Top 5 Reasons to Outsource to the Philippines

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There is no other place like the Philippines when it comes to outsourcing operations whether in terms of business processes or product manufacturing. Learn the primary reasons to outsource your business activities in this Asian country. With the opportunity still at the door, all you have to do is make the decision.

Behold with the diversity of industries around

With over 7,000 islands comprising the archipelago, the country is home to agricultural and industrial communities that can cater outsourced activities. Several industrial zones are located in different provinces where electronics-related products are being manufactured. Still, there are  vast agricultural areas to facilitate processing of fresh produce for export such as bananas, pineapples, coffee and many others. The key is to find the market concentration hotpots to be able to know where you are supposed to do business.

In the past decade, it is no secret that the so-called Information Technology and Business Process Management (IT-BPM) sector has emerged across metro cities. This involves rendering of technical support solutions to complete the end to end customer experience. Instead of finished goods, this particular outsourcing venture offers rendering of services to the pool of clients. It is a critical fortress for any company that intends to retain clients and encourage others, which is why, it is important to ensure the reliability of one’s local partner.

Meet competent people ready to take jobs

Meet competent people ready to take jobs

In case you are wondering why Filipino workers are in demand almost anywhere in the world  which likely explains the amazing cultural diaspora. The answer is competency that is brought about by sufficient primary and secondary education enough to introduce basic language, arithmetic and critical thinking advantage. And the advent of the K to 12 program is expected to further upgrade the knowledge and skills of local students to better prepare them to the challenges of work life.

The community is also rich in work values brought about by the belief in the dignity of labor motivating people not only to look for jobs but also keep them. As a developing nation with a population vulnerable to drift into poverty, it is noteworthy that locals are likely to hold on to their source of income. This motivation even takes these employees as far as delivering more than what is required of them thereby contributing more to the growth of the enterprise. In turn, they get to propel their career up the corporate ladder in no time.

Welcome government regulations plus perks

Welcome government regulations plus perks

Although the idea of a free market has dominated the globe, businessmen cannot escape trade regulations among other concerns. The good thing is, there is minimal government intervention when it comes to negotiating with local companies that accommodate outsourcing services. Most of outsourcing firms also have clear records when it comes to compliance with the state’s mandatory rules and regulations. Otherwise, their registration certificate would be revoked by the issuing public agency. It would be easy for you to find a legitimate business partner that would carry out your operations in the locality without having to worry about legal implications.

When you operate in the Philippines, specifically in economic zones, you get to reap privileges in favor of the company’s interest. The government provides not only exemption from tax but also duties over imports of raw materials. Foreign investors in firms operating in the zone are also given special immigration visa. That means you do not have to endure the tough documentation procedures to get into the country and stay for a long while.

Maximize cost-saving advantage all the time

Top 5 Reasons to Outsource to the Philippines cost

What makes outsourcing operations in the country a reasonable decision for ambitious foreign companies is the opportunity to realized optimal gains. Business expenses in this place happens to be relatively lower whether you are talking about operating costs or overhead costs. Whichever you intend to point out, you can always take a huge sigh of relief that you can spare your company from shelling out more money on operations. Outsourcing here is definitely a practical option if you are serious about boosting profitability by reducing costs.

Other than money, companies also get to save their time and  energy on equally, if not more, important project to advance business interest. The moment you have successfully outsourced some of your operations, you can finally start working on your next pet project that would also bring in more income for the company. For instance, you can focus on your latest product development endeavor to expand your portfolio. Just bear in mind that every opportunity is worth the effort as long as you were able to make the most of it.

Experience decent trade culture ever hospitable

Top 5 Reasons to Outsource to the Philippines Culture

Known for its friendly people, you will not find it hard to enter into a trade agreement with hospitable Filipino businessmen that would treat you as family. Rest assured that they will protect your interest as much as their own to be able to establish and sustain a good reputation in the industry. Mutual trust, more than anything else, is essential in building a long-lasting professional relationship with your business partner along with credibility and loyalty. All of these can be achieved through open and clear line of communication between parties.

This country also prides itself in the enforcement of decent working conditions in conformance with international standards. You will be dealing with upright outsourcing enterprises that respect the welfare of the labor force which likely translates to productivity that is good for business. And, you may even be delighted that most of these entities adhere to the international standards of quality management system with well-documented procedures approved by a certifying body.

What are you waiting for? The door of opportunity is wide open for companies interested in taking their business operations to the Philippines. This way, they can seize the fruits of industry diversity, human resource competence, business incentives, cost-saving advantage and nurturing culture. You may want to gather the management for a meeting to discuss this business strategy waiting to bring in more exciting benefits on the table.

Top 5 Reasons to Outsource to the Philippines
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