10 Best Lead Generation Software (2021) Get More Leads

best lead generation software
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Gone are the days when the sales representative used to knock on every door to sell its company’s products. With the rising trend in the sales field’s unprecedented changes, lead generation has become a great source of interest to me particularly. Therefore, my readers will love every bit of this blog discussion about the best lead generation software in 2021.

Let’s start with what lead generation has meant to us in the fast technology of the world today.

I was once sitting with a couple of my friends, chit-chatting about the highest pay scale jobs these days. Undoubtedly, like every other Google champ, my friends replied, “Information Technology”. Without much debate, I agreed yes, it is. I intend to write on lead generation blogs to deploy the same thought. But my viewpoint was a little concerned for those people of our society who spend years leading their field of expertise; one of them is Sales & Marketing. How would they evolve or merge their field of expertise with today’s integrated technology?

Well, Best Lead Generation Software is the clear answer to it. Talking from the traditional marketing perspective, sending away the yearly emails to a minimum list of contacts was considered enough for the lead’s growth. However, these conventional practice results have born losses to the individual and company.

But like I say, technology is a blessing, so is lead generation software. It has made sales for the company much better than ever before.

What is Lead Generation Through Software 2021:

Lead generation excellent through software is a way of advanced marketing. An individual or enterprise stimulates and captures the potential audience who shows interest in their product or services. Today customers are more self-driven to products when it comes to purchasing rather than push marketing.

For example, you are dealing in automotive spare parts. Without using software for generating leads, there is a possibility you are filling your client’s basket with the wrong potential customers.

With the help of software, you can either directly sell your product or services or be scheduling upcoming sales with the prospective client.

Writing from the detailed research, almost all the big companies, including Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Honda, and many other big and small enterprises, have significantly added value to their sales target with these integrated lead generation software.

Why Implementation of a Lead Generation Program is Important

When implementing the lead generation program within your organization brings you tangible results, i.e., the influx of money in one’s bank account because of sales of the product.

Through lead generation programs, your brand’s visibility is increased. Creating customer relationships, promote new products and special offers. You can find people all over the place. It can help you find customers both locally and internationally.

When you use software to find customers for your products, you create a detailed database that will work as the backbone for its success. Your sales reps will have a list of contacts they will work on to sell the products rather than spending hours and hours cold calling each of them.

Lead generation will save their time and technically saves a lot of company money.

Unlock Your Frequent Problems With LEAD GENERATION SOFTWARE:

Spending millions on a mass advertising budget to drive customers into your business does not always work. Solid advertising and spending on the right channel of marketing helps convert the audience to prospective customers and eventually helps in closing projects.

Let’s analyze some common problems faced by sales reps each day and how  lead generation software can conquer those problems:

Your problem: my sales targets are too high.

You live under the pressure of meeting high sales targets while there is an easy way to make money right in front of you. Start focusing on the buyer journey, audience profiles, channels through which they connect with your brand and tactics they are using to bargain at the purchase point.

When you start calculating the customers’ technical backgrounds, you will secure strong leads and meet the approximate target.

Your problem: My sales head complains that I am not generating quality leads.

This is a common problem that exists in almost every other organization. But this can be solved if you succeed in negotiation with your marketing team. Every website visitor is not a customer. Some could be using your website for a personal or competitive purpose.

Reverting them back in a couple of minutes can offend them as in today’s world, customers do not like to be asked to buy products. Instead, they would take their own time, evaluate the cost, and come back to you.

You need to have a consensus with your internal team that reliance on lead generation software does not mean hitting targets every day. As it purposely works on the smart leads rather than demoralizing the target audience standards.

Your Problem: I am confused by the sales funnel strategy.

Pulling in leads is one of the functions of lead generation. Leads do not always mean that the buyer is ready to purchase. It is important to place them in the right funnel segment instead of directly trying to close the deal. Almost 70 – 80 % of leads are already ready to contact the seller but probably spend time researching prices at competitive stores.

Your problem: My lead generation software is old.

This is usually the case as most companies invest initially in the software. When it does not achieve results, they become resistant to invest more as they fear it will result in a loss.  But if you are a smart boss, you can think cognitively and invest in a more innovative and improved version.

For example, you have software that detects your email readers’ responses, such as how many opened emails, reacts to it, etc. You also have a website that does not have a buyer journey tool. You might be missing the one lead that almost reached the purchase counter but exits because of the payment mode. If you knew their buying journey status, you could immediately contact them through email.

Let’s take you through some famous lead generation software. We will guide you through their features, pricing strategy, and ratings across the internet.

Review on Best 10 Lead Generation Software:

1. HubSpot Sales:

10 Best Lead Generation Software (2021) Get More Leads


It wouldn’t be wrong to say HubSpot is the complete toolkit for  lead generation from the conventional business to the digital business. Your sales software should be the one guiding force for your company. It should eliminate friction within the relationship of buyer and seller.

HubSpot has a complete dashboard that can be customized and is easy to use. Let’s discuss the main features of HubSpot sales automation software.

1) Email Sequences:

Using the autopilot option, you can combine all prospective leads into a single funnel. As a result, you will not miss any important or urgent emails from the customer. You can simply turn on a filter option that decides whom to omit or keep.

2) Email Templates:

You can now use multiple templates for your frequent emails simultaneously, unlike in the past, when you had to select a template and create e-promos from scratch each time. Now you can send emails to a large number of recipients with a single click, such as congratulations, apologies, and so on.

3) Tracking Emails:

The best and most fundamental option of this software is to track receiver responses in just one minute. Whether your email is opened, they click on the website link, save an attachment, or any other point of action. It can immediately be intimated via software as a notification on the dashboard interface’s sideline.

4) Email Scheduling:

Scheduling your emails for a specific date, time, and particular response is another beneficial option offered by HubSpot. The tab for email scheduling can be seen on the home screen, where you can simply pull the desired contacts emails there.

5) Scrolling into documents:

Now, this is a unique and customer-driven option. You can create and save links to each of your relevant pages from the website and email them to the prospective customer. Organizing your documents will help your customer make their visit prosperous and vivid.

6) Meetings Agreement

Although virtual meetings can be held using Zoom, Google Meets, and other similar services. Coordinating everyone’s time priorities is difficult when you have multiple clients’ levels.

The Special HubSpot meeting option gives you plenty of opportunities while connecting customers using Google calendar, HubSpot Calendar, and Office 365 to notify the meeting at once.

7) Live Bot:

HubSpot lead generation software also provides BOT and a live chat option connected with your website. You can easily communicate with the user who frequently visits your website to make any purchases. You can help them by talking to them instantly.

8) Calling:

This is one of my favorite options. You always forget what you spoke to your prospective customer about the last thing you are talking to many customers in one day. The calling option helps you connect your personal CRM and schedule daily sales calls, which will keep a record of who you should call or not.

9) Sales Automation:

HubSpot sales automation will remove all manual tasks from your computer screen once you’ve entered information into your system. Lead rotation, time-consuming check-ins, and so on are all stored in one tab on your dashboard.

10) Reporting:

To analyze more in-depth the granular data, the reporting of metrics is the tool to find loopholes in the report and the quickest hit on sales strategy. HubSpot allows you to download data into a spreadsheet format so some customizable manual inputs can be given.

11) Estimated Lead Scores:

With this option’s help, you can reach out to your prospective customer about the likelihood of purchasing and will not waste your time if the prospect is unlikely.


The starter package of Sales & CRM software is $540/yr, Professional Package is $5400/yr, Enterprise Package is $14,400/yr.

2. Lead feeder:

10 Best Lead Generation Software (2021) Get More Leads


The unique and best element of this lead generation software works as an anonymous website tracker.

  • Unlike Email Forms, their reliance is on current website traffic, through which they identify leads for the respective company.
  • Through its anonymous lead generation, you can determine which company representative was looking at your website and which tab they are scrolling through on the website.
  • Only works on valuable leads, not poor leads, as it detects visitors’ country, city, and industry. They start generating scores depending on the prospective visitor activity on your website.
  • Personalize and automate with your company CRM and other sales structuring customized software.
  • Builds a quality database for your company, isolating the poor leads from the radar. Adding quality ones through their system occurrence, User ID, Company Name, Industry, etc., and make a list of detailed structured data for the respective company.


Their pricing offers two different options, Lite and Premium. Lite starts from $12 upwards while premium begins from $70.

3. SeedProd:

10 Best Lead Generation Software (2021) Get More Leads


SeedProd is one of the most creative and user-friendly software, which helps you develop and extinguish templates for the landing pages.

Pages play a vital role, especially in the eCommerce industry. Your customer can wrap up shopping within ten minutes.

1) No Need for a Code:

Most of the time, when you want to design or create a new landing page for your website, it usually asks for an HTML code to make it. With SeedProd, you can drag and drop in the editor and customize a user-friendly landing page.

2) Live Previews:

Through SeedProd, you can preview real-time website changes and see how your viewers would visit your website when it goes live.

Such features help you repair the website’s nitty-gritty landing page. Determining what improvements you can make to make your visitors’ experience pleasurable for decision-making.

3) Compatible with WordPress:

The compatibility embeds in this software is very much compatible with WordPress-based websites, including automating and fetching words and options.

4) Found 404, Under Construction Page Intimations:

Special timings can be managed when you have to make emergency changes to your website or update anything. Messages as Found 404, Under Construction, can be alerted, and your buyers would have to wait for a while before revisiting your website.


The SeedProd Basic Package approximately costs $30, the Plus Package costs $70, and the Pro Package costs $100.

4. Growbots

10 Best Lead Generation Software (2021) Get More Leads


Growbots is a great software for sales targeting and outreach to prospective customers. Instead of other software where you have to first save your client information. Integrate it with your lead generation software. Growbotss allows you to extract leads from their portal. One of the best outsourced lead generation programs.

How  you can utilize their outbound sales features:

1) Choose Target Market:

Instead of sorting outbound emails or inputting email addresses, manually put the software’s target audience information.

You will get a tailored list of hundreds of genuine email addresses to utilize for your sales leads.

  • Convenience in Prospecting:

You can access many people’s profiles by inputting the specific industry or job. You can go through all of the profiles and only pay for the relevant leads.

  • Potential Decision Makers Get Aligned:

By inputting the designation, job role, and industry keywords such as Brand Manager, Senior Manager, Sales Manager, etc., the software will show you prospective customers by gathering data from social media, direct mail address, phone directory personal database.

  • Updated Database:

The good quality database gets updated on its own, with a 90% success rate of un-bouncing emails. Growbots automatically updates its database.

2) Schedule your Campaign:

  • You can personalize your emails and get details of each individual to tailor your email and send accordingly.
  • Schedule follow-ups. Growbots takes the responsibility of automating or scheduling your follow-up emails according to your country’s time zone.
  • It syncs user touchpoints with LinkedIn and phone calls.
  • All OOO ‘Out-of-Office’ will be directly automated with AI intelligence.

3) Improve Your Results:

  • A/B testing helps you quickly assist your campaign’s key elements like sending the email, more likes on specific actions, etc.
  • You can collaborate on in-team awareness programs for your sales department. Through analysis results, you can see which specific campaigns do well.
  • With actionable insights on your digital response rate, such as click-through rate, call to action, etc., you can access which one has significant influence and impact.


Their prices are not available on open platforms. However, you can request a free demo and take quotes on price.

5. Nimble:

10 Best Lead Generation Software (2021) Get More Leads


Nimble works on focused, intelligent solutions for your company. Integrating CRM and sales leads on one unique platform.

  • Works As Business Intelligence:

Nimble works as the sales intelligence for your company, not an easy task. Daily, it consolidates your data with the prospective client’s company size, location, city, telephone, website interference.

  • Consistently Updating Customer Database:

The synchronization of another sales-generating platform such as LinkedIn Premium keeps updating prospective customer’s information.

For example, a person is no longer working for the garments industry and switches to the food industry, so the prospective client’s status will be updated.  

  • Smart Email Management:

With the firm notification updates from Nimble, you can update every visitor’s action on your website. For example, Jessica visits your chat box thrice.

  • Pipeline Management:

With the strong integration within the company’s CRM system, Nimble automatically schedules and intimates each of the sales and perspective departments’ members to be alerted with the upcoming tasks.

  • Sales Forecasting:

With the help of analytics and pipeline management, Nimble can trigger your upcoming sales task’s proper forecasting budget.

  • Group Email Marketing:

Unlike marketing to the alien, with this feature, nimble send a customized message to all of your outreach prospects.


They charge $19 per month for each of their customized services.

6. LinkedIn:

10 Best Lead Generation Software (2021) Get More Leads


LinkedIn is the most professional user platform. Whether it’s HR recruitment or lead generation, all of the actions are frequently done by many company sales reps.

Specifically, talking for the Sales Navigator, you can navigate through the quality leads with filters, which you can eventually turn into your final deal.

I love to explore the LinkedIn profiles of my prospective clients.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator pricing ranges between $69 – $105 per month.

7. TrustPulse:

10 Best Lead Generation Software (2021) Get More Leads

Like other lead-generating software, TrustPulse plugins add to chrome, which will help identify visitors’ reach to every page of your website. It also detects social platform reading.

For TrustPulse, showing purchasing updates to outreach customers will help the conversion rate become 15% more.


They charge $50 for the Basic Package, for the Plus Package $200, Pro Package for the advance growth is offered for approximate $300

8. Hoovers:

Hoovers is the sole lead generation program that works on sales’ advance terms. From prospective leads to informed leads, they do everything on their analysis.

They have millions of company representative’s data, which is important with the help of filters information about their designation, job role, industry, frequent visiting site.

Hoovers detects the advanced level of prospective customer behavior.


Hoover’s trial basis is for free and can easily be used on a trial basis. If you are satisfied with your free trial, you can contact their sales team for a direct price.

9. Lead Forensics:

Like other website traffic checker software Lead Forensics, it specializes in informing the data collection as a website check-in anonymously. They have brilliant access to all those stranger visitors who visit your site for specific CTA. This can qualify leads.


The basic trial is free. If you are satisfied with the demo, you can contact them for direct charges. They serve as free lead generation websites.

10. Pardot:

Pardot is the marketing automation tool but works well in qualifying valuable leads. With its user-friendly bot, you can contact site visitors more frequently and engage them in a more advanced way.

Because of fine segmentation, it helps you broadcast your company message more forwardly and confidently in emails to prospective customers.


They have three plans; one is a growth plan for $1250/month. The Plus Plan is $2500, and it’s $4000 for the advance plan.


That was the end of my extensive research on lead generation software. I hope each one provides you with a quick overview and pricing strategy. And it broadens your knowledge base, which is especially important if lead generation is your main job.

10 Best Lead Generation Software (2021) Get More Leads
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