Best Scheduling Software For Small Businesses

Best Scheduling Software For Small Businesses
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Are you looking for scheduling software for your small business? Well, that is the first step towards taking your business a step further. Congratulations! Continue soaring higher.

There are hundreds of scheduling software in the world. That is a mixture of good and bad stuff. Therefore, you have to choose the kind of software that agrees with your niche.

This article tells you how you can decide the best scheduling software for your business. We will also give you a list of the software that meets the standards. Our review of the software is fair without leaning on any side. We will finally let you decide which software will work best for our business.

What Should You Look For When Choosing Scheduling Software?

Countless software providers offer scheduling services. Some are great, and some are not worth your money. So, what should you look for when selecting your scheduling software?

  1. How Much Does Scheduling Software Cost?

It is a business principle that you should only spend your money where your purchase is worth every cent. That same principle works here too.

While cheap is expensive, you are also at risk of spending so much money on what’s not worth it. So you should always do your research on the quality of the product you intend to buy before you go for cheap or expensive.

Generally, scheduling software is not too expensive. However, the prices from different application providers vary. Some even have free plans with limited features that often meet your business needs.

  1. Data Security

Typically a scheduling software stores a lot of information about your company. You do not want your data to be exposed out there to everyone else. That is why you have to check the security policies of the software you’d like to work with.

  1. An Organized Booking Page

The purpose of opting for scheduling software is to make work easy for you as a business and your clients. The booking page should be simple and a time saver. If possible, you should even provide your clients with a guide to help them book appointments.

I’ve seen situations where clients ended up asking about the business’ scheduling tool and then purchasing it. That is because they found the software to be quite fun, even for them.

Furthermore, the booking page should have a professional look. You should be able to customize it so that it fits your niche.

Lastly, it should be mobile responsive. While millions of people have desktops, the same millions still use their mobile devices to access internet services. The software’s booking page should accommodate mobile devices too.

  1. Functional and Customizable

The scheduling software is first on your calendar before anything else. It should be able to do what you’d want it to do. It should work with other calendars like Google calendar and others.

The scheduler should allow you to customize it to fit your needs.

  1. Automation

Your software should be able to send reminders and confirmations. That makes work a lot easier than the manual way. Chances of missing appointments become very slim.

  1. Integration

If you already have a Facebook page and a website for your business, the scheduling software should integrate with these two. With this feature, you can convert your potential clients from wherever. With just one click, you have a chance of expanding your web. That is one crucial feature that should not be missing.

Scheduling software should be making your work easy and not the opposite. Therefore, as you search for one that fits your business, look for the features above. That should determine the amount of money you spend on any product. Do thorough research on the pricing and features, then make your next move.

What Are the 5 Scheduling Types?

There are various types of scheduling. However, we focus on the standard forms used by small businesses.

  1. Stream Scheduling

That is where a business gives its clients their appointment times. That way, you can only work with a single client at a time, hence maximizing your time with them.

  1. Cluster Scheduling

This is an ideal scheduling method for businesses specializing in a specific field. You can book individuals with similar needs in a one-time slot.

  1. Self-scheduling

In this type of scheduling, clients can book and manage their appointments on your business’s online platform.

  1. Triage Scheduling

This method is limited to medical institutions. You book patients based on the severity of their cases.

  1. Open-book Scheduling

With open-book scheduling, you serve your clients on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are no strict appointments.

What Is the Best Software for Scheduling?

Below is a list of scheduling software for you to choose from. We have selected the best on the market with excellent customer satisfaction. We’ve also included their thumbs-ups and downs. That way, you do not have to worry about the fishing net with both good and bad fish for you to select. Follow on.

  1. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is an appointment scheduling software that allows you to manage your appointments on the internet. That feature is commonly known as “cloud-based.”

What I love about Acuity is that it accommodates any business. So whether you are a small business, big, or mid-size, you can comfortably use Acuity scheduling software.

With Acuity Scheduling, you can automate your appointments by offering your customers the privilege of seeing the available and booked times in real-time. That way, your customers do not have to call you every time to know when you are open to serve them.

Also, this scheduling software can sync calendars according to the individual’s time zone. But not just that, it also alerts and reminds the user about their scheduled appointments.


  • Customizable admission forms
  •  Embeddable calendars
  • Third-party application-calendar synchronization
  • Group scheduling

In case you are wondering whether this scheduling software is for you, it could be. Acuity is excellent for the following service-based businesses;

  • Video and photography producing companies
  • Salons
  • Tutoring and training centers
  • Spa centers
  • Coaching and consulting
  • Dental and health clinics

Have you noticed that everyone is exploring what technology has to offer? Well, so does Acuity. It provides APIs and integrates applications like Google Analytics, QuickBooks, WordPress, MailChimp, and FreshBooks.

If you look for the best scheduling software on the internet, you will see hundreds of them. That means that you have a variety of options to choose from. But makes Acuity stand out, and what makes it a rare choice? Find out in the pros and cons section.


  • Easy booking. Time is crucial for both you and your customers. Acuity saves time since the process of booking is relatively easy. They can book and even pay online. Clients can also reschedule their appointments or even cancel without a struggle on you or your customer’s side.
  • An organized schedule administration. There is nothing worse than missing important meetings or appointments. Acuity saves you from that by sending you reminders and notifications. As an administrator, you can control the calendars your clients and personnel see as Acuity syncs them. So whatever change anyone makes is visible to everybody.
  • Powerful integration. You probably are using other applications on your mobile devices. Acuity integrates with QuickBooks, MailChimp, and Salesforce. You can also use customer engagement avenues like Zoom and ReviewRail. We cannot forget to mention that Acuity works with payment solutions like Paypal, Square, and Stripe, among others.
  • “Privacy” is vital for any startup business. There are times when you have busy hours throughout the day. Now that is visible to clients when booking. Acuity gives you the ability to hide the available slots so that your downtimes are not visible.
  • Call-to-action. If you have a business page on Instagram and Facebook, Acuity has you covered. Your clients can book appointments straight from your social media accounts. You can create a call-to-action button on Instagram. On the other hand, you’ll have to make a call-to-action button on the Facebook app that directs to your scheduling page.
  • Everything on your fingertips. Acuity scheduling software has its mobile app that works for Android and iOS devices. The app does not have a desktop experience, but you can manage your appointments. By this, I mean rescheduling or canceling appointments. So you do not have to carry your laptop everywhere you go.
  • Intake forms. Acuity offers customizable intake forms that give you the ability to gather all your client’s relevant details in one place. The basic information includes the client’s first and last name, email address, and phone number.


With all the good the scheduling software boasts, is it flawless? No. Every software is constantly undergoing some minor or significant improvements. So does Acuity.

Some common problems that people have with Acuity include;

  • Not user-friendly. Acuity may or may not be user-friendly, depending on your familiarity with scheduling software. If you are not at home with the software, it may work you up.
  • Intake forms limitations. The spaces left for your clients to fill in their information has limited words. Therefore the clients have to be very precise. That can be pretty frustrating.
  • No call support. Acuity denies you the ability to call for customer support whenever you experience some difficulty. The only option you have is to write to them. While it sounds more professional, it’s not satisfying to you as the user. In their defense, Acuity feels that the email way gives them time to get you the right person to respond to you.
  • Pay for more. Those who subscribe to the premium package tend to enjoy most of the fun. While that may seem biased, it’s not. That’s a marketing strategy. Else, why would you pay for what you can get for free? Right?

Acuity Reviews

What are users saying about Acuity scheduling software? Below are ratings from trusted sources.

  1. Trustpilot

  1. Trustradius

There are still hundreds of review sites on the internet. And they agree that Acuity rates highly. That is evidence that users enjoy using the scheduling software.


Acuity offers a free plan to those offering solo service. There are three paid plans left. These are best for big businesses. The packages include;

  • Emerging Entrepreneur costing $14 per month
  • Growing costing $23 per month
  • Powerhouse costing $45 per month

Acuity offers two payment plans. That is a monthly and annual payment plan. If you know anything about paid subscriptions, you’ll realize by now that companies give significant discounts for yearly subscriptions. Acuity works the same way. You get;

  • 6% discount for Emerging package
  • 8% discount for Growing package
  • 10% discount for Powerhouse package

How do you know what package fits you? There is a seven-day trial for the paid packages. Therefore, you can explore the advantages first then decide whether you want to proceed or cancel the subscription. Now, that’s quite an offer.

While you can enjoy an Acuity, free plan, It wouldn’t hurt to try paid packages. In my opinion, the rates are pretty fair for any business. You get more privileges in paid packages compared to using the free plan.

However, if all your business needs are taken care of by an Acuity, free plan, then go for it.

Keep An Eye On Your Profit

Attending meetings the whole day can be pretty exhausting. More than that, it can alienate you from the progress of your business. You need to take a break and focus on your profits and losses and keep your business afloat. Calendly and Doodle can be of great help in getting financial reports.

  1. Calendly

Calendly is quite a standard scheduling software with international recognition. It boasts its ability to reduce maximally the time its users take to schedule appointments. They achieve that by doing the heavy work for you as you collaborate.

What I find pretty amazing about Calendly is that you can embed the scheduling software to your business website. Or you can integrate it with mobile apps like Salesforce and GoToMeeting. That way, you can schedule a meeting anywhere you are.

Calendly also gives you the privilege of being updated whenever a client chooses a meeting time. The process is automated; hence the meeting time goes to your calendar.


  • Daily limits
  • Buffer times
  • It shows the correct time zones
  • It prevents last-minute scheduling
  • Customizations
  • Calendar integration
  • Group events
  • Metrics and reporting
  • Team scheduling
  • Open API

If you wonder whether Calendly is for you, let me spare you the headache now. This scheduling software is best for;

  • Physical education teachers
  • Small, mid-size, and big businesses
  • Personal trainers
  • Physical therapists
  • Companies that do video conferences, webinars, and seminars
  • Companies with small or large teams

In a nutshell, Calendly is for everybody. Since it’s customizable, you can use it in whichever way that suits your business needs.


  • Pocket friendly. You know full well that companies will give you few privileges for the free versions of their products. However, that is not the case with Calendly. With its free plan, you can enjoy what other brands offer for the paid plans. One of the features is integration with the google calendar.
  • Customization. There is nothing that businesses love like customizing services to fit their niche. That’s what Calendly offers you. With only a few clicks, you can add custom fields that help you pick the information you need about your clients.
  • User-friendly. Calendly scheduling software claims to be user-friendly software. The great thing about Calendly’s claim is that it’s a fact. Calendly is relatively easy to set up and customize. You do not need to be an expert in tech work.
  • Integration with Google calendar. Google calendar is standard today, with virtually anybody using it on their mobile devices. Calendly has seamlessly integrated with the Google calendar. Therefore, client scheduling is more accessible today than before.
  • Easy appointment scheduling. Calendly makes scheduling appointments so easy compared to traditional methods. You had to send emails to clients and then wait for their response. Calendly automates every process so that both you and your clients have a great experience.
  • Mobile app. Calendly has an accompanying app and works on android and iOS mobile devices, which assists in sharing your availability. You can also list your appointments and manage them by rescheduling or canceling appointments.
  • Time-saver. Calendly prides itself on its ability to save both you and your clients’ time when setting up meetings. What you have to do is share a link with your clients. Then they can choose their most convenient time.
  • Payment processor integration. Calendly lacked this feature in the earlier years, which was a thumbs down. However, today your clients can do partial or complete payments thanks to Calendly’s Paypal and Stripe Integrations.
  • It integrates with Office 365, Outlook, and Google. Many software brands claim to integrate with Office 365 and other products, but that’s never the case on the ground. Many users have had to undergo frustrations when these third-party applications crash. However, Calendly is genuine in its claim.


  • Inventory management. Calendly offers you limited inventory management. While that is not a significant issue for a startup business, it can be pretty frustrating in the long run when your business goes big.
  • Short trial days. In my opinion, I believe that Calendly can do better than 14 days of trying its features. I mean, you need a week or two to get familiar with it if you are not familiar with scheduling. You need about a 30 days free trial to get better acquainted with its features. Some brands offer more extended periods with a bit of cash deposit.
  • Not for everybody. You are likely to have problems with older clients who are not tech literate. That’s not Calendly’s fault, though. That’s a challenge that senior citizens undergo since they cannot catch up with the technological advancements.
  • Phone app problems. I realize that software developers do not put equal effort into mobile apps as they do with desktop software. That’s the same with Calendly. Mobile device users report late updates and slow loading, among others.
  • Customer support. Users are not happy with the customer support system that Calendly uses for airing out concerns. Calendly uses email and not phone. When you have problems with anything, you have to write to them and then wait for a response. It could be for a good reason, like getting you the best technical support guy.


I would only use a popular service. For that reason, let’s pass Calendly through our filter. How are people rating its services? We’ll consult the popular review agencies.

  1. CompareCamp

You can get more about the review here.


You can get the review information here.

There are many other sources that you can search for to get a glimpse into Calendly ratings. According to my research on the same, Calendly is quite popular. But not just that, Calendly scheduling software is among the best.


Users say that Calendly is cost-effective. But how cost-effective is Calendly? Let’s find out.

Calendly scheduling software has three subscription plans. These are;

  • Basic. Which is a free plan with one calendar per user
  • Premium. You pay $10 per month with two calendars per user
  • Pro. You pay $15 per month with six calendars per user

As we said earlier, Calendly offers you the privilege of trying its features for 14 days. It’s fair but not good enough. While trying it out, you do not need to give your credit card details. During your trial duration, you can cancel the subscription if you want.

Calendly gives you a great discount of 20% for annual subscriptions. So you can go for that if you want to save some cash.

  1. Doodle

Doodle is one Scheduling software that is common today. Arguably, it is the most potent means of scheduling meetings. Different media such as Forbes, TechRepublic, Business Insider, Inc, among others, have featured it. That alone says much about Doodle’s fame.

The fame is not just credit given mistakenly. Doodle deserves it. Long before introducing scheduling software, small and big businesses had to schedule meetings manually. That would involve sending back-and-forth emails.

However, with Doodle, back and forth emails have been a gone story thanks to the many technological advancements.

Doodle offers one-to-one meetings between businesses and their clients and between colleagues. It further supports team meetings and calendar integration, among others. It has won more than 30 million users worldwide.

Whether you want to use Doodle for personal issues like organizing a family dinner or for your business, it works perfectly. It has a friendly interface and suitable options that make scheduling painless.


  • Integrates with any calendar platform
  • Simplified one on one meetings
  • Group meetings
  • Schedule management
  • Open API
  • Buffer times
  • Time zone detection

So, who can use Doodle? Well, according to Doodle. Its services favor;

  • Small, large, and mid-sized businesses
  • Personal trainers
  • Businesses with big teams
  • Onboard employees in remote locations

Doodle’s services are said to be used by companies such as Nike, among others. So that says a lot about its credibility. You can always customize the software to fit into your business type. However, that will depend on your know-how in the tech world.

So how do you know if Doodle scheduling software works for you? Read on to discover.


  • Easy to use. Perhaps what stands out most is Doodle’s simplicity in its functionality. It’s so simple that some users describe its simplicity as its weakness. The easy-to-use function allows you to save time since you do not have to worry about sending emails and narrowing down convenient dates and times.
  • It integrates with third-party applications and services. Like the others in our list, Doodle works with other third-party apps and services. That way, your life gets to be expected since you can use Google calendar, Microsoft 365, Zoom, and many others.
  • Pocket-friendly. Doodle is one of the few cost-friendly scheduling software. There is a free trial to start with, together with fair upgrade costs that small businesses can afford.
  • Available on mobile devices. I love Doodle because its app is more straightforward than desktop software. The app is available for Android and iOS devices. You also get updates whenever your clients cancel or reschedule appointments instantly.
  • Easy scheduling. Doodle allows your clients to see the time you are available and when they are available. It doesn’t matter the type of calendar you are using. That also helps solve the one problem facing many invitees: double booking.
  • Control. Would you like for invitees to subscribe to your work schedule? Well, Doodle offers that functionality. With this scheduling software, you invite your clients to choose the times you have proposed.
  • Team events. Suppose you have a business that runs with branches in different locations; Doodle auto-identifies the guest time zones. That way, there are no conflicts or confusion. Also, Doodle allows you to see when everyone on your team is free. Then you can pick the standard date and time.
  • Updates and reminders. If you’d want to reschedule your appointments for some reason, Doodle allows you to broadcast the update to your clients right from your dashboard. Also, you can set your reminders so that you do not miss an appointment. But you can also turn your reminders off too.


  • Doodle has no free plan. Most users would prefer a free program before they begin to upgrade. But that is where Doodle fails because its competitors offer free packages with limited features.
  • It has limited free trial time. Like its competitors, Doodle offers you a 14-day free trial. However, in my opinion, that’s relatively short since there is no free plan. They should have tried a 30-day free trial. However, the good news is that you do not have to provide your payment details when applying for Doodle’s 14-day free trial.
  • Frequent ads. One thing that annoys site visitors is chains of ads. Customer reviews show that it’s too much, especially since they do not offer a free package. The ratio of those complaining to those who have no problem with the ads is about 2:10, respectively.

I do not want to be biased. I wish I had more negatives, but there aren’t. Most users are pretty excited about Doodle and its services. No wonder it’s called the leader in scheduling.


As you have seen in the Pros and Cons section, Doodle is most people’s favorite. But is that just empty talk without facts? Below are some screenshots from popular review sites.


According to, Doodle has a rating of 4.5/5

  1. TrustRadius

The score that Doodle has on TrustRadius is 9/10. That is quite amazing.


Until now, you only know that Doodle does not offer a free plan. Is there more? Let’s find out.

Doodle scheduling software offers three packages. These are;

  • Pro plan which  costs $6.95 per month
  • Team plan which costs $44.75 per month
  • Enterprise whose cost is unknown

With Doodle, you have to make annual payments. You can check the various features that come with each subscription plan here.

  1. scheduling software is a web-based software whose developers designed it to aid businesses in customer bookings using a single calendar. is the perfect tool for setting up weekly schedules depending on the requirements. And it can also add some extra time for you to relax and prepare for the next meetings.

This scheduling software also allows your business to send SMS reminders and branded emails to your clients. Even better, you can automate follow-up emails sent to your clients. You can view your team’s booking schedules and even reject customer-proposed bookings. is among the top 100 scheduling software because of the many benefits that business owners and your clients enjoy. Which ones are these? Follow on.


  • Appointment Reminders
  • Group Scheduling
  • Customizable Branding
  • Automated Scheduling
  • Online Payments
  • Automatic Time Zone Detection
  • Mobile Access
  • Manage team availability is great for;

  • Technology
  • Startup businesses
  • Education
  • Teams that work with customers

So, if you belong to any of these categories, then you should go for


  • An open API.’s open API is beneficial for many functions, including integration with third-party applications and software like Microsoft and Google calendars, Zapier, Gmail, Zoom, and Stripe.
  • Time-saver. As the software we looked at previously, is a time saver. That’s why it’s suitable for businesses. With this software, you save three-quarters of the total amount of time you spend scheduling manually. That is because you don’t waste a lot of time with back-and-forth emails.
  • Mobile access. comes with its mobile application that works on Android and iOS devices. That means that you and you can use it wherever and at any time.
  • Group scheduling. Heads of groups can schedule meetings with their team members easily. That is because enables you to see your team’s schedule, and from there, you can pick on a date and time that works for all of you.
  • Confirmation and reminders. Both you and your clients get notifications on any step you make. Whether you cancel or agree to a schedule, you will receive a report on the same. It will appear on your calendar. Also, you can set reminders if you are guilty of having a bad memory.
  • Calendar synchronization. Any changes to your calendar appear in the notifications of anyone you share the URL with. That includes your team or clients. That way, there is no confusion. works perfectly well with your Google calendar and other third-party calendars.
  • Multi-location. detects time zones and takes care of any confusion that may result from that if you approach it the traditional way. Easy.
  • Online payments. is one of the few scheduling software that allows you to make online payments. That way, your clients can make their payments directly before you even meet.


  • They have a limited free plan. is an excellent scheduling software, but it lacks one fundamental aspect; a free version with variety. I believe that it’s not entirely wrong because how else would they get you to pay if not for the limited features? But still, can do better than that. is one of the software that its users love and have almost nothing negative to say. That can be observed even by this scheduling software’s ratings. See that in the following segment.

Reviews rates in most review sites at the top 20 scheduling software. That is because of the excellent customer satisfaction that it offers its clients. Apart from the improvements they suggest, there is nothing significant about its cons.

Below are screenshots of how users rate this scheduling software. Once again, we are taking these ratings from credible and respected sources.

  1. Capterra

In Capterra, has earned a rating of 4.5/5. Now that’s an outstanding achievement.

  1., on the other hand, shows that the software ratings are 4.7/5. The two sources show that customers enjoy’s services.

Pricing is one of the cheapest scheduling software in the market. I believe that that aside from the services, this is another selling point. How is that? offers only one package, which costs $10 per month. You also can make annual payments that earn you a 10% discount for a single year. However, if you pay for two years, you get a discount of 20%.

If you’d like to check out the features that come with the paid package, you can visit this page.

  1. Thryv

Thryv is one tremendous and prominent scheduling software built for small businesses. It is pretty beneficial. It allows your clients to see when you are available, chooses the most convenient time for them, cancels appointments, or even reschedules.

The software has been ranked among the top schedulers in the market by authorities like G2 and GetApp. That means that it has proved to be beneficial to its users.


  • Group scheduling
  • Automated scheduling
  • Recurring appointments
  • Calendar sync
  • Online booking
  • Online payments
  • Client database


  • It makes work easy. Gone are the days when you had to send emails or call your clients to give you a date and time when they would be free. Thryv has made that work easy for you not to have to go that time-consuming route.
  • User friendly. If you are not quite into tech stuff, you don’t have to worry because Thryv gives you a friendly tech environment. Thryv simplifies everything for your use. That is a selling point on its own because most software does not offer that.
  • Team communication. As an admin, Thryv gives you the privilege of oversight. You can see your team member’s schedules and communicate with them too. That way, you can know how your customers are doing.
  • It integrates social media and websites. If you have a business website or social media page, Thryv will be of great help to you. It gives you a call to action button on your website and pages where your prospects can book appointments.
  • Great customer support. Most customers’ challenge with Thryv’s competitors is poor customer service. They have to send emails to the vendor’s customer care team to raise their concerns. However, Thryv is a game-changer because they even call you to ask if you need any help. And if you do, they schedule a zoom meeting to walk you through everything. Thumbs up!
  • Online payment. Today there is a greater need for every business. And that is providing your clients with the option of paying for services online. Thryv also gives your client that option.


  • It is not home for everybody. A few customers have expressed the lack of features that fit their niche. That is why we advise you always to check before you pay. The scheduler should suit your business needs.


There is a trend that I have now realized. And that is when the cons are few; the ratings are high. Let’s see whether this is the case with Thryv. Once again, we will only take our information from credible sources.


G2 gives Thryv a rating of 4.5/5, with 81% of its users giving it a 5-star rating. That’s impressive.

  1. Capterra

Capterra gives Thryv a 4.2/5 rating. That also shows that its customer satisfaction score is high.


The Thryv software vendor is silent regarding the price of Thryv in a monthly or annual subscription. There is also no information about the possibility of getting a free plan. Neither do we know whether they have multiple packages or a single plan like

You only have to create your account and discover the rest for yourself.

Manage Your Resources And Your Time

It’s one thing to keep your business running and entirely another to stay updated on your resources without spending your time doing both. You need software that will help you save time doing both.

  1. 10to8

10to8 is a cloud scheduling software that allows its users to book appointments, make payments for events or services and look into existing bookings.

Clients can book, cancel or reschedule their appointments with ease. The platform also integrates with Gmail, Outlook, and others; approximately 1500 Apps. It further syncs your schedules automatically with the user’s calendar.

You can remain updated on your appointments at any time since you can access the platform from any device. In which industries can this software be of utmost benefit? Generally, it fits in all businesses, be it healthcare, agriculture, or education.


  • Accounting integration
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Automated appointment scheduling
  • Calendar management
  • Synced live 2-way calendar
  • Claims and communication management
  • Client database
  • Collaboration tools
  • SMS and Email reminders
  • Staff management
  • Group scheduling
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Two- way chat with clients
  • Flexible availability in multiple locations
  • Live reporting


  • With each passing month, there are improvements in the software in terms of additional features or enhancing the old ones.
  • The reminders feature makes it easy to prevent and avoid no-shows. Clients will always receive reminders via email or SMS.
  • Many features at an affordable price
  • With 10to8 synced with google calendar, there’s no chance of clashing appointments.
  • You can customize booking times to run concurrently with your business times.
  • Excellent customer service.


  • Some CRM tools are slow
  • Need for an iOS or Android App
  • Not integrated with e-commerce sites


10to8 has a five-star rating from most reviewing companies. Its users are delighted with the services, and they get value for their money. One of the aspects most users appreciate with this platform is its immense features. Here are some reviews to check out.


10to8 has five different options for its users. Depending on the size of your business, you can choose a package that will best suit your needs. Based on the selection you make, you will get varying features.

Before subscribing, it is best to know the specifications under each package.

  1. Small businesses

Free forever with two staff logins

  1. Basic

$9.6 per month with two staff logins

  1. Growth

$20 per month with three staff logins

  1. Bigger business

$40 per month with six staff logins

  1. Enterprise

Bespoke staff at approximately $150



Software advice

Based on the overall rating, 10to8 is software worth your time and investment. You only need to look into your business requirements to determine your best package.

Specify When You Want Your Work Done

Scheduling software is very effective in terms of working with your staff. They can even allow you to specify your team when you want some project done. Appointy is one such software.

  1. Appointy

Appointy is scheduling software that allows businesses to manage their appointment scheduling procedures and routines. Who can use this software? If you are in the health and wellness business, educational sector, and more, this system can benefit you.

You can also market using Appointy. It allows you to make online sales, track your email campaigns, or send automated messages to your customers. You can ask for their feedback and reviews on your products with the texts.

You can also make your bookings through social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. That is because Appointy integrated with these media.


  • Recurring booking
  • Dashboard and reports
  • Integration with social media
  • Scheduled working hours for staff
  • Prepayment
  • Company branding
  • Back to back service booking
  • Confirmation/ reminders
  • Calendar management and sync
  • Multilocational
  • Class and group scheduling
  • Real-time scheduling
  • Online payment
  • Online scheduling


  • It turns facebook into an online booking avenue. Appointy gives your customers the option to make their bookings through social media platforms due to integration. You clients can then schedule their appointments more conveniently.
  • Other than booking through Facebook, Appointy has website widgets. After integrating the software with your website, clients can make bookings through the site. Therefore, individuals will have various options for scheduling their appointments.
  • It has a mobile administration console. You, therefore, have control over your appointments regardless of your location or device. There’s also automatic sync with google, allowing your staff to accomplish their tasks more effectively. You can also serve your customers to their satisfaction.
  • You can track your progress and measure essential factors using the platform’s powerful analytics and reporting tools.
  • Appointy sends automated notifications to clients through SMS or emails before their appointments. That will therefore reduce the number of no-shows.


  • Generally, most Appointy users are satisfied with the software. There’s a need to increase the description on its settings to make it more user-friendly.


  1. Software advice

  1. Capterra

If we look at the reviews above compared to the pros and cons, this software is safe to use. Most of its users find contentment using it.


Your needs as a business are a significant determinant to your suitable package. If you require more features, then you might have to pay more. However, to have a clear understanding and view of this, take a look here. However, note that Appointy accepts annual billing.

Before you ultimately settle for a package, you will have access to a 14-day trial. After that, you may decide to sign up or not. You are also free to opt-out. Thus, it is of your subscription at any time with no extra charges. Here are the available options;

  1. Free Version accessible to one staff member. It has five services.
  2. Growth Version at $19.99 per month. It includes one staff member.
  3. Professional version at $49.99 monthly. It contains five staff members.
  4. Enterprise version at $79.99 monthly. It consists of 2 locations, hence multi-locational.

  1. Setmore

Are you a solopreneur, a small business owner, or working with an NGO? There’s always the need to better your services, especially regarding how you connect with your clients. Many businesses have attracted and retained clients, thanks to Setmore.

So, how exactly does Setmore work?

Setmore is a platform with an automated system that allows you to make online bookings, payments, scheduling, reminders, and engagements. The system works 24/7. With this software, you can connect more effectively with your clients.

Simultaneously, this software is user-friendly both to you and your clients. With Setmore, you are more likely to enhance your brand and take charge of your appointments.


  • Online payments
  • Text and email reminders
  • Bookings on Facebook
  • Reviews
  • Appointments and classes
  • Recurring appointments
  • iOS and Android App
  • Website widget
  • Two-way calendar sync


  • Reliability is one of Seymore’s selling points. With features like mobile scheduling, clients can book their appointments while your staff manages these bookings on their end. If a client makes any changes to their booking, you will receive an SMS alert to notify you of the change. You will thus act appropriately.
  • Easy connectivity. Once you integrate Setmore with your website or Facebook page, your clients can easily schedule their appointments. Moreover, the Website widget eases and hastens online booking.
  • Setmore has a payment feature that makes it easy for clients to make their payments online with cards. That saves them inconveniences that usually arise.
  • With its prompt email and text notifications, one can give instant customer service. Thus, it is helpful in industries that require one to manage appointments more effectively.


  • According to the reviews I conducted, the primary downside of Setmore is the probability of double booking. You may thus have to make a follow-up to determine the exact appointment time so you can free the other slot.


The opinion one holds about a product reveals much about it. Depending on the views, you can quickly determine the authenticity of a product or service. You can then decide if you will invest in it or not.

Let us look at what reviewers think about Setmore.

  1. TrustRadius

  1. GetApp

Both reviews from TrustRadius and GetApp reveal that many people appreciate Setmore. Considering the magnitude of its benefits, it’s no surprise that this is the case. However, if Setmore would make some adjustments to prevent double-booking, then the software will be more helpful.


There are three alternatives that one can choose from. Depending on your package, you will get access to specific features. The particular components in each version might influence your choice. For that reason, check here for the exact specifications.

  1. Free version allowing up to 4 users
  2. Premium version at $ 9 per month. It only allows up to two users
  3. Pro version at $5 per month with more than three users

You can go to the billing section on your Setmore account to pay your fees. Online payments through credit or debit cards are accepted. You only need to update the billing information.

Publish Your Tasks and Schedules to Your Staff

If you are a business working with big teams, you may like this software. Bitrix24 helps you share your tasks and schedules with your team, among other functions. Read on to find out more.

  1. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a free online scheduling software used by over seven million businesses. Its design helps in the automation of communication and management procedures in companies regardless of their size, including startups.

Its variety of tools gives a unified system that manages contacts, files, emails, projects, and tasks.

With it, you can keep connected with your clients. How so? Suppose there’s anyone you haven’t contacted for some time. In that case, Bitrix24 will put up a notification to remind you to schedule an appointment with the client.

Contacting clients and scheduling appointments gets even better. Whenever a client gets in touch with you, you will receive a notification on your CRM. For this reason, many people consider Bitrix 24 as the world’s dominant CRM system.


Bitrix24 has both basic and advanced features. The basic ones are found in the free version that anyone can sign up for. To get the technical characteristics, one has to subscribe to payable versions, which vary. More on that later.

Here’s a comprehensive list of all its features. If you want to distinguish the package each component applies to, you can check here.

  • Free and unlimited calendar and appointments
  • Messaging
  • Extranet
  • Sharing and versioning files
  • Daily planner
  • Company structure
  • Photo albums
  • Time management
  • Workflow
  • Task reporting
  • Sales channel
  • Bulk emails and email notification
  • Invoicing
  • Accessible through mobile, desktop, or other devices
  • Free CRM


  • It has an integrated CRM allowing you to centralize info, activities, tasks, and projects into one. Since Bitrix is robust, you won’t need to use varying applications.
  • Secure and manageable communication. With its secured modules, the software allows you to manage internal and external communications. With it, you can either make or receive virtual calls. When it comes to social searches, you must get permission before proceeding.
  • Improved company structure using available management tools. With tools like time- tracking, employee check-in/out, an absence chart, you can organize your business better.
  • Its existing flexible plans. Bitrix has various payment plans which allow one to access varying features. Depending on your business needs, you can either opt for the free, standard, plus, or professional version.
  • It has the Kanban user interface.


  • Limitations with social networking.
  • It has a complex user interface.


Many businesses are looking for efficient methods of increasing their efficacy and productivity. Let us have a quick look at the views held on Bitrix24 based on reviews conducted by different companies.


  1. Trustradius

Although Bitrix24 is prevalent in many organizations, a few adjustments would make it serve and rate even better. The main setback that many would like to see improvement is the user interface.

Having it simplified with the options separated can make it more efficient. Otherwise, it offers most business solutions in one pool.


The price options for Bitrix are pretty flexible, making it an affordable alternative to many. Let’s take a look at their breakdown.

  1. Free Package

Available to all users at no cost.

  1. Special Plans

Start+ at $24 per month

CRM+ and Project+ at $69 per month

  1. Business plan

Standard at $99 per month

Professional at $199 per month

To determine the best plan for your business, you can look back into the features in each package. Depending on your business needs and budget, you can make your choice.

Improve Your Productivity With A Scheduling Software Package

Are you looking for scheduling software that will do more than just scheduling? Well, I have one for you. Wrike’s efficiency adds to your productivity. Find out how.

10. Wrike

Wrike helps businesses manage and track their projects, schedules, deadlines, and other work-related processes. If you are working on streamlining your business, this is the software to turn to. You will thus have time to focus on core organizational matters.

Companies can use this software from different nationalities as it has eight languages. These are English, French, Japanese, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian.


Wrike has two basic category features; project management and task collaboration. Under project management, these are the duties one can accomplish;

  • Tracking dates and dependence associated with projects
  • Assignment and resource management
  • Time tracking

The features that enable one to do the above are;

  • An interactive Gantt chart
  • Workload view
  • A sortable table that stores projects

When it comes to task collaboration, the features help in;

  • Creating assets
  • Conversations
  • Team decision making

These are the specific features responsible for the particular tasks;

  • Wrike’s live co-editor
  • Tools for attaching, editing, and tracking documents
  • Discussion thread on duties
  • Inbox feature and browser notification to alert members on updates from colleagues
  • Notification from browser to dashboard on pending projects
  • Wrike for marketers is an optional feature with tools like intake forms used to manage marketing.


  • User-friendly and straightforward to navigate.
  • Wrike helps businesses have all relevant information under one roof by aiding in complex managerial processes. With it, the collaboration of tasks becomes more effortless.
  • You can use it for ongoing work or new projects.
  • Offers specific account types tailored for different tasks like marketing, creative team, and professional duties.
  • Wrike has reporting tools that allow team leaders to track the progress of their members and their tasks at a glance.
  • When working on a project, you can avoid bulky work by using existing templates to customize your assignment.


  • Without the customer’s aid, it is difficult to come up with the right plan
  • Although you can comment on tasks, the software lacks a chat option
  • While all businesses can use it, it is an expensive option for relatively small companies. However, it has a free version that lacks advanced features.


Who wouldn’t like to use popular software? Although I fall in this category, there’s a need to go a step further. A brand can be famous for all the wrong reasons. Determining the product’s viability is essential.

Let us look into what people are saying concerning the use of Wrike as a scheduling software. From it, we will determine whether or not it is worth your investment.


  1. Trustpilot

Considering the two reviews from reputable companies, I would prefer to believe G2. Why? Their results are from opinions of more people hence more reliable.


Wrike offers a variety of options for its services. There are different plans for each category and varying features you can look into here.

  1. The free version is more suited to be shared among small teams.
  2. The professional version is best suited for complete project management and collaboration at $9.80per month.
  3. There is a business version with work management offering customization and executive reporting at $24.80 per month.

  1. Virtuagym

Virtuagym is cloud-based scheduling software that is specific for fitness businesses. It is one that a business entity as a whole, including the personal trainers, clients, coaches, and physical therapists. This software can suit businesses from different nationalities since it is available in languages like French, Dutch, etc.

With the current situation with Covid-19, there are several restrictions hence the need for a better scheduling model. The app will help you keep your fitness classes within the required limit. You can also live-stream the sessions for your clients to follow from home.

So, in what other aspects is this software suitable for fitness centers?

  • Membership management
  • Create workout plans
  • Track client nutrition needs
  • Monitoring both employee and clients’ attendance
  • Scheduling training
  • Collecting online payments
  • Billing and invoicing

With Virtuagym, a fitness instructor can formulate a client’s workout plan and track their progress based on their set fitness goals. You can share this plan with your client on any device based on their preference.

Unique Features of Virtuagym

  • Access permissions
  • Activity dashboard and tracking
  • Application management
  • Appointment management and automated scheduling
  • Attendance management and tracking
  • Billing portal
  • Calendar management and reminder system
  • Management of capacity
  • Class management and scheduling
  • Client profile and portal management
  • Events management
  • Fitness plan template
  • Goal setting and tracking
  • Health coaching and monitoring
  • Scheduling groups

Pros of Virtuagym

  • Creation of training plans. Virtuagym has predesigned exercise templates which are reusable. It, therefore, saves you time. The system is furthermore flexible, allowing you to add your routines. You can also incorporate your workout targets.
  • Revenue boosting. By using gamification technology, Virtuagym eases goal setting and achievements. When your goals motivate clients, they share their glad tidings with others hence an increased client base. That will be directly proportionate to increased revenue generation leading to business growth.
  • Use of cloud-based technology. Using this technology, Virtuagym leverages it to cater to both businesses and their clients. Regardless of one’s device, mobile or otherwise,  they can still access the site.
  • Risk reduction. As much as all businesses are prone to risks, this software helps remove this notion. How so? Through it, one can access data to identify the risks before they occur.
  • Talk of convenience. No one would be happy with persistent inconveniences, especially when making payments. Virtuagym accepts PayPal, bank transfers, and others. Below is a comprehensive outlook.

  • It is attracting a pool of customers through the holistic nature of the app. Through it, one gets both physical training and nutritional advice while, at the same time, monitoring progress. As a fitness enthusiast, this system significantly fits my needs. I know that this will attract many health-conscious individuals as well.
  • The software bridges communication gaps between trainers and their clients. Through its community, individuals with common interests can form groups and share valuable tips. Coaches and trainers can also have direct communication with their clients provided there is an internet connection. As such, they can connect more outside class.
  • It is a plus to have an app that helps you with meal planning. The Virtuagym software does this to its customers in the quest of allowing them to reach their goals. You can also track your dietary intake with the solution’s food diary.


  • Considering the reviews that I have gone through so far, there is no apparent downside to the software. Most of the users are satisfied with it.


  1. Featured Customers


Virtuagym does not offer free trials. Instead, they give you a free demo on how the app works. Based on your personal needs, their personnel will provide you with the price ranges for their services.

That means that there are no standard prices for everyone. To get more information, you will need to schedule a demo with the team.

What Is The Best Free Scheduling Software?

Our list of scheduling software is composed of both free and paid software. Even though all of the listed programs have premium subscriptions, they also offer free plans. So which of the free scheduling software is the best?

I do not want to be biased, but unfortunately, I have to select one.

10to8 software

10to8 is the best free scheduling software on our list. That is because it meets the criteria we formulated at the beginning of this article.

The fact that 10to8’s free plan includes various features has earned it a lot of praise. That is what separates the wheat from the chaff. While other competitors leave you with a free plan with only basic features, 10to8 takes you further steps inside.

The Bottom Line

So far, we have looked into some eleven best scheduling software. The features, pros and cons, and pricing are detailed. It does not matter the nature of your industry; there’s something for everyone.

All you need to do is assess your business needs. After that, you can look into the feature each software offers. It would be best if you also considered the pricing. You can then choose the one that best suits your needs.

The good news is that some software has an option for a free version. It may have all the basic features. This option can suit your business if you are low on budget. You can always upgrade with time.

Best Scheduling Software For Small Businesses
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