How Much Does The Average Blogger Make? A Lot, Really (2021)

How Much Does The Average Blogger Make A Lot, Really (2021)
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What comes to mind when you heard about blogging? I suppose you think it’s about writing for fun. Right? Well, if you think about it, it’s true. However, blogging has more to it than meets the eye.

Blogging has been around for years now. However, those on the outside have not understood it quite well.

Some people think that blogging is just a hobby, i.e., swimming or watching football on the TV. Many people, including myself back then, have not understood that blogging can be a source of income.

The blogging world has been one of mystery, with its benefits hidden from the rest of the world. I mean, only bloggers know what the job offers. Yeah, you got that right. Blogging is now a job just at sitting in an office, expecting a paycheck is. And you cannot imagine how beautiful and productive it is. You only have to read this article to the end for you to discover how.

In this article, I will answer the question people ask today; How much does the average blogger make? But hold on, there’s more. Since there are already articles on the internet talking about this subject, I will spice it up a little bit for you. I will not only tell you. I mean, what’s the point of me telling you what others are pocketing from blogging if I can’t show you how you can make a living out of blogging?

Stick around if you want to learn all of these. Ready? Grab some cup of tea. This subject is going to be a long but exciting journey. You don’t want to go on such an adventure with an empty stomach. Ready when you are.

The Blogging Revolution

To my knowledge, we never considered blogging a profession some years back. Even the word “blog” was very uncommon. However, in the early 2000s, some changes began to take place. We started to see big blogging websites like WordPress and TypePad beginning to take root.

Thanks to the efforts of the brilliant minds of the pioneers, people took the challenge. Every blogger today owes his career to those beautiful people. This article is not a tale, so I want to roll back that ancient history scroll and jump right to the present.

Today blogs are more than 600 million in counting in a sea of about 1.7 billion websites. That’s massive growth indeed. And if you think about it, the future of blogging is quite bright. Don’t you think?

The Blogging Onslaught

Despite how bright the blogging future seems, things are not altogether great, thanks to the blogging onslaught. It is like some people are bent on destroying blogging. I am not talking about conspiracy theories, where elite men and women sit to plan on destroying freedom of speech or expression. We’ve heard about enough of that already.

What I am talking about is friendly fire. We all know that blogging is a source of income for many. Now everybody is flooding the industry. Now that’s a good thing. However, because of that, everybody all of a sudden is a blogger today.

The encouraging but not so promising move has brought about certain evils. These evils include the production of poor-quality content and the creation of fake news worldwide. Today it isn’t easy believing what you read in various blogs. You have to wait for a second source to take anything. That should have never been so.

The Good News However

Despite the bad news, I am proud to announce that there is a lot of good news in the blogging industry. And the good news is that people are making it in blogging even more than ever. We can attribute all this good to bloggers who have come out training newbies. We can also attribute the success to those bloggers who are coming up with tools that make blogging easy. I salute you all!

Thanks to these two groups, we have people earning a lot of greens out of the deal. Should I take you through the numbers? I sure will. Let’s get to that now. Sit tight.

How Much Do Bloggers Make?

I just told you about the number of blogs in the world as of 2021 in a previous segment. We found out that they are about 600 million. That figure is the approximate number of bloggers, in my opinion. There may be less since there’s no harm in writing on different blogs. But how much does a blogger make?

There is no specific amount that bloggers make. That is because, as we shall see, every blogger decides what money they make. Again, you got that statement right. You choose to pocket nothing or millions. Anyway, more on that later.

As a blogger, you make;

  • Nothing per month
  • $1000
  • $10,000
  • $100,000
  • $1,000,000

You probably think that all these are just words typed on the web to lure people into blogging. If you look at the figures, they are way above what the average working American earns. An average employee makes about $5,000. So writing is not doing badly.

Let me give you some pieces of evidence that backs my claims. Here is a list of bloggers who are doing quite well.

Perhaps the most mind-boggling fact about these digits is that these are just monthly earnings. So if you calculate what they get annually, that’s a lot of money. You know well that even company CEOs do not fetch that much.

We have left out other individuals who are making it big in the blogging industry, for your sake. These figures are available on the internet. Some bloggers do not share their earnings, though, for reasons known to them. So it’s clear that many people live a luxurious life out of blogging.

Now the numbers we stated were of people who have already made it. But how about the average blogger? That is what we are looking at next. Follow on.

How Much Does The Average Blogger Make?

At this point, I think that it is better to define the word “average blogger.” Don’t you? Now that is not complicated. The word average means normal. Another term is typical. So, in this case, we should talk about the amount that the regular blogger makes.

Look at the previous segment, where we talked about the different earning categories. You will notice that we began with those earning nothing, to those who make millions. So that means that the average blogger should make $32,000 annually. So that triggers the question. How do bloggers make the green? Let’s talk about it in the next segment.

How Bloggers Earn Make Money

You are probably wondering how bloggers turn their posts to money. Right? Well, this is where you are going to get your answer. So, where do bloggers get their earnings? Or should we ask, how do they earn? Whichever way you may frame your question. The answer is still the same.

The bloggers whom we have looked at in the previous segment make their money from;

Selling Digital Products

This method refers to products the individuals sell on their blogs. These can be video, texts, or PDfs. They are always educative. And that is why people spend on them.

Three products sell pretty well. These are educational videos or digital courses, where people share their knowledge on their field of expertise. There are also Ebooks and PDFs, which are also selling quite much. Here you can write any motivational story or share some recipes. Do not mind the length of your ebook. Instead, pay attention to the content. If the reader loves what you have written, they’ll spend on it.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves promoting a product from a different company to your traffic. Whenever any of their visitors buy the product, the blog owners get the agreed commission. That is why it is crucial to have good traffic.


With advertisements, the blog owner contracts with companies interested in using their blog for advertising purposes.

Now, if you look at it at first glance, you may be tempted to think that it happens automatically. However, that is not the case. For you to arrive at a point where you earn from the three sources we have stated, you need;

  • A great traffic
  • A large email list

It’s natural to be confused at the moment. However, do not worry. I am here to help you understand. So let us take the requirements one at a time.

Great Traffic

Massive traffic means a good following. In other words, how many people view your posts? with the right traffic, a new beginner should make about $25,000 in the first year of their blogging. As the years go by and the traffic increases significantly, so does the revenue.

Big audiences do not guarantee you success. It may be a vehicle but not the fuel. What does that statement mean? Well, if you come to think of it, you may have very many people as your audience, however not all listen to you. That is the same principle that works with blogging. I can tell you with certainty that even the most successful bloggers do not have massive traffic. Instead, the few that they have, they maximize on them. Now that is the secret.

A Large Email List

An email list is quite essential for a blogger. That is because those in your whole following, those in your email list, are the only people you can count on. Let me break it down a little better.

When a blogger sells a digital product on their blog, those in the email list can come back to check the product out. They are the blogger’s family. They are also helpful when a blogger is doing affiliate marketing. The family will always want to check out what their trusted blogger recommends to them.

Did you know that the successful bloggers we looked at in a previous segment make about $1 to $5 out of each subscriber monthly? If you had only 5,000 email subscribers, that would mean that you would earn more than the average paid American. Isn’t that something?

Constant Contact is one of the best email marketing platforms available. They give you a free trial lasting for 60 days. When are you ready to use these services? As soon as you have your blog. Thank me later.

Why Your Friend Quit Their Job For Blogging

I believe that is an acquaintance behind every successful blogger today. It could be a friend or a family member, or some other person. I remember an experience I had some time back when I went for a job interview. The guy who showed me around the company asked me to write down the individual’s name who told me about the opportunity. It was pretty apparent that luck did not wake me up that morning and lead me to the company.

The guy was correct. And I believe that you also found out about blogging through somebody else. When any hardworking individual tastes the advantage there is in blogging, they always quit their jobs. These are the reasons that led the individual to quit their job (if they did). They include;

  • More self-employment. Successful people today teach that spending your time in the office only to get your paycheck at the end of the month is slavery. While I may not agree with everything, most of them say that point is classic. Even though nobody will say it loud, you will see it on their face. However, with blogging, you are your manager. You choose when to work and when to rest. You even decide how much you earn. If that isn’t cute, I don’t know what is.
  • You can work from anywhere. Many people today consider working remotely as compared to the office. And that is because they want to balance their work-life with their social lives. And that is what spices up blogging. Because with it, you can work from anywhere. People who work smart can even blog while traveling all over the world. You get to enjoy your life as you work. No pressure, no measure.
  • You become a real know-it-all. One of the reasons why people love blogging is because you get to learn a lot of stuff. You can speak to anyone regarding any subject. That is because continuous research and writing on various issues are rewarding. I believe that the most learned people in the world are bloggers.

With all these advantages that you’ve just read, don’t you see just how blogging is fantastic? No wonder people are leaving their professions. They are living the American dream. However, the fun is only known to those who do it.

That is why I often laugh when I hear someone imply that blogging is a waste of time. If you have been blogging for some time now, you might be familiar with such connotations.

You Can Also Be A Successful Blogger

I know that if you look at yourself now, you may think it impossible for you to reach where others have. Well, that is unfair to you. Secondly, it’s not true. That is because everybody has their own story. These stories’ beauty is that they have a similar pattern; there is hardship before the triumph.

All you need to do is make a decision. You should make up your mind and become one with the millions of bloggers who make a difference through their works. Blogging has no special calling. If you can read and write, you are qualified to be a blogger.

All that you require is determination and hard work. You have to give it all your effort. You have to produce relevant content, thus engaging your visitors and making them your family.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Blogging is all about expressing your idea through writing. People have left their jobs for blogging just because of its simplicity. When used the right way, blogging can be a source of wealth for the blogger. On the other hand, if you are not careful about it, then you will be disappointed. Be creative. Explore every option so that you can also make it as others have.

How Much Does The Average Blogger Make? A Lot, Really (2021)
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