Build Your Business During Recession By Outsourcing to the Philippines

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Hi there! Today I’m going to talk about an important decision-making for your business. And that is outsourcing to the Philippines.

I believe there is always a silver lining when it comes to making business decisions.  No matter how gloomy the future looks. In times of recession, it would be useful for you to do some sort of environmental scanning.

I will identify opportunities on how you can grow your business. I see these windows of opportunities.

It is happening to the outsourcing industry in the Philippines. I’ve observed that it  attracting more and more international employers like you.

I will share with you  how you can advance your business interests. My idea is with outsourced operations in this Asian country. We will also look for the right outsourcing company in the Philippines. 

Discover a well-established outsourcing niche

Build Your Business During Recession By Outsourcing to the Philippines outsourcing

Taking the lead since 2010, there is no doubt that the Philippines has a well-established business process management sector overtaking India. This was all made possible by the very competitive labor force devoting their time and competencies to do the job at the best of their abilities. Transactions with people from Western countries were made with ease due to smooth communication with both parties managing to comprehend each other. Filipinos take pride in their competency when it comes to the English language widely integrated in the educational system from grade school, high school and college.

Other than language proficiency, it is the peculiar sense of hospitality that helped boost the favorable reputation of local outsourcing industry. Since the Filipino hospitality means accommodating visitors with extra warmth and care, it is inevitable for these workers to deliver services with the same brand of hospitality embedded in the process. 

More likely, they extend extra ounce of patience, hard work, and commitment on the job. And this inclination is not imposed but naturally comes as part of the Filipino way of doing business.

Immerse in the industry’s unstoppable growth

Build Your Business During Recession By Outsourcing to the Philippines Industry

In my observation the outsourcing industry in the Philippines got a boost from the development of infrastructures in the country. There are quite a number of  projects on their way.  From the Public-Private Partnership endeavors to facilitate shared funding of major facilities over the previous years, the Philippines is now bracing itself for the “Build Build Build” project that is expected to propel construction efforts to mark the renaissance of local infrastructural ventures. The projects shall be spread in the 3 of the biggest islands of the country – Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. In my opinion, this will fuel economic growth across the nation in efforts to usher economic growth in these islands.

The projects may range from roads; interlink bridges, and airport facilities that would ease up accessibility of key towns and cities for business opportunities. Perhaps you as an employer has logistical concerns which I think will no longer be a problem considering the huge leap in infrastructural projects anticipated to be completed during the current administration’s term.

The government is also planning to put up additional projects relating to information and communication technology so that people can optimize online platforms. And the outsourcing industry is supposed to reap great benefits from all of this.

Seize the business advantage here and now

Build Your Business During Recession By Outsourcing to the Philippines Business

While you may have some reservations due to the risks brought about by the global recession, it would be a relief to remind yourself that returns are most likely commensurate with risks arising from your outsourcing decision in the Philippines. Know that risks are always manageable with proper business management strategies developed by your local partners familiar with market behavioral trend. With the help of expert consultants that can readily secure data for forecasting, you can always formulate relevant strategies to use the prevailing conditions at your advantage.

To cast away any lingering doubt, you may want to keep in mind that this nation is a resilient one that is able and willing to get through difficult circumstances. Although you can never discount divine providence, it would also be useful to consider the works of the invisible hand directing the course toward gradual recovery right after every economic downturn. Besides, you can always count that the government will come to the aid of local enterprises that play a vital role in lifting the national economy.

Collaborate to make the most of the partnership

Build Your Business During Recession By Outsourcing to the Philippines partnership

If it is true that innovation is the ultimate lifeline of businesses, then you are in good company with Filipino business partners known for their entrepreneurial spirit. Equipped with the necessary resources, you will never go wrong to invest in the minds of local engineers that could deliver tangible results. The best way to optimize talents and competencies of locally-recruited technical personnel is to subject them to continuous training and development. Do remember the principle of not leaving anyone behind since you are only as strong as your weakest member.

Research and development can be a complicated matter, oh yes, I certainly agree! Most specially amidst the cut-throat competition across the region. But to avoid unnecessary missteps, you may want to stipulate non-compete and exclusivity clauses to protect your company’s brainchild. You can always secure legal advice on the matter from local law practitioners to be able to align the terms and conditions of the agreement with prevailing rules and regulations.

Make history with annual business milestones

Build Your Business During Recession By Outsourcing to the Philippines Milestone

Set short-term and long-term goals together with your local outsourcing partner to maximize benefits on both ends. These goals should be ultimately reflected on the financial performance of the company since the endgame of every outsourcing pursuit is to reduce costs. To be able to accomplish this task, you can sit down to deliberate expectations and determine the middle ground for a compromise. This may take a while but you will definitely reach that point of agreement one way or another.

Once you have set your common goals, you can now proceed to develop measures on how you can monitor your progress monthly or quarterly. Let your best people meet on the table to come up with the perfect yardstick to monitor your progress together. Any variance has to be met with the necessary actions for both parties to get back on track. For purposes of motivation, it would be desirable to set productivity incentives to address the caveat, “what’s in it for me?”

With outsourcing to the Philippines being one of the alternatives to compete in today’s modern world, I’m convinced that now is the right time to think about it. There is no room for failure in times of recession with this outsourcing option in the Philippines ready to the rescue.

You may simply go through these handy tips and tricks to make it through with a Philippine-based provider or hire freelancers. You will never go wrong in the hands of tried and tested professionals in the industry.

Build Your Business During Recession By Outsourcing to the Philippines
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