Corona Virus Sparks Work from Home Revolution

Corona Virus Sparks Work from Home Revolution
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With the continuing rise of COVID-19 cases and with no immediate end in sight for the pandemic, anyone capable of working from home is doing so.

I’m one of the million Americans who moved to work remotely since at the outset of the pandemic in 2020. There’s a dramatic change in my work landscape.

Industry giants such as Apple and Microsoft are gearing toward the trend of telecommuting. This transition is easier for tech, finance and consulting sectors as their work requires only a computer or a telephone.

Companies have recognized the potential savings gained from use of electricity and renting large office spaces. Even when the quarantine being lifted, people will most likely still continue to work from home as safety concerns will still be an issue.

The work from revolution could potentially be the end to the usual 9-5, five-day work week. We are potentially looking at the biggest change to the landscape of workforce since the need for female labor during World War II.

Downsides of Working From Home

Downsides of Working From Home

Despite advantages such as gaining more time due to not having to commute. Isolation and a lack of work-life balance could create problems for home based workers.

Work from home has also meant workload, companies expect workers to fast track their work now that frequent coffee breaks and distractions from coworkers are removed from the equation.

The absence of established work structures like the office space and cubicle has been also cause for some to adjust poorly to working from home. The semblance of work and personal transition becomes lost when working at home.

Office spaces allow for collaboration, coordination and building relationships. Though admittedly, work from home simply won’t do for some service sectors such as airlines and construction.

How to Make It Work For You If You’re Working From Home

How to Make It Work For You If You’re Working From Home

COVID-19 has been an indicator that moving away from the traditional work structure is viable. We might be witnessing the rapid virtualization of the workforce in the coming years.

Larger companies which have their funds ready will be the ones most likely to instigate this change. Although, methods should be implemented to combat worker’s diminishing productivity.

There should be constant communication between teams to avoid feelings of isolation and anxiety and upsetting work-life balance.

Having a different space that you only use for work also helps in having separation of work and life. Everyone must acknowledge that humans are social creatures, we still have the need to see each other and create bonds and connections.

No one is suggesting a move towards an entirely remote workforce.


Corona Virus Sparks Work from Home Revolution Future

While no one is suggesting to a total shift towards a remote workforce. The state should be looking on adjusting strategies for economic growth.

This can reflect in infrastructure spending as more people will be willing to move away from the city. This will mean less congestion and less focus on developing urban roads.

Studies will be conducted in order to be better prepared for the next global crisis.

While work from home may not be the new normal for everyone, more people should be willing to accept the fact that the work landscape they had before, may not exist anymore.

Sure I missed the cubicle at the traditional office where you can chat, brainstorm ideas, and build work relationships with co-workers in person.

Now, it’s gone and not sure when it’s coming back again!

Corona Virus Sparks Work from Home Revolution
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