Cool Blog Names For Your Blog in 2021

Cool Blog Names For Your Blog in 2021
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One of the primary things you need to pay a lot of attention to is your blog name. The name of that blog can either make or break the business. With this in mind, make sure that every aspect of your blog appeals to your readers.

In this post, you will learn some of the issues to consider to help you develop cool blog names and some of these ideal names.

Dive in and get a name that will bring more traffic to your blog and turn more prospects into customers.

How Do You Create Cool Blog Names?

How Do You Create Cool Blog Names

Coming up with your blog’s wrong name can cost you a fortune. With this in mind, you need to spend time thinking about cool blog namesto make your business stand out and win as many customers as possible.

To help you achieve this, there are some questions that you need to ask yourself. They include:

What Is the Niche of Your Blog?

What Is the Niche of Your Blog

A successful blog focuses only on one niche. If you are undecided about your blog’s niche, first spend time thinking about the best niche. Otherwise, you risk coming up with a blog name that will not fit your blog’s niche.

After you have concluded on the niche that you shall major in your blog, the next step becomes easier since you will settle on a name that fits your blog.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

Who Is Your Target Audience

Different people are appealed to by other names. A name that may be appealing to young people may be offensive to older people.

Therefore, like your blog’s niche, be sure of the group of people you intend to reach out to using your blog.

 After you determine this, you can then use a name to attract your target audience. Some of the things that you need to think about your target audience are:

  • What are their unfulfilled needs that you want to help meet?
  • How does your blog help meet these needs?
  • What are the skills and abilities of your readers?
  • What are the expectations of your target audience in your blog?
  • Are you reaching out to these people for the first time through your blog, or do you already have an existing relationship through other means?

Answering such questions helps you think about the blog on a deeper level which is what you need to come up with the perfect name.

What is the Aim of Your Blog?

What is the Aim of Your Blog

Every part of your blog should aim towards achieving the goal of your blog, which means that every aspect of the blog should focus on achieving this aim.

If your blog aims to educate people, the blog name should be educational.

On the other hand, if you intend to welcome customers to your business, have a blog name that entices them to be in your business. Other questions that you need to answer in this area are:

  • What do you want to communicate to your readers?
  • What do you expect readers to feel and think about you after they read the name of your blog?
  • Which message do you intend to communicate in your blog?

The answers to these questions will help you develop your blog’s mission and establishcool blog names.

Tips to Help You Come Up with Cool Blog Names

Tips to Help You Come Up with Cool Blog Names

After you have answered the three questions above, you can then list possible cool blog names to find the one that works.

If you still feel stuck about coming up with cool blog names even after answering the questions, worry not since you are still on the right track. Some of the details that you need to consider include:

Improve Your Imagination

The best blog name for your business is deep down in your mind. However, you need to improve your imagination to get this name. By enhancing your imagination, you are in a position to come up with the best name ever. Reading is the most effective way of improving your imagination.

Reading different books about blogging will help open your mind and boost your creativity and imagination.

Within a short time, you will have the name you never thought you could come up with on your own. It also helps to read books around the niche of your blog.

You will know what your customers are looking for and what you need to offer them on the blog.

Think About Alliteration

Alliteration is a literary style that involves the repetition of identical consonant sounds within a group of words. Most successful blogs have used this literature style to develop attractive blog names.

For instance, you will find alliteration with cool blog names such as PayPal and Coca-Cola, among others.

Therefore, include the alliteration style in your writing and come up with a name that will lure your target audience to know more about you.

Include Some Humor in the Name

Considering the numerous stressful issues in the world today, everybody appreciates a little humor now and then.

Additionally, when humor is included, it presents somebody as more welcoming. Humor also makes one curious. When coming up with your blog name, have little humor in it with this in mind.

For instance, a blogger with a cooking blog named the blog Pregnant Chicken. The humorous name makes customers learn more about the blog and, in the process, adds traffic to your business.

However, when including humor, watch out not to overdo it. On the other hand, ensure that your target audience will appreciate and get the joke in your humor.

Carelessly including humor in the name causes more harm than good.

Use Your Name as the Name of the Blog

Many successful bloggers have used this tactic, leading to a successful blog. Using your name as your blog’s name is a great idea, especially if you have a lifestyle blog. It is also good to be a public figure since this will lure them to the blog.

It is also wise to use your name if your name is unique and unusual. Your nickname is also a perfect name for your blog name. It attracts people who know you to the blog and other people who may find the name interesting.

Think About Words Related to Your Niche

After you settle on your blog’s niche, start thinking about words related to your niche.

For instance, if you have a crafting blog, you will have words such as builder, DIY, creations, handmade, stitches, and projects, among others. With these words, you can then develop the name you feel best fits your blog.

You can combine these words to develop a sensible phrase to form a suitable name for the business. Avoid jargon and use words to make people want to know more about the business as soon as they come across the name.

Take A Break and Seek Help

When you spend too much time on something, your mind will likely end up in a block. It’s similar to when you spend so much time on a project, and your brain slows down and starts acting in unexpected ways. For this reason, if you have been thinking about a possible blog name without an idea, it may be time to take a break from this.

If you are in such a state, continuing to force yourself to come up with a name will end up causing more harm than good. Therefore, take a break and walk away for some time. You can go to the movies, go to the gym or do something else that you find interesting.

By the time you are done relaxing, you will be better positioned to come up with this name. Write down any names that come to mind after the break since the best names may be among them.

It is also wise to ask somebody else for an idea of a good name. When taking the break, you can request a friend to give you their opinion on a blog’s good name. You may hear a name that is one of the best you have, which becomes your blog name.

Use Made-Up Words

When naming a blog, the name you use must not always be an existing name. You can come up with your name and make it your blog name. For instance, you may come up with your name’s initials and use this as your blog name.

You can also combine two names, probably your name and your partner or somebody else you love, and use their short forms to come up with a name.

Many successful blogs’ names were clever wordplays, such as Google, Sony, and Kodak. Therefore, do not be afraid to go out of your way and come up with a name you will be proud of.

Be Keyword-Oriented

A keyword is one of the things that will help your blog, especially in terms of SEO. Therefore, if you want your blog to always be at the top of any search engine, think about keyword domain. A keyword domain is a blog name that includes a keyword that you shall have in the blog.

Of late, there have been new criteria of ranking in Google, and including a keyword is not a guarantee that you shall have a great SEO ranking. However, having the keyword domain also has its benefits. For instance, it can make your content stand out.

Additionally, potential readers will assume that your blog is more relevant to them and choose to click it. Increased traffic will, in turn, increase your SEO ranking.

Use A Blog Name Generator.

In the current high-tech world, you can get answers to everything you need through technology, and a blog name is of no exemption. If you have a hard time coming up with a blog name that feels most appealing, you can use help from a blog name generator.

As its name suggests, a blog name generator is a website that helps you come up with the perfect name for your blog.

The generator gives you various names and ideas to name your blog and eventually recommends the best among them. It helps you settle on the best name regardless of whether you have decided what you intend to blog about.

Additionally, through the generator, you can determine whether the name you use has another user. Some of the best blog generators that you can use to help you come up with the perfect name for your blog include:

Theme isle

Themeisle is one of the latest blog generators among all the blog generators you will come across. This blog name generator incorporates and improves what other blog generators offer. When generating a name through this generator, you put in a term that describes the type of blog that you are creating a name for.

After a few seconds, you get back the results of ideal names related to your blog. Additionally, you will receive premium alternatives that include existing domains that look good.

When you find the name that fits you best, you can proceed, and you will be directed to Blue host.


Nameboy is one of the oldest and most reliable name generators you will come across. The generator generates ideal blog names using keywords. Using this generator, you will fill in your blog’s primary description to explain what the blog is about.

Next, there is a secondary description, though this part is optional. The primary description part is where you include the keyword of your blog. After you submit, you receive many ideal blog names that you can use.

In case none of the names you get in the results interests you, search again using a different keyword until you find the name you are most comfortable with.

After you settle for the name you intend to use, you click the View Details section to open the Blue host website.


In Panabee, you get a suggested blog name based on your input. You will describe your idea in about two words, after which you will get multiple suggestions for possible blog names. You will then go through these blog names and settle for the name that fits you best.

Additionally, you can check whether the name you pick is being used in another blog. In case the results that you receive are not appealing to you, you change the names you used in your search and use other words related to your niche. You can continue doing this until you find the name that you find best.


Wordoid is a name generator that allows you to use up to 15 letters to come up with a blog name. You type a name that is a keyword in your blog, and this is what the website will use to generate a fitting word.

You will also need to select the language you expect for the blog name and the quality level. It is possible to select more than one blog name and increase the search results.

Additionally, you select where you want the keyword to appear in the name. After you hit search, Wordoid will come up with different names you can use for your blog and how available these names are for registration.

Getting these names from Wordoid is free. Nevertheless, if you intend to pin the words from your search to visit them later, you sign in either through Google or Facebook.


Domain Wheel is another easy and straightforward to use name generator that gives you possible blog names. Additionally, this website shows you the available domain options that you don’t start regretting not registering earlier.

Like other name generators, this generator works by considering the keyword you input.

This keyword is a keyword related to the theme of your blog. After you hit search, the wheel starts spinning, and you get results within a short time. The products you get from your search will either be .net, .com or .org.

Additionally, the ideal blog names you get will either names that sound like the keyword, random suggestion names, and names that rhyme with the keyword.

The results that may be marked in green have a price attached to them. When you click on these words, you are directed to a domain vendor to purchase the domain.

Zyro Business Name Generator

Zyro helps you create beautiful blogs using a drag and drop system. Additionally, a name generator will help you input the blog name using keywords in your niche. You can enter several keywords separating each one of them using commas.

After clicking the generate name button, you get many blog names for your blog. You copy the name and buy a domain name so that nobody else decides to use the same name.

As seen above, there are several ways through which you can use and end up with the best name for your blog. For this reason, do not rush to use a blog name that will end up causing more harm than good in your blog.

Using the above methods, narrow down to about five names .you can use for your blog.

You can then weigh these and see which one fits you best. After you finally settle for the name you feel is best suited for your blog, ask several people about it and hear their views. This will give you an idea of how your target audience will react when they come across the name.

What is the Cool blog name for your blog?

You will learn some of the ideal names you can use for your blog in the list below. These names have been created using the criteria of creating blog names mentioned above. They include:

Names to Use When Naming Your Finance Blog

  • Earn rich slowly
  • Couple cash
  • Divide and news
  • Affordany
  • Money mustache
  • I will teach you to be rich
  • Budgets Are Exciting
  • Free cash finance
  • Funds girl
  • Well-kept wallets
  • Where does all my money move
  • Commonsense with cash
  • Financial mgt
  • Finance highway
  • Oblivious investor
  • Debt-free venture.
  • Clear financial advisor
  • Saving guidance.
  • Girls just wanna have funds
  • Cash saving mom
  • Life cash
  • My cash blog
  • Finance mentor
  • Wealth fare
  • Everything finances
  • Loan round-up
  • Penny-pinching moms
  • Nerd wallets
  • Richest pilgrims
  • The rich accountant
  • Clever money bread
  • Funds excel
  • Making feel of cents
  • Budget bear
  • Finance buff
  • Paisa market
  • Good financial
  • Huge investor
  • Business finance post
  • Finance savvy solutions
  • Fiscal triumph
  • Novice funding
  • Small saving large success
  • Investing inspirations
  • Funding our family living
  • The financial wiz
  • Afford the dream life
  • Family savings hubs
  • Save cash every day
  • Eliminate debt online
  • Learning to earn extra
  • Trainee finance
  • Banking pounds
  • Rescuing cash
  • Systems for investing
  • Saving pounds and dollars
  • Principles of auto finance
  • Holistic finances guide
  • Afford that dream
  • Cash tips and tricks
  • Finance acumen solutions
  • Getting out of debt now
  • Retirement finance services
  • Simple systems for cash
  • Funding a good life
  • Capital for success
  • Cash visions
  • Better credit lab
  • Work-life symmetry

The blog names above are some of those that you should think about if you want to start financially oriented. Additionally, you should consider the .com extension when thinking about the domain extension.  

This is because the .com extension will favor you regarding want ranking and reputation. In case you use to pick a name and find that the (.com extension) is unavailable, the high chances are that another blogger is already using the name.

In this case, you can use an extension like .org or .net. Moreover, you can use local extensions if international audiences are not part of your primary audience.

Ideas for Lifestyle Blogs

If you are thinking of talking about your blog’s lifestyle, you need to think of a blog name that proves to your readers you can provide what they need in your blog. Some of the ideas that you may have for your lifestyle blog are such as

  • The unplanned place
  • Happy simple joy
  • My soul heartbeat
  • Daily crazy life
  • The tough and tumble
  • All our mess
  • Real unpredictable living
  • Life with a passion project
  • Unpredictable soul
  • Modern creative living
  • Living loving earning
  • New second beginnings
  • Urban family living
  • Soul of honey
  • Team family adventures
  • Say yes without limits
  • New retro green living
  • Inspiration lives in you
  • Voyage unplanned
  • Our world begins
  • Shine with the sun
  • One moment daily
  • The yesteryear home
  • Always live louder
  • Lavish leisure
  • Style co
  • Nighttime lifestyle
  • Glamorous
  • Expensive fashion collective
  • Communal livelihood
  • Love life without limits
  • Luxurious leisure
  • Co-wife lifestyle
  • Good life lived
  • Spontaneous family life
  • Daily dose
  • Blog princess
  • The comfortable
  • Lives trading Co
  • Healthful lives Co
  • Wit and joy
  • Interestinglymy
  • Right fix ideas
  • Learning to be
  • Craftyones
  • Successful offspring
  • Start my morning
  • Stories of a kitchen
  • Travel-friendly beauty
  • Cult body beauty
  • Adopting smarter
  • Dotted dreams
  • Sincere tenderness
  • Thinking teenager
  • Cozy little café
  • Urban family adventures
  • Happily ever after

How Do You Come Up with The Name for A Lifestyle Blog?

The main parameter to guide you when coming up with a lifestyle blog is to pay attention to what you want to emphasize in your blog.

In your lifestyle blog, you may decide to emphasize one area, such as fashion, careers, or family, among others.

Settle on the part that you intend to emphasize in your blog and get a name that communicates that. For instance, if you intend to talk more about teenagers in your blog, it is wise to give your blog a name, such as Thinking Teenager.

Additionally, be a little humoristic in your blog. Since this blog is about life, try to make it as fun and engaging as possible by coming up with a humorous blog.

Ideal Blog Names for A Beauty Blog

The blog name you use for your beauty blog should be a name that appeals to beauty lovers that this is where they get beautiful. Below are some of these beauty blog ideas that will attract people to your blog

  • Getting glamour
  • Beauty hub
  • Sensational uplift
  • Secret makeover
  • Cosmetic lovers
  • Beauty styling
  • Amazingly made up
  • Eye-catching stuff
  • Out of box beauty
  • Mascara handling
  • Out of box beauty establishing beauty
  • Curly styling
  • Sparking wallet
  • Beauty cat
  • Infinity beauty
  • One-step beauty
  • Glam me up
  • Gorgeous you
  • Self-love
  • Pretty little beauties
  • Organic beauty
  • Exotic sensibility
  • Beautiful musings
  • Pamper yourself
  • Beauty secrets from
  • A touch of glamour
  • Beauty pen
  • Next level glamour
  • Content face
  • Dr. beauty
  • Beauty seed
  • Beautopia
  • Beauty yes
  • Face gift
  • Beauty town
  • Bee Teeful
  • More girly
  • 9 face
  • Cute curry
  • Face obsession
  • Love your face
  • Makeup journey
  • Glitter ming
  • Energy glitter
  • Beauty town
  • Positive you
  • OneMinite glitter
  • The glam life
  • Makeupholic world
  • Cosmetic talk
  • Beauty mirror
  • Cosmetic thoughts
  • Unboxing beauty
  • Beauty that walks
  • Enjoy the face
  • Pretty fix
  • Fancy face
  • Beauty addiction
  • Too much gloss
  • Cosmetic lounge
  • Glam one

If in your blog you expect to talk about beauty, some of the names that you can use are:

  • Glow secrets
  • Beautiful inside out
  • Pretty depiction
  • Glowing goals
  • Beauty conscious
  • Healthy beauty tips
  • Smart makeup
  • Cutie wonders
  • Alluring wardrobe
  • Aesthetic cuts
  • Girly stuff
  • Everyday shine
  • Max makeup

For skincare blogs, you can use names such as

  • Eyes queen
  • Sensation glow
  • Modest attraction
  • Everyday makeup
  • Core beauty
  • Eternal sparking
  • Beauty spot
  • Magma bright tone
  • Grooming beyond ordinary
  • Beauty spot
  • Solid foundation
  • Ageless beauty
  • Diverse skin tone
  • Slashing queen
  • Eyeliner queen

As seen above, there are many names that you can use for your beauty blog, and come up with a name that will make your customers flow in your blog.

When choosing the best name, ensure that you go for the one that is simple and attractive. It is also advisable to add a keyword to help your search engine optimization ranking.

Ideal Blog Names for a Parenting Blog

If you are looking forward to starting a parenting blog, you aim to prove to parents, especially moms, that you have got what they need on the parenting blog.

The blog’s name will lure them into wanting to know more about you.

This blog is short, simple to understand, and versatile. Some of these catchy names that will earn you many visitors in your blog are such as:

  • Naturally a mother
  • The joy of motherhood
  • Crazy kids and me rocking mama
  • Homemade simple
  • Wealthy single mommy
  • Mamavation
  • A new mom in a new era
  • Pint-sized treasures
  • Kids rule my life
  • Motherhood 101
  • Bowl of wisdom
  • Diapers and dishwashers
  • Motherhood by (include your name)
  • Forever messy mom
  • Mommas moving mountains
  • Fab working mom life
  • Mama hippie
  • Busy mama’s DIY
  • Forever I’ll love you
  • Take care of this and that
  • Practiced parent
  • Carful kids
  • Mommy with a plan
  • House of Hepworth
  • Modern mom
  • Musical mother
  • Leggings and Legos
  • Confessions of a single mom
  • Mama loves her shoes
  • Run mother run
  • Raising while working
  • Eat well, explore often
  • Nerdy mama
  • Project and parenting
  • Nurture her nature
  • Busy blogging mom
  • Moms needs routines
  • Sweet mama escapes
  • The gang on the road
  • Unique crafts for kids
  • Sunshine mama
  • Life with my littles
  • Utah’s adventure family
  • Penny pinchin’ mom
  • Kidventurous
  • Mama bear communications
  • Mothership
  • Mother lovers
  • Mom gas
  • Kids are a trip
  • Passports and preemies
  • Mommy nearest

Ideal Blog Names for a Pet Blog

When you have a pet blog, you have a valuable platform to talk about your furry friends. Your joy will be complete when other people with a common interest in furry friends read and share the information you have on your pet blog.

To lure these people into the blog, you need to be eye-candy enough to stop them in their tracks, and they can’t resist opening your pet blog. Some of these catchy names that you can use on your blog and attract many people are such as:

  • Blessed mutt
  • Dog dream toys
  • Teeny dog blog
  • The running dogs
  • Casual puppies
  • Dog trainer systems
  • Rural mutt
  • Favored hound
  • Happy puppies galore
  • Pooch education
  • Lucky dog world
  • County dog photography
  • Fate pets guide
  • Great dogs for babies
  • Hound misadventures
  • Hound gossip good dogs for kids
  • Best dogs guide
  • Dog food survey
  • Raising puppies
  • Fated pets guide
  • Hound guru
  • My true companion
  • Dog training space
  • Dog blog network
  • Rental with dogs
  • Girl’s best pal
  • Man’s unlimited buddy
  • Dog food survey
  • Mutt solutions
  • Dog tail news
  • Doggie traveler
  • Dog misadventures USA
  • Pups for seniors
  • Best dogs of the world
  • Top dog land
  • Lucky dog world
  • Raising puppies
  • My favored pets
  • Happy dog zone
  • Walk that pooch
  • Fated pets guide
  • Champion of my heart
  • Dogtopia
  • Adoptapet
  • My life with pets
  • Its dog or nothing
  • For the love of pets
  • Dog milk
  • Endless Mountain Labradors
  • It’s dog or nothing
  • Life with pets
  • Dog mom days
  • Dog tipper
  • Dog food insider

Like with other cool blog names, after selecting the name you intend to use, you check to see whether somebody else has already picked it.

You can also have a list of about five ideal names that you can use for your blog and choose between one of them. It is almost impossible to find that all the names you find appealing have already been used.

Ideal Blog Names for A Food Blog

Starting a food blog is easy since there is plenty of information to talk to your audience about in the blog. However, naming a food blog is not a walk in the park.

Remember that this is a field with many competitors. For this reason, you are looking for a name that will convince your audience to want to know more about you and help you stand out among the noisy crowd.

Read below for ideas of some cool blog names that will make you feel proud of your food blog.

  • Veggies living in the fridge
  • Footprints in flour
  • Spoons of spices
  • Dining with you
  • Fairytale flavors
  • The runaway pea
  • House of tasty
  • Chop chop soup
  • Kitchen cheers
  • Hometown flavors
  • Sizzle sizzle yum
  • Kitchen jungle
  • Foodie therapy
  • DIY kitchen dairies
  • Spoons of flavor
  • Cook and dance
  • Kitchen footsteps
  • My kitchen snaps
  • Recipes of yesterday
  • Home family feast
  • Golden baking sheets
  • Spoons of flavor
  • Kitchen portrait
  • Secret kitchen diaries
  • Home family feast
  • Dancing with wine
  • Yummy paradise
  • Dancing dessert delights
  • Cheese and wine delight
  • Creamy chocolate cravings
  • The chefs’ salad
  • Vogue veggie
  • Who wants veggies?
  • House of veggies
  • Kitchen portrait
  • Spice toast
  • Get your soup
  • Morning market visits
  • Fresh farm flavors
  • Summer of flavors
  • Going green and vegan
  • That smells delicious
  • Escaped flavors
  • The lost chef
  • Feasting on frosting
  • My baker’s bunch
  • Tempting treats recipes
  • Eat your fruits and veg
  • Ear raw 101
  • Fresh clean foods
  • Veggie varietal
  • Meal plans by (include your name)

When coming up with the proper food blog name, choose a blog name representingthe central theme of your cooking blog.

For instance, if you want to talk about managing the kitchen, ensure that this is included in the blog name.

On the other hand, if your blog mainly talks about the desert, go for a desert blog name. Otherwise, your readers may get confused when they open the blog hoping to get some information based on the blog name and end up with something different.

Cool Blog Names for A Traveling Blog

Are you a travel enthusiast who would want to help other people know more about traveling through a traveling blog? If yes, you have a lot to get done before you officially launch your travel blog.

Reading the list below will simplify one of the most challenging steps, generating the perfect name for a travel blog.

  • Y travel blog
  • Wandering Earl
  • Pause the moment
  • Travel mamas
  • Never-ending footsteps
  • Fearful adventure
  • Out of Africa
  • The professional hobo
  • Mom’s minivan
  • The everywhereist
  • Globetrotter girls
  • Fluent in 3 months
  • One step 4ward
  • Our Oyster
  • Solo traveler
  • The mother of all trips
  • EscapeArtistes
  • The Planet D
  • The travel tart
  • Finding the universe
  • Changes in longitude
  • Adventures with Ben
  • Traveling canucks
  • Twenty-something travel
  • What a trip
  • Adventures by daddy
  • The road forks
  • Europe up close
  • Landlopers
  • Offbeat travel
  • Monkeys & Mountains
  • The expedition
  • Everything everywhere
  • InAcents
  • Traveling mamas
  • Notes from Spain
  • Over yonderlust
  • Alex in wonderland
  • Nomadic Chick
  • Hecktic travels
  • Mommy Poppins
  • Flip nomad
  • As we travel
  • Runaway Jane
  • My itchy travel feet
  • Ordinary traveler
  • The Brooklyn nomad
  • 501 places
  • Travelogged
  • Theme park mom
  • What a trip
  • Offbeat travel
  • Solo traveler
  • virtual wayfarer

In case you do not get the perfect blog name for your traveling blog among the names above, they will guide you towards coming up with the best name for your blog.


Giving your blog’s best name is paramount for having a successful blog. Unfortunately, getting this perfect name is easier said than done.

Hopefully, this article’s information will inspire you to settle on cool blog names no matter your blogging niche.  

Cool Blog Names For Your Blog in 2021
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