Best Blog Site to Make Money

best blog site to make money
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Are you looking for the best blogging platform to make money? How about the best blog site to make money?

Well, you are not alone. I’m not sure whether that is good news or not. However, I believe that it’s good news for you.

I mean, what’s wrong with hardworking people looking for the right best blog site to make money and where they can exercise their talents? There are hundreds upon hundreds of sites that claim to offer such opportunities. However, there are only a few that are legitimate. In this article, we talk about the best websites to make money.

What is the Best Blog Site to Make Money?

What’s wrong with hardworking people looking for the right best blog site to make money and where they can exercise their talents? There are hundreds upon hundreds of sites that claim to offer such opportunities. However, there are only a few that are legitimate. In this article, we talk about the best websites to make money.

I am not the only ones who have managed to write this kind of article. You are probably aware that there are hundreds already out on the internet. All you need to do is Google the search, and boom!

Everything is at your disposal. However, our article will be different because we take our time to understand the details about the best blog site to make money. Many written articles only give you the tip of the iceberg. They leave off fundamental issues. When you are deep into the process, you realize you only have half the information and probably, know-how.

You may want to prepare a warm glass of water. Have a pen and paper, take a deep breath. Because today, you will learn the best blog site to make money.

Which is the Best Blog Platform to Make Money?

Are you all set? Now let’s lay this issue to rest. Let’s get this discussion going and find out; which is the best blog platform to make money?


Best Blog Site to Make Money Wix

We top our list with Wix as our first website. For your information, we are not highlighting these websites in a specific order. Instead, we are picking and talking about them randomly. I hope that makes some sense. Now that we’ve clarified that, let’s resume.

Apart from being the best blog site to make money, Wix is also an Israeli company that deals with software. The company provides services dealing with website development. Well, if you are not tech crazy, then all of that information is not worth anything. However, what might interest you is that Wix gives you the opportunity of creating your HTML5 mobile sites and website.

The company boasts being behind about 160 million-plus websites. Isn’t that something? However, Wix comes with packages. There is a free package and other paid ones too. While many people opt for the free package, think outside the box.

We are not lording over free Wix users. If you cannot afford a paid subscription or are new to the industry, it’s okay. A free subscription will do you some good. On the other hand, if you want to pay rent and take care of other responsibilities, you have to change your game.

Free stuff will only break your back, especially if you’re looking for the best blog platform to make money. That is because you can only go up to a specific set limit. Since writers do not earn enough from writing content, they need a supplement; Ads. If you subscribe to a paid version, you will create your ads, which is a great opportunity.

However, it doesn’t just happen. Work on ways on how to drive traffic to your website. Failure to which, you will spend a lot on nothing. home

Have you also heard of the rumor that and are fruits of the same tree? Well, if you have, you’ll agree with me that you get this strong urge to believe the rumor. However, the truth is that they are not related directly.

We are not playing with words there. The truth is as plain as that. And that is because they are both run by different companies. And it does not end at that. Even in terms of their functionality, they are quite a contrast.

You are probably asking yourself what we mean by that; well, in a nutshell, is a completed work. All that the company requires of you are setting up your account. Once you do that, you are good to go with this best blogging platform to make money. You do not have to worry about web hosting since they take care of that for you.

Despite the very many advantages that make a killer company, it also has some setbacks. These setbacks are frustrating in nature. They include your inability to access a variety of templates or plugins. That means you do not have access to great options to customize your website to fit your taste. I cannot forget to mention that you also lack URL independence.

Still, this one of the best site to make money.

However, despite the bad news, the good news is that you can also earn through How is that? Through affiliate marketing. By that, we mean advertising a company’s product to your audience. The pay you get is dependent on your audience’s reactions.


Medium homepage

Arguably, Medium is one of the fastest-growing websites in the world. It is also the best blog site to make money. We can base this fact on the evidence out there. Medium receives about 180 million monthly visitors. Isn’t that a significant number?

All those millions of visitors are potential visitors to your blog too. But it also depends on the content you put up there. The better the content, the higher your visitors in number.

Medium’s setback for years was that it did not offer any payment opportunities to its members. Now that would appear to be mean today based on the number of visitors. However, recently we’ve seen a change.

Thanks to Medium’s partnership program, writers stand a chance to get paid for their unique pieces. All you need to do is write a relevant article that is worth sharing. If you are lucky, your item may meet the eye of their staff. You can then get to be featured, which will translate to thousands of dollars. That positions Medium as the best blog site to make money.

However, Medium has one significant set: Medium is selective for those who enjoy their partnership program. And that is because some countries do not qualify. However, there are ways to go about it.

Some sources say that Medium pays you from what they get from its membership subscriptions. However, they are not entirely clear on how they arrive at what amount they allocate to the successful writers.

Change is progressive. Therefore, we can only hope that soon, more writers globally will get to experience the joy of being paid for writing their blogs. You can have a full-time lucrative writing career on this best blogging platform to make money.


Ghost homepage

Ghost ends our list of the best blog site to make money. I believe that when you first heard of the word “ghost.” It was during your childhood. However, even after those years, that name still sends a shock into your very being. However, there is some good news about Ghost that may bring about reconciliation.

Ghost is among the very few websites that work to ensure that writers get a fair share of their hard work. They do that by ensuring that they give you many options that you only have to choose the one that favors you. Isn’t that amazing?

The first way is through paid readers, which allows you to develop your brand. Also, you can apply for Google Adsense, where you get to create ads and earn from it. However, to apply for Google Adsense, you need to do some tech work.

Affiliate marketing is another way to earn through Ghost. Here you get paid commission for the products that you get to advertise on your blog. However, it would be best if you were keen to explore more options to avoid getting peanuts that are not worth the effort.

best blogging platform to Make Money WordPress org is the top best blog site to make money. Why do I say this? It is free and offers a variety. You can create your website here using the diverse themes presented, generate content or have an App. Statistics from the W3Techs survey indicate that 40% of webs today use WordPress.

My website Geekg8 runs on WordPress platform.

One can, indeed, do much with WordPress. The big question, however, is, how can you make money through it? Let’s find out in a bit.

Here are three quick steps to making money through this forum. It all begins with starting your site.

Step One: Content Creation

From your site, you can write breathtaking blogs, either educational or entertaining. Some people combine the two.

Blog posts that explain how to achieve something sell best. Those that have listicles are also worth presenting.

When generating your content, always ensure that they are original and well presented. With this accomplished, we move to the next step.

Step Two: Generate Traffic

Generating traffic generally corresponds to the number of visits your site has. Through Search Engine Optimization or SEO, your blog can rank high on google searches. If it appears among the items on the first page, it means you are doing well on traffic. You can learn more about SEO here.

You can further build on traffic by writing guest posts. As much as no one likes doing anything for free, sometimes when you discern the end from the beginning, it’s worth it all. For this reason, you can identify a site to write for, especially one that has good traffic.

As many people visit the site, they can view your post, and in due course, you can generate more traffic. Though there are more ways of building traffic, here’s a final suggestion for our article; commenting on other forums. As you make positive contributions to posts created by others, you can backlink to a relevant piece you have written.

Step Three: Monetization

There are various ways to earn from your site. The basic one is through Adsense from google. It allows you to place adverts on your post. If anyone clicks on the ad, you receive payment for it. The other standard method is by becoming an Amazon affiliate.

How does this work? You link any item from Amazon. If anyone makes a purchase, you receive a commission. This is why it is the best blogging platform to make money.


best blogging platform to Make Money Blogger allows one to create and publish as many articles as possible. You only need to have an account with them. Since this site is an affiliate of Google, you need to have a google account to use it. Here are the quick steps for creating an account with Blogger.

  1. It all starts with registration.
  2. Have a title and address for the blog
  3. Select the theme desired
  4. Click on “new post” to write your blog.
  5. Publish it once you finish

Remember that all blog posts have to be original and appealing. With the right amount of traffic flowing your way, you can attain much. Let’s find out how you can earn through Before that, note that allows you to view the statistics on how your blogs are trending.

On this site, your best bet for making some dollars lies in ads. Making use of Google Adsense is more convenient. You can sign up for it from your blogger account. You then have to give accurate information on your address and payment method.

You can then incorporate ads into your blogs. Here’s the core matter; earning. Whenever one clicks onto the ad on your post, you receive some amount. The more people view the ad, the higher the payment you receive.


best blogging platform to Make Money Wix

Tumblr has around 519.3 million blogs created with about 12.6 million posts per day. It allows one some freedom of expression. I can say with confidence that this is the best blog site to make money.

You can post your views whichever way without interfering with your personality and taste. It doesn’t matter if you are artistic or photogenic; its features got you covered.

Once you create a Tumblr account with a steady following, you can write a blog. Remember, this is one of the best blog platform to make money. You only need to ensure that your blogs are beyond reproach.

Although you can have more than one blog account, you may do well to focus on one, especially a business one. If you post on shoes, focus on that. Let’s see how we can get those monies flowing to us through this platform.

Using Ads

The most commonly used avenue is Google Adsense. Through it, you incorporate ads into your post. Each click on the ad translates to payment on our wallet. Also, note that one can use Yahoo Bing or another company offering a similar service.

Depending on your choice of company, there will be varying conditions to fulfill. At the same time, the rates of payment will also be different. However, one surety is that you will receive a higher amount if you have a more significant following with more clicks.

Using affiliate links

Another avenue for earning is by using affiliate links like amazon. Here’s how it works. You only have to put up the links on your blog. As people purchase through the link, you receive payment based on your agreed terms. Note that this method will work best if your account deals more with products.

It would help if you were cautious when putting up affiliate links. Too much of the same may result in the deletion of your account.

Linking to Other Avenues

With your active Tumblr account, you can bank on it as a medium for directing your followers to your other accounts. On your blog, you can link to your social media accounts that have ads on them. With a large following on your blogs, you may promote your other brands as people look you up on other platforms.

Selling Expertise

Once you have successfully established yourself on Tumblr, you can offer expert advice to others at a fee. With this, you can still earn through this best blog site to make money.


best blogging platform to Make Money Squarespace

Squarespace is easy to use; hence, the best blog site to make money. How does one go about it? It all starts with designing a winning website. An appealing appearance will always attract people to view whichever content is available.

Ensure that you employ the best features and templates Squarespace offers as they are diverse. These features are also specific to your niche. You, therefore, have no reason to guess at anything. Creating a blog post comes in next.

Ensure that you are right with SEO and other features that will make your blog stand out. To increase your following, you can share your posts on different platforms as soon as you publish them.

With your blog on point, you now need to turn them into income-generating ventures. The best place to start is by using ads like Google Adsense. Once you settle on the ad to use, you need to have it on your page. Code block, a feature by Squarespace, will help to add your ad code to your site.

Earnings come in two forms; you can be paid per click an ad gets. The other way is through impressions. Whether one clicks or views the ad, you receive payment. You can make use of both methods.

Sponsorship and Affiliations

You can also earn by using sponsored pages. This is how it works. A company may post an article on your page with a call to action at the end, directing the reader to them. You can also write a post on your page for a different organization, referring your readers to them for specific services.

The company will pay you either way for the service. You only need to indicate at the beginning of the article that the content is sponsored. With affiliations, you link a company’s product to your blog post. With every sale through your page, you receive payment from Squarespace, the best blogging platform to make money.

Constant Contact

Best Blog Site to Make Money Constant Contact

Constant Contact creates a platform for one to make money while blogging. It is a legit best blog site to make money. Once you follow their quick and easy steps in creating a website, you can venture into your blogging journey. They recognize the need one might have to generate income through their passion for writing.

Constant Contact has an email marketing platform through which one can build more traffic to their respective sites. With a strong following, here are a few tips you can take up to fatten your wallet.

Using Affiliate Programs

With the kinds of blogs you create, you can link up with other companies to link their products on your site. Since you have a strong following, the visitors you get to your site may purchase the product. The company will give you a commission out of that sale.

Selling Products and Services

Through your blogs, you can choose to sell your items. They may be physical products or services. It could be a consultation business or a supplement business. Once you finish the article, you can include a clause that directs people to your specific product. The use of images is also crucial.

The Bottom Line

There are tens of hundreds of best blog sites to make money platforms that offer heaven on earth. However, because most websites have not kept these promises, everyone is scrambling for the best blogging platform to make money. While legitimate websites keep these promises, it remains your job to ensure that you do your best. Based on the patterns that we have seen, you need to be on top of the game since these skills translate to a ton of traffic, which will mean massive commissions.

Best Blog Site to Make Money
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