12 Best Graphic Design Software in 2021

12 Best Graphic Design Software in 2021
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What is the best graphic design software for your business in 2021?

Graphic design is among the most popular skills in recent years. For example, the company behind Canva, the easy-to-use graphics design tool, became a billion-dollar startup. That is how popular the craft has evolved.

Canva makes designing effortless, but professionals prefer more advanced graphic design software to make their work stand out.

A talented graphic designer can create something stunning using Microsoft paint. However, the flexibility and intuitive controls of a good program make the difference.

A practical graphic design software makes the work of designers effortless.  It should not just enhance efficiency but also help designers develop stunning creativity.  

The bottom line is, every designer needs to have the right software for the job. Spectacular design that communicates to audiences is vital for every brand, whether big or small.  

So, the graphic design package you decide to use should cope with the print and publishing processes’ demands.

What is the Best Graphic Design Software?

So, how do you identify the best graphic design software that suits your needs? Each of the software has unique features that make it stand out from the rest. However, the best one is characterized by features like performance, usability, availability, and cost.

Good software is user-friendly and straightforward for designers to set up. Creating artwork and other print designs can be a complex activity. So, as a designer, you need software that matches your skill level.  

Most paid graphic design software providers offer a free trial to entice users into purchasing the full version of the program, which features all functionality.

We have made your work easier by researching and coming up with a list of the 12 best graphic design software in the market today. These are tools with remarkable custom designs that will wow your clients.

We are talking about tools that have undergone trial and testing to ensure that they take your work to the next level. Whether you are looking for expensiveness and flexibility or something simple and affordable, we’ve got you covered.

We reached out to some of the best graphic designers to get their opinion about graphic design software.

We researched and made a list of the best software for design and artwork. We believe you will find the software practical for your graphic design work needs. They are as follow:


Canva is a popular choice for designers today and one of the best graphic design software in 2021.It is a free online graphic design tool that allows designers to create designs quickly and easily.

Whether you are a pro or just beginning your graphic design career, Canva can work for you. You can use the software to make business cards, Instagram posts, invitations, and much more.

The software is all about drag and drop. All you need is to choose an element and then drag it to where you are working and customize it. It is available as a graphic design application that you can use on Android and Apple devices.

Canva is used by technical illustrators, business graphics, graphic designers, technical writers, educators, and marketers. It is also user-friendly, so anyone with no experience can create a professional design.

This software comes with user-friendly features for beginners, from simple cropping and straightening to adding color correcting and textures. It edits photos simply for them. You can give your image more dimensions using this software by adding a textured background.

You can also insert text to the photo to create a photo grid or your memes. Generally, there is much more you can do with Canva.

It has lots of free font images and templates to enable you to create designs of your choice. Most of Canva’s basic features are free, but it doesn’t have advanced features such as Photoshop.

In case you want to use more features, there are charges for that. For beginners who don’t want to buy premium software or engage in a learning process, they should try Canva.

Canva Key Features

  • Easy to Use Interface: The idea of drag and drop makes customization of many templates easy and straightforward.
  • Wide Array of Features: With an array of features in this software, users don’t need experience or extensive knowledge to edit photos.
  • Built-in Course: Canva comes with various built-in course management tools that you can customize to experience a unique learning experience.


  • Canva is fast and saves time. It enables designers to design a graphic and write text effortlessly and faster.
  • The Canva software has an intuitive interface that any technological novice can use. It is easy to navigate through this software. If you are new to certain features, you simply instructional library video, and you are sorted.
  • The software comes at no cost. Therefore, it is ideal for those new graphic designers looking for the best graphic design software without a paid subscription.
  • It is a user-friendly application. Even new designers can confidently operate it to create their intricate graphic designs.


  • Canva is not ideal for use if you are working on a large professional design project. It does not offer sophisticated technology, and it lacks the little details you will need for your project.
  • Canva has limited free graphics and templates.
  • Doesn’t come with advanced features such as Photoshop.

Pricing Plans

Canva is a free graphic design software, but you must pay for any premium images you need to use within the program.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop stands out as one of the most famous and recognizable software for photo editing. It is a robust package that offers millions of designers worldwide exceptional graphic design capabilities.

Whether an artist or designer wants to create posters, websites, banners, or logos, this software can do that. Adobe Photoshop is a tool for all levels of design. From simple basic cropping to more complex designs for manipulating photos.

Whether you want to work on minor edits or sophisticated ones, this tool will do that for you. Besides image editing, you can develop composition and naturalistic artwork using this software.

You can use the software to define the canvas size, create a custom brush, isolate elements from the background, work in 3D, etc.

Photoshop has classic features such as layers, masks, and pen tools. However, the version happens to add cool tricks like frame tools to make masking easy. Photoshop is one of the best and use graphic design software for learning with its potentially unlimited skill ceiling.

Other software tools for visual design have emerged over the years to cater to different editing needs. However, given the trend, Adobe Photoshop seems to be the reference point to image editing.

Adobe Photoshop Key Features

  • Creative Cloud: It has been actively synchronized with Adobe Creative Cloud to offer many unique features. They include Face-Aware Liquify, Content-Aware Crop, Design Space view, Artboards, stylus input support, Cloud Document, touch, and many more.
  • Design Tools: It is one of the software that seems to offer many design tools for web and mobile apps
  • Open-source GIMP Software: This software is free, and you can download it without paying a single cent. However, to avoid lag and any other performance problems, you should install it on a powerful machine.


  • Adobe currently offers Photoshop with a Creative Cloud subscription. So, the recurring payment happens to be very costly for those who want to buy the software nonstop and have to purchase a perpetual license.
  • When it comes to vector and raster images, Adobe offers limited support.
  • A new user might find Adobe’s plethora of features overwhelming.

Pricing Plans

Adobe Photoshop comes with a monthly subscription license of $33.99

Adobe InDesign

Designed and produced by Adobe Systems, Adobe InDesign is another best graphic design software in 2021. It is a desktop publishing tool with excellent capabilities.

It is an outstanding application for creating things like brochures, flyers, magazines, books, and newspapers.  

Therefore, it’s must-have design software for those in the publishing business. It is an ideal tool for marketing professionals, publishers, and artists.

This tool is exceptional because all the software projects can be exported and shared in hardcopy print and digital formats. It also comes with lots of integrations and features, making it easier for designers to publish documents.

Adobe InDesign has a flexible layout that enables you to change your document text, and the graphic adjusts.

This software’s properties panels have been redesigned in that anyone using the Adobe InDesign software has more control over it. Generally, graphics happen to be a fundamental part of page design, and this software puts you in control.

You can do things such as cropping borders, sizing, and effects. It means that you have the power to control the appearance of images you are creating.

Also, the software has been integrated with Adobe’s Sensei technology to allow automatic image resizing and arrangement. Because of its low learning curve, starters can quickly learn the applications.

Adobe InDesign Key Features

  • Easy to Use: Adobe InDesign is not like Photoshop, which requires a high learning curve. It is user-friendly, especially for beginners. They can easily learn the combination of graphics and texts.
  • Adobe InCopy: This feature makes it easy for designers to work with team members by sharing graphics and colors.
  • Sensei Technology: Adobe makes use of Sensei technology, which makes automatic arrangement and resizing of images simple.
  • Adjustable layouts: This software empowers designers to adjust the layout, making it easy for them to change texts on the templates. This feature enables you to create stunning infographic designs.


  • Adobe InDesign allows its users to add tags to keywords, indexes, anchor text frames, table of content, footnote, and captions with hyperlinks.
  • Adobe InDesign supports HTML exporting, making it easy for web developers to export clean and straightforward codes when implementing website layout design.
  • It allows graphic designers to combine texts and graphics for easier optimization and streamline files.
  • The software can resize many objects and change the height and width.
  • The application allows designers to leverage its Eyedropper toolto apply for size or position right away to another object in the same document.


  • The less intuitive Adobe InDesign interface can be overwhelming to a new user.
  • The software is not suitable for general users but practical for enterprise use.
  • It is relatively expensive compared to other similar application tools in the market.

Pricing Plan

Adobe InDesign offers a full Creative design suite that costs $52.99. Available is also a monthly subscription of $20.99.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator comes on the list of the best graphic design software trending in 2021. It is a design tool centered around a vector editing program published by Adobe.

You can use this tool to create icons, artwork, product packaging, posters, book illustrations, and many other things. Also, you can use designs from Adobe Illustrator on billboards or business cards.

Adobe Illustrator is also known for drawing, mixing, and refining designs to create something stunning on desktop and iPad.

There is also Adobe Illustrator Draw, a mobile version made by Adobe. According to designers, it is one of the best graphic design apps.

To draw using Adobe Illustrator, you can use the shaper tool to create vector shapes. You can also add geometric shapes to other outlines and move, scale, and reshape them.

It is also easy for you to manipulate fonts in this software to suit your needs. All you need is to adjust their slant, weight, or width.

It is one of the Adobe professionally designed templates that help you save time. The program’s user interface is quite helpful.

However, there is a steep learning curve one has to undergo to become a good illustrator. But the limitless potential once you learn to create vector designs is worth the struggle.

Adobe Illustrator Key Features

  • Complete customizability: Because of the numerous presets, layouts, and other options available in Adobe Illustrator, it has a high customizability level. It allows users to move panels anywhere they want on the screen using the drag and drop feature.
  • It is highly compatible: It is compatible with various Windows and Mac configurations devices.
  • User Interface: This tool’s user interface is highly customizable and accessible. It has space-saving and custom viewing features to help designers work on their machines.
  • It has In-Panel Editing Feature: It allows users to edit multiple artboards simultaneously. It makes the work of designers more efficient.


  • It comes with a wide variety of tools.
  • Adobe Illustrator provides you access to more than 90 million graphics, images, videos, and templates from Adobe Stock.
  • The tool supports precise editing.
  • You can use adobe font integration to choose thousands of fonts and implement them in your project.
  • The software has a helpful user interface.
  • Designers can easily share the graphic designs through a simple attachment because the software creates the files in small sizes.
  • The software has tight integration with other products from Adobe
  • The tool generates graphics based on mathematical equations to ensure that you have sharp and crisp lines. It allows you to do your printing in any dimension


  • It has a steep learning curve because of its many features. So, it may be overwhelming to new users.
  • It thrives on a lot of space, and for this reason, it could quickly fill up storage space on your computer.
  • This software’s cost is a bit high compared to other vector-based graphic design tools.

Pricing Plans

Adobe Illustrator has a monthly personal use subscription of $9.99 and $33.9 for enterprise use.

Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is another trending tool making it among the best graphic design software in 2021. It is a cheaper alternative to Illustrator, making it suitable for users in the initial stages of their design career.

This software works smoothly to improve workflow. It also enables you to showcase your creativity freely.

This tool enables you to move and zoom your work at 60 fps. That makes it easy for you to see the effects, gradients, and adjustment changing live together with the curve edits and transforms.

It allows you to work on both raster and vector workspaces, making it easy to switch between them. With this software, you can create professional artwork for print and screen.

Another thing good about this software is that it works on any device. Designers can make unlimited artboards within it.

Affinity Designer has an iPad graphic design app with similar features to those present on the laptop versions.

It also comes with advanced colors that allow you to work in LAB or RGB color spaces with a maximum of 32 bits per channel. The graphic design program also has varioustoolsetsthat you can use to achieve high productivity and accuracy levels.

When it comes to guides and grids, they are entirely customizable. You can, therefore, change the sub-divisions, spacing, angles, gutters, and many other things.

Another great feature of this software is that by zooming your artwork, you get floating-point accuracy by a percentage of more than a million.

Affinity Designer Key Features

  • Zoom Feature: It has a zoom feature that can go up to one million percent. That enables designers to design their work with accuracy and precision.
  • Modern Intuitive User Interface: The user interfaces modern and easy to use by both old pros and new designers. It allows users to be able to transition flawlessly between it and Illustrator. It also has necessary tools for budding designers accessible and well organized.
  • Grid System: The software has a versatile grid system that allows designers to set up grids as they create icons, graphics, and isometric video games. This feature also helps users acquire complete control over gutters, angles, sub-divisions, spacing to create accurate layouts.
  • Dual Environment: With this feature, users don’t need to open another application. Affinity Designer can work in both vector art and pixel art environments. It is, therefore, ideal for designers who work in Illustrator and Photoshop simultaneously. Using Affinity Designer will help save time because switching between toolsets does not interrupt workflow in any way.
  • Snapping Option: This feature allows designers to lock and position elements and objects depending on multiple things like alignment guides, nodes, and objects’ shapes.


  • With this software, it is easy for designers to influence dynamic on-screen guides to ensure object and design alignment and measurement accuracy.
  • The software offers its users a variety of colors to enhance their designs.
  • The software enables users to create accurate and smooth curves through window stabilizers and rope to develop stunning vector illustrations.
  • Within one project, users can apply artwork to several artboards.
  • Affinity designer’s iPad app is powerful, just like the desktop application.


  • Affinity Designer does not have a realistic perspective grid.
  • The software does not export files in AI.
  • It doesn’t have a vector eraser in Designer Persona.
  • Some of the tools available on Illustrator are missing in this software.

Pricing Plan

Affinity Designer software has a one-time cost of $49.99.

CorelDraw Graphics Suite

CorelDraw Graphics Suite is among the best graphic design software trending in 2021. It is also a robust software graphic suite that provides users with lots of easy-to-use features for powerful graphic editing.

Such features include color balancing, contrast adjustment, and adding special effects such as borders to images. It also works with multiple pages and layers.

CorelDraw is a software program used to edit vector graphics. Vector graphics are usually created in graphic packages and consist of objects.

Users can edit each of these objects separately, meaning that you can easily change their color, shape, and position.

CorelDraw Graphic Suite has web graphic presets and tools that users can use to develop creative web content. You can also use the software to publish on your WordPress site directly.

CorelDraw was earlier only available for Windows OS. But today, it is available for Mac too. With this graphic design software, you can easily create professional vector illustrations. It comes with powerful design tools that help users work smarter and faster.

The software also has several customization options to allow you to work on projects such as web design, logos, or prints.

CorelDraw today uses AI technology to give you LiveSketch to convert sketching into precise vector curves. It also contains tools you can use for graphics and layout. There is also Corel Font Manager and Photo-Paint for photo font management and editing.

CorelDraw Graphic Suite Key Features

  • Friendly UI: This software has a nice UI. New designers or beginners can learn to use it quickly to expand their professionalism and creativity.
  • Live Versatile Tools: This software comes with versatile tools such as mesh fill and shape notes. These tools come in handy in any kind of design.
  • Content Exchange: It is a Corel online digital library that allows registered users to access thousands of high-resolution digital images and photographs. It also offers more than 100 fonts, 2000 vehicle templates, over 500 interactive frames, and 350 professionally designed templates. It also has more than 600 vector, bitmap fills, and gradients.
  • Flexible Payment: The CorelDraw graphic suite offers three payment options for which users can purchase the software. There are also nominal charges for regular upgrades. There is also an upgrade plan for existing users.


  • The software offers app-wide workflow innovation and performance enhancements that boost productivity.
  • The software works well without any Surface Pen lag.
  • It gives users the option of choosing between GPU acceleration and default CPU as they work with system-intensive vector design.

  • This software runs on almost all processors.


  • CorelDraw Graphic suite does not offer complimentary mobile applications.
  • This software is a bit complicated and, therefore, not ideal for use by beginners.
  • There are too many payment options that are likely to confuse the user.

Pricing Plan

  • CorelDraw has a 15-day free trial.
  • CorelDraw full version costs $474 with a 30-day money guarantee.
  • A monthly subscription costs $16.50.
  • The annual subscription costs $198.


Sketch is also another tool on the best graphic design software tending in 2021. It is a Mac-only vector design program that focuses on creating interactive app design and interactive web prototypes. Designers use these digital designs to develop apps, websites, and interfaces.

Sketch can produce work design that enables clients to feel how things respond and look. They can also provide helpful feedback on the user interface and experience.

This software will soon be overtaking Photoshop as an interface prototyping tool. The majority of designers will go to hand off Sketch files instead of layered Photoshop files.

Unlike Photoshop, Sketch was built purposely for designing interactive interfaces. It can create live comps to enable clients to view what happens when they swipe, click, or tap your work on their devices.

For this reason, designers who use Photoshop to create a user interface for mobile and desktops may soon go for Sketch.

With this software, you can create a prototype by working with other designers on this same platform.

Sketch has an intelligent layout feature that enables a component to be automatically resized, depending on the content. It comes with hundreds of plugins that will allow you to do vector editing and other design work with accuracy. You can also use this software to create digital icons.

However, it is not a good design tool for illustration or print design.

Sketch Key Features

  • Interface and Canvas: The software provides the users with a clean, contextual user interface by design without floating panels.
  • Easy to Organize: The software features a page list that makes it easy for users to assign, organize and change layers.
  • Workflow: Sketch can lubricate workflow by automating or facilitating common mistakes. It also has easy to make a library, layer styles, text, and symbol instances.
  • Extended Functionality: Sketch has time-saving plugins and a user interface kit that improves functionality in many ways.


  • Sketch’s basic typography is straightforward. It has standard features found in Microsoft Word with decorative options for fills, shadows, and borders.
  • Apart from within the up, Sketch works well with others.


  • In Sketch, you will require a bit of manual effort.
  • It is not a good software for print design and illustration.

Pricing Plan

  • A personal license costs $99.
  • Volume license (2 devices) costs $89 per device.


InkScape is also on the best graphic design software list in 2021. It is, however, free graphic design software that designers use to create scalable graphic designs.

These designs usually don’t blur or stretch during resizing. The software is user-friendly software ideal for use by beginners or hobbyists interested in vector drawing.

For graphics design software, InkScape offers practical features. You can use it for technical and artistic illustrations like clip art, cartoons, logos, diagramming, typography, and flowcharting.

InScape uses vector graphics to allow high-quality renderings and for sharp printouts. It also uses a standardized SVG file format with other application support, including web browsers.

InkScape can also export and import several file formats, such as PDF, AI, SVG, PNG, and EPS. It is also developed with a simple interface, comprehensive feature set, and multi-lingual support. The tool is intended to be extensible so that users can customize its functionality with add-ons.

InkScape Key Features

  • Regular Updates: InkScape has many talented community developers who regularly provide new features and updates. This software’s latest updates.
  • Manual Improvement: Users of this software can personalize the tool by opening source code and customizing the program to their individual preferences.
  • Free Cost: InkScape is among the capable and robust alternatives to Adobe Illustrator available at no cost.
  • User Experience: When it comes to free vector software, this tool’s user experience is impressive. Designers who use adobe tools can easily use InkScape.


  • With this software, you can create or download ready-made plugins.
  • You can use the software to quicklydevelop individual frameless text lines with paragraph types.
  • It offers designers full-featured and well-designed tools to help them create, convert, and edit vectors.
  • The tool is equipped with Bezier handles to experience effortless node movement.
  • This tool supports many gradients and is available with a separate device that enables you to construct complex combinations.


  • Streaming text for InkScape requires converting it into plain text before exporting.
  • The compatibility with the Illustrator of this software.
  • The Mac Version in this software is not error-free and is not bulletproof.
  • This tool’s processing capability is slower than other graphic software.

Pricing Plan

InkScape is open-source, free software.

Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer is a robust free tool on the best graphic design software list in 2021. It is a free and full-featured vector graphic design application compatible with all platforms. It comes as an HTML-based application, and designers use it to design high-quality vector graphics. You can unlock your power of creativity using this flexible and fast tool.

Gravit Designer is a powerful graphic tool for precise design. Thousands of people across the world are using this software every day. You can either download it or use it as a browser-based tool. It is also compatible with various operating systems such as Linux, Chrome, Windows, and Mac. In most cases, the browser version is up-to-date and performs better.

You can use it to edit photos, create logos, and create animations as well as illustrations. The software also allows you to work on marketing materials, icons, websites, UI design, social media, and presentations. It’s fully customizable software that will enable designers to meet their design needs.

Gravit Designer Key Features

  • Powerful Text Engine: With this software, designers can use system or web fonts to add text on shapes, put text on a path, and give their typography a unique style.
  • Professional vector tools: Its advanced vector tools that are also non-destructive make the software an intuitive interface.

  • Advanced Import and Export: Designers can use this tool to Illustrate and sketch files, import EPS as they keep working on them, and export to PDF, PNG, 300dpi, and so on.
  • Unmatched Precision: This tool allows designers to create professional designs with rulers, grids, guidelines, and multiple-unit options such as pixel.


  • Gravit Designer has an intuitive user interface.
  • The software has tools that are fluid and easy to use.
  • It also has an easy drag and drop clip and a fantastic layer system.
  • The interface elements do not affect the workflow regardless of the tools you use.


  • Though the software is free, its pro version is paid for because of its more advanced features like color space, advanced export option, etc.
  • The Gravit Designer doesn’t have an offline version in its free plan.

Pricing Plans

  • Gravit Designer is entirely free but with limited features.
  • Gravit Pro costs $100.

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)

GIMPis among the best graphic design software in 2021 that gives designers the flexibility and power to transform images into unique creations.

You can use GIMP to produce graphical design elements, icons, and art for user interface mockups and components.

GIMP does more than just photo editing. This free graphic design software offers many other incredible free Photoshop features.

It provides users with multiple quality functions that they can use to create artworks from scratch and fine-tune snaps. GIMP also works well on many other platforms such as macOS, Windows, and Linux.

What makes this software also stand out is its top-notch color management features. They help you achieve high-fidelity color reproduction in printed and digital media.

Gimp has been known to work best when integrated with workflows that involve additional free software like InkScape, Scribus, and SwatchBooker.

It is also an open-source program which means it’s free forever, and you can program the source code to fit your graphic design needs. That is if you are a programmer or know a computer coder.

You can also trust GIMP when it comes to image manipulation. It has the necessary tools that enable you to achieve high-quality image manipulation. With this graphic design software, there is no limit to your imagination. You have the power to retouch and restore creative composites.

GIMP Key Features

  • Regular updates: This software has an active community of developers that help in addition to features and regular updates.
  • Compatibility: It is compatible with other operating systems such as macOS, Windows, Linux, BDS, and Solaris.
  • Flexibility: Its user interface for photo editing is customizable and has several free plugins. People with coding knowledge can customize it according to their needs or requirements.
  • GEGL Scripts: It is among the best features found in GIMP that enable image processing


  • The layers feature in this software allows users to design an image under the existing one.
  • The software has easy to use and clean interface, making it ideal for new image editing users.
  • With this tool, users can sketch the drawing by simply leveraging tools such as pencil, airbrush, and cloning.
  • It gives users the option to work on a single-window interface and modular.
  • To help users, GIMP has tutorials for each of its features.


  • GIMP’s user interface is not ideal for those using Mac.
  • The developer community isn’t significant, so the pace at which the software is updated is much lower.

Pricing Plan

GIMP is entirely free for use.

Xara Designer Pro X

Another tool on the best graphic design software in 2021 is Xara Designer Pro X. It is an in-one consistent and integrated interface. It provides users with all the tools they need to design a range of tasks.

These are graphic design tasks that would typically require that you use three or more distinct programs.

Xara Designer is developed with advanced tools and features to provide users with excellent design elements. Designers use the software for print and web solutions. It enables them to edit photos, creates illustrations, design web pages and graphics.

Its fastest and versatile design solution also helps professional users like you to meet your designing demands.

The Zara Designer software integrates all the common functional areas to ensure quick results and optimum workflows in a user-friendly interface. The software is an all-around performer that can meet all your graphic designing needs.

It also has new features such as a shape eraser tool, shape builder tool, color mask, color picker, and much more. In addition to that, it has an improved gallery with many templates and elements to enable you to work fast.

Xara Designer Key Features

  • Drag and Drop Feature: It is an intuitive and time-saving feature that enables designers to zoom up to 25,000 percent. They can also easily leverage direction action tools to ensure faster job execution. You can also place any item on the page using the drag and drop method.
  • Super-Fast: Xara is the most sophisticated vector and fastest software. It, therefore, can handle and deliver complex graphic designs efficiently.
  • Direct Action Tools: This tool ensures stable functionalities and robust features for general use.
  • Performance: It ensures faster performance, making it easy to implement creativity. Users can also make several modifications using unlimited undo and redo options.


  • The software has cloud capabilities to edit, view, and update documents using a web browser on any given device.
  • Xara Designer has editing options such as scaling, solid dragging, and rotating objects to help designers achieve quality results.
  • The software’s zoom tool can zoom up to 25,601 percent, enabling designers to view their work better.
  • Xara Designer Pro supports a wide range of file formats such as BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PSD, TIFF. It also allows imports of photos like JPEG, RAW, or XR.  
  • You can also use Xara Designer to import and export Adobe PSD files such as alpha channel, layer support, CMYK layer conversation, and 16-bit color.


  • Xara Designer is available on Windows alone.
  • The masking feature in the software is cumbersome and complicated. It, therefore, takes time for the user to understand and use.
  • The software requires a steep learning curve to efficiently use the features.

Pricing Plans

Xara comes with a yearly subscription plan of $229.


On the list of the best graphic design software in 2021 is PhotoScape. A free photo editing tool available on all windows versions. This software offers users indispensable features for managing and editing photo archives. It boasts itself as a great free graphic design tool for both professionals and beginners who are not ready to purchase expressive subscriptions.

Another great thing about PhotoScape is that it is easy and fun. It enables users to edit photographs they take from their smartphones or digital cameras.

The user interface of PhotoScape is simple and can enhance photos, including cutting, color adjustment, resizing, GIF animation, and printing.

PhotoScape operates on Mac and Window systems. However, it is not present on Linux systems. The default languages for this software are English and Korean. But there are additional language packages available for download.

PhotoScape Key Features

  • User Interface: The software offers an easy and simple-to-use interface. It enables beginners to use the tool efficiently.
  • Multi-lingual: The software has two default languages, but designers can also gain over 30 languages through download modules.
  • Design Module: This software’s design image and module editing capabilities have many features such as size, color adjustment, backlight, brightness, resolution, etc. It also comes with design, text, and drawing tools such as brush, paintbrush, filters, clone stamp, etc.
  • Photo Editing Tools: PhotoScape comes with different types of image editors such as editor, page, batch editor, print, view, combine, etc. The editing toolkit offers designers a set of well-labeled and distinct features for new designers.


  • The batch editor feature is ideal for those who edit images more often. Users can resize, rename or convert a batch of pictures with one mouse click.
  • PhotoScape is cross-platform design software compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux devices.
  • The software offers integrated graphic and editing solutions
  • The software can open RAW photos and features a converter to convert RAW images to JPEG images easily.


  • It is not available to Linux users.
  • Doesn’t have advanced image editing capabilities such as Photoshop.

Pricing Plans

The software is available for free.

Final Verdict

Graphic design software helps designers to express their creativity. However, to create stunning designs that wow your clients, you need to select the right tool.

Most businesses have turned to graphic designs to move their businesses to the next level. So, most of them are on the lookout for skilled graphic designers who can help them achieve that.

As a graphic designer, you must create stunning work and express it through a website. When clients want to evaluate designers’ work, they design portfolios.

When you have a great design portfolio, it will open up opportunities for you. If you don’t work hard to improve your design portfolio, you should expect many clients’ rejections.

With the above-mentioned graphic design tips, you should move your designs’ quality to the next level. While the above information might be helpful, it may not be enough. So, it would help if you also made an effort to think beyond what we have been able to give you.

Do additional research on graphic design software and develop different ideas to present appealing and sellable graphic design works.

Also, ensure that you clearly understand the does and don’ts to ensure a successful graphic design work. A little bit of inspiration will help improve your work a great deal.

12 Best Graphic Design Software in 2021
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