Fundamentals to Hiring Real Estate ISA in Philippines

Fundamentals to Hiring Real Estate ISA in Philippines
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Well oh well, you must be looking into hiring some Filipino real estate ISA (inside sales agent) virtual assistants to turn around your business. Perhaps you’re interested in talking to ISA agency for ISA service. Let me walk you through the fundamentals of recruiting these talents so that you can make the most of your decision. Learn how you can readily do so with these thoughts.

First thing first, you will have to factor three basic things in welcoming outsourced personnel in your organization. Keep in mind the consideration for time, money and effort as you go along this course. Surely, you would want to maximize the opportunities that come along with this ride.

Getting it right the first time

Fundamentals to Hiring Real Estate ISA in Philippines

In business, you rarely have second chances and your crew should be very much well aware of that. It would not help to hire some online telemarketers to support your real estate prospecting, ISA leads for ISA marketing but cannot resolve the concerns of clients within the first call. That means you can expect redundant work with clients calling more than once for a single problem.

Although you can go straight to the source, you can also try some tricks around. You can analyze the database of call records all day to see for yourself. Or, you can pose as a random customer to assess how well your team is doing in problem solving. If you do not have the time for this, you might want to hire some online specialists to do the data analysis and mystery shopping.

Once you got your answers, you can always schedule a teleconference to get the message across. You will have to tell them about the results either for preventive or corrective action. And you have to be prepared for the situation by formulating measures to be taken afterwards. Coming in full circle is important to get things right.

The good thing about monitoring performance is that you can readily abate problems. Do not be surprised if your employees tell you that they have no idea about repeat calls. They might have just been in a rush to get over the phone call and move on to the next. Without knowing it, they are becoming counterproductive.

Reducing cost to boost income

Fundamentals to Hiring Real Estate ISA in Philippines Cost

Sales less expenses is virtually your income. Focusing on sales alone might not work if you have overlooked the ballooning expenses. You might have been too preoccupied with your project that you forgot about the cost implication. While there is nothing wrong about being passionate with a project, you just cannot go rogue with the budget.

When you get your team of real estate ISA from the Philippines, you will have to negotiate on a reasonable salary package. You can always use the prevailing market rate of outsourced services as reference. In order to attract competitive talents, you might need to rev up your offer by introducing annual increase or even commissions. You are not likely to lose as long as you are getting the required output commensurate with the additional pay.

It is a well known trend that companies take their operations into the outsourcing sector to cut costs. And you better not depart from that objective by spending overboard on talent recruitment. You have to stay on top of your financial performance if you intend to keep the savings for the long haul.

Be that as it may, you have to understand that outsourced sales agents are not only getting paid for the services. They also need to be compensated for the use of their own devices not to mention utilities at their home office. A reasonable amount would be enough to keep your agents happy so that your clients would follow suit.

Optimizing efforts that would pay off

Fundamentals to Hiring Real Estate ISA in Philippines Pay

Perhaps by now you know that business is all about focus. You need not be bothered by petty matters so that you can fully devote yourself in finding ways to run the business more efficiently. It might have been difficult for you to personally handle  employee grievances when you can have someone on board to take care of that area.

Of course, you can also hire a virtual labor relations specialist. You can outsource general and administrative services so that you can safely retreat to your core duties without worrying about the welfare of the organization. All you have to do is convince the right people for the job.

The same thing goes for real estate ISA professionals that have been trained to independently carry out their functions. You do not have to put them under close supervision since they are very much familiar with the tasks. What is only required of you is to set your expectations as to the desired quota. Feel free to greet them when they turn in their reports with excellent performance.

Even though you need not employ close supervision, you will need to keep yourself updated with their progress. There are computer applications which you can use to view tabulated performance assessment. If you are hesitant to make use of a third-party app, you can always hire a technical specialist to come up with those tricks.

Some other takeaways

Fundamentals to Hiring Real Estate ISA in Philippines Professional

Despite these fundamentals, you will have to remind yourself that you are also building a professional network along the process. You are dealing with these people with whom you intend to do business for a long period of time. Outsourced personnel are ultimately human resource investment.

It would not also hurt if you exert some efforts to get to know your telemarketers one by one. You do not have to spend several coffee breaks with them on your virtual space. A short but meaningful conversation will do to build rapport with your people. This way, you will not be a stranger in your own backyard.

Finally, you have to earn their trust by keeping your word at all times. This is important to secure their loyalty, too. It would spell out the difference in your workers turnover rate. Remember that your virtual assistants are hired for keeps so that you need not exhaust your time in recruitment month after month.

Fundamentals to Hiring Real Estate ISA in Philippines
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