Legitimate Work from Home Jobs Hiring Now with No Startup Fee

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Securing a 9-5 job is good but getting one where you can work at the comfort of your house is even better. When you have a work-from-home job, you can earn a living and still take care of your house and family.

These jobs also have a flexible schedule and other advantages, such as not dressing up and traveling to work, among other benefits. They are the best choice if you are raising kids or have a health issue that restricts you from being on the road from time to time.

Although these work-from-home jobs are plentiful, securing one legitimate work from home jobs hiring now is easier said than done. However, with proper research, it is possible to land a job that you can rely on to earn a living.

Additionally, these jobs require no startup fee, meaning that you can start earning as soon as now. Dive into the rest of this article to see some of these work-from-home jobs with no startup fee that you can consider.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Over the past years, virtual assistants have increased in popularity. This is among the most popular legitimate work from home jobs hiring now.

This means that highly enterprising and organized individuals can make a decent income with this home. Companies and entrepreneurs continually look for virtual assistants to help them through their daily tasks.

To start work as a virtual assistant, you need a computer with a good internet connection. You need to evaluate what you can do for clients and your interests.

First, identify your skills and those that you can also learn easily.

Some of the skills include bookkeeping, email management, posting blogs, event planning, etc.

Although you do not need training, you can enroll in some courses to sharpen your skills.

Some of The Qualities That Potential Clients Will Be Looking for in A Visual Assistant Are:

  1. Good communication skills– you need to update your client in good time whenever there is a new task.
  2. Good time manager– you should complete all your tasks in good time and know-how to prioritize.
  3. One who keeps deadlines– clients lose trust in you if they cannot trust you at keeping deadlines.
  4. Flexible one– an excellent virtual assistant should be ready to adapt to different working conditions without any trouble.

Some of The Task That Your Client May Require You to Handle as A Virtual Assistant Include:



Freelance writing is among the best legitimate work from home jobs hiring now jobs with no startup fees, as you can do it at your convenience.

You just need a laptop, reliable electricity, and a fast internet connection.

It is easy to start freelancing as a beginner with minimal or no experience. You may require some training if you are a total beginner. With freelancing, you can major in areas such as;

  1. Academic writing is where you are paid to complete assignments for clients and students on the internet. The advantage of majoring in academic writing is that there are numerous assignment types such as term papers, essays, research papers, discussions, etc. The payouts for academic writers are slightly high, meaning you can earn a lot of money just from the comfort of your home.
  2. Article writing– the difference between article writing and academic writing is that articles are written for general use rather than educational purposes. It is one of the best home-based jobs that require no startup cash. There are various sites such as Fiverr, up work, This job’s unique characteristic and iWriter to get great gigs.
  3. Creative writing–  You can earn money from this opportunity by writing creative pieces such as songs, fiction, speeches, journals, and scripts. One of the advantages is that you get to reap high-profit margins by putting your creativity to use.
  4. Journalistic writing– here, you get to make money online by telling and reporting stories for newspapers, traditional news outlet websites, and magazines. This job’s unique characteristic is that your content remains relevant because it is fresh reporting.

How Do You Land Your First Freelancing Client?

How Do You Land Your First Freelancing Client?

It is possible to enjoy and earn in any freelancing field you decide to work in. All you need to do is land a reliable client who will help you make your dream come true.

Some of the tips to help you land your first client are:

Focus More on Experience Than the Paycheck

Sure, you are in the field to earn money. However, if earning is your greatest priority, you are headed in the wrong direction. Remember that the more your experience, the more money you make.

Therefore, when looking for your first client, focus more on gaining experience. This means that they do not turn down job offers to help you gain experience because they are not paying and expect them to.

Work on Your Skills

As mentioned earlier, the better your skills, the better your clients and paycheck. For this reason, invest time in learning your challenges and know how you can improve on them.

It is also good to look for mentors who will take you through the journey of being a better freelancer.

Enroll in courses and workshops that teach the skills of a good freelancer. When you have good freelancing skills, looking for a potential client is a walk in the park.

Create a Website

A website is a platform for you to display your work and reach out to potential clients.

You can state the projects you handle, your price, and your contact information. Ensure that your website is professional enough to lure clients.

Remember that this is the first impression they get about you. Therefore, you need to give an impression that will make the clients consider working with you.

Know Where to Search

There are three primary ways through which you can get a freelancing client. One, you can contact a client and ask them to hire you.

On the other hand, the client may come across your website and contact you. Otherwise, you may use a job board to find potential clients. Using a job board is one of the fastest ways to land a client.

Unfortunately, some of the jobs you get on these job boards are scams. Therefore, be extra careful to avoid the frustrations of working with a scammer.

What Are the Scamming Signs to Look Out for?  

  • The deal is too good to be true.
  • Negative reviews and empty profiles.
  • The client is against signing an agreement or contract.
  • The client wants you to communicate outside the freelancing platform.
  • They want you to make a payment first.
  • Not willing to give a down payment.

Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring

Your task is to help students grow intellectually and other personal development areas in online tutoring.

Suppose a kid is falling behind in various school subjects or needs a competitive edge. In that case, most parents will be willing to pay good money for online tutoring.

This legitimate work from home job hiring now allows you to use the knowledge you have in a specific field.

For instance, if you are good at Mathematics, or any other academic field that you know back to front, this is an excellent opportunity for you.

The job comes with a level of flexibility as well as decent pay. Ideally, you make around $8-$12 per hour in online tutoring.

Working for more hours will help you earn a living through this work-at-home job.

To start working as an online tutor, you join the sites that connect tutors and learners. You can easily land a student who needs help in your expertise area on these sites.

What Skills Do You Need to Become an Online Tutor?

  • Fluent speaking.
  • Active listening.
  • Reading comprehension.
  • Good instructor.

Why Is Online Tutoring an Ideal Job?

  • There are no upfront costs.
  • You can supplement your income as a teacher.
  • You work on flexible hours.
  • You help your student achieve goals.
  • You make use of the knowledge that you strived to learn.

Completing Surveys

Completing Surveys

Completing surveys is among the legitimate work from home jobs hiring now with no start-up fees and has no training required. It entails taking an opinion poll, answering questions, or reviewing a product.

You get paid either in cash or with redeemable points for gift cards. Innumerable companies are looking for people to fill surveys, and they pay them.

They rely on your option on different matters or the products they have and use it to improve their business.

To earn through online surveys, you will need to complete several online surveys. This is because the price you get on one online survey may not be reliable.

Additionally, some sites have a limited number of surveys that you can complete in a month.

For this reason, if you rely on only this one site, you may run out of cash if you exhaust your surveys. Therefore, have several companies that you will fill surveys for.

Otherwise, combine taking surveys with another job on the list.

Although these survey jobs are recommendable, they are among the top online jobs with the highest scammers’ cases.

It is possible to complete a survey and never get the pay you deserve. Therefore, ensure that you are working with a legitimate company to guarantee your payment.

Check the company’s reviews to see whether there are any scamming complaints before filling your survey. In case you come across any, take this as a red flag and look for another reliable site.

Data Entry

Data Entry

This job falls under the category of online typing jobs. It involves performing numerous tasks like typing, data processing, entering data.

Additionally, you may also be required to code the data for experts.

All you need to earn as a data entry clerk is to have good earphones and a computer with a good internet connection.

Other additional responsibilities that you will have as a data entry clerk include:

Checking Records for Accuracy

  1. Sorting and organizing paper records after data entry.
  2. Performing regular backups to ensure data preservation.
  3. Collecting data and inputting information into databases.
  4. Updating databases with new or revised information as necessary.
  5. Preparing digital materials or files for printing.
  6. Retrieving records and electronic files from the database.

Unlike most legitimate work from home jobs hiring now, you need to have some skills to perform some data entry tasks.

Luckily, there are courses that you can enroll in online and get the necessary skills. Training can last up to a month, after which it is easier for you to secure a job.



This home-based opportunity requires you to listen to an audio file then convert the information into a written form.

Although it is among the legitimate work from home jobs hiring now, you must be a good listener and a fast typist.

Also, you need to possess high-quality headphones. You need some basic training and frequent practice to earn decently from this work from home while delivering high-quality work.

Below Are Some of the Tips That You Can Get Started in This Work-From-Home Job;

Get the Necessary Training

To be a great transcriptionist, you need to improve your skills. In training, aspects such as grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation will be checked.

Additionally, the training will equip you with knowledge about the different transcription styles.

Different companies want their files transcribed in a particular way. Therefore, you should read their guidelines before you start working for them.

Pick a Focus

There are various types of transcription opportunities available. These include;

  • Medical transcription– this involves transcribing audio files dictated by medical professionals. It may also include transcribing a conversation between a doctor and a patient during a medical examination.
  • General transcription– this should be any transcription of audio files that are neither medical nor legal.
  • Legal transcription– this is the transcription of legal proceedings.

Partner Up with Other Transcriptionists

This is mainly through social media platforms. This way, you will get to interact with like-minded people while learning from their experiences.

Additionally, you can also ask questions wherever you need clarity.

Prepare a Conducive Working from Home Environment.

First, set a good workspace. This should be a quiet place with minimal distractions. Also, ensure you are comfortable enough when working.

Secondly, create a schedule. This will help you remain organized and on top of your projects. Lastly, be disciplined. This calls for you to adhere to the given deadlines.

Additionally, ensure you observe confidentiality when transcribing different files.

Find Clients

There are many places and platforms where you can find clients. These include online platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer.

You can get such a client; this is by means such as offering discounts, incentives, etc.


Proofreading involves reading a document or manuscript thoroughly to cite grammatical errors, punctuation errors, and coherence mistakes.

Thus, as a proofreader, you should edit and perfect a document, thereby making it user-friendly.

The skills you require include good command of English, keenness, and passion for reading.

  1. Computer proficiency– as a proofreader, you will mainly work on digital content. The ongoing use of digital media means that you will mostly get these opportunities from different online platforms. Therefore, you need to be well conversant with using a computer and various tools such as word and Adobe Pro.
  2. Quick reading skills– proofreading jobs come with deadlines that you are supposed to meet. Therefore, you need to be a fast reader and prompt in correcting without sacrificing the quality of the task at hand.
  3. Detail-oriented– A proofreader needs to be attentive in details. Whether on-screen or on paper, a proofreader needs to have the skill to identify even the smallest of errors quickly.
  4. Writing and editing– for you to be a good proofreader, you need to write and write well. When you are a good writer, you can quickly identify punctuation errors, spelling mistakes, and typographical errors.

Steps to Land a Proofreading Job Online

You can take several steps to ensure you get the best proofreading jobs online. These include;

  1. Improve your proofreading skills-it is essential that you practice, improve and perfect your skills. Ensure you practice your skills on different online platforms. Also, ensure you are conversant with different writing styles such as Chicago style, APA Style, and AP Style.
  2. Advertise your services– market your proofreading skills to increase your chances of getting identified by employers and hiring agencies. Build an online presence by registering with online job boards. Here, you can bid and apply for different jobs while showcasing your skills. You can also advertise your skills by creating your own website.
  3. Make a move towards success– this may involve taking bold steps such as contacting potential employers. This can be through emails and Direct Messages. You can offer discounts or incentives to get their attention.

Customer Service Jobs

Perfect customer service is essential for the development of any business. Luckily, online businesses seek online customer service attendants to attend to their customers.

This creates a perfect opportunity for you to get legitimate work from home jobs hiring now with no startup fee.

In this job, you help your employer lure and sustain customers in their business by offering outstanding customer services.

Some of the Skills That You Need to Help You in this Job are Such as:

  1. Empathy. You need to understand the customers’ needs and points of view. When the customer feels appreciated and recognized in this business, they are more likely to invest here.
  2. Persuasive. One of your key roles in the customer service job is to convince your customers why they are not making a mistake investing in this company. Therefore, you need to have excellent persuasion skills. Additionally, it would help if you struck a balance between persuading and exaggerating. This could also cost you some customers.  
  3. Use of positive language. The language you use in customer services is critical since it could make customers give up on a business with quality products or services. Therefore, if you are an expert in using positive language, this is the right job for you.
  4. Patient. You are likely to come across customers of all kinds in this field. For this reason, to help you handle each of these customers, you will need to have high patience levels. This way, you can condone and answer all questions that customers may have. This way, you do not lose customers who require patience to deal with.

You earn between $8-$15 per hour in this job. When looking for clients in this field, this is another area where you need to be extra careful to avoid potential scammers.

However, it is not difficult to land a legit site ready to offer you an at-home customer service job. Here are some of these sites that offer work from home jobs that you can rely on.

Live Chat Customer Service Job

The difference between the telecommuting customer service job and live chat is that you use typed messages instead of phone calls for this one.

Some customers’ preference to use live chat than phone calls has created more chat agents opportunities. Fortunately, most companies include these positions in their job postings for telecommuting agents.

Besides possessing a computer with a good internet connection, you also need to have a good command of written English. Additionally, since you will be doing a lot of typing, you need to have excellent typing skills.

Other skills that you need to handle this job are:

  1. Be efficient with using computers, especially the live chat software used in the company.
  2. Able to communicate professionally.
  3. The ability to give reliable and helpful answers to customers is not contradictory.
  4. Able to multitask, meaning that you can handle several customers at a time.
  5. Quality research and issue and respond to your customer as soon as possible.

Social Media Manager

Social media management is one of the legitimate work-from-home jobs currently hiring. It requires you to manage a company’s or a celebrity’s various online and social media forums.

This job is perfect if you are active on social media platforms. Your job will include creating, managing, and growing brands while maintaining satisfactory customer service across these platforms.

Additionally, to work as a social media manager, you need excellent grammar and communication skills, not perfect research. On the other hand, you need to know the company inside out to work as its social media manager.

Like other online jobs, networking is the way to land potential clients. You need to spend time in sites where you are likely to land potential clients.

When you come across a potential client, you will also learn about his business’s niche. Inventing new ways to use social media to boost their online presence and attract more customers.

Pieces of information will help you prove to your client that you are best fitted for the job.

As a social media manager, you can work either full-time or part-time. It is possible to make between $15-$16 per hour if working full-time.

The more your experience in the job, the more money you will make in this field. With more experience, you will get more confidence to reach out to better-paying clients.

Graphic Designer

Various people and businesses continually hire graphic designers for their online and offline projects.

As a graphic designer, you will be required to create images using tools and utilities such as Adobe Photoshop. If you are experienced using such software, you can use your knowledge to earn a living.

The most likely companies to hire you to need graphic designs such as posters or company logos.

This is one of the legitimate work from home jobs that you can rely on and earn a living out of it.

How Do You Land Graphic Designing Clients?

To help you land your first graphic design client, you need to:

Sign up at quality design job sites. Some of these sites where you can sign up include freelancers’ job platforms such as Upwork, SolidGigs, and Flexjobs.

  1. Spend time where graphic design clients are, including online and offline.
  2. Get ready your portfolio for client conversations.
  3. Get graphic design clients to come to you.
  4. Use cold outreach to land graphic design clients.
  5. Tips to make you successful as a graphic designer.
  6. Have an enticing brand for yourself and your business.
  7. Over-deliver to your clients, especially if you are on the trail.
  8. Focus more on experience than a paycheck in your first clients.
  9. Ask people that you know to refer you to potential graphic design clients.

eBay Sales

There are two ways of making a living from eBay sales. The first method is becoming a reseller. Here, you scour local markets, auctions, or yard sales, to identify items being sold for prices lower than their worth.

You then place the items on eBay for sale and keep the profit. The second option involves handling sales for individuals who want to declutter homes but are not willing to post the sales and ship the items.

In this case, you charge a commission to carry out these tasks for them. You earn by charging a commission of maybe 20% on each of the goods that you help them sell on eBay.

Whichever path you intend to follow on eBay, there are some essential steps to help you ensure success in your venture in eBay sales. For instance, you must decide on the niche you expect to work in.

You are more likely to be more successful in eBay sales if you have one area you specialize in. The more you expand your knowledge in eBay, you can improve the niches you deal with, which will boost your earnings.

Use perfect photographs on your listings, and avoid any typos to prove to your customers that you are professional. This helps you retain the customers you have and earn more customers in your business.

Pet Sitting

Legitimate work from home jobs hiring now are not always online jobs that you do on your computer. If you love pets such as dogs and cats, this may be the opportunity for you.

Most pet owners look for pet caregivers as they have busy schedules or travel. You are likely to make more cash if you are flexible enough to take care of the animals at their owner’s home. Most animals are happier and more accessible to pet sit when in familiar surroundings.

Vacation times are the high peak seasons for this business. This is either in the spring break or summer vacation months. You can also make a lot through pet sitting during the holidays, such as the Christmas holidays.

All you need to do is get in touch with pet owners looking for someone to take care of their pets when they are away.

You can use sites such as Rover.com who are looking for people to take care of their pets when they are away or for daycare.

Instead of confronting the pet owner directly, this site can protect you from a problem with the pets. You can expect to earn $15-$30 per day for daycare and $50-$90 per night for night care in this field.


This is an excellent deal for multilingual people who wish to work from home on legitimate work from home jobs hiring now with zero startup fee.

There are two different ways you can make a living as a translator working from home. First, you can become an interpreter for organizations and businesses that deal with international clients.

Here, you translate the conversations over the phone. Secondly, you can major in translating written texts from one language to a different one.

Most companies hiring will provide a test to gauge your fluency level in the given languages. How much you earn is, to some extent, dependent on the niche you are translating.

More specialized and technical pieces such as medical and engineering information will pay higher than general conversations.

There are two approaches that you can take in the translation business. On the one hand, you can translate written work from one language to another.

On the other hand, you could translate audio work for businesses from one language to another.

The average pay you get for translating to a language such as English is about $417. The more the translation work you do, the higher your payment.  

Travel Agent

This is a legitimate work-from-home job hiring ideal for you if you are enthusiastic about working with people and traveling. You also need to be great at organizing and planning as the job comes with a high need for these skills.

Basically, as a travel agent, you will be required to make flight plans, hotel bookings, and various activities that clients can participate in.

Your job in some companies may include counseling travelers beforehand or giving ideas on ideal destinations based on their preferences.

You can either work full time or work on a commission in this job. Either way, the average amount you earn per annum as a travel agent is about $42,720.

You can improve the amount you earn by seeking several clients who you work for as their travel agent or combine the job with any other as it is on the list.


Here your film, then post how-to videos for subscribers online. This job requires you to be creative in the content you provide and have exceptional communication skills.

You can major in numerous areas such as beauty and fashion, cooking, or even general tasks. You just need to record yourself using a smartphone or a digital camera doing the task.

You then upload the video to your YouTube channel. You can also include some ads in your video, as this earns you extra cash every time a viewer clicks on it.

Being a vlogger, the more videos you post, the more money you earn. It is also essential that you post videos that are likely to have many viewers.

If your videos attract many viewers, you will attract many people who want to advertise their business in your video, and you make money through this.

Website Tester

This work-from-home job is perfect if you are an online surfer who is detail-oriented. Companies’ overwhelming growth on the internet has led to web testers’ need.

In this job, you will be required to go through a company’s website and test its efficiency level from a user perspective.

Mainly, you check whether the site is intuitive or strange things and adverts pop up when trying to access the outlined services.

To increase your chances of getting a job as a web tester, ensure you register with as many companies as possible for the opportunity to test.

This way, when they need to hire testers, you will receive an email. Many sites require testers to use a microphone and a webcam when giving feedback on the website.

Affiliate Marketing

This is among the best ways to make money from the comfort of your home. Here, you partner up with a merchant or a network as an affiliate partner. You then promote their services or products.

Simply put, it is referral marketing whereby you earn by the commission. When the desired action occurs from your promotion, you are paid.

There are different ways to do affiliate marketing, such as social media platforms, blogging, or email marketing. Additionally, a person who has a website gets to earn when a visitor clicks on the affiliate link and buys a product.

There are three major parties involved in freelancing. These parties include seller and product creators, the affiliate or advertiser, and the customer. The good thing is as an affiliate gets paid even if the customer does not buy the product.

The effort you put in to make the customer want to buy the product will increase your earnings. Some of the ways you get paid include pay per sale, pay per lead, and pay per click.

Therefore, if you are good at advertisements and persuading customers to invest in products and services, this is a lucrative online job for you with no startup fee.

Child Care

Like pet care, you can earn from home by taking care of people’s children. In this case, your home becomes a daycare where you take care of children whose parents have tight schedules or are too busy to spend the day with them.

To enjoy this job, you need to love spending time with kids and know how to take care of children of different ages.

Your house also needs to be well equipped to handle children in ways such as having a fire safety check in your home. Additionally, you need a small budget for entertainment and food, among other needs that the kids will have when their parents are away.  


Generally, there is numerous work from home jobs that do not require you to invest any startup fee. Some of these jobs, such as virtual graphic designing, require some creativity level others reviews.

Others such as customer services will require you to have excellent communication skills. With the increase in work from home jobs, there has also been an increase in scammers. Therefore, do thorough background research about a company, such as its contact information.

Additionally, go through the company’s website to see others’ reviews. Be careful not to fall prey to the online money-making scams that promise instant wealth and later leave you frustrated.

Legitimate Work from Home Jobs Hiring Now with No Startup Fee
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