywords.
  • Have high-quality backlinks and internal links.
  • Stick to relevant content, like if you’re talking about cars, so people know your blog is about cars in general or a specific auto niche like car tuning.
  • Offer a great user experience to readers. Google’s algorithm is advanced enough to tell whether your articles are a great read.

You probably have favorite blogs that you enjoy reading because it’s entertaining and speaks to you. A favorite of mine is this post about how kids gaslight their parents.

That article is informative, funny, and features a unique tone, similar to how someone speaks in real life.

Here are the blog post ideas for the mom and baby blog niche:

  1. What personal pregnancy tips would you like to share with other women.
  2. Write an article on the must-have baby products on the market this year.
  3. The best breastfeeding advice you can offer.
  4. Top 30 free activities you can do with your children.
  5. What baby sleeping tips can help parents reading your blog?
  6. The top 10 toddler feeding tips for new moms.
  7. The best cleaning or hygiene tips for moms.
  8. Tips on how to effectively instill discipline in your child.
  9. An article to encourage mothers who might feel overwhelmed by a new child.
  10. What are the must-have items for pregnancy?

The top five popular mom and baby blogs include;

2. Blog Post Ideas for the Pets Care Blogging Niche

There are different kinds of pets from snakes, spiders, houseflies, but the most common ones are dogs and cats. It is a lucrative industry because you can sell dog training services online, pet foods, and veterinary consultations.

Famous niche bloggers use blog articles about pets. Attracting an audience who will purchase the other services on their website, from branded merchandise, eBooks to other affiliate pet products from Amazon.

You can sell some else’s products and get a commission off that, and writing content will attract more potential buyers to your site. On your blog, they’ll discover the products, and they can either make a purchase or refer another pet lover and get paid.

According to statistics, about 68% of American families own a pet, which is only growing.

Based on that percentage, pets care blogging is a lucrative niche to get into, and luckily, it’s not as saturated. You’ll face less competition as long as your blog post ideas resonate with your target audience.

Here are the blog post ideas for the pet care blogging niche:

  1. The top 10 tips for new pet owners in 2021.
  2. What advice could have helped you before you started looking after a pet?
  3. List the most nutritious feeds for different pets.
  4. How to pet-proof your home, whether it’s a puppy or a kitten.
  5. The tips on how to safely clean your pet.
  6. Delicious pet recipes you can treat your furry or scaly friend to.
  7. First-aid tips for your pet and how to spot and prevent illness. For example, you can write articles detailing the deworming process, among other regular pet medical routines.
  8. Fun activities to do with your pet will strengthen the bond between you.
  9. Write about adopting a pet and the helpful tips for before and after bringing the pet home.
  10. List human foods that are perfectly healthy for pets.

The top 5 blogs in the pet care niche include:

You will notice the owners of these top-rated pet blogs because most of them are professional veterinarians.

Therefore, in addition to being passionate about a specific niche, try and become an expert in that niche, and you’ll undoubtedly succeed. For example, Neil Patel is an expert in digital marketing. His blog is among the top in the content writing and SEO space.  

Another tip is to always try to write articles that answer the most popular questions people type on search engine questions. Does my cat love me and others? You would be surprised how fast your traffic will double if your blog post ideas revolve around personal pet questions.

3. Blog Post Ideas for the Beauty and Fashion Blogging Niche

There is a lot of money to be made in the beauty and fashion blogging niche simply because the target consumers are serial shoppers. The products need constant refilling.

For example, hair shampoo or body lotion will need to be refilled at least twice a month. Makeup is another sub-niche that is worth billions.

We’ve seen celebrities and even unknown people becoming millionaires and billionaires overnight after launching their perfume or lipstick brands. Like when Kylie Jenner became the youngest billionaire through her makeup brand.

You can also achieve this through your blog. Still, the secret is to create beauty products safe for human application because defective cosmetic merchandise could land you in court.

4. Coming Up with Beauty and Fashion Blog Post Ideas

The golden rule is to stick to personal experience. For instance, if you’re blogging about makeup, make sure it’s the same makeup you’ve tried and seen the results. Now you want to share it with the world.

It’s essential to study what successful beauty and fashion bloggers are doing. You can follow Rihanna or Kylie Jenner and see what strategies they applied in their entrepreneurial journeys to convert a bedroom cosmetic idea into a million-dollar brand.

The most crucial factor is to endorse or create safe products for humans. If you’re inventing anti-aging cream, then involve professional dermatologists and other experts to ensure that your product works.

You also need a lawyer to help you navigate the legal waters in the cosmetics industry because a slight mishap could slap you with a bankrupting lawsuit.

Basically, any blog post idea you come up with should be something you’ve personally experienced; otherwise, your blog article won’t attract many readers. People on the internet today can quickly tell if you’re taking them for a joy ride.  

Here are practical blog post ideas for the beauty and fashion niche:

  1. Write an article that lists the best overnight skincare tips.
  2. Face masks are in high demand during the pandemic so write about DIY face masks.
  3. List of beauty products to avoid, which cause more harm than good.
  4. Ways to make fashion statements without breaking the bank.
  5. The best foods that boost skin health.
  6. Top 20 uses of coconut oil, including health benefits.
  7. The best morning skincare routine for every occasion.
  8. A list of all the superfoods that result in healthy glowing skin.
  9. The best DIY tips on how to treat acne spots.
  10. A list of the must-have beauty products in 2021 and your opinion of them.

When you observe this list of the best blog ideas for beauty and fashion blogs, you’ll notice that most of them are about health. At the moment, most people are more concerned about their health. Only a handful of people want to look good at the expense of their health.

The top 5 blogs in the beauty and fashion space include:

Instagram is another tool you can use to drive traffic to your beauty and fashion blog. Clients who purchase beauty products usually want to see visual evidence of how good the product is.

You can achieve that by creating short clips of yourself putting on the makeup you just made or the clothes you just designed. It is a kind of advertisement that should include a call to action for your audience to visit your blog for a detailed product breakdown.

YouTube is another helpful tool that can redirect much-needed traffic back to your blog. When you come up with great blog post ideas, publish them as articles on your website, then convert them into videos and post them on YouTube.

Go even further and compile the exciting parts into short clips and post on Instagram.

At the end of the day, that diversification will have provided you with three sources of passive income. It is possible to convert the same article into a podcast and corner a larger part of the market.

Sometimes your target audience might be too busy to sit and watch a video, so a podcast becomes convenient.

Coming up with the blog post ideas initially saves you a headache later because the same topic can be renewed into all the formats mentioned above.

Of course, with time, you’ll automate most of the operations with tools offered by Shopify. Automation affords you time to concentrate on what matters most: creating new content, inventing new products, interacting with clients, and whatever is more important to you.

5. Blog Post Ideas for the How to Make Money Online Blogging Niche

Everyone in this niche wants to be like Jon Morrow or Neil Patel, and it is possible only when you work smart.

It is also one of the most searched niches during this period after the pandemic prompted workers to adapt to working remotely. Even brick-and-mortar businesses are considering selling online.

You also need to understand how saturated the how-to-make money online niche is. When you observe the gurus in the space, they always talk about the secrets of moving from zero to earning six figures.

That might be classic clickbait, but the successful bloggers tend to back up such claims with actual evidence. Take Alex and Lauren, who started Create and Go; they provide financial data of how they build a blog, from earning two digits to averaging $100k a month.

There are many ways to make money online which include:

  • Becoming an influencer and being paid by companies to advertise their products.
  • Publishing eBooks and selling them online.
  • Creating online courses and selling them.
  • Becoming a freelancer in a skill you’re proficient in, such as graphics design, web design, etc.
  • Becoming a writer. You can ghostwrite and write for clients such as Forbes, TechCrunch, or writing for your blog.
  • Do various tasks such as filling surveys, testing video games and websites, and other legitimate work from home jobs.
  • Become a remote worker for tech giants or other companies in the role of a computer. Programmer, virtual assistant, recruiter, engineer, and other lucrative long-term online work opportunities may include medical cover and pension.

Since the how-to-make-money online niche is crowded, you’re better off sticking to a sub-niche where you can easily rank high on Google’s first page. You can base your blog on sub-niches such as;

  • How to make money online as a disabled person.
  • How to make money online without experience.
  • How to make money online with only a mobile phone.

Whatever way to make the online sub-niche you choose to pursue, make sure that it has a significant number of people searching about it. Sometimes you might choose a niche that nobody talks about online and wonder why nobody is visiting your well-designed blog.

Despite all that, how well your blog performs depends on whether your blog post ideas answer user intent in your how-to-make money online niche.

Here are some blog post ideas to help your blog rank higher:

  1. Ways anyone with zero experience can create passive income online.
  2. Beginner’s guide to creating a blog that makes six figures in 2021.
  3. The best work-from-home opportunities for new mothers and stay-at-home moms.
  4. Top 10 blogs and bloggers to follow if you want to make a lot of money online.
  5. A review of the absolute must-have products you need to make money online.
  6. The best online money-making sites in 2021.
  7. The best ways to make money online in 2021 while sleeping.
  8. Top 10 best courses to boost your online income in 2021.
  9. The best smartphone apps to make money online within 2021.
  10. Your personal story of how you started making money online and where you are at the moment.

The top bloggers in the how to make money online blogging niche are individuals who have been in the industry for a few years. I would also recommend that you take the time to gain some experience before venturing into this niche.  

The reason is that your success will depend on the evidence you provide. No one will trust you if you’re advising people on how to make money online and you haven’t been successful in that area.  

It would be beneficial to study the strategies some of the top-rated blogs in the how-to-make-money online niche are implementing in their content creation and marketing. Here are the top 3 of those sites:

There are more such websites, but these three can inspire you on structuring your how-to-make money online blog.

6. Best Blog Ideas for the Health and Fitness Blogging Niche

When blogging about health and fitness, you have to be careful. The products you recommend should be approved in the medical community. If not, then make that fact clear and warn your readers.

That way, you’re not liable when your audience poisons themselves on a health supplement you warned them about in the first place.

The most critical first step is to carry out thorough research before endorsing any supplement, especially after scientists claimed that those pills might do more harm than good.

Neil Patel himself took up a challenge and started a nutritional blog to prove that it was possible to make $100k a month in one year.

Curiously the website he started made most of its income from Omega 3 fish oil pills, the product he pushed through the blog.  

Neil’s project, the Quick Sprout challenge, was a success. Following that example, you will also be making most of your income from products sold through your health and fitness blog.

Another thing that significantly contributed to the Quick Sprout challenge’s success is related blog post ideas. Their articles mainly explained how their fish oil pills worked and answered customer questions in the process.

It would help if you did the same by writing content relevant to your blog and articles that will give customers confidence in making a purchase.

When a client buys your health and fitness-related product, they will refer it to their friends only if the item satisfies their need.

That means that when your products effectively solve the intended problems, they’ll essentially sell themselves. However, don’t forget that marketing is also vital to increasing sales. To develop a viral product, you need a less competitive sub-niche.

Here are some of the viable sub-niches under the health and fitness blogging niche you can venture into;

  • Cycling.
  • Yoga.
  • Blogging about the best diet plans.
  • The best weight loss tips and tricks under the sun.
  • Nutrition and supplements.

Coming up with blog post ideas in the health and fitness blogging niche is not that hard because there are tools quickly to identify the latest trends. In addition to that, many people today prefer to get a doctor Google’s opinion on medical and fitness conditions before reluctantly deciding to visit a medical professional.

Your work will be made more manageable because you’ll just use a tool like Google Trends to identify which topics are searched the most, and those are your blog post ideas to write about.

The best thing is that such a tool will enable you to know the exact number of people who searched for a term in a specific part of the world. That way, you can write an article on the blog post idea and promote it on Facebook, which allows you to show the post to a particular demographic.

That said, here are some blog post ideas to help your health and fitness blog to rank higher faster:

  1. How to remain fit during lockdown following Covid19.
  2. List the medical-related conspiracy theories surrounding the pandemic.
  3. How to boost confidence through meditation.
  4. How to fight depression naturally in 2021.
  5. Tips and tricks for those trying out yoga for the first time.
  6. Review the must-have health products in 2021.
  7. Talk about the Covid19 vaccine and help people understand it better.
  8. The best herbal remedies you can make at home.
  9. Safe nutrition regimes and supplements you’ve tried, and they work.
  10. Talk about what is trending in the health and fitness space.

You can use the pandemic as inspiration to come up with blog post ideas. A significant percentage of the population is confused about what’s going on, and others struggle with the new Covid19 reality.

That is why you can use your health and fitness blog as a way to give people hope and to provide accurate information to prevent the spread of harmful misinformation. For the most part, such a selfless act won’t bring you a lot of money, but your blog will have helped millions of people.

If you’re still experiencing writer’s block, look at what these top blogs in the health and fitness niche are doing.

You can use tools such as Alexa, Ubersuggest, and others to find out which topics are doing well for the blogs listed above. The information you uncover will help boost your website’s ranking and increase traffic.

7. Blog Post Ideas for the Personal Finance Blogging Niche

Personal finance is big business; just check out how Stephan Graham makes his millions.

However, the personal finance blogging niche is not something you wake up and start. To earn your audience’s trust, you need to show evidence of financial success in your life.

For example, Stephan always explains tips and tricks using his own experience, what he did, and the outcome.

Here are ways he makes his money in the personal finance niche:


Stephan Graham developed two courses where anyone can tap into the tactics he uses to make millions in real estate and other financial investments. Basically, when you join either course, you’re taught how to be great at managing personal finance.

Before you can introduce a paid personal finance course on your blog. First, teach your audience for free through blog post ideas, then post-free money lessons on platforms like Teachable.

Build an Audience

The more you continue to offer free personal finance lessons, the more your audience grows. If people see how useful and valuable your free services are, they’ll be willing to pay money for more.

More traffic gives your blog credibility with Google’s algorithm, thus ranking it high. More visitors also translate to more profits because you can easily convert some people into loyal paying customers.

That same model has been implemented by tech giants like Facebook, offering free services. When there are millions of regular users, the startups monetize the platform through adverts and other services.

Convert Your Audience into Paying Customers

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize your personal finance blog but do what Stephan does. He only endorses services and products that he believes in and has personal experience.

Companies will approach you after amassing a sizable and loyal following, asking if they can pay you to advertise their finance products on your niche blog. For example, Skillshare may pay as much as $20k to sponsor one video.

However, such a high figure is reserved for bloggers and content creators who have millions of loyal followers on the internet.

 To reach that number of visitors to your personal finance blog, you have to constantly publish fresh content on blog post ideas that answer user intent in that niche.


To scale your online business, you need to attach a YouTube channel, Instagram account, TikTok, and other platforms to mount your money advice blog.

Diversification enables you to make money on autopilot and even repurpose the same blog post ideas across multiple mediums.

Doing this has enabled top personal finance websites to make more than $30 million annually.

Here are some of these highly-rated blogs in the personal finance niche that average between $1 million to more than $40 million per year.

These blogs make millions because the personal finance niche companies pay more CPM or cost per thousand. CPM is the amount an advertiser pays when a thousand blog visitors view their Ad.

These companies include banks and other high rolling financial institutions that can pay up to $100 if you refer someone to open an account with them. Let’s say your blog gets 100,000 visitors a month, and out of that number, only 1000 people go to sign up an account with your affiliate link. That translates to a cool $100,000 per month.

Now, what would stop such a personal finance blog from making millions every year and remembering that the site could be signed with more than 20 advertisers who pay well?

The secret is to study what gurus like Stephan Graham are doing and adapting their methods to your blog. In no time, you’ll be a millionaire.

Another point to note is that Stephan is honest about his personal finance and other subjects he talks about to his target audience.

8. Blog Post Ideas for the Love and Relationships Blogging Niche

Many bloggers who venture into the love and relationships niche are professional therapists.

The most notable figures in this niche are multi-millionaires Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Phil. Both of them have been known to host wildly popular televised shows that offer relationships and love advice to people from all walks of life.  

It may seem odd that a single lady or gentleman is giving you relationship advice. Still, you need to understand that they are talking from a trained counselor’s perspective.

Other people get into the niche because of personal experiences, such as a breakup. Whatever your reason, what matters is that you have a unique perspective that will help someone else avoid the same relationship mistakes you made in your previous relationships.

Here are viable sub-niches you can create your love and relationship blog around.

  • Start a blog about love and relationship among people living with a disability like Disability Horizons.
  • A blog centered around polygamy.
  • A blog about celebrity love and relationships.
  • Blog about love and relationships among religious partners like Mormons couples.
  • Start a blog that features widows’ love and relationship, divorcees among others.

As you can tell, the niche has many areas one can pursue and still be successful.

When it comes to making money, you can develop courses for couples. Organize occasional events where couples attend and learn more about life. You can run a dating and matchmaking service that charges a manageable fee.

There are many ways to monetize your love and relationship blog, including couple gifts and turning a part of your blog site into a travel agency for partners.

Blog post ideas play a significant role in ensuring that your love and relationship blog continues to grow and make more passive income for you.

Here are places you can easily find blog post ideas for a love and relationship blog.

BuzzSumo is one tool you should try out because it gives you statistics on published blog post ideas. The data will reveal which platforms the article performed the best and how many people read it, shared it, commented on it, and saved it.

Such information will enable you to develop an original blog post on the same topic and know where to promote it for more eyeballs and engagement.

If you’re blogging without taking advantage of these free tools, then no wonder you’re not making progress. You need to change tactics now.

To start you off, below I’ve suggested the most viable blog post ideas for your love and relationship blogging niche:

  1. The correct way to write a hard-to-resist online dating profile for both men and women.
  2. What things turn off women that men seem not to be aware of.
  3. The best free online dating websites for singles in 2021.
  4. Relationship advise you wish you had before you started dating.
  5. The best online dating tips for women who are 40 plus.
  6. Tips for partners from different cultures and backgrounds.
  7. How to make relationships between people with disabilities work.
  8. List the tips and secrets of marriages that last forever. You can turn this blog post idea into a series where you interview couples that have been together for decades and are still going strong.  
  9. Write about celebrity love and relationships.
  10. Write about your personal experience with love and relationships.

In addition to the 10-blog post ideas, you can study the following top blogs in the love and relationship niche to determine which of their content is doing well.

With the rate of divorce going through the roof, statistics show that millions of couples desperately need a practical love and relationships blog. This is the ripe moment to get into this relationship counseling blogging niche.

9. Blog Post Ideas for the DIY and Craft Blogging Niche

An innovative platform for anyone venturing into the DIY and Craft blogging niche is Etsy.

The platform is one of the top websites that promote handmade items, from laptop stands to face masks.

How Much Do Etsy Sellers Make?

Selling handmade and DIY items on Etsy can fetch from between $500 to $10,000 monthly.

Those who sell more DIY crafts usually have their DIY and Craft blog linked to an Etsy account. Placing an eCommerce Etsy store link on your website saves customers time because they can purchase goods in one place. Instead of going back and forth between the two websites.

We’re talking about Etsy because this is the platform you will initially use to get paying customers who will buy the items you handmade on your DIY and Craft blog.

Pinterest is another platform you can take advantage of to double your blog’s traffic and find long-term paying DIY and Craft customers.

If you’re new to this DIY and craft niche, I’d recommend you check out the following blogs.

The good thing about the DIY and craft blogging niche is that you get to write about other people’s handmade products or your own and later sell them or earn a commission on them.

Especially during Covid19 lockdown, you can get creative and still ship out your DIY and craft products to customers who order online.

You could be an accountant by day, and during the night, you’re teaching people how to sew their own facemasks and other pandemic essentials at home.

For example, Dr. Stephen Pustilnik is a forensic pathologist, but he makes knives as a hobby for celebrity chefs. The doctor also uses unique raw material from 40,000-year-old mammoth teeth to alloy steel.

Interestingly he talks about being fully booked for the next year and a half, and clients are still joining his long waiting list.

You can do the same. Have a typical day job like carrying out autopsies and practice knifemaking at night and using your DIY and craft blog to document all about it.

So, here are a few blog post ideas to boost your creativity in writing content for a DIY and craft blog.

  1. Write the must-have craft kits to have in 2021.
  2. Write detailed DIY crafting tutorials and add affiliate links to the items you used.
  3. How to make money with DIY crafts in 2021.
  4. What is craft blogging, and how to make money with it in 2021?
  5. Top 10 ways to make money with DIY and craft skills.
  6. Top 20 websites you can sell your DIY and craft products.
  7. A beginner’s guide to DIY and craft in 2021.
  8. Write about your personal journey into DIY and craft to inspire upcoming enthusiasts.
  9. Most profitable handmade crafts sell in 2021 and skills with the highest margin.
  10. The secret to money-making DIY and crafts in 2021.

The DIY and crafts blogging niche is truly lucrative because websites such as A Beautiful Mess have earned millions of dollars per year and averaged 2 million visitors even before 2014. The blog was started in 2007.

In this DIY and craft niche, you should also expect to have a busy time during holidays such as Christmas and others throughout the year.

10. Blog Post Ideas for the Personal Development and Motivation Blogging Niche

The personal development and motivation blogging niche are among the most controversial topics.

You’ve probably heard about videos and blog posts exposing fake gurus. They seem like they are running a pyramid scheme rather than providing genuine personal development.

A fake guru uses material possessions to lure people into thinking they are successful.

On the line up of fake personal development and motivation, gurus include:

There is also an anti-guru group that consists of successful personalities such as Graham Stephan. The anti-gurus are advocating for transparency and sensitizing the public to avoid the trap of fake gurus.

Ways to quickly identify a fake guru:

  • They always feature a luxury vehicle in their videos and pictures.
  • The guru’s financial history cannot be verified.
  • They are mostly about 35 years and below.
  • They won’t shut up about a mentor.
  • Always runs Facebook and YouTube advertisements.
  • The guru offers a free book that’s technically not free of charge.
  • They offer a paid course.
  • Urges you to join them on a live webinar.
  • They always use the word mastermind when describing courses, tips, and tricks.
  • They look down on 9 to 5 jobs.

An additional red flag is that they always focus on promoting a lifestyle but not the hard work required to succeed. Fake gurus also insist that anyone can effortlessly achieve their level of financial freedom when they don’t reveal how they become rich in the first place.

In reality, fake gurus get rich off deceiving people into paying for exorbitant courses that turn out not worth the price tag. Many people also love to get rich quick schemes, so it’s easy for people to fall for their schemes.

We’re talking about personal development and motivation gurus because their blogs are set up just right for success.

I recommend that you study their blogs to see which aspects bring them success.

So, if you’re planning to get into personal development and motivation blogging, you need to have some success level first. It might be beneficial for you to learn psychology or become a psychology professor like the famous Jordan Peterson.        

Where the Money Comes From

  • To start, create free courses and eBooks, then use those to create a sales funnel and email list.
  • Put together personal development and motivation paid course.
  • Write books and sell them online and offline.
  • Get paid to give talks on personal development and motivation.
  • Get those talks to be recorded and post on YouTube to create a second passive income source.
  • You can promote affiliate products in the personal development and motivation industry.


The best place to post motivational clips and posters is Instagram and YouTube. You can edit together different motivational speeches from personal development experts and add a motivational soundtrack. The clip will quickly get millions of views.

For example, this no excuses best motivational video with 41 million views and counting. It is possible to implement the same strategy on a blog.

Here are some best blog post ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

  1. Write about the best time management tips, especially during the pandemic lockdown.
  2. How to actually achieve NewYear’sresolutions.
  3. Tips to boost self-esteem and become more confident in 2021.
  4. Top 10 apps that improve productivity in 2021.
  5. List lessons you learned from reading personal development and motivational books.
  6. List lessons you learned from taking personal development courses by experts like Tim Ferriss, who created the 4-hour life.
  7. Document how you became obsessed with personal development and why your readers should.
  8. List and review the best personal development and motivation books of 2021.
  9. The disadvantages or dark side of being too obsessed with personal development and motivation.
  10. Create a series of blog posts that feature your interviews with personal development and motivation experts such as Jordan Peterson and others.

Another platform where your personal development and motivation blog post ideas will flourish is on Medium.

It is free to join, and you start to earn right away. The top articles on Medium that gain a lot of attention and even go viral are personal development and motivation.

Medium is the most popular blogging platform around, and you can use it to drive more organic traffic back to your blog.

You can also check out these top blogs in the personal development and motivation niche.

Whether you want to be a genuine personal development and motivational blogger or fake your way into guru status, the choice is yours.

11. Blog Post Ideas for the News and Politics Blogging Niche

News and Politics is a huge niche to write in, and your blog can go from zero to thousands of visitors in a short time.

For example, the following three news and politics blogs are visited by more than 30 million people per month.

There are also big blogs in sub-niches like TMZ, which features celebrity and entertainment news. So, tabloids seem to be popular because humans love to gossip and know what’s going on around them.

You will have a choice to make when starting a news and politics blog. You can either be a tabloid and post celebrity and local gossip or practice sober journalism and well-researched blog post ideas like Forbes.

Here are blog post ideas to help you get your news and politics blog up and running.

  1. Publish well-researched articles about Covid19 news and the vaccine.
  2. Come up with a witty political satire series to entertain and educate your audience.
  3. Talk about current events in your locale.
  4. Write an article debunking some of the popular Covid19 conspiracy theories.
  5. Share your views on the current and emerging hottest topics in news and politics.
  6. Be the first to publish breaking news blog posts.
  7. Post your interviews with newsmakers of the day, from politicians to the commoner who has suddenly become a news item.
  8. Document people who have contracted the virus and survived.
  9. Write about recently released products that the public was anticipating, for example, the new movies, cars, phones, among others.
  10. Talk about products that are rumored to be released shortly, such as the Tesla Cybertruck.

Tips How News and Political Blogs Attract a Loyal Readership

Here are more pointers on how to grow your news and political blog to the Huffington Post’s status.

Here are some highly-rated news and political blogs:

12. Blog Post Ideas for the WordPress Blogging Niche

Every beginner blogger comes across WP Beginner, which is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most prominent in the WordPress blogging niche.

Such a website is estimated to earn you about $3million per year because it is the heart of everything WordPress troubleshooting. However, to reach that level, you will need a significant amount of consistent and relatable blog post ideas.

On WP Beginner, you’ll find detailed information about plugins, themes, and other WordPress-related tools.

They also have an article on the must-have WordPress plugins for business blogs. Whether you want help setting up your WordPress site or SEO content writing tips for your blog, WP Beginner has all the resources you might need.

In addition to blog posts, WP Beginner features videos, discount coupons on hosting services, and products to improve your WordPress blogging website’s functionality.

Making a Difference

Not long ago, if you needed to create a website, you had no choice but to hire an exorbitant web designer to create a boring landing page. If you wanted the best design for your blog, you had to spend thousands hiring a professional webmaster.

Those were the days Darren Rowse was an ambitious beginner blogger. Interestingly, he has become one of the household names in the WordPress blogging niche.

Fast forward to today, and anyone from anywhere on the globe can design a professional website from scratch in minutes and with zero digital marketing experience. Simply by reading WP Beginner’s guide for setting up a WordPress blog in minutes.

Of course, there are other players in the WordPress blogging niche, and the top-rated ones include:

If you understand the ins and outs of WordPress, then I’d recommend that you start a website in the WordPress blogging niche. As you can probably tell from the list above, the founders are all WordPress professionals. Still can also get into the niche without any experience.

For instance, you could base your blog on a foreign language you’re fluent in. Your blog post ideas could teach WordPress to French or Chinese aspiring bloggers.

There are 7,000 languages globally, so you could learn a foreign one and venture into WordPress blogging in Japanese or Swahili. By doing so, you’ll face significantly less competition, and your blog will grow faster than competing with WP Beginner.

Also, to achieve that, you’ll need the best blog post ideas in the WordPress blogging niche to get you started, and here are some you can use.

  1. Write 20 differences between WordPress and Wix, which is the best and why.
  2. List 10 best WordPress hosting services in 2021.
  3. List the best SEO plugins for WordPress in 2021.
  4. Write a comprehensive tutorial about editing an image in WordPress.
  5. Write about mistakes beginners should avoid when creating a blog in WordPress.
  6. List the best WordPress plugins and which blogging niche they are best for.
  7. Do a review of the Yoast plugin and why it’s vital for a WordPress blog.
  8. The ultimate guide for beginners to create a WordPress website.
  9. Please write an article explaining where readers can find royalty-free images for their WordPress blog posts.
  10. Review the best themes in 2021 and other must-have WordPress products.

There are many opportunities in the WordPress blogging niche. Still, you need to be passionate about everything WordPress to succeed.

13. Blog Post Ideas for the Music and YouTube Blogging Niche

YouTube has really revolutionized the entertainment industry. The platform has become a lucrative way to make money whereby young children become millionaires overtime on YouTube.

Apart from humans, there are influential pets that make millions. The music industry is also worth billions, if not trillions of dollars. Creating a website in the music and YouTube blogging niche is a sure way to earn more money than you’ve ever seen in real life.

However, don’t just assume that setting up a WordPress site and implementing SEO content writing strategies that the money will start to come in. No, you need to work harder than that, at least initially. Once your music and YouTube blog is established, it can run on autopilot, guaranteeing you consistently increasing passive income.

Two Lucrative Sub-Niches for the Music and YouTube Blogging Niche

The two popular sub-niches are reviews and lyrics. If your music and YouTube blog is always the first to release lyrics to videos and translate the lyrics to foreign songs, you’ll grow fast.

When music videos like Coldplay’s Paradise get viewed more than 1.4 billion times and counting, you are bound to get a few million people visiting your website for the lyrics.  

To make your music and YouTube blog stand out, write blog posts about the intriguing, fun facts about songs. It is essential to stick to one genre to know where to go for information about their love songs or movie soundtracks.

Music is broad, and so is YouTube, and that’s why you need to stick with one segment of the niche. You could choose to focus on viral content alone and write blog post ideas around viral music and viral YouTube content.

Later on, you can create a course where people pay you to teach them the formula for producing viral music and YouTube videos. Your blog could act as a platform that provides resources for beginners entering the music and YouTube niche.

The one thing you will need the most is blog post ideas, and here are some to motivate you.

  1. Write about how Covid19 has affected the music and YouTube industries and the strategies employed to combat the pandemic.
  2. Write a series of blog articles documenting a day in notable YouTubers and musicians’ lives.
  3. List equipment and resources required to start and run a successful YouTube channel and get into music.
  4. Review music albums and music records that are considered exceptional works of art.
  5. Write about the latest events and news in the music scene and YouTube universe.
  6. If you’re an artist or content creator, write about your creative process.
  7. Document behind the scenes of YouTube videos and music production.
  8. Publish a series of interviews with famous artists and YouTubers.
  9. Write about the negative aspects of music and YouTubing. Your blog post may save someone else’s life if you highlight what is wrong in the niche.
  10. Write about the latest trends in the music and YouTube space.

Here are some of the top blogs in the music and YouTube niche.

From the list, you can tell that the name doesn’t really matter because Brooklyn Vegan, for example, is not a food blog but a music blog that has been around since 2004.

What matters is original, engaging, and informative music and YouTube content from popular blog post ideas like those listed above.

14. Blog Post Ideas for the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Blogging Niche

There was a time when Bitcoin was worth less than $10, but today one goes for $58600, and the price is rising daily.

Those who believed in the cryptocurrency early on invested in it and became multi-millionaires. Even large companies such as Tesla recently bought Bitcoin worth $1.5 billion. The carmaker seeks to set up systems to make purchases with digital currency.

Even though a lot has changed about Bitcoin, one thing is still slow to catch on, and that is the fact that a majority of people don’t know what a cryptocurrency is.

There is a huge demand for bitcoin and cryptocurrency information. You can capitalize on that and start a blog in the blockchain niche.

Vitalik Buterin, a co-founder of the second-largest blockchain platform after Bitcoin, used to be paid in Bitcoin for articles he wrote about cryptocurrency.

Turning blog post ideas into easy-to-understand cryptocurrency content is a highly paying venture. For example, if you earned 1 Bitcoin today from your crypto blog, the price will have gone up in a week, and you would now have two or more Bitcoins. That is if the price went up.

Yes, there is a risk, and sometimes cryptocurrencies can drop in value, but the chances of that occurring are minimal. Plus, crypto experts can predict such an event for the most part.

There are also other digital coins cropping up every day, and your blog’s job would be to publish well-researched content identifying which are legit and the public can trust. Many of them are scams, and ignorance costs people their life savings.

There is a lot of money to be made in providing sound investment advice to anyone looking to venture into bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Before you can start cashing in, you first have to earn readers’ trust through factual blog posts, and here are a few blog post ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

  1. Talk about smart ways to analyze any cryptocurrency before sinking money into it.
  2. Blog about the latest Crypto news and updates and what it means for the particular digital coin.
  3. Highlight the process of mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
  4. Write product reviews for the most sought-after Crypto mining rigs and gear. You can link a few affiliate links that will earn you commissions once readers buy the items.
  5. What is Bitcoin, and why does it matter in 2021. You’d be surprised how many people still have no clue about this top cryptocurrency.
  6. Talk about Digital Yuan, China’s new digital currency that’s rumored to disrupt money.  
  7. NFTs are all the craze these days, so write well-researched content demystifying these cryptocurrency assets.
  8. What is Cryptocurrency trading, and how can anyone benefit from it.
  9. Talk about the dark side of Crypto, such as the scams and ties to the dark web.
  10. There is still speculation on who Satoshi Nakamoto is. So it would be fun if you shared your well-researched opinions with your readers.

If the blog post ideas named above are not enough, you could look at what these top blogs in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency blogging niche are trending for.

Studying these top bitcoins and cryptocurrency blogs will give you insight into which strategies to apply to your blog and what blog post ideas to publish.

15. Blog Post Ideas for the Travel Blogging Niche

Travel blogs are trendy because people want to know what it’s like to go abroad. They want assurance, and when visitors read your tourist destination blog posts, it’s the same as window shopping.

It is also a lucrative adventure because you can get paid by hotels, airlines, and other travel agencies to write about your experience of their services. For example, Booking could take you around the world with all expenses paid. You need to write compelling articles about the online agency’s services in return.

To land such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you need millions of visitors to your blog every month. For the travel agency, it is advertising, and for you, it’s making a living and having fun doing so.

How to Start a Successful Travel Blog

Unlike other blogging niches in travel, you base your website on an audience. For example, you can’t be writing articles about tourists who own yachts, fly first class, and spend their holidays abroad at 7-star hotels when you are targeting backpacking enthusiasts.

Number two, get your travel blog up and running by;

The best beginner’s tutorial to creating a travel blog in WordPress is by WP Beginner. You’ll also need a guide to SEO and how to implement it on your travel blog.

After your travel blog goes live and you have tweaked it to your liking, then comes the hard part, content writing.

Not to worry because the following blog post ideas for a travel blog will get you started in no time. If you have an established website, use these topics to gain more traffic.

  1. List tips for traveling on long flights with a child.
  2. Talk about traveling safely during this Covid19 pandemic season. Counties are imposing travel restrictions, and many people don’t have detailed info on the same.
  3. Write about the best vacation ideas for entire families.
  4. Talk about tips anyone can use when they find themselves in trouble while traveling. These include emergency services, insurance, and medical cover.
  5. Document your experience of traveling during the pandemic.
  6. Write about your travel bucket list and ask readers to share theirs and contribute to yours.
  7. Write articles about all the destinations you have been to.
  8. Review the best travel outfits for 2021.
  9. List the best places people on a budget can visit and have a memorable time.
  10. Review the best restaurants that travelers would enjoy and visit when in the neighborhood.

Here are some of the top travel blogs to inspire you.

Covid19 has affected traveling in a big way. However, there are still creative ways to travel in lockdown environments. You should capitalize on sensitizing the public. It would help your audience if you discussed travel-related news during the pandemic.

16. Blog Post Ideas for the Food Blogging Niche

It is safe to say that food blogging is one of the most competitive niches around and lucrative because people will always want to eat.

Women seem to be the majority of bloggers in the food niche, but men also make strides in the cooking niche. These bloggers are taking advantage of platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to lure traffic back to their websites, and it’s working.

It also helps to stick to one or two types of food. If you’re into traditional healthy food blogging, then stick to that and only mention fast foods in passing.

Here are popular food blogging sub-niches you might be interested in.

  • Keto Diets.
  • Wellness.
  • Cuisine.
  • Lifestyle foods.
  • Pantry.

Today everyone is more conscious about their health and so whatever food niche you will be blogging about, make sure there’s a pinch of healthy tips in there. It’s fun to write about weird recipes that may harm consumers and when posting such content, remember to give a disclaimer to the reader.

Making Money with Food Blogging

Here are ways to make money with your food blog.

Even before monetizing your food blog, you need enough organic traffic from relatable content. Here are blog post ideas to help you write selling articles.

  1. Share food tips to observe during the pandemic.
  2. Feature stories of how good Samaritans are carrying out food drives to feed those struggling during the Covid19 pandemic.
  3. The best photography tips for food blogging.
  4. Ways to save more money on groceries during the pandemic.
  5. List your favorite cookbooks and include affiliate links to earn commission on the sales.
  6. Write about prominent chefs and other professionals in the food industry who inspire you.
  7. Write a series of how-to articles with topics related to food blogging, such as how to whip up the perfect omelet or how to marinate chicken meat ideally.
  8. Review must-have products such as kitchen appliances in 2021. You could include your experiences after trying out the cooking tools.
  9. List fast-food restaurants and also list eateries that are the healthier alternative.
  10. Write a series of blog posts where you’re interviewing professionals in the food industry.
    Like the forensic pathologist who makes mammoth teeth knives for celebrity chefs, you could feature his knife customers’ stories. A grandmother is another interesting subject you can feature.

Here are some top food blogs you can borrow more blog post ideas from.

You could also do what these top three bloggers are doing, combine traveling worldwide and food blogging, and give your audience a thrilling experience. The three include Best Ever FOOD Review Show, Migrationology, and The Food Ranger.

They have millions of followers on every platform, translating to millions of dollars in the bank.  

17. Blog Post Ideas for the eCommerce and Online Stores Blogging Niche

The pandemic has forced everyone to look at how they can work from home. For many, the realization came that Jeff Bezos’s eCommerce business, Amazon, was thriving while non-internet companies were facing bankruptcy due to lockdowns.

Today people buy more things online than at a local store, and that is why getting into eCommerce and owning an online store is lucrative at the moment.

Of course, there is competition, and that’s a good reason for you to stick to an eCommerce and online store blogging sub-niche that makes money.

Here are lucrative eCommerce and online stores blogging sub-niches you might be interested in.

  • Renting high fashion to fashion enthusiasts on a budget.
  • Delivering organic food on-demand to customers that eat clean.
  • Specialize in dropshipping high ticket products such as the anti-cellulite vacuum body massager, drones plus accessories, and Bluetooth speakers, among others.
  • Dropshipping of handcrafted women’s jewelry.
  • Dropshipping of High-Intensity Interval Training commonly referred to as HIIT equipment and gear.

Countless other eCommerce and online stores are blogging sub-niche ideas you can follow, but what matters is that you’re passionate about what you’re doing.


Drop Shipping is a business model where you list products online. When a customer makes an order, you buy it from a cheaper third party like Alibaba and then deliver it to the client at a higher price. In most cases, you actually never see the product.

You’re just a middleman, and if you rinse and repeat this routine, you’ll be making millions in no time.

The good thing about drop shipping is that with only stable internet and a computer you could start making money. The challenging part is that it involves much research to find products you can quickly sell and make a profit on.

Here’s a summary breakdown of the process.

  • Watch tutorials, read blogs, and research what dropshipping entails. You can decide to enroll in a free drop shipping online course and don’t pay unless you have the funds.
  • Choose which platform to go with, and Shopify seems to be the popular choice in the eCommerce and online stores niche.  
  • Use apps to find suitable products to sell, and the shipping will be taken care of for you. I recommend that you stick with a particular kind of product rather than selling everything.
  • Use blog post ideas to attract more customers to your eCommerce and online stores blog.

Now that you understand the process, it will be easier to create a website and write content that will help beginners venture into eCommerce.

Here are eCommerce blog post ideas you can use to your advantage.

  1. Write about products you have experience with and recommend to your readers.
  2. Write gift guide articles that contain the best gifts for every occasion in 2021.
  3. Publish how-to blog posts. For example, start an eCommerce or online store with zero money.  
  4. Interact with your audience and answer their questions in the form of blog posts. You could include questions asked by clients of your competitors.
  5. Write a series of blog articles about successful eCommerce entrepreneurs and people that run online stores to inspire your readers.
  6. Write about events and news in the eCommerce and online store sector. For instance, if Shopify has updated something or accepts a new payment form.
  7. Publish listicles such as top 10 discounted products at an online store in 2021.
  8. The must-have resources to start and run a successful online store or eCommerce business in 2021.
  9. Top 10 mistakes you are making in your eCommerce business and solve them.
  10. An article about a step-by-step guide to viral giveaways.

In addition to these blog post ideas, here are top blogs in the eCommerce and online store blogging niche to inspire you.

Looking at the above top blogs in the eCommerce and online stores blogging niche, you will have insight into what is required for such a website.

18. Blog Post Ideas for the Stocks and Investing Blogging Niche

At the beginning of 2021, the GameStop stock craze made many people wealthy and sank many more into debt.  

Even a legendary investor missed out on a deal worth close to a billion dollars, sums up the stocks, and invested a niche in two sentences. Today you might win big but tomorrow, lose it all.

However, do not assume that it’s a game of chance because there is a science to stock trading and investing in general. Just look at Warren Buffet and the strategies that earned him billions over the years. Placing him in the top 10 wealthiest individuals in the world spot for decades.  

Today more and more people want to achieve similar financial success, and that’s where your stocks and investing blog comes in.

The advantage of finance-related blogging niches is that advertisers pay more than other industries. The best stocks and investing affiliate platforms offer up to 50% commission when you refer a customer to open an account with them.

Graham Stephan can be considered a guru because he knows his numbers regarding stocks and investing.

I would urge you to never fall into the fake guru group because your blog audience wants to see how successful you were and how it can benefit them. Which means honesty is key.

Content is vital to your stocks and investment blogging success, and here are some blog post ideas to motivate you.

  1. Ways to identify a trustworthy forex brokerage service.
  2. Tips on how to invest and stock trade during the pandemic.
  3. Compare long-term versus short-term stock trading and investing.
  4. What everyone should know about investing in Cryptocurrencies.
  5. Write an ultimate beginner’s guide to stock trading and investing.
  6. Top 10 reasons why forex traders fail.
  7. What do successful stock traders and investors have in common?  
  8. List best resources such as books, courses all traders and investors should invest in.
  9. Document your personal experience with stocks and investing.
  10. List the best tools for technical analysis in 2021.

Here are top blogs in the stocks and investing blogging niche.

These top stocks and investing blogs are all owned by professionals. So, if you are not an expert or have a passion for a money blog, I wouldn’t recommend that you enter this space.

You should also be cautious because your audience may trust you with their life savings. If things go wrong, you need to avoid legal problems as much as possible.

When it comes to investing, a rule of thumb is to never put money into anything you have no clue about.

19. Blog Post Ideas for the Celebrity and Entertainment Blogging Niche

As mentioned before, TMZ is one of the most popular blogs in the celebrity and entertainment blogging niche. Your entertainment blog can also reach such status.

If your blog post ideas revolve around entertainment news and celebrity gossip, you’re basically running a tabloid. With fake news being at an all-time high, you could draw a line and avoid getting sued for defamation.

The good news is that humans love a juicy gossip rumor. That is why your blog may get a ton of traffic within a short time if you continue publishing blog post ideas that capture people’s imagination.

Here are some celebrity and entertainment blog post ideas to boost your tabloid creativity.

  1. Write engaging and factual articles about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle because they have been trending since they moved to Canada.
  2. Publish content documenting how Covid19 has affected celebrities and the entertainment industry and how they are adapting.
  3. Write content around movies, the latest releases, upcoming films, and how the industry adjusts to the pandemic in 2021.
  4.  Review TV shows and how Netflix has revolutionized the whole television space.
  5. Write articles about opera and theatre during the pandemic.
  6. Interview local and international celebrities and convert that into a blog post or any other medium on your entertainment and celebrity website.
  7. Be the first to document the viral videos making rounds on the internet.
  8. Talk about upcoming events in entertainment and what celebrities are up to.
  9. Write tutorials for aspiring celebrities and what it takes to be one.
  10. Share your own experience in the celebrity and entertainment industry.

Here are top entertainment and celebrity blogs to inspire you.

Study these top celebrity and entertainment blogs to create a website that is among the most trusted sources online.

20. Blog Post Ideas for the Electronics Blogging Niche

Blogging about electronics is highly rewarding because the products sold are usually premium priced, translating to larger commissions.

It’s even more lucrative when you create your own tech products and sell them directly to consumers.

The opportunities are unlimited because you can create typical apps, SaaS, and physical gadgets, among others. You will do marketing through your blog, and all these assets will earn you passive income while you sleep and travel the world.

Specializing in one area such as mobile phones or laptops could set you above the rest. That is because people will know that your website is the go-to for all smartphone-related data like GSM Arena.  

There has been a new trend where former employees of tech giants turn into bloggers and rise to popularity within a short time. It’s thanks to the fact that they are talented individuals.

It’s also easy to find active employees of Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and other billion-dollar companies running blogs and vlogs documenting their life.

Bill Gates was not left behind, and his blog is also among the most read.  

Such content can quickly go viral because millions of people are always fascinated by every aspect of tech giants.

Apart from the affiliation with a big brand, your blog may become popular if you’re featuring technology content that solves problems faced by a large percentage of the population.

The primary factor is to constantly write about blog post ideas that resonate with most tech and non-tech audiences.

Here are blog post ideas for the electronics blogging niche that will boost your blog’s ranking.

  1. Review the latest smartphones in 2021.
  2. What are must-have electronics during the pandemic lockdown?
  3. Write about the best electronics YouTube channels in 2021.
  4. Top 10 benefits of devices for home automation in 2021.
  5. Do product reviews of gaming gear for beginners to start professional video gaming.
  6. Review gear needed for anyone to become a YouTuber in 2021. Due to the lockdown working online, it is becoming the best alternative to creating a revenue source.
  7. Review the best TV sets in 2021.
  8. Write a series of DIY tutorials on how users can troubleshoot their phones at home instead of throwing money at technicians.
  9. Write a series of DIY tutorials for users to troubleshoot their computers at home.
  10. Review e-bikes to transport and help people keep fit during the pandemic.

Here are top blogs in the electronics blogging niche to improve your gadgets blog.

If you’re looking for insight, study these top electronics blogs, how they are structured, and which of their blog post ideas are popular.

Your sub-niche may be the insane engineer who experiments crazy with gadgets like drop-assays, cuts, brand new Lava iPhones, etc. Despite all that, you need to have a passion or an electronics-based skill to boost the rate at which your electronics content goes viral.

21. Blog Post Ideas for the Affiliate Marketing Blogging Niche

We’ve discussed affiliate marketing as a way to monetize your blog, but did you know you could build your website around educating other bloggers about the model?

Everyone in the blogging industry gets a significant percentage of their affiliate marketing income. It’s still challenging for many bloggers to understand how it all works, and your blog’s job is to enlighten them.

In return, you could create an affiliate marketing paid course and earn from that.

Additionally, you will be applying your vast knowledge about affiliate marketing to generate passive income for yourself.

To attract more students, it would help if you posted relevant content. The following blog post ideas for the affiliate marketing blogging niche may come in handy.

  1. Write articles about how to go about promoting high ticket products.
  2. List affiliate marketing platforms that are best for digital products.
  3. How to earn from affiliate marketing without owning a blog.
  4. List the top 20 best affiliate marketing platforms to join in 2021.
  5. Share with your audience your experience with affiliate marketing.
  6. Publish interviews with successful affiliate marketers.  
  7. Feature your best affiliate marketing students. That is if you have an online course.
  8. How to make the most out of a free affiliate marketing course in 2021.
  9. A feature frequently asked questions about affiliate marketing by your audience.
  10. Frequently share your affiliate marketing income and explain the figures. That will inspire others that it’s possible to make money in the niche.

Here are top affiliate marketing blogs to compare with your site and figure out where to make improvements.

You must possess experience and some level of success for your audience to take your affiliate marketing blog seriously.

22. Blog Post Ideas for the Career and Work from Home Jobs Blogging Niche

Job boards are popular thanks to the high rate of unemployment. According to statistics, one of the biggest job websites on the internet, Indeed, received almost half a million visitors in a month.

That’s a mind-blowing number, but it also means that if you base your blog on your career and work from a home niche, you’ll receive a lot of traffic.

You will add a job board section to your career blog in such a case. However, creating a website and using a job board WordPress theme does not guarantee that blog visitors will stay or come back for more.

Your audience is desperate for employment, and so they will only revisit your blog if they found success. For example, after applying, the employer replied promptly and scheduled an interview.

Especially during the pandemic, people are looking for legitimate work-from-home opportunities, and it’s your blog’s role to point them in the right direction.

When that happens, this applicant will definitely refer other unemployed people to your career and work from home blog. Therefore, your career blog post ideas and content should help readers secure employment.

Here are career and work from home blog post ideas to inspire you to write relevant articles and attract more traffic.

  1. Legit work from home jobs for moms in 2021.
  2. Tips to secure employment during the pandemic.
  3. Write tips on how to excel at job interviews, from preparation to negotiating for salary.
  4. List and review top websites that pay weekly for work from home jobs.
  5. Talk about legit work from home jobs that require zero experience.
  6. Advice readers how they can find the career they are passionate about.
  7. Write tutorials advising employees on how to achieve career goals such as promotions.
  8. Interview recruiters so your readers can learn what employers are looking for during the interview.
  9. Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of working from home and solutions.
  10. List and review companies that are hiring remotely in 2021. Provide these job vacancy details to your audience and let them apply for the roles. These could include companies such as Tesla and Facebook, among others.

Here are top career and work-from-home blogs to give you an idea of what your job blog may be missing.

The list above is a mixture of blogs about traditional 9 to 5 jobs and work from home advocates. Whichever path you choose for your career blog, ensure that your content gets readers employed, even if it’s filling paid surveys.

23. Blog Post Ideas for the Sports Blogging Niche

The sports blogging niche is broad, and all sub niches under it are equally lucrative.

That is because sports have a huge following of loyal fans who are willing to spend money on their favorite team or athlete.

There is also sports betting, which is lucrative for investors but more of a gamble for the betting players.

Your sports blog should include blog post ideas and content that make fans fall even more in love with their sport through engaging and entertaining articles.

How to Monetize Your Sports Blog in 2021

The first step is to find significant traffic before you can start making money with the typical ways of website monetization. You will have to become creative to be profitable while the site is still new.

  • Start by selling sports merchandise. You could dropship quality jerseys because such items usually get sold out quickly. Quality items will fetch a reasonable price.
  • Sell advertisement space on your blog to local sports teams and businesses.
  • Sign up for sports affiliate marketing programs.
  • Get businesses to pay you to review their sports-oriented products such as shoes and safety gear. These items are outside of affiliate marketing.
  • Ask for donations from your loyal audience.
  • Create a paywall on your sports blog for quality content.

Here are sports blog post ideas to keep your fans visiting the blog for more.

  1. Post sports news as they occur, applying your personality to the blog posts.
  2. Talk about how the pandemic has affected the sports industry and how they adapt.
  3. Interview notable sports personalities and post as blog articles.
  4. Professionally analyze sports games, especially the recent tournaments but remember to include your personal opinions.
  5. Document the history of each sport and its journey to today.
  6. Document the careers of notable athletes and sports personnel.
  7.  Talk about prominent sports personalities’ lifestyles, such as how the millionaire soccer players spend their money.
  8. Review must-have gear for each sport and add affiliate links for you to earn passively from those who make purchases.
  9. Talk about the training regimen of famous sports personalities.
  10. Talk about scandals in the sports industry but make sure that you fact-check everything before publishing the blog posts.  

Here are top sports blogs you can model yours on.

Take time and study these top sports blogs because you can learn a thing or two to make your blog a success.

24. Blog Post Ideas for the Photography Blogging Niche

Do you have itchy fingers and always want to take photographs? Do you do photography as a hobby? Then you should start a photography blog.

Don’t just create a static website for your portfolio. Go all the way and include blog posts about photography. Go even further and consider the blog your online photography business.

By now, you already have an Instagram and Pinterest account and other resources for photographers because they are essential in marketing your blog.

When your visitors arrive on your website, what keeps them coming is good content, and so here are blog post ideas to boost your photography blog ranking.

  1. Blog about upcoming discounts and giveaways you will offer your readers.
  2. Review your favorite gear and add affiliate links to get commissions when purchasing.
  3. Educate your potential clients on what makes a photograph stand out.
  4. Write a series of photography tutorials that will help beginners and enthusiasts.
  5. Document your photography process and how you came up with your popular images.
  6. Give photography tips for those looking to take advantage of the lockdowns.
  7. Review the top photography software in 2021 and tools such as Canva.
  8. Start a challenge, for example blogging about one photo a day for one year.
  9. Write an article outlining mistakes beginners and photography armatures make.
  10. Share with readers the proper ways to prepare for different photography sessions.

Here are top photography blogs you can borrow more blog post ideas from.

It would help if you specialized in blogging about wedding photography, product photography, wildlife photography, or any other sub-niche you’re passionate about.

25. Blog Post Ideas for the Home Décor Blogging Niche

According to reliable studies, the home décor niche is valued at $700 billion. Generally, the demand for high-end products is always there. That means there’s a lot of money to be made with a home décor blog.

Women dominate the home décor blogging niche, and that is why Pinterest is the place to be when you need blog post ideas.

The niche is tied to real estate, which happens to be among the top lucrative industries out there.

If you want to make money, I’d recommend home décor, dropshipping. Some of the sub-niches of home décor include;

  • Cheap home decoration ideas.
  • DIY home décor ideas.
  • Seasonal home décor ideas that go with holidays and special occasions.
  • Ideas for rustic home decoration.

Having a passion for home décor will definitely play a significant role in your blog’s success. The other equally essential aspect is quality content. When you’re faced with writer’s block, here are a few blog post ideas to fuel your creativity.

  1. Talk about how the Covid19 has affected the home décor industry and how to adapt.
  2. Write about ideas for home decorating small homes and tiny spaces.
  3. Home décor ideas for anyone on a budget.
  4. The best home décor ideas in 2021.
  5. Home decoration ideas for the bedroom.
  6. Talk about the best decoration for every season and holiday, from Halloween to Easter. With article topics like how to decorate a Christmas tree.
  7. Write about trends in the home décor industry like interior design trends in 2021.
  8. Write how-to guides like hot to distress furniture.
  9. Write comparison articles such as shower versus a bath.
  10. Talk about color schemes like ten color ideas to make a small space appear larger.

Here are top home décor blogs for you to borrow more blog post ideas to liven up your website.

Home décor blogging relies heavily on images. That is why you also need to learn a thing or two about sourcing enticing photographs. That is, if you can’t shoot them yourself, you have no choice but to use the ones available online.

26. Blog Post Ideas for the Gaming Blogging Niche

The gaming blogging niche is lucrative and competitive. So the best option is to choose a sub-niche you are passionate about and stick to it.

For example, you can choose one popular game like Fortnite or Minecraft and create your blog around it.

One genuinely inspirational gaming blog is True Valhalla. The owner, Matthew, is a video game developer; on his blog. He shares his latest creations, the website’s income reports, and teaches other people to make money with video games.

For example, Matt’s gaming blog averages $100k plus monthly online income from the following areas, which I recommend that you also explore.

  • Selling Books.
  • Selling HTML5 games he has developed.
  • Doing consulting work.
  • Sales from Mobility Engine (a tool that solves display problems in HTML5 games).
  • Placing ads on his blog, True Valhalla.

Matthew, who made about $1000 a month back in 2012, primary blogs about the games he develops and documents his professional lifestyle.

You could follow Matthew’s model or focus on established games such as Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds, also known as PUBG.  Whichever way, there’s a lot of money to be made.

For example, 50 million people play PUBG on the internet. Thatearn fact is an opportunity for you to start a gaming blog targeting PUBG’s audience.

Here are a few lucrative gaming blogging sub-niches you should consider.

  • PC Gaming.
  • Mobile Gaming.
  • Video Tutorials.
  • Esports News and events
  • Blog about a game streaming channel.
  • Gaming gear and laptops.
  • Virtual Reality.
  • Gaming Consoles and systems.
  • Kid-friendly games.
  • Gameplay Walkthroughs.

After settling on a sub-niche and using relevant gaming blog post ideas to gain a sizable audience, it’s time to monetize through commissions. Here are top video game affiliate programs to choose from.

You get to receive the commission for every valid lead your gaming blog sends their way.

Another way to scale is to link your gaming to YouTube and convert your blog post ideas into video game videos.

One of the biggest names in this niche is The Rad Brad, and the channel has over 12 million subscribers earning him six figures per month. His area of specialization is gameplay walkthroughs.

We haven’t even touched on Twitch, a leading live streaming platform where gamers from all walks of life record themselves playing video games. The Twitch service is another way millions of people are earning a lot of money in the gaming niche.

So, you’re guaranteed to make money in the gaming blogging niche, but you need quality content to do that. Here are a few blog post ideas to boost your gaming blog ranking.

  1. Write a series of blog posts about a day in the life of popular gamers or even yourself.
  2. Write how gaming can be beneficial during the Covid19 pandemic and taking advantage of the lockdowns.
  3. Post about news and events in the gaming industry like NFTs in gaming.
  4. Write a series of articles documenting your experience playing different games.
  5. Review the best gaming gear in 2021. Add affiliate links, so you earn from any sales.
  6. Write about the game development process and how beginners can get into it. The same thing that Matthew is doing on his True Valhalla blog.  
  7. Talk about employment opportunities in the gaming industry.
  8. Talk about future events, upcoming games, and anticipated plans.
  9. Compare different popular games to help players figure out which one fits them.
  10. Document professional gamers, including their journey to the championships.

Here are top gaming blogs to inspire yours.

For you to succeed, it helps to be passionate about gaming. The gaming niche is extensive, and you could go the casino way because it is equally lucrative. Casino players need a fact-checking blog that informs them to avoid being scammed.

27. Blog Post Ideas in the Social Media Blogging Niche

Almost everyone is on social media today, but very few know how much of a business gold mine it is. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter give you free access to millions of potential customers.

Your social media blog’s role will be to teach people the tips and tricks to monetize their interactions with these platforms.

Social media marketing is the most popular sub-niche and the one you should capitalize on. That means you need to know a thing or two about social media marketing and have successfully implemented the strategies.

It also helps if you’re running a digital marketing agency and want to start offering social media management services.

Social media influence is a booming business, but these individuals are always looking to hire managers to concentrate on creating content more than administrative work.

Another group of people want to become social media managers but don’t know-how. Other individuals just like the skills to improve their social media experience. So, your blog should cater to all these potential clients.

You also have to sensitize society about social media, about the good and the bad.

Before you can start making a lot of money, you’ll have to upload good content consistently, and here are some blog post ideas to get you started.

  1. Is social media addiction real in 2021?
  2. Write about the impact social media is having on the youth.
  3. Write blog posts about social media and productivity.
  4. Write articles on fake news and social media.
  5. How to use social media as an effective marketing tool.
  6. Write a beginner’s guide to social media marketing and management in 2021.
  7. Publish blog posts on news and events in the social media space.
  8. How to make money with social media in 2021.
  9. Write about people who are quitting social media and document that movement. Some people are taking up social media detox.
  10. Talk about trending services such as TikTok and how to make money.

Here are top social media blogs you can borrow more blog post ideas from.

Social media blogging can be considered relatively new because it has only become more prevalent in recent years. So there’s a lot of opportunities for you to thrive.


260 Best Blog Post Ideas for 2021 ConclusionThese 260 best blog post ideas for 2021 will improve your blog’s Google rankings and attract more traffic and earn you more money. It’s also clear that you need to have a passion for whatever blogging niche you choose to succeed.

All resources are a Google search away, and so it’s up to you to determine what impact your blog makes. Whenever you experience writer’s block, look at the blog post ideas in this article for inspiration.

260 Best Blog Post Ideas for 2021
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