Best Telemarketing Services in 2021

telemarketing services
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What is Telemarketing?

Telemarketing is selling products or services directly to potential customers over the phone or the internet. A telemarketer is the person/company hired to reach out to potential customers through web conferencing, email, or phone. After a successful appointment is arranged during a call, the telemarketer delivers the lead to the customer.

Technically, telemarketing activities can be performed either by individual salespersons, “robocalls,” or automated telephone calls. Telemarketers can work from call centers, offices, or home environments.

Telemarketing is also known as “telesales service” or “inside-sales service.” The four common types of telesales include inbound calls, lead generation, outbound calls, and sales calls.

What to Expect

The best telemarketing services abide by local, regional regulations. A good example is the US. Here, the Federal Trade Commission’s Tele-sales Rule requires the service provider makes disclosures of product information.

More so, the rules forbid misinterpretation. The law also regulates the number of calls a telemarketer may call a potential customer.

Sometimes, spam intrusion is expected from telemarketing services. However, some countries like the US and Canada have effective measures such as federal “Do Not Call” lists which restrict telemarketers from calling these numbers.

Is Telemarketing Good?

You may want to ask the question, “Does Telemarketing Still Work?” The short answer is yes. Tele-sales can help you generate leads and manage your campaigns to ensure that your company generates a high Return on investment (ROI).

How to Choose the Best Telemarketing Company for Your Business

It can be challenging and confusing to select a telesales service provider from thousands of options on the internet. However, reading reviews and blogs like this can help you decide which service provider is best for your business.

Moreover, some telemarketing companies focus on specific industries, while most are open to clients from all sectors. A good company will tailor solutions and integrate various technologies to help you meet your sales needs.

This blog includes some of the best Telemarketing services, sometimes called “call banks” inc.

  1. xtDirect

xtDirect has its headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, which is the world’s call center in the international call center worldwide. This city is where the call center services first started in the ’80s.

Furthermore, xtDirect is a top-notch business process outsourcing company with over 16 years of experience. It is an international company that provides telemarketing services to companies from various regions and sectors.

Some of the services you expect to receive from a telemarketing company include call center consulting, outsourcing services and solutions, business process, and QA outsourcing.

What Telemarketing Services Does xtDirect Provide?

  • Government unemployment services.
  • Managed Cloud call center Technology.
  • Full-service call center outsourcing.
  • Call center consulting.
  • Business process and QA outsourcing.

What Makes xtDirect The Best Choice

  • Experience – In almost any field, including the telemarketing industry, nothing works better than experience. xtDirect has been in operation since 2001 and continues to serve Omaha, Nebraska, the business community, and other regions.
  • Expertise – The team of professionals at xtDirect offers outstanding outsourcing services to companies from various industries.
  • Customer experience – xtDdirect provides first-class call center services to help improve customer satisfaction.
  • Full source call center outsourcing – You get everything under one roof, which helps reduce your operation cost. The company offers business process and QA outsourcing services. xtDirect also provides call center consultation, unemployment services, communication, and mass notification services.
  • Cloud technology – xtDirect communication technologies are cloud-based, which gives you a better networking platform.

What Industries are Served by Callbox Telemarketing?

  • B2B sales and service.
  • Financial services.
  • Healthcare.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Information technology.
  • Retail.
  • Ecommerce.
  1. Intelemark

Intelemark is a telemarketing service provider in the advertising industry whose history dates back to 2000. The company’s significant activities include Business to Business (B2B) calling campaigns. In a complex business environment, it’s one of the best places to find B2B sales lead generation.

This company offers B2B telemarketing services for B2B appointment setting, Lead qualification after trade events, and Event registration.

Intelemark’s main office is in the Greater Phoenix Area, Western US. Some of its previous clients include fortune 100 global health care company, Bespoke software, Medical Review services, and many more.

What Telemarketing Services Does Intelemark Provide?

  • Inbound call center services.
  • B2B appointment setting.
  • Database Cleanup.
  • B2B lead generation.
  • Emergency telemarketing.
  • Customer reactivation services.
  • Customer retention services.

What Makes Intelemark the Best Choice

  • Business to Business (B2B) appointment setting – The team of professional telemarketers schedules meetings between potential leads based on your specification.
  • B2B sale lead generation – This time-consuming task is handled effectively by Intelemark telemarketing experts. To generate sales and maintain partnerships, all you have to do is concentrate on qualified leads.
  • Call routing – This telemarketer offers you call routing call distribution services. Calls are placed on a queue and redirected to designated sales marketers to respond to routine questions. This service eases your staffing costs and helps customers get a quick response to common questions.
  • Intelemark also helps you to manage new leads generated by website visitors. It can be a gruesome task for medium enterprises to document and make lists of all the potential leads initiated from the company website. However, Intelemark’s team of experts can help you manage an updated record of qualified leads you can work with to bring in sales.
  • Database cleanup – Intelemark helps you clean your redundant prospect database. More so, this telemarketer provides you with a list of qualified leads to pursue.
  • Incident management – The company offers support to your customers whenever you are temporarily unavailable.
  • Customer service – Intelemark provides inbound answering services.
  • Emergency telemarketing – Intelemark telemarketers can set up B2B appointments on short notice to help you meet your business targets on time.

What Industries Are Served by Intelemark Telemarketing?

  • Healthcare.
  • Technology.
  • Education.
  • Financial.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Consulting.
  • Marketing.
  • Logistics.
  1. CanadaDirect

CanadaDirect is a Canadian outbound telemarketing company with its headquarters in Dorval. Its history dates back to 1987. Some of its best telemarketing strategies include the Voice Assistant Solution (VAS) technology.

Furthermore, this company is motivated by accountability, excellence, innovation, integrity, passion, and teamwork. And with over three decades of experience in telemarketing, CanadaDirect continues to grow and deliver superior telemarketing services.

The company targets to work with enterprises and mid-market businesses. However, they also provide telemarketing services to SMEs in the consumer products and finance industries.

Previous clients like FiveStrata and Enhancement Services Financial Services Marketing Company recommend CanadaDirect as one of the best telemarketers in the region.

What Telemarketing Services Does CanadaDirect Provide?

  • Customer retention.
  • Customer acquisition.
  • Welcome calling and callbacks.
  • Lead generation.
  • Fundraising and surveys.
  • Account management call type.
  • Data analysis and processing.
  • List sourcing.

What Makes CanadaDirect the Best Choice

  • Outbound calls – CanadaDirect reaches out to prospects through different touchpoints and channels. The company’s contact centers are supervised through technology and processes. These security measures ensure that data collected from customers is not compromised.
  • Inbound calls – We convert your callers into prospects by delivering your brand slogan in each call.
  • Contact Center Solutions – The telemarketing experts at CanadaDirect can help you grow your business and increase brand awareness by employing integrated marketing solutions.
  • Voice Assistant Solutions (VAS) – CanadaDirect offers you a superb customer experience. It provides VAS by merging the accuracy of the technology and human intelligence. Besides customer care, VAS can help you turn inbound calls into sales-ready opportunities.
  • Low Cost – Telemarketing services offered by CanadaDirect are considerably affordable compared to similar telemarketers. More so, this company guarantees to present your brand’s key phrase to every caller.

What Industries are Served by CanadaDirect Telemarketing?

  • Financial.
  • Software products.
  • Information Technology.
  • Manufacturing.
  1. Callbox

Callbox dates back to 2004, when the company opened its doors in Los Angeles, CA, as a startup. Later, in 2005 the company ventured into outbound call center services.  Since then, it has continued to grow.

Today, Callbox is a giant in the industry and provides outsourced sales support and B2B marketing services. It focuses on lead generation and B3B appointment setting.

One of the best telemarketing strategies employed by Callbox is the targeted, one-on-one outreach with potential clients. This approach appropriates a possible solution and buying intent of potential customers.

Callbox has active offices in various countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom. The company employs over 700 employees who have carried out thousands of campaigns.

Some of the companies that have used Callbox telemarketing services include Intrepid Advisors, LexisNexis, Altima Technologies, and more.

What Telemarketing Services Does Callbox Provide?

  • Account-based marketing.
  • Customer profiling.
  • Event marketing services.
  • Database solutions.
  • Webinar.
  • Virtual event marketing.

What Makes Callbox the Best Choice

  • Qualified leads – Callbox helps you to focus on closing sales and nurturing relationships. The team of professional telemarketers takes the burden of finding clients off your shoulders. They scout for potential clients for you.
  • High-level contacts – Callbox telemarketers go for ideal buyers.  The telemarketing experts consolidate substantial contact profiles and your company’s vision. More so, they individualize and tailor prospect messaging and activities.
  • Sales appointments – Setting up an appointment with high-profile clients can be a daunting task even for an experienced salesperson. Nonetheless, you can trust the team at Callbox to schedule these meetings by employing an Account-based marketing approach.
  • Perfect timing and visibility across channels -Callbox telemarketers make timely interactions across more than one channel to ensure that your offer reaches out to more clients.
  • An array of tools optimized for telesales – This company employs appropriate tools across various channels to engage prospects and manage sales. Some of these avenues include videos, brochures, webinars, eBooks, and slides.

What Industries are Served by Callbox Telemarketing?

  • Information technology.
  • Marketing and advertising.
  • Finance services.
  • Software products.
  • Medical and healthcare.
  • Human resources.
  • Management consulting.
  1. SupportYourApp

SupportYourApp came into existence in the year 2010 in Kyiv, Ukraine. A few years later, the company turned global. It established offices in various cities around the world, including the USA. This company specializes in inbound, outbound, and back-office customer support.

Besides affordability, SupportYourApp is committed to providing tech companies with authentic outsourced customer support. This telemarketer ensures that your client’s operations run smoothly and efficiently.

SupportYourApp delivers on its efficiency promise by keeping only two clients per month. By having manageable clients, the company can provide personalized service to every customer, which improves customer satisfaction.

What Telemarketing Services Does SupportYourApp Provide?

  • Call center outsourcing.
  • Telephone answering services.
  • Technical support outsourcing.
  • Help desk outsourcing.
  • Live chat support.
  • Ecommerce support.
  • Amazon customer support outsourcing for sellers.
  • Back-office support.

What Makes SupportYourApp the Best Choice

  • Outsourced Receptionist service – This company facilitates your business operations by responding to and redirecting calls. More so, SupportYourApp ensures that your callers and visitors are informed about your brand promise. This service also includes maintaining records of your clients and prospects and giving you notifications about every visit.
  • Back-office support – Provides 24/7 service inclusive of holidays. The team of experts speaks over 30 languages and will help your customers with any product issue. Furthermore, SupportYourApp telemarketers customize the approach for every client.
  • Amazon customer support – the company telemarketers study your products or service to provide your clients with the best feedback and timely replies. SupportYourApp employs up-to-date telemarketing tools to achieve better performance.

What Industries are Served by SupportYourApp Telemarketing Company?

  • Innovative – software and hardware companies.
  • Finance services.
  1. Superhuman Prospecting

Superhuman Prospecting came into existence after five years of multi-industry research. The basis of the observation was to understand the dialogue that connects marketers with human buyers.

The company focuses on improving human sales processes as a service for companies who want to scale up leads and appointments.

What Telemarketing Services Does Superhuman Prospecting Provide?

  • Cold calling.
  • Lead generation.
  • B2B appointment setting.
  • Inbound call center services.
  • Prospect lists.

What Makes Superhuman Prospecting the Best Choice

  • Appointment setting – The company telesales experts qualify your inbound leads. This technique ensures that you get valuable appointments with prospects that you pre-define.
  • Increases conversions – Telemarketers at Superhuman Prospecting train in conversation methods that help you increase the conversion rate.
  • Cold calling campaigns – Superhuman Prospecting employs a collaborative process that creates a customized strategy for every client.
  • Prospecting lists – Besides cold calling, this company provides you with multiple platforms and touchpoints to improve lead generation. Some of the methods used in preparing a prospect list include email, LinkedIn profile, website, company, title, name, phone number, and custom.

What Industries are Served by Superhuman Prospecting Telemarketing Company?

  • Digital marketing.
  • Startups.
  • Education.
  • Construction.
  • Manufacturing.
  • CBD and Cannabis.
  • Commercial Insurance.
  • SAAS and Technology.
  • IT and managed services.
  1. Strategic Calls

Strategic Calls offer professional outbound calling and training services. The process involves making calls for businesses who need to engage their clients and prospects by phone.

This service is for you if you do not have the expertise or resources to connect to your customer effectively.

The company has over 11 years of telemarketing experience and has served more than 130 satisfied clients.

What Telemarketing Services Does Strategic Calls Provide?

  • Outbound lead generation.
  • Lead retention.
  • Lead development.
  • Training.

What Makes Strategic Calls the Best Choice

  • Jump-Start outbound calling – This process is effective for setting up baseline metrics for quantitative sales management.
  • On-going lead generation – This lead generation method is employed to help you develop and maintain a constant flow of qualified leads. The strategies and techniques used by Strategic Calls telemarketers generate leads in a few days.
  • Professionalism – The company ensures that individuals are introduced to your company by a professional. More so, the handing-off process of leads to your sales team is smooth and transparent. Strategic Calls is responsive and organized in all its operations.

What Industries Are Served by Strategic Calls Telemarketing Company?

  • Finance – Commercial banking, mortgage banking, and credit unions.
  • E-Commerce – Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and more.
  • Information Technology – Software, hardware, telecoms, peripherals, manufacturing, etc.
  • Healthcare – Hospitals, pharmaceuticals, imaging, therapy, medical supplies, and more.
  1. Unity Communications

Unity Communications was founded in 2009 and started telemarketing and B2B appointment setting with AT&T. The company has since grown considerably through times of both recession and economic growth. It is an international BPO and sales service provider with offices in the USA, Philippines, and Costa Rica.

This company strives to help clients grow and excel by providing quality leadership and customer service. Unity Communication is motivated by the success of its clients and often applauds their strong points. It specializes in processes that keep clients ahead of the competition.

What Telemarketing Services Does Unity Communications Provide?

  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).
  • Back-office teams.
  • Inside sales.
  • B2B sales.
  • Lead generation.
  • Analytics.
  • Marketing.
  • Account management.
  • 3rd party customer service.
  • Admin support.

What Makes Unity Communications the Best Choice

  • BPO services – Besides providing customer experience, Unity Communications services are focused on productivity and data security. The telemarketers also help you to increase market penetration to maximize revenue. The BPO service also includes technical support.
  • Finance and accounting services – The company provides processes and tools to help you with your financial and administrative needs.
  • E-commerce support – Offers you back-office support services for your businesses on Amazon, Shopify, and other independent sellers. This service is available to all e-commerce businesses globally.
  • Competitive pricing – The operating cost of Unity Communications is almost 25% lower than US labor. Furthermore, the BPO services can reduce your workforce, management, and other operational costs. By outsourcing Unity communication services, you can save a significant amount of money on operating expenses.
  • Efficiency – This telemarketer provides quality service to give your business a competitive edge in the global market. The company also ensures that all leads are provided based on pre-defined specifications.

What Industries are Served by Unity Communications Telemarketing Company?

  • Telecommunications – telephony, instant messaging, and email.
  • Health care – Hospitals, surgery, dental.
  • Finance – Commercial banking, credit unions, mortgage banking, and more.
  • E-commerce – Shopify and Amazon.
  • Information Technology – Software. Tech hardware, peripherals, and manufacturing
  1. Blue Donkey

Blue Donkey is a B2B Telemarketing service provider that was established in 1997. At the time of formation, the company’s primary purpose was to meet the “intelligent telemarketing” needs of high technology companies of the ’90s.

Since then, Blue Donkey has provided top-notch results for a variety of blue-chip companies across numerous industries. Some of the sectors include GE, TNT, BASF Argos, and PerkinElmer.

Blue Donkey’s boutique model of B2B excellence uses human relationships and dialogue customized around the needs of individual buyers.

What Telemarketing Services Does Blue Donkey Provide?

  • Lead generation.
  • Appointment setting.
  • Training and consultancy.
  • Marketing databases.
  • Demand generation.
  • Event power.
  • Market research.
  • Intelligent data.

What Makes Blue Donkey the Best Choice

  • Quality – Blue Donkey has a quality assurance team that is evident to the company’s primary purpose to get quality leads and service. The company employs skilled communicators in the industry and continues to invest in training its team. And it also contributes to Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) best practice.
  • Approach – Blue Donkey has grown into a Telemarketing center of excellence because the team of experts is committed to customer-focused innovation. The intelligent telemarketing approach is the leading factor to the success of this organization.
  • Technology – While some service providers in the industry use automation, the mention of this tool can cause dread in clients’ hearts Blue Donkey provides innovative solutions that improve telemarketing services without compromising trustworthiness.
  • Furthermore, Blue Donkey employs cloud technology for data security and backup. The company provides advanced logging protocols and a secure infrastructure needed to integrate with the customer’s system.
  • Support – Blue Donkey exceeds your expectations in meeting your needs. The customer support services are tailor-made to meet individual client requests.

What Industries are Served by Blue Donkey Telemarketing Company?

  • Information technology -video conferencing, software for blogging, and collaboration.
  • Communication – cable and wireless.
  1. 24 I.S. LTD

24 I.S. Limited is an outsourced sales lead generation and business development company with an office in Stoke-on-Trent in the United Kingdom. 24 I.S. LTD is made up of a team of experienced business development professionals.

With over 40 years of sales experience in various industries, the team designs telemarketing models that are tailor-made for individual businesses.

The main quest for 24 I.S. Limited is to assist companies with a short or long-term need to improve their sales targets.

What Telemarketing Services Does 24 I.S. Provide?

What Makes 24 I.S. LTD the Best Choice

  • Campaigns – 24 consider all the aspects of your business and incorporate your brand promise in every campaign. Besides implementing successful campaigns, 24 provides a continuous flow of opportunities from one month to another.
  • Outsourced sales teams – 24 I.S can help you convene a telesales team customized to suit your requirements. The professional team at 24 ensure that all your thoughts and ideas are considered to provide a solution for you. What Industries are Served By 24 I.S Telemarketing Company?
  • IT and Telecoms – software, appliances, SaaS.
  • Professional services – Education, art, and more.
  • Legal sector – Mediation services, law offices, and judicial arbitration.
  • Real Estate.
  • Commercial Insurance – personal insurance, group insurance, property insurance, and more.
  • Human resource – employment services.
  • Construction industry.
  1. SalesFish

What Telemarketing Services Does SalesFish Provide?

  • B2B direct sales.
  • Marketing strategies.
  • Cold calling.
  • Appointment setting.
  • B2B telemarketing services and B2B telesales.
  • On-site B2B presentation, negotiation, and sales.
  • Pre- and post-event calls.
  • Quantitative and qualitative surveys.
  • Audience acquisition, exhibit sales, and sponsorship sales.
  • Online presentations and webinars.
  • Brand awareness and announcement calls.

What Makes SelesFish the Best Choice

  • Measurable results – SalesFish delivers potential leads, sales, and data-supported results for customers. The company ensures that you achieve your goals and stand at the top of the competition. SalesFish can provide tailor-made solutions to help you meet your expected sales targets by asking questions and listening to clients.
  • SEO Internet marketing – Selfish works complex to get your brand or services ranking at the top of the search engine. The embarks on keyword research for common words which potential buyers are already using to find your service.
  • Direct, email, and social media marketing – This telemarketer employs the maximum number of touchpoints to achieve the best sales results. You achieve high ROI when SalesFish manages your campaigns by using various email, direct mail, mobile and social media.

What Industries are Served by SalesFish Telemarketing Company?

  • Technology – Software, middleware, SaaS, Hardware, Peripherals, Appliances, IT, Telecommunications, and Manufacturing.
  • Financial Services – Commercial banking, credit unions, mortgage banking, accounting, investment banking, insurance, and more
  • Health care – hospitals, hospital supply, medical device, diagnostic, research, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, laser, imaging, therapy, surgery, bio, and more
  • Legal – Law offices, judicial arbitration, and mediation services
  • Manufacturing – OEM manufacturing and contract manufacturing
  1. Lead Tycoons

Lead Tycoons was founded in 2016 with a head office in East Cost, Southern US. Lead Tycoons is an all-inclusive lead generating, marketing, and data services company. It specializes in helping business loan brokers to grow their investments.

What Telemarketing Services Does Lead Tycoons Provide?

  • Equipment finance leads.
  • Business loan leads.
  • Live transfer calls.
  • Scheduled leads.
  • Data Services.
  • Web leads.
  • Direct mobile data.

What Makes Lead Tycoons the Best Choice

  • Lead generation – Lead Tycoon provides up to 98% active line on all your leads and data.
  • Business loan leads – Lead Tycoon helps small-scale loan brokers to get quality leads at a lower-than-normal rate per prospect. The company also sets appointments with leads and ready-to-buy customers.
  • Equipment financing leads – This company finds prospects whose intent is to get the funding to purchase equipment such as vehicles, pizza ovens, computer equipment, and more. Lead Tycoon helps micro-financing institutions and loan brokers find leads for equipment financing.
  • Merchant cash advance leads – Lead Tycoon specializes in finding leads of business owners who need capital., The company sets up merchant cash advance leads and connects with clients in real-time or live call transfers.

What Industries are Served by Lead Tycoons Telemarketing Company?

  • Finance – Business loan brokers, micro-finance institutions, direct lending, and funding companies.
  1. Televerde

Televerde first came into existence in 1995 with its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. The company has offices in Glasgow, Melbourne, Cordoba, and Scotland. It employs over 500 sales experts who help B2B businesses generate demand and boost sales.

Furthermore, Televerde also supports the local community. It provides education and career opportunities to females who have been in and out of correctional facilities. The company has generated more than $8 by employing this business model.

This company specializes in demand generation and inside sales. Some of Televerde’s previous customers include Micro Focus Vertica, Thermbond, and Watkins.

What Telemarketing Services Does Televerde Provide?

  • Target prospects.
  • Engage buyers.
  • Qualify leads.
  • Develop opportunities.
  • Close deals.

What Makes Televerde the Best Choice

  • Close Deals – The team of professionals at Televerde is trained negotiators. These experts can help you to discuss your contract and conclude deals on behalf of your sales team.
  • Customer Support – Televerde provides top-notch support service. The company offers inbound care to help you improve customer relationships. Some of the available tools employed by Televerde include live chat and dedicated 800-number. This service also provides customer orientation or renewal services.
  • Increase opportunity – Televerde helps you close deals in a shorter time by pinpointing where your leads are in a buyer’s journey. Some of the techniques used to turn leads to buyers include account mapping and social selling.
  • Actionable Data – Televerde provides timely data to help you boost your end-to-end reporting. With this accurate data, you can also identify the inefficiencies in your sales and improve your campaign strategies,

What Industries are Served by Televerde Telemarketing Company?

  • Manufacturing – OEM manufacturing and contract manufacturing.
  • Telecommunications – Wireless carriers, cable operators, internet services.
  • Software – Applications, Software-as-a-service, mobile apps, consulting.
  • Staffing – Human resource.
  • Waste management – Garbage collection and recycling.
  • Consumer products – Manufacturers and Suppliers.
  1. SupportNinja

The establishment of SupportNinja dates back to 2015, with the main office in Austin, Texas. The company specializes in back-office support services and customer care. It first started by offering telemarketing services to tech companies in Silicon Valley.

Today, SupportNinja has expanded its services to include clients from various cities of the world. Moreover, the company also has an office in the Philippines. Some of SupportNinja’s previous clients include Kiva, SafeSleeve, PeerStream, CloudTask, and more.

SupportNinja employs industry-leading tools to provide a customized approach to clients at short notice.

What Telemarketing Services Does SupportNinja Provide?

  • Customer Support.
  • Technical Support.
  • Back-office support.
  • Content moderation.
  • Lead mining.
  • Community management.

What Makes SupportNinja the Best Choice

  • Back-office support – The company takes the burden of time-consuming tasks like data entry off your shoulders. While SupportNinja cleans and refreshes the details, the sales team can concentrate on closing deals.
  • Lead Mining – The Ninjas at SupportNinja help to empower your marketing team with qualified leads. The company assigns a dedicated team that offers you support 24/7. The company is a powerhouse of telemarketers, so you will always find help whenever you need it.
  • Content moderation – SupportNinja helps companies to manage the online community. The company moderates online content based on your predetermined standards and regulations.

What Industries Are Served By SupportNinja Telemarketing Company?

  • Technology- Middleware, Hardware, IT, Telecommunications, and more.
  • Software – software-as-a-service (SaaS), mobile apps, consulting, and training.
  • E-Commerce – micro-lending platform, Amazon, and Shopify.
  1. Grindstone

Grindstone, Inc is an international B2B sales leads service provider. It first existed in 2003 with the head office in Maryland. Since then, the company continues to offer telemarketing services to clients in the U.S and other cities across the world.

This company maintains a high BBB rating as a professional lead generation service provider. Grindstone offers full-service lead generation, appointment setting, and other marketing tools.

Furthermore, the corporation provides help with B2B sales leads strategies to both small and established businesses. All of the solutions offered are customized to fit every individual client’s need.

Companies like SAIC, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Ross Scientific, and TXU Energy have previously outsourced telemarketing services from Grindstone.

What Telemarketing Services Does Grindstone Provide?

  • Lead generation.
  • Appointment setting.
  • Database cleanup and updating.
  • Email marketing.
  • Survey lead solutions.
  • Event promotion and registration.
  • Customer retention.
  • Direct sales.

What Makes Grindstone the Best Choice?

  • Free Leads – The company provides new clients with leads at no cost. Even so, this offer is for a restricted time only.
  • Survey lead solutions – Grindstone provides you with the background information necessary to have a fruitful meeting with your clients. The company profiles prospects ahead of setting appointments. Information about buying trends of your target group can bring new business openings.
  • Awareness campaigns – Grindstone educates your prospects about your brand or service. This approach is combined with a lead generation campaign to increase new opportunities and grow your brand’s market. More so, it produces quality leads and loyal customers.

What Industries are Served by Grindstone Telemarketing Company?

  • Finance – Insurance, Commercial banking, credit unions, mortgage banking.
  • Energy – renewable hydropower, chemicals, pipeline and refilling, gas and oil.
  • Legal – Law offices, judicial arbitration, and mediation services
  1. Telesales Services

Telesales Services dates back to 1997 as a B2B call center. The founder, William S. Samuel IV, created a unique outsourcing process and methodology. Fortune 50 companies and other small businesses were the first to receive this telemarketing model.  

With over two decades of experience in the industry, Telesales Services ranks top of the telemarketing competition in the U.S.

Some of the companies that have sourced Telesales services include Xerox, Sony, Fresh Express, eBay, and more.

What Telemarketing Services Does Telesales Service Provide?

What Makes Telesales Service the Best Choice

  • Inbound telemarketing – Telesales finds and attracts preferential prospects and redirects them to you. More so, the team at telesales ensures that your call center needs are met and that you receive the best fit.
  • Availability – All the Telesales agents are 100% U.S based and are available 24 hours from Monday through Sunday, including holidays. The company offers customer loyalty programs and hotline support. Furthermore, bilingual services are also available.
  • Outbound telemarketing – services are provided by market research experts who collect and analyze data. The results of the analysis are given to sales teams to help identify new markets and clients.
  • Reminders – This company offers help with payment reminders, appointment reminders, and follow-ups.

What Industries Are Served by Telesales Telemarketing Company?

  • Consumer.
  • eCommerce – eBay, Amazon.
  • Direct Sales.
  • Luxury brands – hotels and spas.
  • Medical – medical initiatives, pharmaceuticals.
  • Financial services – Commercial banks, accounting services.
  • Product support – conferences, events, and fundraising.
  1. The Pisa Group

The Pisa Group, Inc. dates back to 1989 as an outbound sales, retention, and inbound customer care with a single client. It has since grown from serving one newspaper account to more than 200 customers across the United States.

The company has multiple call centers in the United States.  One of the centers specializes in inbound call service, which offers dedicated customer service support for incoming calls.

What Telemarketing Services Does Pisa Group Provide?

  • Customer acquisition.
  • Customer retention.
  • Cold calling.
  • Telemarketing leads.
  • Automated order entry.
  • Target marketing.

What Makes Pisa Group the Best Choice?

  • Following up with leads – The Pisa Group telemarketers understand that every prospect is unique and requires a customized approach. After compiling a list of telemarketing leads, this company helps you deliver tailor-made campaigns to individuals.
  • Leads from internal company information – Some customers can stop calling or paying your company for months. The Pica Group helps you reach out to previous prospects. This telemarketer incorporates ideas that attract leads and expertise to develop effective campaigns.
  • Call center support – The Pica Group offers customer acquisition service, maintaining and retention support. The telemarketer understands the need for strong customer relationships and is ready to help your customer service handle inbound calls 24/7.
  • Advantage – The inbound customer service center can help you handle your overflow calls. This service helps reduce your customer wait time, and your callers can get a quick response at any time.  It lowers your operational costs and also improves customer retention.

What Industries are Served by Pisa Group Telemarketing Company?

  • Media – Newspapers.
  1. Time Communications

Time Communications came into existence in 1972 as an answering service and call center. Since then, the company has been providing telemarketing services 24 hours a day, Sunday through Monday, including holidays.

The company specializes in call answering and customer support. It provides top-notch live telephone messaging and order taking 365 days a year.

What Telemarketing Services Does Time Communications Provide?

  • Lead acquisition.
  • Call answering.
  • Customer support call center.
  • Emergency dispatch.
  • Outbound call center.
  • Tech support.

What Makes Time Communications the Best Choice

  • Emergency dispatch – The company offers you a dedicated outbound dispatch service. Time Communications use web-based dispatch technology. The internet-based on-call feature sends your call answering instruction to the telemarketer. It allows you to make changes within a minute.
  • Outbound call center – time communications provide this service to companies that don’t have enough resources and skills for cold calling. The company’s telesales team comprises skilled professionals. They engage your callers to survey existing customers or acquire leads. Individuals.
  • Tech support – Time Communications offers Tier 1 and Tier 2 tech support. Your clients can receive assistance on software products, power tools, web navigation, credit card machines, and home appliances. Time communications ensure that your customers’ issues are resolved when they occur and not later.

What Industries are Served by Times Communications Telemarketing Company?

  • HVAC and plumbing – service and repair industry.
  • Legal – Attorneys and judicial arbitration.
  • Real estate – sellers, buyers, and tenants.
  • Health care– Medical practice.
  • Telecommunications – Networking service providers across the internet, wireless carriers, and cable operators.
  • eCommerce – Amazon, eBay, and Shopify.
  • Restoration – repair and cleanup services.
  1. Volkart May

Volkart May is a telemarketing service provider that specializes in lead generation, Meditech, and B2B.

Volkart May has been delivering telemarketing services to help connect medical technology and B2B sales teams with decision-makers. The company prides itself on a team of skilled professionals who specialize in helping businesses connect with prospects.

Volkart May engages in a one-to-one human conversation with a customized approach. Even so, the focus remains on delivering your brand promise and acquiring new leads.

What Telemarketing Services Does Volkart May Provide?

  • Generate leads.
  • Qualifying inquiries.
  • Appointment setting.
  • Identifying insights.
  • Growing relationships.

What Makes Volkart May the Best Choice

  • Lead generation – The team of expert telemarketers at Volkart finds short-term projects and pipeline opportunities to help design customized campaigns. More so, Volkart provides your sales team with an accurate prospect list that contains titles, emails, and phone numbers.
  • B2B or Meditech prospects – Volkart telemarketers contact prospects in a selected database to nature healthcare leads. The company also maintains periodic calls to help with lead generation and client retention.
  • Qualify inquiries – Volkart May takes pleasure in easing some of your sales team burdens, such as sorting and prioritizing the prospect list. The telemarketer retrieves data from your touchpoints and campaigns and analyzes it to give you qualified leads.

What Industries are Served by Volkart May Telemarketing Company?

  • Health care – Meditech.
  • B2B – Manufacturing.
  1. Bridges Strategies

The history of Bridge Strategies dates back to 2012 as a communication and multicultural marketing company. The first leads of the company were generated through inbound marketing; two years later, Bridge Strategies began to offer the same services to clients.

Since 2018, Bridge Strategies has continued to expand and has received recognition by for positive client reviews. Bridge Strategies is one of the best digital telemarketing service providers in the U.S.

What Telemarketing Services Does Bridge Strategies Provide?

What Makes Bridge Strategies the Best Choice

  • Digital Advertising – Bridge Strategies builds digital marketing campaigns that grow leads and boost your business. This service allows the marketeer to target leads by demographics, by website, GPS, search inquiry, and publishers.
  • Lead generation – Bridge Strategies understands that the internet has replaced the yellow pages. Therefore, the company employs digital lead generation methodologies to help you achieve a return on investment (ROI). This service allows you to monitor your cash flow.
  • More so, this telemarketer provides a qualified lead by customizing the search based on your needs. This tool helps you achieve continuous lead generation and new target markets.

What Industries are Served by Bridge Strategies Telemarketing Company?

  • Finance – accounting, insurance.
  • Information Technology – software and hardware.
  • Technical trades – HVAC and plumbing, electrical, carpentry, heavy equipment, and more.
  1. Abacus Cambridge Partners

Abacus Cambridge Partners came into existence in March 2017 with its office in London. The business has continued to grow and establish a global presence since then.

Today, Abacus serves numerous clients in countries like the U.S.A, U.A.E, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Pakistan.

What Telemarketing Services Does Abacus Cambridge Partners Provide?

  • Customer care.
  • Live chat service.
  • Social media.
  • Back-office operations.
  • Marketing.

What Makes Abacus Cambridge Partners the Best Choice

  • Customer Care – Abacus simplifies customer experience issues by breaking tasks into short work schedules. More so, these smaller jobs are assessed frequently and improved to help make problem resolution faster and easier for your customers.
  • Chat service – The company employs skilled and professional chat agents. The telemarketers ensure that the connection never breaks. The agents are trained to deliver your brand promise and give relevant answers to your customers.
  • Back office – Abacus offers 24/7 support for administrative tasks such as settlements, record maintenance, IT, and accounting services.

What Industries Are Served by Abacus Telemarketing Company?

  • Energy and utilities – oil and gas, pipeline and refilling, chemical, renewable energy.
  • Financial services – Commercial banks, accounting, insurance.
  • Manufacturing – OEM and contract manufacturing.
  • Retail- SMEs.
  • Public sector – Education.
  1. AGR Group

What Telemarketing Services Does AGR Group Provide?

  • Customer care.
  • Sales.
  • Redundancy.
  • Leads and data.
  • Collection.
  • Retention.
  • Surveys.
  • Direct sales.

What Makes AGR Group the Best Choice

  • Lead generation – AGR Group provides quality leads or those with a high rate of return. The company ensures that your campaign aims to reach the right market.
  • More so, this telemarketer not only provides you with leads but also stands behind every data to boost your sales. AGR Group guarantees that the information you get is new and not old or repackaged.
  • Customer retention service – AGR Group understands that you value your customers. That is why the company provides top-notch telemarketing services to help you build lasting relationships with your clients. AGR Group prolongs your client’s lifetime value and boosts your ROI with customer retention campaigns.

What Industries are Served by Telemarketing Companies?

  • Finance – Insurance, credit unions, mortgage banking, and commercial banking.
  • Energy – gas and oil, renewable hydropower.
  • Legal – law offices, judicial arbitration, and mediation services.
  • Telecommunication – wireless carriers and cable operators.
  1. SAS

SAS specializes in live telephone answering services. SAS offers dedicated virtual assistants to assist the customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with over 20 years of experience in the call center industry.

SAS employs professional agents who work to build better customer relationships for your company.

What Telemarketing Services Does SAS Provide?

  • Live operator.
  • Telephone answering.
  • Lead generation.
  • Virtual receptionist.
  • Call center.
  • Dedicated call center.

What Makes SAS the Best Choice

  • Dedicated customer service – SAS provides distinguished support services for those customers with specialized needs. The company offers a team of agents hand-picked to work for you exclusively. These telemarketers are trained to realign to your brand and work as if they are in your office.
  • Technical support services – The company trains agents who provide help for your customers and manage issues such as troubleshooting software, hardware, and other appliances.
  • Lead generation – SAS helps you increase your leads by contacting web-based prospects within 30 minutes of contact. The telemarketers explore the market to find leads that your sales team may have missed due to their busy schedules.
  • Live operator – SAS offers 24/7 help with your website visitors and callers.  We provide top-notch customer experience to help build your customer relationships. With this service, your customers can call or visit your site at any time and expect a warm reception.

What Industries are Served by SAS Telemarketing Company?

  • Small businesses.
  • Law – Attorneys.
  • Real estate – property management.
  • Health – medical answering.
  • HVAC – Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.
  1. Xactlyit LLC

Xactlyit is a technology marketing consultancy firm that dates back to 2009 has its headquarters in Washington, Massachusetts. The company specializes in IT lead generation and IT demand generation.

Some of Xactlyit resources include an opt-in dataset of IT and LOB contacts, an email marketing framework, and a call center in the U.S.

What Telemarketing Services Does Xactlyit Provide?

  • Sales lead development.
  • Telemarketing.
  • Chanel marketing.
  • IT event marketing.
  • Email marketing.

What Makes Xactlyit the Best Choice

  • Event Marketing – Xact handles all your event programs. The telemarketers find a suitable venue and also mobilize an audience based on your requirements.
  • More so, Xactlyit organizes webinars for your sales team to reach a broader prospect base and acquire leads.
  • Lead generation – This company combines email marketing, webinar, and telemarketing to help you acquire new accounts and new opportunities. Xactlyit exposes you to your market. More so, the telemarketers help you to tiger and record responses from suspects to help you generate leads.
  • Telemarketing – Xactlyit focuses your lead campaign on quality over quantity. The company works to provide you with new data and get involved in cleaning and managing your database.

What Industries are Served by Xactlyit Telemarketing Company?

  • Technology – IT, software, SaaS, middleware, hardware, appliances, and peripherals.
  1. GSA

GSA is a Marketing and Advertising company that offers telemarketing services. It was established in 200 with its headquarters at Bricket Wood, Hertfordshire.

The company is best known for its specialty in international telemarketing services; some of the companies that have outsourced services from GSA include Porsche cars, Alfred Dunhill, Cover Girl, Ultimax, Parentmail, OKJ Europe Ltd, and more.

What Telemarketing Services Does GSA Provide?

  • B2B telemarketing services.
  • Appointment setting.
  • Integrated lead generation.
  • Event telemarketing.
  • Multilingual telemarketing.
  • Customer care.
  • Data cleaning.

What Makes GSA the Best Choice

  • B2B appointment setting – GSA understands that face-to-face interactions develop the most successful business relationships. That is why the company specializes in connecting you and your sales team with influential decision-makers.
  • Marketing consultancy – With over 30 years of marketing for top brands like GB and Montblanc, GSA has the expertise to help your sales team meet the set targets. GSA not only delivers quality plans but supports the implementation process as well.
  • Multilingual telemarketing services – GSA supports ambitious companies seeking to find opportunities outside the home environment. The company helps businesses in the U.K to conduct global telemarketing campaigns. This service is also available to international organizations that want to develop business in the U.K.

What Industries are Served by GSA Telemarketing Company?

  • Manufacturing/Industrial – cobbling, electrical contracting, facilities management, turf suppliers, air compressor, industrial pumps, tiling supplies, and more.
  • Financial Services – Accountancy, tax advisory, legal cost drafting, wealth management, payroll, foreign currency.
  • HR – Corporate transactions, HR support.
  • Technology – Data integration, diagnostic equipment, fitness heart monitors, virtual fitness, water technology, high-definition monitors, software compliance, and more.
  • Telecommunications – telephony, instant messaging, and email, telegraph
  • Health care – hospitals, medical devices, diagnostic, hospital supply, surgery, laser, imaging, therapy, bio, and more.

IT’S YOUR CALL was founded in 1994 to provide custom B2B telemarketing services to SMEs in Boston and beyond. This company develops, implements, and delivers telemarketing models to help you convert leads into sales.

No matter how complex your telemarketing program is, IT’S YOUR CALL will handle it with confidence, insight, and professionalism.

What Telemarketing Services Does IT’S YOUR CALL Provide?

  • Cold calling.
  • Lead qualification.
  • Lead programs.
  • Event promotions.
  • Lead nurturing.
  • Database cleaning.

What Makes IT’S YOUR CALL Telemarketing the Best Choice

  • Lead nurturing – IT’S YOUR CALL Telemarketing helps you keep your prospects occupied until they are ready to translate to sales. The telemarketer engages and provides relevant brand information to your prospective customer to build meaningful relationships.
  • Cold calling – IT’S YOUR CALL understands that calling is the quickest way to speak to your prospect. The company helps you to maintain a steady pipeline of qualified leads in targeted markets. IT’S YOUR CALL telemarketers never ask for a callback.

However, they leave an individual number to indicate that the business is of personal importance.

  • Database Cleaning – IT’S YOUR CALL works hard to reach out to your customers. However, the success of campaigns depends on the reliability of your prospect database. This company reaches out to your lead lists to find new contacts and eliminate unqualified prospects.

What Industries are Served by IT’S YOUR CALL Telemarketing Company?

  • Technology – Engineering, software development, SaaS, ERP, Speech recognition.
  • Manufacturing – Sensors, Adhesives, Water meters, Laser lenses, and light caps.
  • Commercial services – Consulting, Cleaners, office supplies, accounting, IT, and benefits.
  1. Worldwide Call Centers

Worldwide Call Centers (WCC) was established in 1998, with its headquarters in Colorado Springs, CO. It later opened offices in Canada, Europe, the Philippines, Latin America, India, South Africa, and other countries. It has since continued to grow and now has over 100 offices worldwide.

The company specializes in call center outsourcing besides offering telemarketing services. Some of the Worldwide Call Centers’ previous clients include Sony UK, Reckitt Benckiser, Prudential Financial, Emirates Airlines, and more.

What Telemarketing Services Does Worldwide Call Center Provide?

  • Lead generation.
  • Telemarketing.
  • Call center consulting.
  • Customer support.
  • Technical support.
  • Email customer support.
  • Text customer support

What Makes Worldwide Call Centers the Best Choice

  • Call center referrals – Worldwide facilitates the selection process for clients based on individual needs. The company ensures you receive viable leads only.
  • Technical support – WCC is flexible and allows you to choose from up to 5 centers to find an agency that suits your business. The selected team is trained to meet your brand’s requirements and to align with your business.
  • Email outsourcing – WCC has the resources to help you acquire the services of a multilingual email support agency. The company can locate reliable email customer support telemarketers in various countries such as Latin America, India, Pakistan, and others.
  • Outsourced appointment setting – WCC helps you reduce your logistical costs by outsourcing appointment settings. The company connects you to professional telemarketers who can deliver the results you require within the scheduled time.

What Industries are Served by Worldwide Telemarketing Company?

  • Education – Universities.
  • Technology – Cables and Wireless.
  • Health – fitness.
  • Media – Newspapers and magazines.
  • Finance – Banks, insurance, and accounts.
  • Real Estate – Mortgage.
  • Transport – Courier services.
  1. AnswerConnect

AnswerConnect provides inbound call center and answering services 365 days to help expand your business.

The company believes that cutting down on daily commutes and reducing carbon footprint is beneficial for humans and the planet.

What Telemarketing Services Does AnswerConnect Provide?

What Makes AnswerConnect the Best Choice

  • Call answering – AnswerConnect helps you to respond to every opportunity. The 24/7 service ensures that your customer never has to go to voicemail. The company guarantees that a real receptionist is always available to respond to the needs of your customers.
  • Live chat – AnswerConnect provides instant chat support for your website visitors. The agents also make sure that your brand’s promise is delivered. The customer experience experts are available 24 hours from Monday through Sunday, inclusive of holidays.

What Industries are Served by AnswerConnect Telemarketing Company?

  • eCommerce – Amazon, eBay, and Shopify.
  • Healthcare – Medical, dental, and clinics.
  • Finance – Accounting, lender, and banks.
  • Legal – legal intake.
  • Marketing and media.
  • Tech companies.
  • Service providers – commercial and residential service providers.
  • Real estate – managers and sellers.
  1. Cience

Cience is an entrepreneurial company founded in 2015 with its headquarters in Denver, Colorado. It is a People-as-a-Service (PaaS) team of skilled telemarketers and professionals.

Cience specializes in B2B lead generation services.

What Telemarketing Services Does Cience Provide?

What Makes Cience the Best Choice

  • Sales data solutions – Cience provides accurate sales data on your target market. The company telemarketers combine skills and advanced AI technology to collect your data. Cience also offers help with lead generation data collection for your marketing campaigns.
  • Campaign strategy – Cience integrates your value propositions with the company’s copywriting and intelligence data platform to introduce sales conversations with your prospects. The telemarketers create emails that define your distinct value and draw the recipient’s attention to your brand.

What Industries are Served by Telemarketing Companies?

  • Software development – Software-as-a-service, mobile apps, consulting, training, applications, and more.
  • Marketing and advertising.
  • Education.
  • Financial Services – Commercial banking, mortgage banking, accounting, insurance, and more.
  1. Liveconx

What Telemarketing Services Does Liveconx Provide?

  • Email answering.
  • Helpdesk.
  • Live chat.
  • Customer service support.
  • Appointment setting.
  • Customer survey.

What Makes Liveconx the Best Choice

  • Appointment setting – Liveconx schedules appointments that are convenient for you and your customer. The company works to ensure that your customer is happy and comfortable during the process.
  • Liveconx offers a dedicated appointment setting to ensure that you get the service whenever you need it. The telemarketer understands that a satisfied customer is likely to turn into a sale; that’s why appointments are never delayed longer than necessary.
  • Customer survey service – Liveconx understands that your customer is likely to switch to a competitor’s brand after a single disappointing experience. That is why the company has developed strategies to help you realize your strong points and areas that need change or improvement.

What Industries are Served by Liveconx Telemarketing Company?

  • Health care – Clinics and dentists.
  • Education – substitute teacher.
  • Property management – Managers and agents.
  1. Quality Contact Solutions

Quality Contact Solutions (QCS) was established in 2007 with its headquarters in Aurora, NE. The company offers superior call center solutions to help sales teams achieve their goals and reduce costs.

The company’s improved approach ensures customer satisfaction through quality service delivery.

What Telemarketing Services Does Quality Contact Solutions Provide?

  • B2B telemarketing sales.
  • B2B outsourced call center services.
  • Lead generation.
  • Qualified sales leads.
  • Appointment setting.
  • Customer up-sell.
  • Call center consulting.
  • Quality assurance outsourcing.
  • Telemarketing QA.
  • Cross-sell campaigns.

What Makes Quality Contact Solutions the Best Choice

  • QA – The team of experts at quality Control Solutions is trained to listen, evaluate and provide good feedback. The company agents serve your client with the utmost respect and professionalism that exceeds your expectations.
  • Telemarketing lead generation – The team of professional telemarketers has experience and success with implementing business to B2B telemarketing lead generation campaigns.  QCS provides B2B lead generation services to help your sales team have a continuous flow of qualified leads.
  • Existing customer cross-sells – QCS understands that cross-selling to your active customers can bring you a high return on investment. That’s why this company helps you manage your cross-sell campaigns to make it easy for your sales team to sell other products to existing clients.
  • Existing customer upsells – The process of upselling additional products to an existing client is delicate and needs to be approached. Quality Contact Solutions team of experts have the relevant skill to help you achieve your sales goals.

What Industries are Served by Quality Contact Solutions Telemarketing Company?

  • Agriculture – farms, ranches.
  • Automotive – manufacturers, dealers.
  • Finance – commercial banking, insurance.
  • Real estate – mortgage.
  • Energy – gas, and oil.
  • Health – pharmaceuticals.
  • Travel and Hospitality – Travel agencies.


Telemarketing services date back to the ’80s where it first began in Omaha, Nebraska. Today, you can find the services in almost every major city in the world. More so, telemarketers can now work from office locations or home.

Besides generating sales leads and appointments, telemarketers can also help to manage your product campaigns.

More so, telemarketing services such as call routing helps you prevent customer calls from going to voicemail. It is one of the best telemarketing tools you can use to maintain clients and find new leads.

Best Telemarketing Services in 2021
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