Businesses to Start for Under $1000

Businesses to Start for Under $1000
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You don’t need to have lots of money to start up a business. All you require is the capability and interest to manage it. Remember, some of the big businesses you see were once small enterprises—the kind of businesses to start for under $1000. But with the persistence and hard work of the owner, they’re now big companies.

In business, every amount can earn you profit which is the main aim of any entrepreneur. Read this informative article and learn about various businesses to start for under $1000.

Venture into Bicycle Repairs

If you have some knowledge about bicycles, this is the right business choice. You don’t need much to start it except for the essential tools and skills.

Customers are also a guarantee since most people use bikes for leisure, fitness sessions, and others as means of transport.

But if you don’t have the basic knowledge, you can learn from a friend who is in the business. There’s no formal training on bike repairs, but then learning the skills is not also involved.

Personal Coach

You can become a personal coach by making good use of your home as the gym. All you’ll need to do is buy some benches, treadmills, and weight.

You can even buy second-hand equipment or improvise some of them. Remember that this is one of the most viable businesses to start for under $1000.

You will thrive in this business if you have a passion for fitness and exercising. Given that most people are now looking for fitness coaches, you won’t lack trainees if you’re good at it.

Coffee Vendor

You can start this business even without a physical shop. To achieve this, have a cart which you can use to move from one place to the other in search of customers.

If you can have a calendar of events in your town, make good use of those functions and earn more by selling coffee to attendees. You’ll make more with night customers.

You can even identify offices and other business premises and supply them with your coffee. If you have a coffee maker, you’ll only buy the coffee, cups, and cart.

However, make sure that your coffee is different from typical coffee. Give people a reason to order a second cup.

Camera Person

Suppose you have mad camera handling skills but no income source. In that case, being a photographer is one of the businesses to start for under $1000.

You can start small within your neighborhood before extending to other parts.

It’s simple, buy a camera tripod and get equipment insurance and start working. If you can’t buy a camera, at least hire one and save up to purchase your own.

The cost of equipment will not be more than $1000. But you can earn more than that within a shorter period if you’re aggressive.

If you own a camera, the cost will even reduce. On average, photographers earn $25.29 hourly. There is also room to scale into videography which is even more lucrative.

Designing Clothes

If you know how to sew clothes, why not turn it into a business. Through it, you’ll be able to earn more cash by serving various clients.

To make your business thrive, only deal in high-quality fabrics and create unique designs.

You can buy the materials or request your customers to come with theirs. But remember to put them on display to attract more people.

To boost your income, sell online and ensure you meet your customers’ demands to attract more referrals.

Designing clothes is one of the businesses to start for under $1000 but will eventually take you places.

Become a Tutor

With the growth in technology, being a tutor is becoming a much more lucrative revenue source. You don’t have to meet physically to teach various people.

You can do online classes, start a YouTube channel or make tutorials and send them to your students.

Given that most people come online to look for various information, settling for a topic to teach won’t be hard. If you have a physical class, you can use your balcony or empty rooms in your house to start the operation.

But for online tutoring, invest in a good camera, phone, computer and have fast stable internet access. Being an online tutor is one of the businesses to start for under $1000. It has risen in demand thanks to the lockdowns brought on by the Covid19 pandemic.

Be a Puppy Walker

If you love going out with your puppies for exercises, turn it into a business. Doing this is not hard and also requires less start-up cash.

Dog walking will earn you much, especially if you’re working for the busy or lazy people who can’t find time for that. This is one of the easiest businesses to start for under $1000.

You can also offer extensive services like grooming at a fee. Or look after the pets when their owners are on vacations. You’ll require around $200-$4oo in a month to run the business. But you’ll earn at least $13.23 every hour.

Be a Make-up artist

If you know how to do make-up, why not make it to be an income-generating business? Most people want their make-up on and on point but don’t know how to do it. Take advantage of this and offer your services at a fee.

You don’t have to put up a physical location but be a freelancer who can go anywhere as long as it pays.  Have a website for your business to source for customers and to showcase your work.

You can work at weddings, parties or for individuals who want to go for photoshoots. This is also one of the businesses to start for under $1000 that may land you to work on movie sets in Hollywood.

Many billionaire make-up artists are self-made and started with nothing.

As a make-up artist, you can also be flexible and double as a photographer to maximize profit. To start this business, you’ll need a make-up kit that will cost you depending on the type and number you need.

Be a Personal Chef

Another business that won’t need much money to start up is a personal chef. You can cook at private parties or go to individuals’ homes and prepare meals for them that will last a whole week.

You can earn a lot of money by cooking for foreigners to prepare the traditional dishes from their home that they miss.

Some individual companies may also need your services for some days of the week if you prepare delicious meals.

On average personal chefs make $20.82 every hour. Even though some clients might give you cooking equipment, it’s better to buy your own.

Mobile Hair Stylist

You can decide to offer on-location services to reduce the cost of operation before establishing yourself. Being a hairstylist requires basic skills, some of which you don’t have to learn.

To start, buy hair products, capes, and what you’ll use to style. You can even use your home before renting a space for your saloon.

Be a Content Creator

Many organizations are looking for good writers to make quality content for their websites. You can take advantage of this and show your expertise and earn money from it.

Start a freelancing content creating a business journey and earn from the comfort of your home. For instance, look at Neil Patel, who makes six figures from creating content online.

You’ll only require fast internet connectivity and a computer to start working. A freelance writer earns per post and the kind of project they do, so try this one out if you can.

Jewelry Maker

Jewelry making is one of the businesses to start for under $1000. All you need to begin is beading some wires, which are cheaply available locally.

Make different jewelry of various shapes and sell them at events, on the nearest market, or online to your friends.

Bake for Money

You can start a baking business without using a lot of money. Bake various products and sell them locally to your neighbors or shops around.

You can also take them to various offices during tea breaks and in the evening. To start this business, you’ll only need the ingredients and kitchen equipment that you can buy second-hand for a start-up.


You can also cook for money at various events regardless of the location. Being in this business doesn’t necessarily require a kitchen as you may move from one place to another. But get the kitchen equipment which will make your work easier.

You’ll also need to buy food ingredients for your first business. Although after developing trust, your clients may be giving you ingredients to cook.


Make good money by being a translator for various projects. You can be an online translator or work with organizations that need your services.

Translation jobs are recommended to those who are multilingual and have a passion for making money. Being a translator can be turned into one of the businesses to start for under $1000.

Develop Software and Apps

If you know how to develop software or apps, turn it into a business and earn from it. All you’ll require is updated hardware, then create the programs and sell to different customers.

For the mobile apps, you can submit them to app stores after confirming how effective they’re.

When you create an app that solves everyday problems, it can become a tech unicorn. Just like Canva, which is a billion-dollar company today, and the story behind it will definitely inspire you.

Errand’s Runner

Most people, especially those on employment, find it hard to get time to do their errands. Take that opportunity and make it a source of income. Run an errand for someone at a fee without investing much.

You may need transport to various destinations and maybe some cash if the errand involves shopping. You can start small within your locale before expanding the business.

Virtual Assistant

You can earn money by being a virtual assistant through your phone and with a reliable network.

You’ll be doing the everyday things an assistant should do but at the comfort of your home. Virtual assistants earn $15.18 per hour with room for a raise and promotion.

Events Planner

Apart from weddings, there are several events which you can help plan on behalf of the owners. You can plan for anniversaries, birthdays, or graduation parties.

To earn a reputation in this sector, be a good communicator, reliable and flexible.

If you work well in a specific event, be sure of getting referrals from various corners. The good thing about this business is you can outsource different stuff from multiple suppliers after making deposits.

So, you don’t need huge sums to plan a big event.

A Copy Editor

Many people have contents they require someone to edit on their behalf. You can take the challenge and edit them for a fee.

Work on business pamphlets, blog posts, books, or even grant proposals. But your grammar skills should be top-notch and have the right tools to make your work easier.

Property Manager

As a property manager, your work will ensure your employer’s household is in good shape. Plus, the activities on the property run without any problem.

Your work will be to ensure the fridge has enough stock and the house laundry is on point.

You should also coordinate with other workers in the home. To get clients to look for people with multiple homes but have no time to manage them. Or those who live far away from their homes and require them to be in shape.

Provide Landscaping Services

If you enjoy shaping the outdoor looks by mowing and doing landscaping, make it a business. You’ll only require a lawnmower and other necessary tools.

Look for clients around you and do the best to attract new clients for your services and retain the older customers.

Offer Pool Cleaning Services

Many pool owners don’t know how to manage them and prefer outsourcing the services. Take advantage of that and buy the cleaning equipment like vacuum, nets, and brushes and go for the money.

You can hire transportation means before becoming financially able to get yours.

Venture into Tree Nursery

If you have some idle land in your home, let it be a source of income generation. Plant a variety of trees on it and sell to clients for transplant.

You don’t need a greenhouse as you can improvise a structure to save on costs. A more significant percentage of your money should be buying the seeds, fertilizers, and soil if need be.

Social Media Manager

Upcoming organizations and entrepreneurs can’t get the finances to hire a professional social media manager. Start that as a part-time business and help them manage their accounts.

Monitor and guide them on how to grow their brands at a cost. All you need for this business is marketing skills and a small start-up fee.

Be Consultant

In every sector, there must be a consultant for it to succeed. If you’re an expert in the medical or business field, start a side hustle that will earn you money at a lower cost.

To be a consultant, you’ll need the necessary licensing, but you can work remotely. Working remotely also requires credentials, for example, being a therapist, private investigator, among others.

Most firms outsource the services of consultants rather than having a complete department to cut costs. Given that you charge an hourly wage, you’ll make good money.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designing is not a walk in the park that anyone can do. If you have experience in this field, make various clients customizable designs that they can’t achieve even with high-tech design tools.

You’ll not need a physical location while starting since you can design from anywhere.

A graphic designer can earn between $15 and $28 every hour. Since most of these projects take time, you’ll be making good money per day from your business.

Sales Representative for Certain Companies

If you become a salesperson for a particular company, you’ll not need an office. Some companies also give you products without deposits, so you’ll not inject capital into such a business.

To succeed in this business, you need to be an outgoing person capable of convincing customers. If the company you’re working for doesn’t deal with physical products, the number of clients turn out will help you.

Today sales representatives have become affiliate marketers who earn passive income online. Passive income means you’ll make money even when sleeping.

Offer Cleaning services

Many people find it hard to clean their homes or offices. You can start this business by buying the necessary cleaning machines and detergents. Buy more cleaning supplies since they tend to finish without notice.

You can consider buying the cleaning supplies that you’ll re-use until your income is stable. You don’t require expertise to be a cleaner but ensure you follow the safety laws.

Start a YouTube Channel

You can make good use of your YouTube channel and post funny videos explaining how to do things or do niche vlogs.

If you want to make money on YouTube, ensure your content is original. Don’t upload copyright contents since you won’t earn anything from but instead, the original owner will be making the revenue.

You don’t need money to create your channel but invest in a professional camera for quality pictures and videos.  To edit your content, you can use free software or learn how to do so online.

Being a YouTuber has become one of the lucrative businesses to start for under $1000.

Fashion Stylist

If you have a high fashion sense that’s admirable, become a stylist.

Many prominent people want to dress up but don’t know how to do so. Some have the money for designer clothes but don’t know where to buy or lack time for such errands.

Take up the opportunity and reach out to them through social media adverts or on top-selling magazines. As a fashion stylist, you’ll only buy on their behalf and earn your commission.

Distribute Various Products

You can become a distributor and earn a profit from this business. To maximize your income, don’t specialize in one item, have both non-food stuff and foodstuff in your vehicle or cart.

You can hire a vehicle for a start-up and buy the products; if you can talk to a wholesaler who’ll allow you to take various products on deposit, the better.

Offer Accountancy Services

You can open an accounting company where you operate remotely from your house. All you require is accounting knowledge and a website where you’ll be getting clients from.

Ensure you market yourself well to get more clients.

Be an Author

You can spend your time and write about a topic that will sell itself. It should be an easy topic since the current generation doesn’t like reading technical issues much.

Write about your childhood experience or any topic on how to do some of the technical things.

One way to make it one of the highest paying businesses to start for under $1000, stick to a specific genre like Stephen King or billionaire book author JK Rowling.  

You’ll need money to design the book, proofread, and market it. If you want to publish it on amazon kindle, it will be free. For your book to sell well, ensure you prioritize its marketing apart from the content.

Auto Detailing

Investing in this business doesn’t require much as you’ll only buy cleaning and detailing supplies. After that, you can offer on-location services to various clients.

Washing and vacuuming the vehicle isn’t hard. But you can learn on YouTube how to wax and polish perfectly to impress your customers.

Become a Wedding Planner

Most middle or rich class people don’t have time to plan their weddings but need quality services and unique organizations.

Venture into the business and do that for them at a fee. You might need connections for the first event, but your services will sell you to other clients.

You can subscribe to a magazine to get regular updates on events in this field. But ensure you market yourself aggressively and strategically on various social media platforms.

You’ll start this business with less than $1000 and earn double the amount in no time if you get well-paying clients.

Be an Antique Dealer

You can start this small business with little cash and make good profits depending on your customer base. Go to antique malls or events and pay some fee to be part of the team.

If you’re selling online, the antique malls can take a percentage of your sales. To get more customers, make your social media platforms active and interactive.

Antique dealing can attract millions in commissions, and it’s one of the businesses to start for under $1000. Always remember to do due diligence to avoid legal scandals involving counterfeit scams.

Start a Bookkeeping Business

You can buy different books and rent them to others at a fee. Being in this business doesn’t require you to have an extensive library. Instead, buy the best seller books that are on demand.

You can even opt to buy the books to avoid wasting capital. To let your customers know of the venture, do Facebook ads or advertise on craigslist.

Develop Resumes for People

Many job seekers don’t know how to develop a good resume. Use that opportunity to start your business.

Let people pay you for your services. You can subscribe to career magazines to learn the latest resume-making skills.

To learn how to make resumes, buy books, and research online. Starting this business will need less than $500, but you’ll be able to make more, especially during the high job-hunting season.

Be Someone’s Personal Shopper

So many people hate going out shopping, especially the males and the rich. You can use that opportunity to create a business.

Guide them on what to buy and do the shopping too. You can also look for another business opportunity in that process and maximize your income.

Begin with your neighbors and build trust to get more clients. You can use around $300 to start this business.

Be a Blogger

Currently, blogging is gaining popularity online, with most consumers relying on bloggers for current information. You can start your blogging site and earn from the ads you’ll incorporate.

To earn more like Neil Patel, ensure you write captivating content that will attract more visitors to your site. On average, you can make $20 for every one thousand visitors just from ads.

Repair Vehicles

You can start this business if you have the right skills it requires. It’s a good idea for mechanics who are jobless or need part-time jobs. With it, you’ll not lack an income since most people don’t have the time or skills to do that.

On the higher end, you require about $950 to buy the necessary tools or equipment.

But there’s no need for a physical location as you can work on-site. Have a website where clients can book appointments and also state the problem with their vehicles.

Working this way will not only give your clients the best experience, but you’ll also enjoy it. Ensure you have a business license so that customers can trust your expertise.


Whether you’re starting a business as your primary source of income or side hustle, you can start it with less than $1000. To pick on the best business idea, work with your passion and skills so that you avoid going for formal training.

After identifying the business idea, ensure you market yourself well to earn more. Also, give it your best and see if you can grow from a small business to a more prominent company.

Businesses to Start for Under $1000
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