Virtual Assistant From Philippines: What To Outsource, How to Hire, Where to Hire To Grow Your Business (2021)

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Do you know? According to Statista Notes, $85 million is the ultimate worth of the total outsourced service industry in the world. After my thorough research it is a fact that almost 80 per cent of people working from home and remote places from the Philippines find more productivity in their work through outsourced services.

The Philippines being the intensively empowered country with the great potential of labors on diverse industries namely: information technology, education, finance, healthcare, construction, automotive, food processing or so many others. Hiring Filipino virtual assistants in most cases almost guarantee productivity with superb quality.

Now taking towards you more specific: As we have read above the outsource services marketability and the enormous need of top-notch companies to hire low-cost labor is paramount. One of the biggest markets covered by the outsourcing industry is of the Virtual Assistant.

You must be wondering what is the significance of this prattle job role which creates its massive demand from English speaking countries all around the world?

To begin with:


  • What is a Virtual Assistant?
  • Nature of services provided by Virtual Assistant from the Philippines.
  • Why Outsource to Philippines for Virtual Assistant?
  • How can you outsource/hire Virtual Assistant from Philippines for your company in 2021?
  • Insights to top outsourcing companies in the Philippines.
  • Wages of Virtual Assistant in the Philippines.
  • How to interview and find the right Filipino Virtual Assistant.
  • How will you pay for Virtual Assistant from Philippines.


  • Advantages and Disadvantages of keeping Virtual Assistants.

Let’s expedite a quick and spirited read to this…

What is a Virtual Assistant?

To start with the real meaning of Virtual Assistant. I would like my viewers to read one of the phenomenal quotes once said by the late CEO of Apple Mr Steve Jobs

“The best way to create value in the 21st century is to connect creativity with technology”.

Regarding the above quote, it won’t be wrong to say Virtual Assistant is primarily one of the successes of the digital era.

Virtual Assistants are those people or individual who offers their professional services overseas while working from the comfort of their home, or remote area or employed by the Virtual Assistant Outsourcing Company in their own country.

Although this industry has already brought a radical change in the conventional style of doing business where one has to keep one bookkeeper aside to his restaurant counter to keep all of his servings records. Still, many people are not familiar with the job of a remote Virtual Assistant.

Virtual Assistants will not only provide traditional services like bookkeeping, calendar management, Managing Accounts Report, Hotel bookings and reservations etc. Many other digital services such as content creation, event management, applications and website development and many other electronic management related tasks can be done by VA’s.

Now with regards to hiring virtual assistants from Philippines, the workforce is very diverse. Quite a number of working moms are working as Virtual Assistants.

You would find some examples in further readings below, as how some Virtual Assistants started their own outsourcing company.

To give a broader picture on types of services provided by Virtual Assistants, keep reading below:

Nature of Services provided by Virtual Assistant from the Philippines:

To access my readers both who is looking to become Virtual Assistant and those who are looking to hire services from Virtual Assistants from the Philippines. Below is the list of unconventional daily task manage by VA’s:

1) Real Estate Virtual Assistance:

Considering the busy daily chores, either you are a temporary broker or real estate agency owner in any of the US states. You will still be needing some sharp technical skills when it comes to keeping a record of day-to-day services.

Tasks include bookkeeping, formulating emails to prospects, advertising on the right platform, counter check on the interested parties’ portfolio, rate of return checking’s etc.

Many business owners claim their real estate virtual assistant Philippines based companies cost them much lesser and save in money as compare to their local virtual assistant.

You can easily outsource to a virtual assistant from the Philippines for your real estate company for only $4 to $10 an hour.

2) Website / Application Design:

From selling thousands of products and services lines to only one individual. If you own some kind of business or say trying to build your blogging portfolio then moving your business online will allow you to compete worldwide made possible by the Internet

Whenever you think of creating websites there are three basic things you need such as Domain Name, Website hosting, and SSL certificates. Since companies usually require to make changes on their websites every week it makes sense to include CSS.

Above all the options the basic and the important services which Virtual Assistants can provide is to design your overall website layout include templates and fixation of jpegs.

3) Social Media Management:

With the local research Philippines ranks as the number second country in the world who has a huge crowd of internet users in South Asia.

Either it is your paid digital advertising or regular updates on a social platform such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram etc. All of the above tasks can be easily outsourced from Philippines.

  • Brand Audit
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Budget Optimization Plan
  • Performance report every week
  • Ad object optimization

3) Generation of Leads:

This lead generation role through virtual assistant has gained much popularity all around the world. Sales of your product are the lifeblood for running your business or candidly the source of income for employer and salary for the Virtual Assistants.

For example:

If you are an entrepreneur and consists of the business of Marble and located in Taiwan. You wish to sell marble outside Taiwan. You are trying to sell them but could not succeed as your potential customer data is comparatively less in quantity and not outside country customers centric.

For this Outsourced Agencies actively works in Philippines which directs the company with one of its office resources and help them finding its customer through their virtual dig outs.

4) Content Writing:

The cycle of any digital outsource company works on the flow chart from selling products for its clients to preparing its website and creating content for them.

Many Filipino’s are good and creative in writing English for the client’s social media or website. From collecting brief from the client to its competitive analysis or writing a good product review. This all sums up under the category of Content Writing.

The average monthly base payout to the copywriter in the Philippines is around $800 to $1500 per month.

5) Email Management:

Deleting emails from the inbox sounds easier. Right? But what happens when you are solely running a business and looking after all the supply chain, how is it possible for one person to respond to his daily emails.

It is true, a person dealing in e-commerce do indeed gets on average 1000 emails over the time of quarters.

Under this furious work routine, Company or Individual hires the services of email management. Hence, the Virtual Assistant manages and responds to daily emails. Schedule Promos on calendar dates to send seasonal greetings to clients customers.

6) Search Engine Optimization:

VA’s can help your website to optimize through uplifting website rankings through SEO. It is doable in below list of items:

  • Link Building
  • On-Page / Off Page
  • Blogging Websites
  • WordPress
  • Youtube

However, SEO is the big promise from the Virtual Assistant as SEO is one of the organic marketing it takes time to prove results to the client. Although experts make their best effort to bring quick rankings to the website.

7) Audio & Video Editor:

Ever since the adoration for Youtube videos has increased worldwide. The demand for Audio and Video edits have similarly doubled in numbers. People may use normal or free software for the simple edits but at times the sound base and its low versatility may upset your viewers.

Philippines freelancers have good and advanced software with them which can improve the volume level or add good base music at the background of your Webinars or Podcasts.

Apart from traditional audio and video edits, VA’s in the Philippines are capable of the following functions:

  • In-plug of relevant graphics with music in the video
  • Expert knowledge and hands-on mic and camera settings for Vlogs.
  • Before the final cut, make the demo clip with all kind of glamorized edits included.
  • Recording and setting video formats to be placed in different forums such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, Youtube.
  • To conceptually illustrate the template of video edits can be done through Photoshops. and other software.

9) Marketing Collaterals Designing:

Writing from the conventional marketing background. Corporates usually use branding approaches on its different office objects which also further sends to its client and some prestigious customers.

Imprinting your company logo on Tshirts, Mugs, Tissue Boxes, Pen, Notebook, Wallets etc are more of the common sites of corporate branding.

Talking with illustrative design-wise putting your logo on objects just not add value to your brand.

There is always the use of connectivity between creatives and company message which can surely be encompassed by the Virtual Assistant Designers not something just taking your objects to the printing house and ask to print anything you like.

10) Pitching Brands:

This is somewhat one of the best and creative service one can take from Virtual Assistants. With the much more advancement in every walk of the industry today. You cannot stick to a limited portfolio of customers or clients.

But who would work on marginal addition for succeeding in business and keeping you aloof from competitors?

The sensible and dynamic business owner will either hire personnel or outsource someone to write business proposals, pitching report and prepare magically convincing insight to gage the new customers.

11) Customer Support Through Telephone, Chat and Email:

It will not be wrong to say the famous job of Filipinos as Virtual Assistant would be of customer support.

Famously known many foods delivering ventures all around the world takes customer support help from Philippines. Indeed this type of business needs a real integration between Riders, Restaurants and Customers.

Considerably the Philippines is one of the countries which comes in the category of many business owners to outsource services for Customer Support including from India, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Hopefully, now you get the real meaning of Virtual Assistant and kind of services you may outsource from Philippines for your business.

Keep reading below to know, about the top 10 companies of whom outsource services you can avail from Philippines.

Why Philippines for Virtual Assistant?

Since this industry is growing with leaps and bounds so is the awareness and competition among outsourcing companies are also rising worldwide.

But the question is why to avail Virtual Assistance for your business from Philippines.

Let me explain to you the major reasons behind it,

1) Good English Speaking, Listening and Writing:

When it comes to literature and schooling language for the Filipinos in Philippines so they simply rely on two languages: Filipino or English. This gives the easiest advantage to foreign business owners to communicate with them and brief them about their nature of business.

Since half of the Filipino Society understands English. They also prove a reliable source to work on their business matters.

2) Comparatively Low Exchange Rate:

Internationally the mode of payments used to transfer money to VA’s is used in US dollars worldwide. Comparatively, dollars become much lesser when goes to the exchange rate in Pessos.

Speaking to the fact many US-based companies had to pay yet three times more to their local Virtual Assistants then compare to Philippines.

For example: The VA’s for real estate in America won’t charge you less than a $30/per hour wherein, in the Philippines $10 would be sufficient per hour.

3) Culture of Online Working is Tech-Savvy and Well to do in Performance:

Undoubtedly either its a service of beautician or baby sitter the loyalty of Philippines with their profession is remarkable. Same goes in the digital business. The VA’s are tech-savvy people and does not require much timing in training.

They are skilled base workers so do their accomplishments are in high numbers for giving pieces of training or recruiting and deliverables are mostly well-proven and on time.

Now as you know about the advantages of hiring Virtual Assistants from Philippines. Let’s scroll down steadily towards the detail of famous outsourcing company there.

How Can you outsource/hire Virtual Assistant From Philippines for your company in 2021?

One of the eminent reasons behind the sought after the freelancing industry is ongoing pandemic days. During these days of Covid19 which has affected almost every work cycle of the world. Employees did not only get detained from their jobs due to a shortage of funds but also massive death trolls.

Within these demising situation, Virtual Assistant touch the rising sky of the recruiting and facilitated the saddened business of many sole proprietors or enterprises. Because Virtual Assistants normally work from home and comparatively the safest environment to work.

There are numerous recruiting and outsourcing agencies working in major influential countries of the World such as the USA, UK and China. Their offices are located in all of the major parts of the world and their workforce is based in Philippines, UAE, India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh.

It’s an online marketplace of topnotch Virtual Assistants from Philippines. The job board connects employers from US and around the world who need support for businesses. is one of the more established provider that specialized in Filipino talents only. They get thousands of job applications per month but they do not prescreen as they charge a reasonable amount for employers to search their database of millions of Filipino Virtual Assistant.

I believe is one of the most reliable and cost-effective provider of world-class talents from the Philippines. So, I highly recommend it.

One of the famous recruiting company head office based in Australia has the pool of employees both in Australia and Philippines. Their workforce combined work from Australia and Philippines. and gives plenty of services to foreigners.

Their services include QA Consulting, Web Design, Graphic Design, Website Development and many other IT support services which surely helps people to save their money and lessen expenses.

Other than IT support services. Outsourced. ph is also assertive in handlings of daily Administrative and Finance related work including payroll taxation, refunds collection, office furniture expenses, office stationery expenses and many other roles performed by HR personnel in a traditional organization where outsource caters all of it under one umbrella.

Besides to all the services they also involve experienced account manager with the client who looks after and share his or her expertise in guiding the clients day to the day product roadmap.

How Can You Access to Recruiting Process of outsourced. ph

The steps of reaching to the right point of contact at outsourced. ph is pretty easy. All you have to do is to follow the below steps:

1) Fill the job form available on the

2) Enter the relevant asterisk fields with the required job role.

3) Kind of expertise you required.

4) Time zone of your business services.

5) Types of audience you are dealing with

6) For example: If you required telemarketer then the company will scout over its available database.

7) If your company has some special advice for a certain job role then outsourced. ph will focus on the recruitment process and find the best match for the defined role.

Cost of Above Services

Outsourced. ph has a different kind of packages for its clients which comprises of different budgets including tax figures. The pay range includes within 456 pesos to 1256 pesos per hour.

Most of the people find charges a slight hefty but outsource. ph has its reason for charging its clients more as they are also managing the workstation, paying salaries, recruiting employees, buying IT types of equipment including cordless phones, high tech computer, power back up UPS and a lot more. is one of the trusted and well known third-party service providers. They do not have physical workstation but have smooth digital integration and grip upon its virtual assistants from the Philippines.

Talking about the earning and facilitation opportunities for freelancer. is your right and genuine stop.

If you have got the right skills to get yourself registered with NOW. deals in two kinds of outsourcing pool of businesses.

One is you pick directly the account person after viewing their CV and pay them directly once a job is completed. in this situation will receive some amount of commission as the middle man.

Second is the elite Enterprise Solutions which covers professional expertise of roles such as you can have your Account Manager, Hiring and Recruiting services, Staff allocation services, Legal Affairs facilitation and all other health insurance services.

How Can You Access Outsourcing Services of is the platform which provides its outsourcing services to both Job Seekers and employer.

Let’s discuss how it goes in the Job Seekers package:

1) has the ball pool of more 100,000 CV in its available database. You can simply scout the job roles your required.

2) first you have to fill the subscription form as Job Seekers.

3) You can hire at a time multiple workers for the services.

4) It is on you and your worker which mode of payment you agreed upon.

5) Social Media Management, Real Estate VA, Graphic Designing, Ecommerce expert and so many others it is the get way for you to enter the required job and for job seekers to connect with employer body.

6) Enterprise Solutions: within this high scale Package the company hires the full-time services from as they legally recruit the best match for your businesses includes legal, payroll and compliance.

Cost of Above Services

The subscription parameters of makes its pricing worth differ from each other. its subscription fee for the Job Seekers package is quite nominal $120/per year rest of the direct amount employer will pay directly to the employee.

For enterprise planning obviously, pricing would be much more expenses as you will buying a whole package and its payment would be paid according to yearly based

Virtual Staff Finder

It is the platform known as the genuine go-between small level of entrepreneurs or business owners and Filipinos. They consist of a massive database of workers who possess the strength of skills such as:

  • Content Curator
  • Digital Marketer
  • Graphic Designing
  • Logo and Collaterals Designing
  • Customer Support
  • Customer leads

Their services are mainly based upon digital context but they have made their footsteps strong in the administrative services including :

Bookkeeping and payroll disbursement etc.

How Can You Access to Virtual Staff Finder

1) First of all you have to sign up for the services.

2) The company representative will then share the job description document with you which includes the asterisk fields which employers have to fill in terms of the number of lodges they required as staff.

3) Virtual Staff Finder will go into the depth scrutiny process within its database who so ever fits with the received document requirement they will finalize their CV.

4) To get employer feedback before finalizing the selected candidate’s CV, the VSA share CV with employers as for pre-approval.

5) After selection of CV the candidate will go through authentic testing phases including face to face interviews and group panel interviews.

6) After going through the extensive background checks. Virtual Staff Finder will select three candidates and schedule an online interview with the business owners individually.

Outsourcing party will then choose the perfect match for its business, will explain the nature of business and timelines with the Virtual Assistant.

At the same point, the outsourcer will confirm the skills set of VA and negotiate monthly salary with them.

Cost of Services:

The good thing about the Virtual Staff Finder will ask you to pay only one-time money that is accumulated at $500. After that business owner has to decide salary with its Virtual Assistant.

Virtual Staff Finder provides equal favours to both the parties that is why it always advises its employer category to fix salary with Virtual Assistant as per the current market trends so no party should bear the loss of trust.

After reading the above insights and examples of working outsource recruiting companies in the Philippines. Lets put some light on their wages and its scheduling

Wages of Virtual Assistant’s in the Philippines

What is the salary payout system for the Virtual Assistants in Philippines? They are either paid on an hourly basis or monthly depending on Virtual Assistants requirements. Some also prefer payment after the time of six months as the milestone achievement in the project.

The hourly wage rate of Virtual Assistant in the Philippines ranges between $4 to $10 per hour.

Similarly, the monthly wage rate of Virtual Assistant in the Philippines ranges between $600 to $1200 a month which in itself is low cost.

What Factors Modifies the Salary Expectations for the Virtual Assistants in the Philippines

Quantity of Work you are providing. That’s right! the determination of salary for Virtual Assistants depends on the volume of work you have carried of the employer.

For Example:

If you only create social media pages for certain businesses such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube etc. The charge of the amount would be much lesser.

But if you expand the nature of your services and agreed on also posting images, writing captions, community management and keeping the maintenance of those pages it will certainly give you much more chance of demanding high payment.

Consider Your Expenses, one of the important factor which Virtual Assistants must consider before confirming any agreement with the employers. Their Operational Cost.

Let’s look into this matter with an example:

For example: If you are agreeing to provide video editing services to your client then you must consider the amount of software which you be buying for enhanced editing besides the free ones available.

Same goes for the tangible office equipment. You would be needing high tech computer equipment for the cuts and editing purpose, high power speakers would be needed to check voice, power back up and high-speed wifi for the internet browsing purpose.

It is very important for Virtual Assistant to count his/her expenses on fingers then agreed upon any service.

Value of Skills Set, It will not be wrong to say working with the zero skills as Virtual Assistant will not only give you very less payment as well as hurt your ego. That is why the VA’s need to learn skills.

It is normally seen from the Philippines that the Virtual Assistants are already very alerted with skills improvement programs and gets certified through different kind virtual training programs

For Example, Any Philippines Freelancers has been working in the role of Customer Support and has good command on telemarketing but in today’s world.

People generally prefer answers to their queries either on social media pages or through website BOT system. If the traditional Virtual Assistant relies on the one skill of talking on the phone he or she might be expiring its services very soon.

In the above case, it is suggested to the Virtual Assistant to start taking online courses from popular virtual certification providing websites such as Udemy, Coursera, Hubspot etc.

Courses name such as digital customer support is readily available and can help one to regrow its skills set and demand a good amount from its employer.

How to Interview your right Filipino help as Virtual Assitant

Working with the Virtual Assistant from the Philippines or any other parts of the world is where exciting experience, On the counter at times it becomes more scary and risky as all you are doing behind the lens of the camera. With speeding advantages, it has many drawbacks also.

Therefore, I have made the list of important guidelines for business owners which they should keep in mind when interviewing the candidates for Virtual Assistants.

1) Ask About their Previous Working Experience as a Virtual Assistant :

Since you and your Virtual Assistant will not be working on the same table or face to face. You need to become certain over their communication skills. It is best to ask them about their past working experience.

By involving Virtual Assistants into conversations and listening to their point of view will give you a better chance of observing them and make critical analysis on their reluctant part especially for the job of Real Estate etc.

2) What is your Fundamental Experience:

Before you initiate any deal with the opposite party. Always ask them about their core experience. They can be either an experienced social media expert or copywriter etc.

This experience introduction will create an easy bridge of understanding for the employer.

An employer may initially calculate how much further or further they have to input in the opposite Virtual Assistant.

3) What is their Special Skill Set?

Now, this is very important for the interviewer to initially define their special skills required to the interview so that clearance of work required from Virtual Assistant is clear as the first step and save both the parties time.

Why it is important to ask about their specific skill set?

For example: if your work requires services of social media handling and the Virtual Assistant does only agrees to work on Facebook or Snapchat. But your client-specific identity is B2B then obviously running posts on Linkedin and Email Marketing are your fruit pieces.

But Virtual Assistant Only know Facebook and a few others.

4) Diplomatically Inquire About their Current Client Portfolio:

Virtual Assistants lives with one advantage in which they can work for multiple clients in a single time. Although you possibly like to hire Virtual Assistant for the half-day through asking this question you would know about his other engagements and how to relax fully your work can be delivered it to you.

As it is seen that Virtual Assistant at times lacks in managing their performance because of workload.

5) Background Check of Receipts:

There is no big harm if you can politely ask the Virtual Assistant to show you the screenshot of their last payment from any of the business owners in the past. The reason as this would give you a soundproof background on their genuineness.

6) Describe Your Number of Working Hours Required:

this is the best time to decide whether you are going to hire Virtual Assistants services on daily basis or weekly or say project basis.

Let’s say you need their services 15 hours per week then revisit to their earlier statement on the number onboard clients. You can do quick math in mind to know how much in actual time would the Virtual Assistants work for your business.

Types of Payment Modes for Foreign Employers to Pay VA in the Philippines:

Much of the topics discussed above are relevant to the types of Virtual Assistant services, wage rates, and factors of determining their salary. Now let’s discuss the most eminent crux of this blog, in which form of transaction you will receive the payment of your services in the Philippines.

Filipino’s are the society which still relies more on cash transactions rather spending on credit card and paying back later to the concerned bank.

Talking in the context of transferring payments from a foreign employer to their Virtual Assistant present in the Philippines depends more on the convenience of employers flexibility.

Generally Filipino’s accept their payment through Paypal, Western Union, Transferwise, Payoneer, Bank Transfer and too few more. Indeed, business owners normally avoid paying amount from resources where they are charged with hulking service charges.

So they prefer spending minimal on this.

But wait after reading the entire workings of the Virtual Assistants, Did you come up with the Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Assistants? Let me share a brief insight on it below:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Keeping Virtual Assistants From The Philippines:

As per the researches and few testimonials received from the business owners who have been associated in past with the Virtual Assistants from the Philippines.

Their experience is fairly good in comparison to working with other South Asian countries. The freelancers working from the Philippines are well versed with the English Language and have major experience of working with clients from USA based.

Their workforce is majority young and energetic when it comes to working. They are considered to be working as flying bees in the comfortable yet in the chilling environment from their house and remote areas.

The time difference within countries would be another benefit to your business even when you are sleeping your international customer would be benefitted by the Virtual Assistants.

Some Setbacks of working with Virtual Assistants In The Philippines:

One of the drawbacks of working with the Virtual Assistants in the Philippines is the poor Infrastructure.

Although Manila is considered to be the busiest yet very much technological improved city of the world. But infrastructure including electricity and heavy equipment are still used in the sub-standard condition. With this lack ness, your work may suffer such as delays.

Ghostings and Disappearance are some serious drawbacks faced by business owners working with Virtual Assistants of Filipinos.

For many westerners, the patience of bearing delays in working is considered a breach of contract. As they are a super workaholic society

The kind of running away attitude of Filipinos have upset its hiring authorities and then they find themselves standing being conned or wasted money.

Time Zone Differences Although this hindrance of the breach has now significantly reduced as Virtual Assistants field workers sitting in India or the Philippines their work hours and duties goes with the 24 hours clock.

Because of the closeness and less difference of timing between Australia and the Philippines the bond between Virtual Assistant from the Philippines and business owners from Australia works with satisfying achievements.

I hope that my detailed blog on the Virtual Assistant From Philippines: What To Outsource, How to Hire, Where to Hire To Grow Your Business (2021) provided you with all of the relevant information.

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