Hire a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines: Agency vs. Job Boards

Hire a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines Agency vs. Job Boards
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I’ve been using job boards such as Indeed, and Monster when I’m in the market for a new job.

For those professionals and workers living in the Philippines, Onlinejobs.ph offer opportunities to find online jobs suitable for your skills.

Employers might have used any of the above job boards. The challenge is that the database of candidates is so vast that filtering through that is like finding a needle in a haystack.

 This can be overwhelming as you need to consider many things such as background, expectations and personality.

You need to analyze if they will fit with the company’s culture and work ethics. Today more startups are using recruitment agencies to simplify outsourcing.

Faster Hiring a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines

When using a job board, you would get a horde of people for a single job especially if it is entry level. You will have to work through all their CVs. It’s quite challenging that many of these applicants won’t up to par to the standards you are looking for.

If you’re in the market to hiring a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines, you may want to check Onlinejobs.ph which hosts the largest database of virtual assistants in the Philippines.


They have many qualified and experienced virtual assistants.

Yet, you have to check all of them as you might miss a promising candidate. As a small business, you do not want to waste all your time in recruitment. A recruitment agency specializes in this process.

They have more experience in hiring and can easily filter through a bevy of resumes. They will provide you with candidates that match the skills and experience you need.

Freeup.net is one the marketplaces where they connect their screened and pre-vet their virtual assistants to agencies of large ecommerce site e.g. Amazon.


Hiring the Right Person

A job boards simply links companies and job seekers. There is minimal interaction and the whole process relies solely on the company’s HR.

At recruitment agencies you will be in constant communication with the recruitment specialist. They want to give you the best candidates since a negative result reflects on their brand.

An HR manager or small business owner may have blind spots. They may not necessarily understand the technicalities in determining the qualifications of a specialized position. A job board shows only a portion of the information but it is up to you to piece it together.

You need to know if they have skills which could add value to your company. Not hiring the right person can lead to more spending in the long run as they aren’t likely to stay under you and you have to begin the hiring process all over again.

A recruitment specialist reads between the lines of a CV. They can identify if the client is really what they say they are. An experienced recruiter can find the candidate with the quality and the ability to execute.

Top Talents

If you want top talents, you need to look at the right avenues. Most job boards aren’t well managed and leave job posts up even if the position is closed which is frustrating for a job seeker. Also, in some job posting sites there is a lot of spam and scam artists.

This could drive the talented candidates away from these sites. A good recruiter has a strong network and does not rely solely on software and online listings to find exceptional candidates.

Be Ahead of the Competition

Some job listing sites just copy from other job boards. If you are a small company your job post might get lost in the sea of job opportunities. Some job posting sites offer to put your listing on top but that still wouldn’t guarantee it will interest talented candidates.

Think of a recruitment agency as your guide in your quest to search for the best talent in the market. With agencies, you get an immediate shortlist of qualified people not relying it to chance unlike a job board.


A job board is simply an avenue for job seekers to apply. Many will be underqualified, not understand the role the job entails but still apply anyway due to compensation.

If they are lucky a company will find a candidate that they wish to move forward with and interview.

Job boards are useful for organizations struggling with gaining sufficient number of applicants. Job boards allow them to extend the scope of their reach thus being available to more applicants.

A recruitment agency is proactive. They have all been on the lookout for the most ideal candidates.

They have a vetting process which ensures that the candidate can meet the requirements of the job. An agency aids in handling of the hiring process and creates a seamless transition between the top candidates and your company.

They have the necessary industry knowledge, network and resources to find the best candidate for you. They already have a database of suitable candidates ready to make immediate impact in your company.

This also solves the problem of lacking the logistics to have a full HR team which is common in startups and small businesses.

Hire a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines: Agency vs. Job Boards
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