Best Software For Organizing Photos In 2021

best software for organizing photos
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It is common for photographers to get overwhelmed when faced with hundreds or even thousands of photos to organize. Even so, finding the best software for organizing photos will depend on your preferences. Furthermore, it is wise to consider the platforms you use to capture and store your images.

Nevertheless, the best software to help you organize your photos must enable you to navigate your graphic files with ease and speed. Some of the best software tools to help your photos in 2021 include;

  1. Google Photos
  2. Adobe Bridge CC
  3. JetPhoto Studio
  4. Studio Line Photo Classic 4
  5. MAGIX Photo Manager
  6. FastStone Image Viewer
  7. PicaJet

  1. Google Photos

Photographs are an excellent way to store memories from your trip, holiday, or event. Even for an amateur, it is easy and fun to capture photos. However, organizing these files can be a daunting task for a majority of people.

Google Photos is one of the best software for organizing photos. There are some features to take note of when considering using this software.

These options include Artificial Intelligent (AI) Assistant, storage, and innovative features. This software also creates albums, collages, and videos. More so, Google Photos has a public library feature and keeps images in their native resolution.

  1. AI Assistant

The AI feature allows you to have your photos to be auto-organized. Google Photos provides you with auto-generated extras that can create photo-book collections.

With the AI tool, you can arrange your pictures by date, place, and people.

The Google Photo assistant creates animations or GIFs out of photos that you captured in a series. This feature also saves individual photos as motion images.

  1. Storing Images

Storage is top on the list of every photographer’s concerns. Google Photos makes the best use of your photo storage resource regardless of the type of device you use.

Besides storage, the application offers you an automatic file compression feature. With this option, users can compress the larger files and save on space.

Google photos unlimited storage can be free. However, you will be bound to some terms and conditions. Even so, to opt out of the caveats, you can upgrade and subscribe to a payable flexible version.

It is a powerful media backup tool that you need to consider. Because it is cloud-based software, Google Photos can free up space on your gadget. More so, it works on both Android and iOS platforms.

  1. Smart Features

One of the best features of Google Photo is the robust search option. It makes your search easy and fun. It allows you to narrow down your choices by searching for generic subjects.

You may want to bring all memories about the times you visited the beach by searching for that location.

The smart features also allow you to identify persons in your photos by manually adding a name to the face.  

Furthermore, the program automatically searches for all images with a specific face. This option makes your classification easier.

  1. Keeps Images in Native

Google Photos compresses your images when saving them up on the cloud. Even so, opting out of the free tier enables you to store your files in their original form.

This application allows you to upload RAW photos even if your camera’s native resolution exceeds 16-megapixels.

However, you will be required to pay Google for extra storage space to benefit from this option.

What to Expect When you Use Google Photos

Google Photos is a helpful free photo manager and editor that is easy to use. This powerful tool provides unlimited storage and maintains good photo and video quality.

These features make it one of the best software for organizing photos.

By default, the Google photos application allows you free 16GB of storage space to store top-quality photos.

However, you can lower image quality to high quality to raise your storage space from 15GB to infinity.

This photo organizing software can be a reliable option for backing up your creative projects and media files. Because it is free, photographers with a limited budget find this tool favorable.

  1. Adobe Bridge CC

Besides being a quick and comfortable image sorting tool, there are some benefits of using Adobe Bridge CC to manage your graphics.

It is worth considering when looking for the best software for organizing photos in 2021.

This free creative cloud application is worth using if you are looking for speed of accessing individual and shared images. It supports Retina screens and enables flexible batch image editing.  

  1. Organizes Individual and Shared Images

Adobe Bridge CC photo organizer supports central access to files and resources required to work with creative or media projects. This application enables you to have easy access to your images by keeping your graphic files organized.

With this feature, you spend less time locating target photos on shared resources.  Bridge also gives you the flexibility of importing images from external sources like your camera or smartphone.

  1. Supports High Dots Per Inch (HiDPI) and Retina Screens

You can comfortably use Adobe Bridge on screens with a higher pixel density like high-end laptops and monitors. It is important to note that not all software works well in high-resolution mode.

However, Adobe Bridge is one of the few photos organizing software that works efficiently in HiDPI and Retina screens.

  1. Flexible batch photo editing

Adobe Bridge is practical and valuable when you have hundreds or thousands of images to edit and manage. This is why some photographers consider it the best software for organizing photos.

Individual editing can be frustrating and time-consuming. Even so, the batch edit features on Adobe Bridge can make this process easy and fast.

You can also navigate through massive projects with ease because all the files are in centralized storage.

What To Expect From Using Adobe Bridge CC

It is a free photo organizing program that supports centralized access to all files and resources required to work with media and creative projects.

Besides being a powerful image editing tool, you can use Adobe Bridge to add watermarks and adjust the color setting. You can also import photos from your camera and upload photos to Adobe Stock.

  1.  JetPhoto Studio

A lack of appropriate photo management software can frustrate even the best photographer.

Managing thousands of photos can be frustrating and even confusing without the best software for organizing photos.

However, a tool like JetPhoto can make digital photography fun and enjoyable. This program allows you to manage your photos with minimal effort regardless of your expertise.

With this tool, you can import files, add location, do basic editing, and share images.

  1. File Import

JetPhoto Studio’s simplified menus make it easy for you to navigate through your image files.

You can move pictures directly from your camera or computer into JetPhoto. The import option is simple, quick, and saves time.

  1. Add Location and Tag Feature

The add location menu allows you to insert location to your images using GPS tracks.  The calendar feature enables you to sort your photos by date. More so, you can also tag photos with search words for easier identification.

  1. Basic Photo Editing

Editing your photos can be a fun activity when you use JetPhoto Studio. The basic tools in this application allow you to resize, crop, and rotate your images.  

You can also change your image’s brightness, contrast, and color at the click of a button.

  1. Image Sharing

The sharing feature of this photo manager is practical. With this option, you can create slideshows and various galleries. It also features a variety of wallpapers.

What to Expect from JetPhoto Studio?

JetPhoto Studio is free and easy to use. Though it may not manage intensive photo editing, it is highly effective if used on smaller creative projects.

It gives you the best basic image management options and saves you time.

The software’s online user guide is informative, detailed, and is clear about each feature. JetPhoto comes as a ZIP file that is easy to install and also uninstall.

No doubt, small-scale photographers consider this program the best software for organizing photos.

  1. Studio Line Photo Classic 4

StudioLine Photo Classic 4 is an attractive and user-friendly photo organizing tool. This software is simple but effective for standard and professional editing.

It allows you to transform images to your liking with little effort.

The software provides various photo editing and organizing options to help you manage a massive photo gallery.

Some of the options on the dropdown list include access to metadata.  You can also find blurring effects and export features. StudioLine Photo also allows you to tag and search for images using keywords.

  1. Access to Metadata

The application allows you to view some information like the dates associated with your images.

You may not get access to edit some of the information related to your photos. However, you can still use this feature to organize your pictures.

Well-sorted images make your editing and retrieving sessions easy and fast.

  1. Blurring Effects

This tool allows you to perform advanced edits. You can choose to blur parts of your image while maintaining the original state of the others.

The edit tool in Studio Line Photo has a Hint toolbar to help you navigate the editing session.

  1. Export Feature

The type of image file software supports variety from one to another. Even so, this photo management software supports more than seven image file types.

With this tool, you can send directly from the application to an email or other social media sites.  

More so, you can share photos offline on social media platforms or create postcards and calendars’ that feature your images.

  1. Tag and Search Option

This application allows a user to find images by tagging and to search by date, keyword, and location. More so, this software uses GPS to help you locate the place where the photo was taken.

This editing feature lets you create custom categories for your creative projects. Using this tool makes organizing your gallery easy and also saves you time.

What to Expect from StudioLine Photo Classic?

This photo organizing tool comes with a set of tools that enable you to manage your images with ease. More so, the application has valuable hints to help you learn how to navigate through the options.

This software has advanced edit capabilities and support options to help you organize your images.

This is why it rates high on the best software for organizing photos in 2021.

StudioLine Photo Classic is a practical photo organizer and editor. With this application, you can adjust the color of your image and blur parts of a photo.

  1. MAGIX Photo Manager

MAGIX Photo Manager enables you to import your images from Cloud services directly.

This software also provides you with a slideshow maker, share options and also allows you to organize RAW files.  

It is no wonder that most photographers agree that MAGIX Photo is among the best software for organizing photos.

  1. Cloud Import Feature

Photography is all about being creative. By combining images, you can turn a dull picture into a beautiful story.

MAGIX Photo allows you to merge local photo galleries with your cloud-based services.

With this feature, you can import your art, video, and photos from the Cloud services directly to your Photo Manager Deluxe.

  1. MAGIX Slideshow Maker

A majority of photo organization tools provide photographers with the option of creating slideshows.  

Even so, some of these tools are dull, boring, and lifeless. However, MAGIX provides you with splendid transition effects, music, and stunning tracking shots.

This powerful tool gives your slideshow a professional touch and produces breathtaking motion pictures.

  1. Share Feature

You may want to share your creative work after creating stunning slides, videos, and pictures.

This application allows you to share your creative work on YouTube, Facebook, or burn directly to CD or DVD.

Your completed creative work will include the themes, animations, and sound effects from the MAGIX media catalog.

  1. Supports RAW Formats

This photo manager supports a wide range of formats. With MAGIX, you can view and manage RAW files. The program also allows you to work on your videos in AVCHD format.

This application favors original camera formats and provides flexible image editing options.

This feature stands out to make MAGIX Photo one of the best software for organizing photos to use in 2021.

What to Expect from MAGIX Photo Manager?

You can download MAGIX Photo Deluxe for free. This software provides you with high-performance features that simplify your photography work.

The edit and sort options are easy to use and help you maximize your photo collection. More so, this application speeds up your digital creative workflow.

  1. FastStone Image Viewer

Besides being user-friendly, FastStone Image Viewer is a free, fast, and stable photo organizing tool. Some of the notable features in this application include image viewing, red-eye removal, comparison, resizing, and drag and drop.

  1. Image Viewing

It is common to have different image file types on your device. More so, not all photo organizing software on the market is compatible with some file extensions.

These programs may not allow you to view certain file types.

However, FastStone is one of the best free image viewers that can comfortably handle multiple file types.

More so, this program can acquire images from your scanner and also support batch scanning to JPEG, PNG, PDF, and TIFF.

This photo organizing tool supports most graphic formats like BMP, JPEG 200 animated GIF WMF, CUR, ICO, PSD, PCX, PNG, and TGA.

Some of the RAW formats supported by FastStone include CR2, CRW, NRW, RWL, ORF, and NEF.

  1. Red Eye Removal

Don’t discard a memorable photo because of the red-eye camera menace. FastStone provides you with red-eye effect removal.

This tool eradicates or reduces the red-eye in your photo and gives you a natural image. With other color effects, you can transform almost any dull image into an award-winning shot.

  1. Image Comparison

This software provides you with the comparison option, which helps you compare images side-by-side. This feature enables you to go through large numbers of photos to cull the forgettable snaps with ease.

Because FastStone is fast and can handle various image file formats and sorting photos is made more accessible.

More so, you can take advantage of batch processing to convert or rename your selected files.

  1. Resizing Feature

With a single click on this feature, you can switch between your photo’s best fit and the actual size.

This tool makes adjusting the size of your images to suit your design or purpose easy.

  1. Drag-and-drop

FastStone Photo manager allows you to drag-and-drop tools. These help you to copy, move and organize your files in an orderly manner.

You can also add tags to files before dragging and dropping them.

What to Expect from FastStone Image Viewer?

This program supports multiple file types and also allows you to save images in various formats.

This is one of the reasons you may consider it the best software for organizing photos.

With FastStone, you can view RAW files from popular camera manufacturers. It is fast and can handle thousands of RAW images in a shorter time than most other applications.

FastStone works particularly well on JPEGs but can also be relied upon to work on various file formats.

  1. PicaJet

PicaJet is a powerful and highly customizable digital photo management software. It is efficient and also convenient for use in a fast-growing digital image environment.

The web-based album feature allows you to share photos over the internet. Besides creating photo albums, it supports multi-user database access.

This tool also has unlimited category-nesting levels.

  1. Web-based Album

PicaJet can help you create a web-based photo album. This tool makes posting images on your blog or website easy and fun.

  1. Multi-User Access

Though PicaJet is a stand-alone application, you can use it in a network environment. However, you must import files with UNC paths for the PicaJet database to be sharable simultaneously. Even so, the software allows only one person to edit a file at a time.

  1. Unlimited Category-Nesting Levels

PicaJet provides you with an option to organize your photos in categories without limitations on nesting levels.  The program does not limit you in any way on how you can manage your image categories.  Depending on your need, you can create complex or straightforward category structures.

What to Expect When you Use Picajet

When you install Picajet, the program gives you the option of scanning your device for image files.

This software can place images into multiple folders making it easy to access by location, date, event, or any other category you state.

More so, Picajet assigns you unlimited category nesting levels. It means that there is no end to how you can categorize your photos.


The best photo organizing software for 2021 largely depends on what you want to edit or analyze your images. Sometimes, you may need to have one or two applications to help you work on your creative projects effectively.

Nevertheless, software that frees up your space is fast and can support multiple image file formats is commendable.

A majority of the mentioned applications are free but with conditions. However, you can upgrade your version to opt out of the caveats. This option will enable you to enjoy the maximum benefits of the product.

Best Software For Organizing Photos In 2021
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