Best Sites for Finding Telecommuters, Side Gigs, Remote and Online Jobs

Best Sites for Finding Telecommuters, Side Gigs, Remote and Online Jobs
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Since most of the world is under quarantine, I believe there’s more reason to hire online workers or remote workers if you’re an employer.

If you’re looking for work but stuck at home, it simply is a no-brainer for you to find online jobs opportunity, instead of worrying about what to do.

Why not hire remote workers for your business?

Why not try to look for work and make your time productive?

Here are some websites which can help you in looking for remote employment, side gigs, remote jobs, or online jobs. is a job board that offers employment opportunities for remote work, exclusively for Filipinos. It was created by John Jonas in 2009 as a way to connect North American entrepreneurs to the Filipino workforce.

It has become one of the top websites for finding professional virtual assistants with more than 200,000 profiles in their database. is a useful tool for both employers and job seekers. It is the largest job board for both for Filipino workers and people looking to hire them. The website helps you in choosing profiles that matches your job description. Its main appeal is it provides Filipino Virtual Assistants for tasks such as online marketing, content writing and administrative work.

The website also provides built-in tools such as IDProof and TimeProof to make the hiring process and working with VAs smoother.

It is free to use for employers but with limited features (Up to 3 job post only and 2-day approval). Its Pro plan ($69/month) allows for instant job post approval and allows you to message workers through their profiles. Their Premium plan ($99/month) allows you to have up to 10 job posts and has added features such as background data check, mentoring services and video guides.



Fiverr is a project-based market for freelancers. The name comes from the job offers or “gigs” created by the freelancers in which the price starts from $5.

Fiver is a good place for you if you want to quickly build your portfolio. These gigs or micro-jobs can be anything from editing an image, writing articles or even designing an ad.

The catch with Fiverr is that they take 20% of what you make for each gig you complete. You get your share once Fiverr verifies you have successfully delivered the buyers order.

If you get hired, hand in quality work and get excellent ratings from the buyer, you will have higher chances to attract more customers. This is important as you need to gain credibility as you go and prospective clients can see your rating on your profile.



Formerly known as oDesk, Upwork is a global freelance platform. Upwork is the largest platform for freelancers and clients looking to hire. It has more than 12 million registered freelancers and 5 million registered clients which represent people from all over the world. It created 3 million jobs worth $1 billion in 2015.

They provide employers with a set of shortlisted candidates and review job proposals. This is done through data analytics based on what specific skills your project needs. It also has a chat function that helps you determine the best fit for your company.

You’ll find a variety of top freelancers on Upwork, from developers to designers and creative companies, copywriters, advertising managers, marketing agencies and marketers, customer service representatives, and more.

Upwork also has a feature in which freelancers can take proficiency tests to help them stand out and show their aptitude and make it easier to filter qualified candidates.

Upwork also has other similar sites such as and PeoplePerHour but it is the best if you are looking for the top freelancers.

Because of the screening process in Upwork, they only allow new workers if there is a demand for these skills in the market. If you are a writer, you may find it difficult to be accepted for Upwork due to the oversaturation of workers as opposed to job opportunities. 

In such case you may opt to use other sites than Upwork.


online jobs

Flexjobs promises to find the best flexible work from home opportunities for you.

Their website creates a list of pre-screened job postings to provide jobseekers quality and flexible job offers.

Flexjobs ensures that the job offers they list are from reputable companies and are completely scammer-proof. However, the catch is you need to pay Flexjobs to see this jobs.

Their plans begin at $14.95 for one month and the price goes down if you subscribe for a longer time period. You can pay $14.95 for one month, $29.95 for three months or $49.95 for a year.

Flexjobs has a robust set of remote job categories, covering freelance, part-time and full-time jobs. You can find all sorts of jobs here ranging from entry to executive level.

Flexjobs also offers career coaching, resume reviews and has a proven track record based on their success stories page. They also offer the ability to build your resume within their website and take skills tests to evaluate your abilities.

While you might think it is illogical to pay for a jobsite when you are looking to make some money yourself. Flexjobs guarantees quality opportunities for you. Its website is absolutely transparent and is scam-free and ad-free.



Hubstaff is a remote company known for providing staff monitoring tools through their time tracking software. The company was founded with the goal of finding a better way to manage virtual workers. Recently it has diversified its interests by creating Hubstaff Talent.

Hubstaff Talent is a free remote job listing site. What they do is connect employers to freelancers on their website and they do not take a cut from the freelancer’s earnings as it is done directly with the employer.

Hubstaff Talent offerings can be sorted based on country, experience and if the job is ful-time or part-time. Hubstaff Talent is relatively new compared to its other counterparts but would not be wise for a jobseeker to ignore it as Hubstaff is continually gaining more attention in the industry.

Remote jobs are gaining rapid popularity. The convenience and flexibility it offers has been recently just realized by many.

Work from home allows you to not be limited by the pressures of traditional office employment and get more time to pursue other interests.

Employers also benefit from the practice of hiring remotely as it lessens cost and allows for a greater reach in finding top talents.

Know that you have this information in mind, you are now ready to conquer the world of telecommuting.

Whether you’re an employer or a worker I hope you all find the topic I’ve discussed today relevant to your goals.

Best Sites for Finding Telecommuters, Side Gigs, Remote and Online Jobs
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