15 Best Whiteboard Animation Software (Ranked and Reviewed) 2021

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Are you thinking to make your lectures look creative and sound brilliant? Do you want a topnotch whiteboard to make your thoughts more understandable? Do you find difficulty while recording your lectures? Are you familiar with Whiteboard Animation Software? What exactly whiteboard software is about?

Hang on if you feel difficulty in understanding how whiteboard animation can assist you in your daily life chores.

I am going to show you interesting ideas about the best whiteboard animation software.

You have possibly reached the right side as I am going to shed light on the incredible features of whiteboard animation videos and will also review the best whiteboard animation software for you.

Glance on to Whiteboard Animation History:

15 Best Whiteboard Animation Software (Ranked and Reviewed) 2021 history

Starting from the time of the 1990s when selling your ideas to your clients or say presenting your ideas to the team was fulfilled by PowerPoint presentation.

Famously known granddad a cartoonish figure used to pop up with the presentation to explain videos. The brand managers and marketing specialist used it to throw their ideas.


The explainer videos get the initial progression when internet usage started spreading worldwide. To help the marketers with the greater tools PowerPoint introduced its voice on features with text, sound and images. They all can combine used by marketers to explain their ideas


Little to broader information channel Youtube which today has become an essential place for finding solution videos to every walk of life business. Back in 2004 when Youtube was founded by two PayPal amigos they give this amusing chance to its users to add their videos for promotions.

Common Craft, a video instrumental company situated in the USA back in 2008 first introduced the concept of “How It Works” they were explainer videos in which the company made a video on Twitter. Twitter got so impressed that they uploaded this video to their official website.

Check out the whole Common Craft video.


With ever raising speed and progression to this explainer video boom. Dropbox a cloud-based software was launched and they made a whole detailed video on as “How do they work” got so impressively high in numbers of viewers nearly 10 million users and unexpected profit of 50 million in return supremes the worth of explainer video.

Watch the whole Explainer Video on Dropbox below:


How did the first animated video come into existence? GROUPON G is a well-known company in the USA. They come up with an explained based video solution. Reason to manifest the viewers who do not like to spend hours and hours rather enjoys the whole process video in the shortest period of One Minute!.

Check out the greatest “HOW IT WORKS” work done by GROUPON G with a touch of animation.

Explainer Videos becomes the killer limelight for the superintended marketers and it was then become a solid backbone of many companies either they are dealing with consultancy services, e-commerce business, educational business and so many more the list is unending.

Just as the website now consider a necessary handbook for any business same goes for explainer videos which summarize most of the business doing in 2-3 minutes and your customer is more satisfied than ever before.

Bit by Bit the explainer videos industry as “How To” started getting its boom and every single day making advances to it. Whiteboard Animation is somewhat you can say the birth of in-between “How to” Videos.

Let’s read it out.

What are Whiteboard Animation Videos?

15 Best Whiteboard Animation Software (Ranked and Reviewed) 2021 Videos

Whiteboard Animation Videos is the kind of videos style in which static images are drawn to explain the whole story with each object talks in the background. The narration gets the best fit in the audience mind as you are not only viewing the images being drawn and erased but also listening to its explanation.

These animations are incredibly amazing.

Before 2009 the concept of video marketing was dominated by the How it Works video or some supplementary videos created by marketing groups of the respective company.

But then gradually the internet especially Youtube takes over the thousands of videos as instructive videos A.K.A Whiteboard animation videos eventually becomes eye candy for many digitally raising businesses.

The advance video technology was so inspiring for the marketers that they urge the need of having free software which can enable them to create something like a demo for their own.

Pop Up to News! Historically recorded many new ventures owned by Entrepreneurs succeeded unprecedently because of the use of Whiteboard Animation Software.

Essentials Required For Making Whiteboard Animation Videos:

As told above whiteboard animation videos consist of graphical static images as well as your audio. So ideally you need to be well set with your equipment before you jump into the bandwagon of this versatile style of animation.

You need to have access to free apps or paid apps that give services of whiteboard animation software then you must have clear equipment

For example: a well-prepared script written and stored in computer saved files, mic or best microphones to record your voice, a good internal memory computer which can bear the load of the software without much hanging, your environment should be quiet and calm so voice can be recorded.


Always rehearse your voice and check its quality before adding it with your animations directly. Because your message clarity also plays a very vital role in the understanding of the videos.

How Long Does It Take To Create Whiteboard Animation Videos?

I suggest you must keep the leverage of 15 days if you are thinking to make a standard whiteboard animation video for your business.

Reason whiteboard animation does sound easier in processing but again it has stages like any other production videos. You initially have to be clear with your vision and based upon it start working on your script.

You as a first-hand animator needs to write the script after that you have to select the styling frame once all of this gets set up. Start recording files of your audio once your frame gets set you and your animator can start synchronizing the image with audio.

That is why ideally suggest to people at least get a 15 day so can work on your plan peacefully.

But again the speed of making a video depends on the efficiency of the software.

Do you need to invest in Whiteboard Animation Videos Software??

So before I take my readers to the in-depth analysis of this incredible software and its features and availability. I want my readers to first understand how the Whiteboard Animation Videos will gains your benefit.

·    If you are a marketer and making a high pitch to impress your decision-makers then possibly a whiteboard animation video will help a lot in describing your ideas as it is a great tool for audio also rather than speaking millions of words standing in front of a PowerPoint slide.

·    The videos have this ability to be remembered and let’s say watch ability of again and again. The audience seeks to watch the video again if they miss something out.

·    Call to Action is way too vivid and more likeability of clicks are expected.

·    The retention of your audience is higher compare to traditional ways. It is true even the readers take pauses and left out the pages because of sudden boredom or unwillingness. But the amusement and changing laps of animation do keep the audience engage for long.

·    Your product consists of too much functionality. Then I suggest Whiteboard is very important to be spread out on your communication channels such as website, Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook.

For Example: Your business includes multiple form filling and customer interactions at different kiosks then you possibly need whiteboard animation tutorials as step by step information is the right way to teach your customers about the whole process.

If you get along with the concept of whiteboard animation software then keep reading below as I will be ranking and reviewing the 15 best whiteboard animation software for you.

15 Best Whiteboard Animation Software

The list below includes the best whiteboard animation software which can help you with personal and business usage. It includes both whiteboard animation software maker free subscription apps /software as well as paid.

1) Doodly

15 Best Whiteboard Animation Software (Ranked and Reviewed) 2021 Doodly

One of the incredible software I have gone through so far. Doodly video maker allows you to interpret your thoughts into a reality-based story with impulsive images, templates and various scenic template.

Doodly effects just not make your video high quality but has the potential to entertain and engage your audience with the best results. Let’s scan through its features:


·    It does not matter either you are a professional animator or just a simple computer literate. Doodly video making options are quite self-explanatory.

·    You can create video not only on to whiteboard but glass boards, blackboards or even green boards.

·    All you have to is to choose a doodle image, drag it into the canvas and doodly start creating images for you.

·    If you are not satisfied with the doodly image library. You can import your images taken from your camera. Yes, doodly has the smart technology feature which unbound your limit of adding images of your own choice.

·    You can choose different ethnicities of the human hands holding chalk, pen, marker etc. to give a more realistic look to your video.

·    You can record your audio through doodly and it will sync directly with your doodle sketch.

·    One of the best thing about doodly as it has patent alert if you are using any image which is someone else property you would be alerted actively from the software.

·    If not in the mood of using your recording instead want to use royalty-free music, doodly welcomes the door of acceptability of music to be added in the sketch.


For the pricing strategy, doodly uses Standard and Enterprises payment either pay it annually or monthly:

Annual Package Per Month

(billed annually)

No. of  Video Templates

No. of Fonts

No. of Royalty  Music

No. of Character Images

No. of Prop Images















URL: Click below to reach out the details:



15 Best Whiteboard Animation Software (Ranked and Reviewed) 2021 POWTOONs

My other favourite list of animation software is Powtoons. Back in 2012 a bunch of marketers come up with selling idea to also marketers and yet it worked immensely and today 300+ company from Forbes uses Powtoons and manifests with its amusing features.

What is so best about this Animation Software?

Its numerous templates associating with different industry becomes my eye-catching.


·    It sells customized hundreds of templates with each field of work respectively:

For Example: if you are a marketer and trying to internally as well as externally promote your ideas then you have powtoons solutions based upon lead generation, Video Ads, Explainer Videos, Social Media Reports, Marketing Canvas, Customer Review and so on.

·    You probably think it will take ages to create your explainer videos through Powtoons but its ready-made template already makes your work lesser and claims of 20 minutes video are ready.

·    Powtoons also listens to your story and converts it into its storyboard gives you a proper and expanding vision about the nature of the product or service you are selling.

·    Powtoons is normally compared with PowerPoint for its better slide view quality options.

·    Powtoons have a plethora of amazing templates of white animation videos for the Education sectors. It includes school syllabus, sports activity, exercise routine, maths lecture and roughly 20+ video formats to help teachers, students and academicians.


For the pricing strategy, Powtoons uses FREE, PRO, PRO+ and AGENCY packages pay it annually or monthly:

Annual Package Per Month

(billed annually)


Max Length of Video

Royalty  Music


Advanced Animation

Character Face Customization



    3 mins

Free Ones






   10 (HD)







20 (HD)







30 (HD)




URL: Click below to reach out the details:



15 Best Whiteboard Animation Software (Ranked and Reviewed) 2021 TTS SKETCH MAKER

By its name, TTS SKETCH MAKER is visible that it’s another unique technological software that allows you to make a sketch of your cartoon and sell your thoughts beyond the imagination through whiteboard animation software.


·    Text to speech is one of the amazing technique used in this whiteboard animation video maker as you can add voice and music all together.

·    TTS SKETCH MAKER is suitably working with MAC and Pc (Adobe Air).

·    Comparatively, the use of this software is easy in terms of human user their graphical user interface helps you to create videos within zero minutes.

·    It offers 25 multilingual voices of artists including both male and female. It’s totally on you which one you pick and hand over your script to. Example: English, Spanish, and Portuguese etc.

·    There are no restrictions on the usage of the video either you want to use it on social media or want to plug in a website or an internal tab. TTS sketch is feasible with everything.

·    This software is easy and saves your time and money way better than many other resources.

·    With its text to speech format, you can add your narrative with every sketching object without paying dollars and dollars to voice over artist. Use your voice.

·    TTS SKETCH VIDEOS are easily downloadable in MP4 format.


With its 30 days, money-back guarantee. TTS Sketch Maker offers a pocket-friendly one-time payment of $39 it includes majorly: four video formats, five backgrounds, six training videos, Ten+ fonts, 27 TTS real human voices, 150 Animated Images, 100% video rights and so many other advances.

URL: Click below to reach out the details:


4) Explaindio

15 Best Whiteboard Animation Software (Ranked and Reviewed) 2021 Explaindio

One of my top listed software for a whiteboard animation. It does not only work on whiteboard animation but also as Explainer Videos, 2D-3D Animations, Doodle sketch and Motion Videos.


·    The best thing about Explaindio it does not ask you to be professional either emphasizes you to take their training classes to learn using their software. It simply provides you with a free demo to experience everything.

·    It is software that is free from any coding or programming stanzas, Its’ a simple video creating spot.

·    It allows you to draw multiple animations at the same time.

·    just simple drag and drop and start working on your videos

·    200 tailored pre-animated scenes are available.

·    Add a solid background mix from the sound library.

·    The pool of 200+ fonts.

·    More than four animated characters can be used.

·    Best of all it works fantastically with 3D Animations.

·    Its desktop software is available for both MAC and PC.

·    140 + doodle objects, images, and pre-made Animations are available.

·    Import videos into famous formats namely: MP4, AVI, FLV and MOV.


Explaindio uses the three simple based of packages and does not unveil the properties offers to each. Only when you buy only then you may know:

·         Explaindio quotes a monthly price to Video Creators are $37/Month.

·         Its most popular annual package to Video Creators are $67/Year.

·         And Its’ self-claimed the best deal is $497 and it’s one-time pricing.

URL: Click below to reach out the details:

5) Animaker

15 Best Whiteboard Animation Software (Ranked and Reviewed) 2021 Animaker

Undoubtedly with the supreme offer not limited to animation only it also gives a chance to Video Creators to work on live videos. Animaker is a software strongly associated with world renowned brands as Nokia, Bosch, Siemens, Unilever and so many others.


·    It works best with three kinds of videos: Cartoon Animation, Gifs and short videos and Live Videos editing.

·    They use their brand as Swiss Army Knife Creativity which is beyond excellent.

·    Animaker works on the HTML 5 engine the latest and the strongest version which matchless performance.

·    Tons of professionally integrated templates are in build in the software which gives your business the layer of sophistication and user friendly.

·    Animaker claims itself as the largest library offers to include images, emoticons, animated texts, fonts, pictures, hand effects, short videos, music, symbol etc.

·    Talking from the Animated Videos perspective it includes 20+ realistic facial expressions

·    Voice made overs are excellent with the auto lip-syncing option.

·    80% of the animation moves with one-click access.

·    Adds fetching subtitles to your videos

·    4k quality video takes miles to download and extensive memory. It converts your videos into 20GB and downloads them.



(Billed Annually)

Premium Download /Month

Quality of Videos

Custom Characters









Full HD








Custom Prices




URL: Click below to reach out the details:


6) VideoMakerFX

VideoMakerFX is one of the best whiteboard animation software available in the stocks of software. It does not only give voice to your drawn sketches but cartoon talks seemingly the best.


·    They are proven to be converting your leads into sales with their best video marketing offer.

·    Give as many effects to your Fonts in details.

·    Customization of background is not difficult anymore. Use the enormous amount of background

·    Give animation motion feels to your characters which seamlessly look like a real character.

·    Jump into many templates you like. Delete the portions in the in built that you feel does not comprehend with your work model.

·    Use your choice of music and images as much as you like to import from your computer. Other than that VIDEOMAKERFX library is also huge to decide which one to pick and work on.

·    The output of the video is of HIGH DEFINITION quality.

·    Yes, the cost is quite hearted bearing for the marketers but it gives you rights to 240 + scenic backgrounds 50+ themes.

·    It’s fully compatible with MAC and personal computers.


The range of the pricing limit is very extensive in VIDEOMAKERFX. The basic software worth’s $297. The most expensive one including a lot is $5075.

I suggest Videomakerfx to professionals who are into cinematic filmography as for individual even three templates would work.

Isn’t it?

URL: Click below to reach out the details:

7) Moovly

With the strong intuitive video creators, you can now create a video using 75 + objects.


·    Moovly is an efficient animation software that does not only rely on selling its software but it can work through browser plugins.

·    It editor dashboard is embedded with the browser.

·    It gives you the free right to use your account from either your cell phone or computer.

·    Either you are looking to create your video from scratch or thinking to use Moovly self-made video templates. Choose one of your favorites and start working.

·    Millions of royalty-free objects including images, music and stock images are available to be used. It compels around 1.3 million free objects.

·    Moovly is made upon the easy drag and drop dashboard. You just have to simply drop things and make your video run in the shortest time.

·    To use Moovly is that simple when you use PowerPoint.

·    Moovly also provides you with WordPress plugins.

·    You can simply connect your videos and automate them with thousands of objects available in the library.


The offered packages of Moovly includes four types: Free, Pro, Max and Enterprise.

Free: Yes with $0 you can have access to 20 personal upload videos, unlimited stock images, publishing to Vimeo and Youtube.

Pro: With $24.92, you get the HD quality of the video, No restrictions on video length, No watermark, create video templates, 25 exports and downloads per month

Max: With $50, you get automatic subtitles and closed titles facility, 50 exports of the files in a month, Webcam or screen recording, Text-to-Speech. HD quality video download

Enterprise: The price of the package is tailored depends on the customized demand including White labelling options, Customer Support, User Management back office.

URL: Click below to reach out the details:


8) Animation Studio

Before I start reviewing this software features let me tell you this software is precisely made for IO users.


·    You can create 20+different language-based explainer videos.

·    You can specify your niche and can start working on the templates.

·    Voiceover options is another attraction of this software.

·    They have built-in Props, Characters, Images that make you integrate your video more essentially.

·    Spot your Canvas, drag and drop and start working.

·    You can globally interpret your video and make it viral through the Text-to-Speech feature.

·    Animation Studio has a commercial license that protects you from using pirated versions of patents.

·    Animation Studio claims it’s self as entirely transforming your website traffic to something incredible through explainer video.

·    They call themselves a killer selling machine. As they change the whole outlook of your boring slideshow into an interesting and eye-catching video.

·    One extra benefit you get while using this software is you get certification from numerous authentic video creators.

·    50+ Royalty free music in the library.


Including all the above-written things you can get 50 + free voice over for $67 and yes it’s a one-time offer and you get along full time.

URL: Click below to reach out the details:


9) Sparkol

Sparkol is the hub of fascinating types of video making styles it’s either making your lips talking or give live looks to your picture, Sparkol is the right choice.

One of the bestselling whiteboard animation software which Sparkol offers is VideoScribe.


·    Either you are a marketer, an educator or a trainer the VideoScribe is your right way to explain things beyond to the next level.

·    Its whiteboard animation dashboard is easy to use. All you have to do is drag and drop.

·    Sparkol personal community is available on its social media which can help you to make the right move whenever you are stuck somewhere while creating your video.

·    You have the access to unlimited objects, text fonts, graphics, templates and everything becomes all easy to go with video editing.

·    A host of different other video associates helps you in utilizing more options.


Videoscribe offers six days free trial version so its users can understand whether this software is suitable for them or not.

Further are three price standards Videoscribe follows:

Monthly Plan: Per single user can spend $17.5/ month to avail services.

Annual Value: Per single user can spend $8 per month and can avail annual subscription to this software.

Quarterly Plan: VideoScribe offers a great value of payment for a quarter of $35 altogether. You can pay a one-time payment for three months and utilize all the essential video making options

URL: Click below to reach out the details:


10) Adobe Animate CC

One of the most used Animation software is Adobe Animation. It will not be incorrect to say that Adobe Animation gives life to your cartoon, Images and motion videos.


·    You can design customized types of videos for games, TV small antelopes, create your avatars or characters and many other things.

·    The exporting formats have revised from previous versions you can easily export your videos into advance formats as WebGL, 4K, HTML 5 Canvas.

·    Keeping your camera to canvas can fix the view and make it look more realistic in terms of editing.

·    Vector-based 2D brushes is essentially an amazing feature to bring your objects looks more visualizing.

·    Fonts are usually available in multiple categories which is sort of enough for the normal video editing


Although adobe has many different version in terms of cost including free subscriptions also.

URL: Click below to reach out the details:


11) RenderForest:

RenderForest is the free whiteboard animation software it has plenty of excellent quality doodle which makes your video more natural.


·    All kind of perfect templates is available on this software which gives the utmost best look and feels to your videos. Such as 2d animation, cartoon videos or scenic templates all are easily accessible in RenderForest.

·    The navigation to the five major editing options is easily available.

·    Logo Animations, Moving objects with narrative rounds all are doable.

·    With no technical background, you can drag and drop the images and start creating your video.

·    You can upload your storyboard with the assistance of our inbuilt storyboard templates.

·    You can insert as many as audio and music which royalty-free.


Four kinds of pricing strategies are available there:

Lite $6.9/month, Amateur $9.9/month, Pro $19,9/month and Agency$49.9/month,

Free: At $0 you can access 300 MB of storage

·    360mps video downloads

·    makeup to 1-minute video

·    Watermark would be available on all segments

·    200+ stock photos coverage.

·    Limited no of soundtracks available.

URL: Click below to reach out the details:


12) My SimpleShow  

You can make your explainer videos with the effectiveness of a minute.


·    With the accessibility of multiple storyboards. Pick one of your choice storyboards. Write your storyboard or just simply download your PowerPoint file.

·    Through our doodle assistance, you can pick the right option for telling your visual communication.

·    Our self-generating engine will automate the storyline for you.

·    Select your video, voice over and finalize to publish on Youtube.

·    The simple show offers you thousands of images and objects making your work much easier.

·    Just simply record your voice and let the software make your avatar talk.

·    Before the final look, you will always have the option for preview so thinks can be rendered easily.


SimpleShow is a free tool for creating animated videos. If you are not thinking to invest I suggest giving a try to MySimpleShow.

URL: Click below to reach out the details:


13) Camtasia  

Making doodle works or give the best impression to your presentation Camtasia is the right option for you.


·    You get to make trailers, promos and much other customizable range of videos.

·    There is more than 500k access to stock images and videos to be further edit.

·    Some of the tools allow you to create a beautiful theme.

·    Besides the normal features, it has inbuilt options as annotations, transition, audio effects and screen recording.


Its one-time payment package includes $249 which will give you access to numerous options.

URL: Click below to reach out the details:


14) Vyond

Another professional kind of whiteboard animation video making software with multiple featuring options:


·    Vyond Studio features do not only limit to cartoonish animation it opens the curtain for many more options such as dynamic options catering to websites as educational, garments related.

·    Automate lip sync can make your characters talk with text to speech effect.

·    Tailored made characters, an image with motion visuals are available in the Vyond library which can help you to pick the best suit for your business vision.

·    Hundreds of customized templates are available in the stock which helps you rigor your video with greatness.


Four Pricing Plans are offered in Vynod Whiteboard Animation Videos.

·    Essential: It is a budget-friendly plan that helps the users with a limited budget which costs $299/year.

·    Premium: Self-promoted budget plan by Vynod $649/year it has comparatively more versatile options then Essential Plan.

·    Professional: It is preferred for middle-size or big venture business users as it costs $999/year includes high professional options

·    Enterprise: You will get its quote upon inquiry with customer support.

URL: Click below to reach out the details:


15) Filmora Pro

One of the experts suggested whiteboard animation software is Filmora Pro. It has multiple great options to offer:


·    With the help of the inbuilt filmora option create your script.

·    With embedded feature then create your storyboard.

·    If you are a creative person then you must know the art of drawing images. With unlimited stock images add your conceptualized image in the dashboard.

·    Start matching your image with its suitable animation.

For Example: if you have an image of illustrative women plucking flowers you can animate butterflies flying in the background or whatever your script supports.

·    Last and the important part is to record your voice and import file in the software and gets fix it with other objects.


The MAC version of Filmora Pro costs around $150/year.

URL: Click below to reach out the details:

So far I have discussed the top Best series of Whiteboard Animation Software which will help you to make purchases if you are looking forward to the video marketing for your business.

Whiteboard Animation Is

Edit Text Editor
Widgets Panel
Text Editor





Not for You If?

·    The first thing is first I don’t recommend my users to purchase any paid video making software unless they are not making any profit out of it. Better use the free trials one just to see your flexibility.

·    It is true in this digital era certain things can make you bore. It is the same as when you get tired of listening to long lectures from your science teacher. If your whiteboard video is too long then it will certainly make your audience bored.

·    Your voice over artist as well as the script needs to be undoubtedly very impactful. Whiteboard animation heavily relies on the better quality of these two. If you lack in any of it there is a possibility your video performs badly.

·    At times you might feel the emptiness of character in the whiteboard animation videos as black and white doodles does not reflect your current stance on the character.


The overall purpose of explaining and reviewing each whiteboard animation software for my audience as how they can pick better and digital opportunity to grow their business.

I essentially think that in this fastest world of today most of us are doing our business or working for any company if we think to convert our leads into sales then video making tools would work as a plus point for us.

Potentially people like to watch a 1-2 minute video to grasp the idea of the entire business. But again it depends on the industry you are serving. Normally educational based video can be extended in its time limits.

The opportunities to grow businesses through video marketing are remarkable and restless in today’s business market. As visual communication takes major share of the business we should take interest in its expansion and broader our audience via our social media or website.

15 Best Whiteboard Animation Software (Ranked and Reviewed) 2021
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