Best Medical Billing Services

Best Medical Billing Services
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Health care providers have a lot on their plates. Learning how to manage medical billing services can be a challenge. Taking care of patients should be their topmost priority. The reality is quite different; billing correlates directly with caring for patients.

If your billing is efficient, more revenue will flow your way, hence more resources to meet your patients’ needs. Therefore, most practices are critically essential to outsource medical billing services. You will thus focus more on your services and overall business.

We will explore more reasons you need to use medical billing services and how to go about the selection process. After that, we will review the best medical billing services in2021, their cost, and highlight their significant features. The choice for these services as the best is based on their current ranking.

The last part will be left to you; the decision. Choosing your business’s best medical billing services is entirely up to you. Still, this article will list the best options on the market. Let us now get down to the core issues.

What Is Medical Billing?

Medical billing is a process that involves submitting and following up on your claims with the health insurance companies. You then get to receive payment for the services you provide as a healthcare provider.

Today for any medical facility to survive, there is a dire need to accept insurance payments. Many people already have covered; therefore, it makes no sense for them to part with money while their insurance companies can pay for them.

Medical billing service providers have all the necessary expertise and software to run the process effectively. Outsourcing these services is thus a necessity.

How Important Are Medical Billing Services?

Billing services are vital in the operation of every medical facility. With a proper running system, you can focus on giving your patients the best care possible. Collecting all the revenue due to the services you offer will also help. That is why having medical billing services is essential.

Timely delivery of billing requests is another advantage. The medical billing service will see that all claims reach the insurer on time. It also adheres to all the insurer’s specifications. As such, chances of receiving your payment on time increase, hence the ability to continue running your facility well.

The billing service will further take care of the billing process with the patients. After receiving payments from the insurance, the patient will get the remaining bill clear. The entire billing system hence runs smoothly for both the patient and facility.

By adopting the best medical billing service, you lower the risk of poor billing, costly to your facility. With the service, you will avoid making mistakes both with the bills and insurance claims. How so?

Healthcare providers can readily give information on relevant fields, both on bills and insurance claims. Issues of mistakes and resubmissions become a past concern.

It is easy to check for revenue patterns with such services. You can determine the possibility of having its improvements by arranging the billing data and generating a matching report. Moreover, you can track your patients’ care while streamlining the billing and collection patterns.

You can gain so much more, including ease of management and preservation of health records.

Charges for Medical Billing Service

When a patient visits your medical center, You determine the insurance that covers them together with the codes to use. The patient then pays the remaining costs.

To receive payment for the service offered to the patient, you have to give the correct codes for usage during the billing process. But that calls for 24/7 staff follow-up for you to keep up with the payments. Furthermore, you have to file the claims on time. Also, you have to depend on the patient to pay the remaining share.

Generally, it’s quite a lot of work. You’ve got to have a whole team for that specific job. However, if you don’t have a staff equipped with the skills to help you not lose a dime, you can pay experts for medical billing services.

But how much does it cost?

The amount you pay for the service depends on your running size and practice. There are two types of fees the billing company may require you to pay. These are percentage-based and flat fees.

Percentage-Based Fees

If you are operating a large office, many billing companies will charge you a percentage-based fee. Here you can only pay the company when you are paid. I love this one because they become quite severe following up the denied claims.

So how do they calculate the percentage? That’s quite simple. They divide the service cost by the amount the company expects to collect during the contract period. The period is often on a monthly or annual basis. Therefore the average amount is between 5-10% of the collections.

Flat Fees

If you run a midsize office, a flat fee is an excellent option for you. The average is about $4-$6 per claim. However, the prices vary.

The only letdown with flat fee charges is that you have little assurance of following up on the denied claims. But that is not to mean that the company will not pay attention to all claims. Instead, it will increase their willingness to consider all claims.

Hourly Fees

If you are operating a smaller office, you might pay per hour. That’s calculated by the amount of time the company spends on the claims they file.

If you compare the charge with that of an in-house medical billing specialist, it’s quite the same. The only difference is that you do not have to pay a full-time employee in your case.

Hybrid Fees

Different companies charge pretty differently as they have varying policies in operation. As a result, some companies charge fees as percentages and flat fees. That depends on the claims. The process is referred to as Hybrid. You work it out when you complete your contract.

Quick Reminder

  • You never have to pay any hidden fees. Neither should you pay for customer support.
  • Only pay for each claimed file.

Types of Medical Billing Services

There are two types of medical billing services. These are;

  1. Professional billing
  2. Institutional billing

Now let’s look at what they are and how they function.

  1. Professional Billing

The medical office takes care of the administrative jobs for a medical practice. These include;

  • Welcoming patients and greeting them
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Check-ins and registration
  • Collecting money
  • Even medical billing

However, when it comes to professional billing, that’s another branch with its share of tasks. Professional billing takes care of billing claims generated for outpatient and inpatient services done by suppliers, physicians, and other non-institutional providers.


Billers file professional billing charges on a CMS-1500 form. But what is a CMS-1500 form? We can define it as the standard claim form with red ink on white paper to put it in simple terms.

Suppliers and physicians use the form for claim filing. Below is a sample of a CMS-1500 form. You can also view it here.

While you can file some claims on paper, Insurance companies like Medicare and Medicaid accept the electronic way as the primary method. I believe that’s the easiest way unless you can’t access an internet connection, which is quite rare today.

CMS-1500 has a different electronic version called 837-P. The letter “P” stands for professional format.

The Duties Involved

A professional medical biller has a pretty different job than an institutional medical biller. The professional medical biller’s job is to know billing and coding.

Coding is quite a difficult task but the most important. If a biller enters the wrong code or makes some error in coding, you don’t get your compensation.

  1. Institutional Billing

Institutional billing takes care of filing claims generated by skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, and other institutions. That is for the work they do for inpatient and outpatient services.

These charges include using equipment and supplies, radiology services, laboratory services, etc.


Institutional providers file institutional charges on a UB-04 form. Like the CMS-1500, UB-04 is also the standard claim form with red ink on white paper.

Below is a sample of a UB-04 claim form. You can also see it here.

The UB-04 Claim form also has its electronic version called the 837-I. The I stands for Institutional format.

The Duties Involved

The duty of an institutional biller is at times demanding compared to a professional biller. That is because institutional billers are responsible for and collections.

Overview of Skill Required and Duties

Whether it’s an Institutional or professional billing service, both medical billers have equally important jobs. For them to be successful, they have to have in mind five key points;

  • To submit claims effectively, they have to know and have access to plenty of information about each insurance company.
  • The medical biller can access private and confidential patient health info. Therefore they must study how to avoid breaking the HIPAA privacy and security rules.
  • The biller must be familiar with the billing software to minimize errors and heart attacks. Therefore they have to take training offers and contact them when problems arise.
  • The biller has to understand the order of insurance payment. That way, they can avoid delays in payments.
  • Every section of any medical claim stands for the information collected from the scheduling of an appointment by the patient to the time the patient receives the institution’s services.

Ways to Choose an Accurate Medical Billing Service

The essential consideration to guide you into choosing the best medical billing service lies in understanding your needs. Once you settle on your most urgent requirements, look for the service that best addresses these needs. Here are specific considerations to make:


One factor that makes RCM services vary from each other is their price. Most billing companies calculate their charges in terms of the percentage of total revenue collections. They charge approximately 6% while others charge as high as 10%.

When comparing billing services, you need to understand how the companies reach their percentages. Are there additional fees for extra features? Does it incorporate clearing fees or any such thing?

RCM might have a minimum monthly fee, which might not favor you as a small practice, especially if you don’t get sufficient claims to generate that minimum. As a result, it might cost you a little more than others who attain the threshold.


Most RCMs will prefer to have a contract with you before taking you up as their clients. The minimum period is one year, but others may require you to sign up for a more extended period of up to five years.

On the positive side, you will be able to calculate your costs for the entire period. The chances are slim that the billing service will adjust its costs during that period. Should you want to cancel the contract before it expires, ensure that you are sure of the penalties attached.

At the same time, understand what happens if the medical billing service fails to meet the specified guidelines. Can it allow you to cancel the contract without any penalty?


If a medical billing service charges you a low rate, chances are it needs you to take care of coding your insurance claims. Coding is a vital component in making successful insurance claims. If done incorrectly, the claims will face rejection.

Suppose you get a billing service that nails it with the first attempt. In that case, you get high chances of making successful claims, hence receiving timely payments. Suppose you don’t have a certified coder. In that case, you need a medical billing service with accredited personnel to take care of the process. However, if you have one, you can save on that amount.

Denials Management

Mistakes are bound to happen. Suppose you make a mistake that results in the denial of a claim. Will the billing company rectify it? While some will fix and resubmit as part of your subscription, others will charge you an extra fee.

Working with Specialties

If your practice has a specialty, coding can be challenging. You need to ensure that the billing service can handle your needs, predominantly when it comprises complex insurance billing codes.

Integration With Your Software System

If you already have an EMR system, you need to identify an RCM that integrates with it. With this, the chances of submitting erroneous claims lessen as all data generate from your system. Some billers will prefer to use their own EMR and practice management systems.

Patient Management

Some medical billing services have patient management, including operating the patients’ portal and many more benefits. While some billing services will include its charges in your monthly subscription, others will charge you extra fees.

Guaranteed Privacy

A medical billing service will inevitably handle patients’ data which is usually sensitive. You need to ensure that you choose one that is HIPAA compliant.

Client Support

You never know when you would require some support. You need a billing service that you can reach out to at any time with your preferred medium. You can reach some providers 24/7, while others are only reachable during regular business hours.

10 Best Medical Billing Services in 2021

To know the best medical billing service, you should understand your specific needs. That is what will guide you to the most appropriate selection. As aforementioned, the medical billing services we will look into are a selection from high rankings.

Join me as I take you through each of them. By the time we finish, you will have found one that suits your practice.

  1. CareCloud Concierge

Flexibility in services

Carecloud Concierge provides high growth solutions to medical groups as it leads in Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and other services like;

  • Patient Experience management.
  • Electronic health records.
  • Business intelligence.
  • Telehealth.
  • Practice Management.

With all these solutions, medical institutions stand to benefit in various ways. Let’s look at the highlights.

  • Optimized care delivery.
  • Reduced operational expenditure by increasing profitability and getting rid of administrative burdens.
  • Increased collections by reducing staffing costs while depending on Care Cloud’s back office team to take care of vital areas of the revenue cycle.
  • Improved patient experience with a smooth-running process that integrates Practice Management and Electronic Health Records.
  • Growth of practice.
  • Increased patient access to health care by using Carecloud Live, with which you can reach your patients through desktops, iOS, or Android.

Carecloud Features

  • Admission management.
  • Advice on remittance.
  • Appointment scheduling.
  • Billing and invoicing.
  • Claims management and scrubbing.
  • Discharge management.
  • Entry of code and charge.
  • Verification of insurance eligibility.
  • Patient flow and records management.
  • Management and scheduling physicians.

There are many more features on Carecloud that you can check out. Now that we have already seen the properties let’s see how much one needs to have this service. Follow on to the following sections.


  1. Its monthly prices are predictable.
  2. It integrates both practice management and revenue cycle management.
  3. It has drag-and-drop scheduling.
  4. Its drive towards technology is remarkable.
  5. Its Command Center gives a Dashboard with vital metrics.
  6. Flexible user interface and allows you to customize some features to suit your needs.
  7. Hasty and efficient support service.
  8. Carecloud trains you on how to use its services to benefit your company.


  1. Its rapid growth may interfere with the service provision—apparently, the company cops with it.
  2. Some functions take time to load.
  3. For all its features to work, one needs Adobe Flash.

Carecloud Reviews

When using a product or service, people tend to have different experiences, which will determine the view they hold about the item. Let us see how Carecloud rates based on the reviews from its users.

Featured Customers

According to reviews from featured customers, Carecloud rates 4.7 out of 5. That is generally remarkable considering the high number of reviews sampled.


Capterra has a slightly lower rating (3.7 out of 5) with few reviews sampled.


Carecloud has four different categories of pricing. They vary based on the features each contains.

  1. Carecloud Breeze Pricing

It covers Patient Experience Management at a fee of $199 per month per provider.

  1. Carecloud Central Pricing

Modern with cloud-based practice management at $349 per month per provider.

  1. Carecloud Complete Pricing

It offers a combination of Electronic Health Records and Practice Management. It costs $629 monthly per provider.

  1. Carecloud Concierge

You get complete service Revenue Cycle Management. One pays between 3% to 7% of practice collection.

  1. DrChrono Medical Billing

Suitable for small practices

DrChrono provides a full-service system giving solutions in revenue cycle management, practice management, electronic health record, and billing services. One can easily access these services via iPhone or iPad too. In it, one can get tailor-made medical forms, scheduling tools, e-prescribing, patient eligibility checks, and a patient’s portal.

The DrChrono App Directory further provides a mass of applications and a medical API suitable for app developers in the health sector. You can also send prescriptions through the internet, iPad, or iPhones.

If you have lab orders, you can submit them electronically to as many as 40,000 laboratories across the United States. After that, the results upload directly on patients’ charts.

With the iPad’s in-built camera, you can take pictures and incorporate them into the patients’ records.


  • Appointment reminder and scheduling.
  • Messaging physicians directly.
  • Tailor-made consent forms and can be signed on an iPad.
  • Personal management of health records.
  • Chart tools.
  • Optimizing your calendar.
  • Integrated billing.
  • Reimbursement management.
  • Strict login ID/ Password usage.
  • Analysis of billing profitability.
  • Reporting and analytics dashboard.
  • Detailed billing ROI analysis.


  • Easy to use.
  • No training fees.
  • Strong support team.
  • Suitable for small practices.
  • Handles submission of claims from the beginning to the end.
  • Both general or specialty medical centers can use it.


  • It may not be suitable for large practices.
  • You must be a user of DrChrono EMR to use this software.


Featured Customers


Considering the sample size in the reviews above, DrChrono is worth trying. Although some people hold a divergent view, this billing service is worth your investment if we choose to side with the majority.

Negative criticisms are significant as they reveal the areas they need to improve on to the service provider. Most of the low ratings are on matters that the company can adjust and even make better.


DrChrono gives one a free trial version before taking up the services. To know the exact price and the available packages, one needs to reach out to the service providers. However, most users find value for their money from the reviews I went through as their services are affordable.

  1. Human Medical Billing

Personalized custom services

Human Medical Billing offers you a cloud-based platform that is also a Revenue Cycle Management solution, apart from being a billing service. The beauty is that the RCM integrates with the vendor’s software.

The billing company has you covered whether you need billing or coding services to the ICD-10 standards. That allows you to have less of a headache in admin work.

Human Medical Billing uses technology and human supervision throughout the process. When there is an error made, it becomes pretty easy to take note and address before entry.

If you are having problems with insurance companies rejecting your claims, Heman Medical can be of great help. They even help in misjudged claims. You know that it’s quite a lot of work for the average practicing employee.


  • Can work with all EHR platforms. That is an excellent feature because your practice may already be using the EHR platform. And there’s nothing more wonderful than adopting a billing service that works with the platform of your choice. It keeps you from the hassles and tassels that come with transitioning and potential downtime. However, if you do not have an EHR, the company will sort that out at no cost.
  • Minimal Contract requirement. Some billing services have quite lengthy and limiting contracts. However, with Human Medical billing, the agreement is basic and does not bind you. That means you can terminate their services so long as you give them a 30-day notice.
  • Support. If you have any challenges regarding the services, you can always report to your account manager. They are three, and you can access all their phone numbers.


  • End-to-end billing solutions. Human Medical Billing includes every aspect of your billing cycle.
  • It helps you with implementing the government’s EHR and PQRS programs.
  • Short-term contracts. You can always cancel at any time provided you issue a 30- day notice before cancellation.
  • No setup costs.
  • Human Medical creates your practice’s social media profile if you do not have one. They also make you a website at no cost.
  • They offer you free credential services.
  • You also get to enroll in Electronic Funds Transfer with the big insurance carriers.
  • Human Medical gives you access to your data from anywhere.
  • It is HIPAA compliant.
  • The charges are transparent.
  • It enjoys an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • It works great for small practices.
  • It has excellent customer service.


  • No EMR. Human Medical Billing does not have Electronic Medical Record or practice management software alternatives.
  • Cost more than the average. Human Medical’s percentage rates are a little higher than the average.


Human Medical Billing has earned people’s trust. That is because it fulfills the promises it makes to its clients. And that includes you. That is evident in the following reviews;

  1. Google

Human Medical enjoys a 5-star rating on Google.


Human Medical prides itself on being the service that will not ask for payment before the insurance pays you. Now that’s a great way to earn someone’s confidence.

The cost for Human Medical Billing is quite fair. There are no charges for training, neither are their monthly fees. The company charges you as a percentage. The rates are between 5-10%. Monthly, they may charge you a minimum of $500.

  1. athenaCollector Medical Billing

Best for hospitals

athenaCollector medical billing service is an incredibly easy-to-use platform that relies on automation for processing and making payments. It is close in functionality to Medical Human in being an RCM service. That is because it helps in coding, scrubbing, and doing follow-ups on unpaid claims.

The company provides an automatic way of detecting possible errors and processing issues. The magic ensures there are no errors; it uses its database on eligibility criteria and insurance rules. It does this before booking a patient.

Perhaps what people love most about athenaCollector is the simplicity it offers in navigation. You do not require special training to know how to use it. But if anything is bugging you, there is accessible information that helps you get acquainted with the functionality.


  • Performance reporting. athenaCollector allows your practice to see detailed, live reports at the click of a button. You can establish benchmarks based on the comparisons with other users using it to get better results.
  • Revenue Cycle dashboard. With athenaCollector’s dashboard, you can access your revenue cycle tasks and your patient’s information from one point. The dashboard allows you to move from one job to another with ease.
  • Appointment scheduling. The service allows you to optimize the number of appointments and increase daily traffic. Just like other scheduling software, athenaCollector helps you get rid of double-scheduling, among other conflicts involved when connecting with your patients. It also has automatic reminders that help your meetings happen.
  • Claims management. athenaCollector automatically verifies whether your patient is eligible for insurance cover before an appointment. Its rules engine updates automatically; hence it helps in detecting errors in your claims before submitting them. That way, you will have better chances of getting first-time acceptance rates.
  • Patient Check-in. Your patients can check in online before showing up for their appointments with this feature. That way, you can work out any changes to not spend a lot of time providing insurance and filling out charts, among others.


  • Access to IT suite. athenaCollector allows you to access medical and electronic records software, together with a practice management platform.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is designed to help your practice in in-house service.
  • The contract length is shorter than usual.
  • The service cost is fair as it is below average thus, competitive.
  • It offers comprehensive services like medical coding. Athenacollector has certified HIPAA-compliant coding specialists.


  • The success rate in the first pass is relatively low compared to others.
  • athenaCollector only has email support. It is a pain in the neck when you have to wait forever to reply to your emails.


athenaCollector also enjoys high ratings by review sites. G2, for instance, gives the company a 4-star rating according to 29 reviewers.

EHR Guide, on the other hand, gives athenaCollector an 8.3 score.


athenaCollector has not made public its plans and prices at the moment. However, you can always contact them.

However, I do know that it allows monthly and yearly subscriptions.

  1. AdvancedMD Medical Billing

Rated as the best medical billing service

AdvancedMD rates as the overall best medical billing service. That only means that this would be your best option if you want the first pass on your insurance claims. The common notion that many holds are that to get quality, one has to spend in direct proportionality.

We’ll find out in a bit if this thought is true or not. For now, let’s get to know this medical billing service in detail.

With AdvancedMD, you have the opportunity to run your entire practice on a single program. It has a unique seamless integration of clinical and business aspects of your practice hence ease of management.

You can safely use the software on your web browser, Windows 7,8,10, and Mac OS. With its mobile iOS app, staff members are always in touch with the practice.

Who can best benefit from this outsourced billing service? Physicians, their assistants, executives, nurses, clinical, office and practice managers, office administrators, and healthcare executives.


  • Customizable dashboard.
  • E-prescribing.
  • Self-service portal.
  • Handwriting and voice recognition.
  • Compliance tracking.
  • Charing.


  • Customizable dashboard using filters. You can thus set it depending on what you want to view first. It has patients’ details, including prescriptions, lab results, and clinical notes. The filters vary and help you manage various tasks from one point.
  • It has an appointment scheduler that you can filter in terms of location, appointment type, and others. You can view the average number of patients you see as you can set the scheduler to display the appointments daily, weekly, or monthly. Once you set new appointments, patients get the notification and view the form through their portal. The scheduler also scans a patients’ insurance eligibility.
  • It has clinical-notes templates for varying conditions that one can adopt. It stores up all the notes you make, and you can quickly retrieve any information for reference when required.
  • It has incredible revenue cycle management tools that make the billing process more efficient. The billers integrate it with TriZetto and Waystar clearinghouses, with their fee included in your subscription.
  • Its reporting capabilities are high as it uses AdvancedInsight. Thus, you can quickly look at financial status, daily operations, and other statistics.
  • Practices of all sizes can use it.
  • Scans through for coding errors.


  • For coding, you need an in-house coder.
  • There is an extra fee to pay for off-hour emergency support.


Software Advice


One of the major setbacks that users’ sites have is customizing templates. Before they can fully sink into the billing service, they have this problem. However, over time, they can use it comfortably. It, therefore, calls for more intense training to get users accustomed to the software.


AdvancedMD has various pricing options, some of which other medical billing services do not offer. Although it can seem quite expensive, the different packages make it more flexible and accommodative. Note that this billing service seems costly because it factors other charges and incorporates them into your subscription.

The first package that we will highlight is a unique one; the encounter-based program. With each encounter, you receive a charge of $2.18. The monthly minimum is $500. This listing can best suit small practices.

The stand-alone medical practice management without the EMR costs $429 per provider per month. The fully integrated EMR and practice management solution costs $729 per provider monthly.

At 4 to 8% of a medical practice’s total collection, you can get the revenue cycle management solution with the entire AdvancedMD add-on features.

With AdvancedMD, there is no EMR stand-alone option.

  1. CureMD

For specialty practitioners

CureMD is one of the best medical billing services in the market. It is an end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution offering 32 plus specialties.

The medical billing service has a staff that takes care of everything that has to do with your billing operation. The operations range from creating claims, quick submissions, assertive follow-up, denial charge, appeals, posting payment, issuing reports, and even guiding your practice staff consistently.

CureMD has been in the medical billing industry for more than 20 years. That translates to a lot of experience and skill. It boasts having advanced technology with excellence in operation geared towards helping you take care of your billing operations.

The service takes care of both multi-specialty groups and solo practice. If you are a small practice, CureMD is an excellent option because it allows you to access quite many privileges without emptying your pockets.

It claims a pass success rate of 98%. Now that’s a significant rate worthy of attention in the industry.


  • Practice management.
  • Payment processing.
  • Claims management.
  • Code and charge entry.
  • Patient eligibility checks.
  • Remittance advice.
  • Compliance tracking.
  • Invoice history.
  • Quotes/estimations.
  • Dunning management.


  • Knowledgebase automation. One of the challenges that practices face is the constant rejection of claims. That is often a result of some rules, among other reasons. CureMD stays ahead of the game since it updates its rules engine.

The knowledge base is said to have more than four million rules. The knowledge base auto detects claim mistakes before they are submitted. That enables CureMD to achieve 96% claim acceptance success on the first submission. That guarantees you fast payment by the insurance companies.

In a situation where the insurance company rejects your claim, CureMD’s team manages the denial from their side by adding the rule to their database, thus preventing the recurrence of that denial.

  • It optimizes your revenue collection by simplifying your whole workflow. That ranges from eligibility, co-pay collection, and check-in. CureMD boasts about a 5-10% increase in your collections within the first few months, 96% of claims paid without rejection, and considerable reductions in A/R days and denials.
  • Good service quality. CureMD claims a 99% customer retention rate. Now for that to happen, they have to offer the best services in the market. That includes achieving the highest recovery of the amounts owed by the payers. They also have to ensure incomparable customer service and compliance. Fortunately, CureMD does have the qualifications.
  • Cost-effective. CureMD gives you access to the following services without extra costs.
    1. Electronic Medical Record (EMR).
    2. iPad App.
    3. Practice management.
    4. Patient portal.
    5. Vaccine Management system.
    6. Support, Hosting, Back up, Maintenance, and Free Upgrades.

Also, CureMD claims to offer affordable service because they have heavily invested in automated processes and advanced technology. Doing so eliminates the need for labor.

  • KPI Dashboard. CureMD’s KPI dashboard gives you the ability to view your performance in real-time. You can view the co-pays collected, cash flow, denials, and AR per payor.

It also enables you to view and analyze your revenue; that way, you can improve the billing team’s performance.

You can also view the daily appointments and up-to-date patient balances. That enables you to improve your collection during service.

  • Advanced reporting. CureMD ensures you have financial visibility at all times. They achieve that by providing you with;
    1. Pre-formatted reports. These help you measure your practice’s performance and pinpoint areas you need to improve.
    2. Customized reports. These give you insights into performance strategies.


  • CureMD is browser-specific. CureMD does not leave its clients comfortable using their favorite browsers. You can only access its services if you are using Internet Explorer.
  • The software is said to be glitchy. Thus it’s not quite able to complete tasks.
  • Slow CureMD speed. Some users complain of slow speeds when using CureMD. That hampers the workflow.


CureMD has pretty good reviews by its users, seeming to be everyone’s favorite. Featured customers gave it a 4.7/5 rating.


Like most common services, CureMD has not made available their pricing on the website. They give you invitations to leave your contact details. After which the relevant department will get in touch and sell it to you.

While we do not know about their pricing, we know that they do not ask for startup fees. Also, you do not pay for training.

Sources outside their website suggest that CureMD’s EHR system costs $295 monthly per provider. On the other hand, Practice Management costs $195 monthly per provider. Billing service costs about 5% of the collections.

CureMD has a free trial for you.

  1. Cerner

Complex billing needs

Cerner is the best solution for practices that require an outsourced medical billing service for handling complex billing procedures. You only need to brace yourself for intense training to get accustomed to it.

Once you learn it, you can use it to handle the entire billing process, including restitution of denied claims and collection of accounts from patients.

You can access these services on a web browser, Windows, Mac, or iOS. Due to its complexity, large practices can benefit more from it.


  • Patient portal.
  • Customized patient chart.
  • Management of access permissions.
  • Appointment scheduling.
  • Lab integration.
  • E-prescribing.
  • Verification of Medicare eligibility.
  • Clinical documentation.
  • Patient flow management.


  • Hence, high system security ensures that all data within the system is safe.
  • CernerChart makes reviewing a patients’ clinical data easy hence streamlining patients’ visits.
  • Has many advanced features for large medical practices.
  • Takes care of all billing aspects; hence no need to outsource other medical billing services.
  • Fulfilling service once you master its usage thus improved the flow of work.
  • They serve high-profile clients like DoD making them a powerhouse in the industry.
  • Clients can use predictive analysis as it offers state-of-the-art analytic packages. With this, you can safely make productive growth projections.
  • It has close integration with revenue cycle management.
  • Offers both on and off-site hosting.


  • The long and intense training process.
  • Costly services.
  • Too many clicks to perform a single action.


Despite the standard view that this billing service is technical, it enjoys a high rating from sampled reviews. Its average rating is 3.8/5.




Cerner has not disclosed its pricing options. However, all we can gather from the reviews is that its charges are slightly higher than that for competitors.

  1. ChartLogic

For small medical groups

ChartLogic is a comprehensive EHR suite that includes EMR, Revenue Cycle Management, practice management, e-prescribing, and a patient portal. This service stands out because it solves primary and surgical care and other intricate branches of medicine.

The ChartLogic Electronic Medical Report (EMR) function is for understanding the user workflow, your specialty, and preferences. With it, you can view your patients’ notes, medical history, referral letters together with diagnosis codes, all on one screen.

ChartLogic practice management solution takes care of different administrative activities such as registration and scheduling. It also helps in activities like collections, reports, and user dashboards. It integrates with the EMR functionality.

ChartLogic Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) allows you to optimize your practice’s financial performance. This solution manages case volumes, disputes, denial, and payer mix regularly.


  • Task management.
  • Document management.
  • Case management.
  • Time tracking.
  • Patient registering.
  • Patient portal.
  • Billing and Invoicing.
  • EMR/EHR.
  • Patient billing.
  • Patient scheduling.
  • Patient records.
  • Claims management.
  • Multi-office.
  • Multi-physician.


  • User friendly. ChartLogic uses a friendly interface that does not require you to be a tech genius to know how it operates.
  • Insurance Eligibility Verification. ChartLogics allows you to crosscheck health-related patient information. That way, you can approve payment procedures.
  • Preferred Clearinghouse. The medical billing service scans through claims before submission. As it scans, it can detect any error that is likely to cost you. It can detect errors because it has a knowledge base that is automatically updated.
  • Denied Claims Management. ChartLogic works on denied claims hence giving you a chance to reclaim them. It lowers the rate of rejected claims.

ChartLogic boasts the ability to lower rejected claims rates from 30% to 5%. That’s quite remarkable.

  • ChartLogic aids inpatient scheduling too. You can always use this to your advantage when changes are made. The scheduler also has reminders that help to get rid of missing appointments.
  • ChartLogic medical billing service allows you to simultaneously view the past and present records.
  • Integrated Claims Correction.
  • Collection Agency Reporting.
  • Electronic Claim Submission. ChartLogic is HIPAA compliant. That means that you can submit your claims electronically with ease.
  • Claim Scrubbing.
  • Claim Processing.
  • Batch Claim Processing.
  • Claim Follow-up. If you have delayed or denied claims, ChartLogic does follow-up on the claims. You can initiate the claim using their software, but you can also automate it.


  • Poor customer service. Users often complain about ChartLogic customer service.


Chartlogic is also among the few billing services that enjoy encouraging ratings by its users. We can attribute the great reviews to their remarkable features. Featured customers give it a 4.7/5 star rating by 1416 users.


You need to contact ChartLogic to get a quotation.

  1. DuxWare

Complete Billing Services

Duxware is a cloud-based provider offering revenue cycle management, EHR, and practice management solutions. With these, administrators and clinicians can manage appointments, billing, payments, patient care, and other services. One can only use this system on a desktop.


  • Appointment scheduling and reminders.
  • Ambulatory surgery billing.
  • Claims resolution tracking, scrubbing, and processing.
  • Code and charge entry.
  • Coding assistance.
  • E-prescribing.
  • Electronic claims.
  • Insurance data management and verification.
  • Medical billing and record integration.
  • Patient billing and eligibility checks.
  • Patient portal, records, registration, and scheduling.
  • Radiology billing.
  • Remittance advice.


  • Hence, excellent customer service is the speedy resolution of issues and receiving guidance as necessary.
  • Easy to navigate through the system.
  • Simple setup thus user-friendly.
  • Excellent features that are crucial for rendering full service to medical practices.


  • Reporting feature should be scrapped due to its inefficiency.


From a sample of reviewing companies, DuxWare has a high rating of 4.9/5. As such, one can quickly gather that most of its users get the utmost satisfaction with its services. However, if we look at the sample size, it is relatively small.

Thus, it may fail to accurately picture the medical billing service. However, as more people get to review it, we will know its actual standing.




To know Duxware’s charges, you need to reach out to them directly. Even so, from what existing clients reveal, the minimum cost is an average of $300 per month.

  1. Kareo

For independent physicians

Kareo is a web-based medical billing and practice management solution that medical practitioners and physicians use across the United States. You can access it through a web browser, Windows, or Mac OS. It is user-friendly and easy to set up compared to its counterparts.

This service is best suited for small practices and billing companies. More than these, this medical billing service is cost-effective; more on that later.


  • Admissions Management.
  • Appointment management and scheduling.
  • Assessment management.
  • Billing and invoicing.
  • Claims management and scrubbing.
  • Clinical notes.
  • Customizable dashboard.
  • Code and charge entry.
  • Code processing.
  • Patient flow and records management.
  • Insurance eligibility verification.
  • Physician scheduling and management.


  • Competitive pricing.
  • If needed, it handles all medical billing aspects.
  • It works with resubmissions.
  • No contracts.
  • Workable training options.
  • It is easy to navigate.
  • Customers have success coaches assigned to them who see them through each stage as they use Kareo.


  • Systemic glitches.
  • One must use Kareo’s EMR and practice management.
  • Managed billing is an independent service.


When we give it a general look, the reviews below provide a positive outlook on Kareo. With an average rating of 4.1/5, we can say that it serves its customers well. Users get the satisfaction they desire.

However, if the service providers could look into the areas of weaknesses that their customers highlight, this medical billing service can stand out.

Software Advice



Kareo has not disclosed its pricing options. However, from my research, I gathered that its starting fee is $50-150 per month per package, which is quite affordable. The price range applies to therapists.

The most expensive range is $150-300 per month for MD clients per package. For add-on services, one pays $10 per session. Kareo charges per month, giving you some leeway to save some cash.

To get the exact amount, you need to provide the details of your practice, including its size, for the Kareo team to craft your quotation.

Through its consultant, you will also receive help on customizing solutions to suit your needs. Although the exact pricing is not transparent, there are three main packages to consider; Clinical, Billing, and Engage. The clinical package consists of e-prescribing, a simple chart, and an EHR.

The Billing package has code scrubbing, detailed AR reporting, and clearinghouse report submission. Finally, the Engage module aids healthcare practitioners in marketing themselves through SEO and other online strategies.

The Bottom Line

We have already looked at the billing system, choosing the medical billing service and some of the best medical billing services. What type of practice do you run? Once you understand it, you can select the billing service that appeals to you.

Remember that when you outsource medical billing services, you get the chance to focus on the business as you leave off other matters to experts. You will thus focus on productivity as they hasten the billing process so that you have sufficient funds to run your practice.

The best part of these billing services is that you get more services apart from bills and insurance claims. Therefore, you do not need other software like the appointment scheduling ones. All you need to do is think through before deciding to place your money where you will find its value.

Best Medical Billing Services
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