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best online classroom platform
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Do you know Online classes have made education easier for students around the world? Now you can take your classes while sitting in rural areas with the help best online classroom platforms. Even if you have a daytime job, you can log in to complete their afternoon schoolwork.

As we know, The value of online learning has emerged in problematic situations, such as the covid19 outbreak and other natural disasters that are forcing our campuses to close.

I came to know that Live streaming is a beneficial technology for distance learning. The video allows for real-time interaction and a virtual classroom feel. Class Capture will also enable our teachers to save and upload videos for us (students) to playback if we have missed the session or review part of the lesson.

My teacher told me that An online classroom is a digital replica of a traditional classroom or training room. Our Instructors teach and learn in real-time, face to face, but through technological devices connected to the Internet.

The essential element of the classroom or meeting room, the whiteboard, remains intact. Ideas and discussions take place in real-time.

The tests carry before and after the session. Reports are ready immediately after the end of the session.

Everything remains like our physical classroom, but The only difference is this: an online classroom uses technology to support teaching and learning.

 I want to tell you about the advantages of the virtual classroom? You can send the instruction to a geographically dispersed audience at the same time. Our Instructors and we have a rich experience of collaborating with other students and instructors worldwide.

 My friend and I can easily participate. Additionally, online collaboration typically provides more communication tools, such as chat, open discussion forums, polls, multimedia, and social media, to every student like me.

We can use different Online course software available in market. You can train employees, suppliers, partners, and customers face to face in real-time through a separate application, or you can also integrate it with your website, CMS, ERP, or LMS.

You can conduct training even when your stakeholders are on the move. You can access eLearning material and attend the session live from your smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

To spice up our live streaming classroom, educational institutions need to invest in proper video streaming software.

In this blog, I’ll talk about how the digital learning industry has evolved. Live streaming classroom platforms are popular now. Create an online live classroom platform for you. ‘Education needs of the current time. Let’s take a look

What is the history of virtual learning?

What is the history of virtual learning

The virtual learning environment’s history Correspondence was in writing. The University of Wisconsin – Madison first used the term “distance education” in 1892. Later, the University of Houston offered its first college course in 1953 on public television in the United States. United

. Live broadcasts were broadcast for 13 to 3 hours every week at night so that working students could watch the lessons.

In 1969, the US Department of Defense ordered the ARPANET, a packet-switched network, to implement TCP / IP (the Internet’s fundamental technologies). In 1970, the Havering Computer-Managed Learning System developed in London, and over 100 teachers and 10,000 students were using it by 1980.

In 1984, faculty and students at the University of Waterloo developed applications together using networked IBM computers. A year later, in 1985, the Graduate School of Computing and Information Sciences at Nova Southern University awarded accredited degrees through online courses.

In the mid-1990s, when the idea of personal computers was still in its infancy, distance education seemed to transcend traditional education boundaries.

Students relied on discussion forums, chats, and digital documents to learn.

It wasn’t until the University of Phoenix and Kaplan University offer two-year accelerated bachelor’s degree programs that US-based institutes saw a large influx of international students into their virtual courses.

The industry has seen unprecedented growth in the increased use of smart mobile devices

Online classroom platform

Online classroom platform

Live video streaming allows you to view content at home and attend lectures remotely. It’s the best thing. Right?

Do you know? Technology has found its way into the American classroom for five to ten years. Old-fashioned projectors and bulky TVs replace with interactive intelligent whiteboards.

Even in our traditional classrooms, we can observe homework involves the use of online tools. Many schools like mine require children to have Apple-iPad or other grade school tablets.  Our country’s high schools and universities are even more advanced.

Since the COVID-19outbreak in the spring of 2020, online learning has become the new normal for us. At the beginning of the pandemic, we know that many educators relied exclusively on Zoom’s live streaming, as most had two weeks to switch from their semi-digital to fully online programs.

Almost a year later, many schools discovered that the e-learning solution for elementary schools and colleges requires more than Zoom. Currently, our country’s schools have had time to prepare for online learning.

Many schools have created live online education platforms on websites using professional video hosting platforms with live streaming and VOD capabilities. It allows us to stream lessons live and download lessons to access on-demand videos for schools.

An online streaming platform is a cloud-based solution that allows you to live stream, securely download videos, manage content, and share streams worldwide.

Some video hosting platforms, including many, now support Zoom meeting integrations. It means you can rely on professional streaming tools and servers while accessing Zoom’s video conferencing feature with real-time latency.

Although they vary in terms of specific features and costs, our classroom live video hosting platforms generally provide a similar range of streaming video tools. Online learning education platforms give you more control over your content than popular free consumer platforms like YouTube.

Features to look for in online classroom platforms

Features to look for in online classroom platforms

Choosing the perfect online streaming classroom platform makes all the difference in our’ digital classroom experience.

Our Teachers have several specific factors and live streaming pricing needs that differ from other video hosting and streaming industries.

These are several features that are particularly useful for creating a platform for live lectures and other educational materials. We recommend that you look for these specific features when choosing a streaming platform.

1. Security and privacy settings

Security and privacy tools that help you to control access to your e-Learning videosare essential.

Educational videos are generally for authorized viewers only, making privacy and security tools essential.

Look for a live online video streaming platform with privacy and security features, including private hosting, password protection, end-to-end encryption, fast video download, domain restrictions, etc. These tools allow you to control access to content on your terms.

2. White label video player

White-label video streaming, compared to conventional free platforms, provides a more professional learning atmosphere to you.

White-label video streaming refers to streaming video content that not brands except yours. Most paid video hosting software platforms allow you to flow without a single mention of your name to your viewers.

Free video hosting providers like Youtube Live and Facebook Live maintain the branding on the video player and the landing page that hosts it, unprofessional and distracting for us.

On the other hand, white-label video players generally don’t contain third-party ads unless you set them up for video monetization.

3. API access

API stands for “Application Programming Interface,” a software that enables broadcasters to create custom programmatic integrations and interactions.

The application programming interface (API) is a tool that allows you to integrate external applications and programs. Video API will enable you to customize your video content management system, while Player API enables you to customize the actual video player.

The API can also help you integrate video tools into existing web applications, such as virtual classroom platforms, such as Canvas, Blackboard, etc.

This feature is more important now than ever. Our many schools try to make things easier for us but want to organize a virtual streaming classroom experience consistent with in-person learning.

4. Monetization of videos

Video monetization makes it easy for you to start making money from your live streams and video on demand by selling directly.

Suppose you operate an educational platform that is not funded by public funds or based on tuition fees. In that case, you want to consider monetizing your educational video content to generate income.

Many freelance online educators create video content packages that sold as-is. With monetized content, viewers enter their payment information directly into the video player window. After your checkout process, viewers can access the video.

Monetization tools are essential to quickly and easily generate income from your educational videos. Again, independent educators use monetization more than elementary schools, colleges, or even technical schools.

If you operate an institution, then video monetization shouldn’t be of much interest to you as funded by taxpayers or by tuition.

Best online classrooms Platforms For online Lessons

There are many platforms suitable for hosting and broadcasting online conferences. You should choose a platform based on its ability to meet the specific needs of your institution.

We have some of the best online conferencing platforms for live streaming virtual lessons and other educational content.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is the most discreet and versatile online education tool available right now.

This Learning Management System (LMS) is part of Gsuite, which means our teachers can use Google apps to create lessons, quizzes, and documents, all in Google Classroom.

To use the Google Classroom app, you will need a G Suite for Education account. Many schools and teachers around me moved to this LMS when our schools closed due to the pandemic.

For anyone who regularly uses Google products, Google Classroom is easy to manage. Your teachers provide content for lessons, quizzes, assessments, and exams. Your teachers can also communicate with you and your parents through bulletin boards or email.

The great thing about Google Classroom is that you can create all of your course content with whatever software you want. For example, you can use Google apps to prepare educational material or import visuals made with Visme.

Let’s tell you something important. In 2020, Google Classroom was more comfortable integrating with Google Meet, the new version of Google Hangouts. It made running your online course even more comfortable.


You may know Zoom from business meetings, but did you know that it works excellent for online-teaching?

We have two ways to use the zoom; Meetings and webinars. Zoom meetings are best suited for interactive online education, while Zoom webinars are best suited for conferences. Your Teachers can choose who to work with at any time.

Zoom meetings have convenient features that facilitate you on online teaching, such as breakout rooms. it help teachers, separate students into groups, just as you would in a regular classroom.

We can communicate with each other, and the teacher invites us to come and help if necessary. Since Zoom has become so popular for distance learning, many other online teaching tools seamlessly integrate.


Panopto has the tools to manage classroom videos, recorded lectures,  and multimedia resources on a secure, searchable video platform.

Panopto, a leading video platform for our education, is an online conferencing platform designed to serve our universities and other large institutions. Its solutions include dedicated software for course capture and video search.

With a focus on online learning, it provides YouTube-like tools and integrates with learning management systems. Overall, Panopto is a more focused online video organization for us than the other best live streaming solutions considered here.

However, the Panopto platform does not include video monetization. Security features include the ability to make live content and events private. Additionally, users can integrate with existing authentication systems. All plans are white-label, and API is available.

Detailed Features:

  • Course Capture & Video Search Software
  • Security and access control functions
  • White label distribution
  • Integration with LMS systems
  • API for other integrations.
  • Audio content
  • Analytical
  • Document indexing
  • Customizable branding
  • Full-text search
  • Video content
  • Asset categorization
  • Download the guidelines and specifications:
  • Supported video formats: AVI, MP4, MPG, WMV, MOV, QT, ASF, 3GP, WMA, MP3, M4V

Do you know? Panopto has recently simplified its pricing plans and includes the following three options:

Basic: free

Pro: $ 14.99 / month

IBM Cloud Video

IBM Video is a cloud-based platform for you to streaming live and on-demand content, including virtual classrooms. It is one of the best online classroom platforms.

IBM Cloud Video uses the technology behind the service formerly known as UStream. Due to its years of experience in online streaming, the platform offers you many powerful options and supports the academic solutions included in its streaming and live streaming tools.

Main features include webcasting, content management, password protection, global streaming, cloud transcoding, and HD streaming. Advanced e-learning features include artificial intelligence-based text-to-speech, automatic captions, live polls, real-time monitoring, as well as video analytics and information.

Detailed features for you:

  • Very reliable
  • Superior customer support
  • The video broadcast via an internal VOD server
  • Suitable for large companies
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Powerful functions ideal for broadcasters
  • Download guidelines and specifications:
  • Recommended dimensions: 4K (3840 × 2160)
  • Supported aspect ratios: Unknown (unpublished)
  • Maximum file size: 4 GB
  • Maximum video length: unknown (no limit published)
  • Total file storage: 1TB – 5TB, depending on plan

IBM’s pricing plans range from $ 99 to $ 999 per month

EzTalks Webinar

EZ talks are one of the best free online learning programs for you in the world. Why is it at the top of our list of the best free software for the virtual classroom? There are some reasons why this software stands out above the rest.

It saves your cost. It makes our virtual classroom software accessible. The free version allows your instructors to accommodate up to 100 students, while the affordable paid version allows up to 10,000 students.

It Provides us a smooth learning experience. The ezTalks webinar offers top-notch audio and video quality, so you don’t have to worry about a bad learning experience. Surveys and polls effortlessly collect feedback to understand your needs better to connect to the topic seamlessly.

It can create an interactive virtual classroom. Your Screens and whiteboards can be shared, ensuring efficient online-collaboration-services. Moreover, you can send instant messages and have direct communication with teachers or classmates, in public or private, by SMS, for as long as you want.

It can manage the class in the correct order. You can mute/unmute student audio if needed. Also, your host can configure whoever they want to be the presenter. The discussion process will again run in order. All this allows us not to affect the management of the class.

Our After-school exam. The platform also has a recording and playback function, allowing us to explore the benefits of virtual learning without any limitation and allowing our host to share recording file links on different platforms for larger crowds.

If you cannot join the live course, you can also download the recording files for playback.


Vplayed is a live streaming platform for you with a robust educational solution. vPlayed is a Contus powered streaming solution that supports live streaming and VOD.

VPlayed is the best streaming solution for you. i observed. The platform supports live and on-demand content management and hosting.

Detailed Features for you:

  • HTML5 video player for all devices
  • Live streaming and VOD
  • Video Monetization
  • Video security
  • Security tools
  • 100% customizable experience
  • Download the guidelines and specifications:
  • Minimum dimension: not available
  • Maximum dimension: no more significant than the origin dimension
  • Aspect ratio: 4: 3, 16: 9 (suggested)
  • Maximum file size: no limit
  • Maximum video length: not available
  • Total file storage: not available
  • Supported video formats: unspecified

VPlayed does not publish prices on-site. You can contact their sales team for more information.

The future of education

If you are new to online conferencing, you want to choose an affordable and easy-to-use live teaching platform.

We know that the world’s current situation has put many educators in a difficult position; online learning has proven invaluable beyond comparison for us.

Live streaming lessons, rather than just uploading notes, help us digest the material, mainly if used to see their teachers in person.

Even though online education is not the preferred option for all of you, there is a need to keep them informed when schools are closing or safer to learn from home. Consider implementing live broadcasts, lectures available for replay, and other digital educational tools to help you during this time.

You can use the best online classroom platforms for your need. With all the uncertainty in the world, may education remain a constant? We owe it to you.

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